*being happy is pretty high up there

allybrookeofficial: HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO THIS PRINCESS @normanikordei YOURE THE FIRST OF THE BUNCH TO BE 21! AHH! Can’t believe I met you when you were 15. Wow. My bby is all grown up now. 😢 lol. So you have transformed into this beautiful WOMAN! Seeing your journey has made me so proud Normani. Like really. I don’t have any words. From being shy Normani to GROWING INTO YOUR OWN LADY WHO STOMPS THE DANCE FLOOR! It’s pretty amazing. My honor to witness, Kordei ☺️ YOURE LIKE A BIRD WHO HAS FOUND HER WINGS AND BOY IS SHE FLYIN!!! I’m just so grateful to see you smile so bright and to see you just be happy. It’s beautiful. Always keep your head up high and keep Jesus close ❤️And know that I’ll always be here for you. Rain or shine sis. We’re in it together. I love you very much. Now…LET’S GET READY TO
PARTY!!! It’s goin DOWN tonight 🙈😉🎂


Spring Day is a heart song. I can’t believe how quick this song hit me. The song gave me an immediate sense of comfort…but then it made me feel all sentimental…now my feelings are a mess.

Not Today is srsly so lit. I began dancing @ 0:01. A rave song…I can’t even begin to imagine how lit the stage is gonna be when they perform this. Also, the intro & ending sounded so old school bangtan my heart skipped a beat.

Outro: Wings is a staight up jam. This is an ARMY party song yall. Better than I expected and I already had pretty high expectations. You can’t not sing along. LSS (last song syndrome) material.

You Never Walk Alone is the perfect mix of sweet & sexy. When Jin hit that high note…followed by Jimin…a bitch cried. (“A bitch”… being me) Yoongi’s ending tho…I would recommend you play that on loop 24/7.

I am a happy stan.
Thank you boys.
You’ve worked so hard.

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can you please do some more zen :3 married life hcs?

  • zen always gets up at the weirdest times to do hair rituals. mc thought he was a burglar once and he was bonked with a lamp.
  • zen generally is the designated tall person to grab anything from a super high shelf, and he likes being useful.
  • they have a mass of wedding photos all over the house. he was just so happy and plastered them in every room of the house. 
    • shamelessly shows said pictures every time a guest comes over.
  • definitely the type to have a night in of movies and snuggles when he can. he’s usually pretty busy with schedules and working out but he takes out time to be with mc.
  • takes out a little too much time and mc has to remind him yes, he has to go to that shoot at 4am tomorrow, and yes they should just call it a night and go to bed.
  • he’s whiny as hell about the whole thing, but he thanks her later when she has to help him get ready at 4am to leave.
  • always leaves kisses all over mc’s face if he has to leave while they’re still asleep; he can’t help that they look so cute.
  • hair styling is officially a group effort between the two as a married couple. zen does mc’s hair, mc does zen’s hair, and zen has been beginning to sport manbuns thanks to mc.
  • sometimes if zen is on set for hours on a day, he and mc snuggle up in his dressing room to nap together for a little bit. it’s very cute until zen moves in his sleep and makes the two of them topple over onto the ground.
  • zen cries during movies. this is not up for discussion. mc likes making fun of him when he complains that elizabeth third just still has some fur in their house from that one time jumin came to visit over a year ago.
  • zen sings during the showers but it’s not as if mc minds it; he’s a good singer, and sometimes mc blurts out the next line for him when they pass by.
  • zen is a Dramatic Ass Ho sometimes and you can hear him say in the most exasperated voice in their small ass apartment that he’s never going to move out of mc swears to god “WOW, WE HAVE NO MORE BEERS, OH NOOO” mc doesn’t buy his woe is me act. 
    • yes, not even when he walks over to her and slumps dramatically over mc’s lap like some kind of pet.
  • grocery shopping is always left to mc because once mc wrote him a very detailed list of what to get (how do you just ‘read over’ low fat soymilk?) and the only thing he came back with two six packs of beers, a pack of cigarettes, and three tv dinners. he doesn’t know how to survive on his own and mc wonders how literal everyone was when they said zen used to just drink beer and smoke cigarettes.
  • sometimes zen can be found sulking in a corner of the house like some sort of seven year old in the time out corner because he discovered a pimple. 
    • as if his diet wasn’t just beer and chainsmoking
  • sometimes mc likes hiding his cigarettes in tough places around the house so he gives up and has to spend a day without them. 
  • mc likes to read while zen lays on mc’s lap to check social media, and they play with his hair idly a lot.
  • he needs attention 110% of the time like it’s wild. mc could be working on a four page essay and zen would honest to god physically cling to mc and whine about how he’s so lonely when mc isn’t paying attention to him and then makes whiny noises and kicks his feet around in their bed while mc types. sometimes he stomps. mc swears they married a child.
  • they’ve got cheesy movie soundtracks and yes, they dance to it together in the living room. they’ve got the whole beauty and the beast choreo down.
  • when zen has to travel, mc and him come as a package and they always coordinate matching airport outfits along with matching suitcases, and it’s all a very stylish and very Extra thing to do. 
  • overall they’re just a very extra married couple and will probably die wearing coordinating outfits
Warm Me Up Ch. 28

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The sun was beating down relentlessly. June summer heat was the worst thing when a person loved wearing black as much as Nico.

