*being human cast


if you ever wanted to hear aidan turner giggle here it is at about 1:01

apparently he also dances and sings outside his trailer


As requested, here are the complete video diaries! (Aidan’s, Lenora’s, and Russell’s, in that order.)

The part where Aidan says “darling” starts at 5:10

The clip where they’re filming in the isolation room starts at 6:23, and the night vision camera battle happens at 6:40.


On the relationships with his “Being Human” costars: “We’re so different, all of us, quite different people. Russell can be quite extroverted sometimes, and I’m quite the opposite in weird ways. [Our tight friendship] just happened. It’s a funny thing. I did another series after this one where it’s about a brotherhood in Victorian London, and we knew we had to get along, and we did [but it wasn’t the same]. I don’t know why it works, why you get on with some people, and sometimes you don’t.