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favorite male fc?? (preferably black fcs!)

some beautiful black boys !! finally, my time to shine… the first who come to mind are jordan fisher, quincy, reece king, john boyega, bryshere y. gray, chad vuitton, daveed diggs, leon thomas iii, adonis bosso, keith powers, vic mensa, victor pope jr, rakim mayers, richy hylinger, alfie enoch, michael b. jordan, jayden smith, isiah robinson, roshon fegan, chancellor bennet, and demetrius harmon

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  • a song that helps you write your muse ?: dream by priscilla ahn for the sadder threads, and the lullaby from pan’s labyrinth always gives me a little boost. it’s perfect.
  • a movie / movie scene that inspires you to write your muse ?:  the scene in the horror movie vacancy, when they first get to the motel and pop in the only tapes there and notice that it’s tapes of murders filmed in their motel room. deadass.
  • their favorite color : red by far.
  • their favorite movie : anything cheesy, the notebook and a walk to remember popping to the forefront of her mind right away. she loves to cry about love.
  • their favorite possession : the ring her parents gave her when she was a smol.
  • one thing they dislike: people breaking her heart, e YEBALLS.
  • your favorite faceclaims to use: madison davenport, maika monroe, dan stevens, chloe bennet, brett dalton, emma roberts, other ones i cannot thin…k of. sweats.

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“That moment in 2005′s Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth and Darcy are arguing in the rain and both their chests are heaving and with every word they’re moving closer and closer together and Elizabeth shouts “You’re the last man in the world I would ever be prevailed upon to marry!” and she’s like six inches away from Darcy and even though he’s completely crushed he looks at her lips and tilts his head slightly and she catches her breath and her mouth sort of drops open a little like GOD DAMN IT JUST KISS ALREADY” - @bethofbells (original post)


Pride and Prejudice (2005)Locations

“Pride & Prejudice is a love letter to the English landscape from its director Joe Wright. It is a glorious rebuke to any underestimation of the power within our countryside. There are many smaller notes, where the film exults in the quieter glories of England. There are long wet meads with small tufts of reeds; modest rivers weaving through flat meadows; small woods perched on ridges over long fields; all moist, green and rich. It is a landscape in sympathetic participation with the human, and pleasantly unique to us. It is, as Hardy would put it, “majestic without severity, impressive without showiness, emphatic in its admonitions, grand in its simplicity”.”