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I was going thru your posts and saw that you have kids. How old are they and what are their names? Why are we just now finding this out!?

my son; frankie is nine and my daughter; piper is eight. and honestly for the longest time i’ve just never brought my little family up. most ppl assume that if you’re 30+ and/or a parent that for some reason that makes it to where you can’t roleplay as if there are some unspoken rules about age or parenthood when it comes to this HOBBY. i’ve legit had ppl assume that bc i roleplay i somehow neglect my kids or my husband, when that isn’t even close to the case. i don’t really need to explain myself, but both of them are in school most of the year beside summer break obviously and in the summer i’m barely around anyhow. but i’m mostly around during the day and on at night once they’re in bed. also, take into account that my children have their own hobbies as does my husband. we have dinner as a family every night, go to family functions at school. roleplaying for me is a hobby and nothing more. so yeah, that got long, but that’s the main reason i don’t really mention them bc i don’t want hate bc of it.

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Ohh shirtless Bucky cause why not?😏🙆 Also cause he likes to see the effect that he has on her😂👏🙈 And maybe some self defense classes to ber close to her😏🔥 Imagine the tension there😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm sooo excited jeeeez😁

Oooooh defense class would be hilarious

Jag har förstört allt. Nu kanske han aldrig mer förlåter mig.

Snälla jag ber till allt som existerar, låt honom ge mig en chans till… bara en chans till jag svär på allt jag ska bli en bättre flickvän, hädanefter ska jag fan vara bra.