“Are you sure you don’t want to change before leaving?” Will asked as he scrolled through his phone and leaned against his car.

“The day I don’t wear black is the day the world ends,” he answered. He bit his lip and backtracked. “Did I lock my door?” Will shrugged. “Hold on.” He went back to the apartment and checked the knob.

He still wasn’t used to having his own place. He was lucky Will had decided to be an orientation leader for incoming freshmen that summer. Now, even though it was summer, they still remained close.

Will had the luxury of staying at the school dorms during the summer. Nico had to get a job and get an apartment in order to keep going to his therapy sessions. However, he had to add a psychiatrist on top of that.

He hadn’t told Will yet. He didn’t want to. He didn’t tell him that he was so fucked up he had to take medicine to make him normal now. It wasn’t even working anyway. He’d been taking medicine since early May, which meant about five weeks, and Nico hadn’t noticed any change whatsoever in his emotions.

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It’s important to know the small signs that your mental health is getting worse. The things that you might not always notice unless you think to look, that signal a more serious downward spiral if you don’t act quickly. For me, it’s things like: 

  • Increased irritation at others’ basic needs
  • Frustration/annoyance in line at the grocery store, coffee shop, bus
  • Desire to isolate to “recharge” after doing the barest bone amount of work
  • Desire to hit myself in the head or on the body with my hand or a hair brush 
  • Desire to skip meals 
  • Feeling the need to exercise before I “deserve” to eat
  • Trouble falling asleep or frequent waking
  • Long, frantic crying jags about nothing
  • Fixation on body image and small body changes
  • Skin picking/desire to skin pick 
  • Feeling like i’m alone all the time and constantly waiting for my partner to come home to rescue me from being by myself 

But it’s also vitally important to recognize the signs that your mental health is improving. If you have a history of mental illness, you may always be on “alert”, looking for signs of peril, so much so that you fail to identify signs you are on the right path. For me, signs that I am #thriving include:

  • Frequent singing, either along to music or making up a tune
  • unself-conscious dancing not intended to burn calories, but rather experienced as an expression of joy
  • Doing either of the above in public is a huge good sign
  • Taking the time to talk to strangers in line
  • Stopping to pull out and give money to people on the street
  • Going out to a new social setting or unfamiliar situation
  • Spending money on a variety of groceries and necessary household items rather than the most bare-bones list of what I immediately need 
  • Being happy and chatty when my partner comes home, instead of feeling like I have been waiting around for him for hours 
  • Ease identifying negative emotions and expressing them quickly, rather than bottling them up 
  • Noticing fun/pretty/funny things outside, like a disembodied barbie doll in a snow pile, or a dog with one eye, or a baby giving another baby a high-five, and taking the time to feel warm and fuzzy at the sight 

What are some of your warning signs? What are some of your chill good mental health days signs? 

allybrookeofficial: HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO THIS PRINCESS @normanikordei YOURE THE FIRST OF THE BUNCH TO BE 21! AHH! Can’t believe I met you when you were 15. Wow. My bby is all grown up now. 😢 lol. So you have transformed into this beautiful WOMAN! Seeing your journey has made me so proud Normani. Like really. I don’t have any words. From being shy Normani to GROWING INTO YOUR OWN LADY WHO STOMPS THE DANCE FLOOR! It’s pretty amazing. My honor to witness, Kordei ☺️ YOURE LIKE A BIRD WHO HAS FOUND HER WINGS AND BOY IS SHE FLYIN!!! I’m just so grateful to see you smile so bright and to see you just be happy. It’s beautiful. Always keep your head up high and keep Jesus close ❤️And know that I’ll always be here for you. Rain or shine sis. We’re in it together. I love you very much. Now…LET’S GET READY TO
PARTY!!! It’s goin DOWN tonight 🙈😉🎂

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Can you tell me any thoughts about various Avengers training with Steve? XD

My brain immediately set this to the Avengers lineup immediately post-AOU, so:

So, for starters, Steve is that special brand of asshole that thinks 6am is a totally reasonable time to schedule training because everyone is obviously up by then, right?

And even for the Avengers like Sam, who are morning people, there’s a certain level of resentment for how long Steve can go without being in the least bit tired, and how chipper he is. So everyone really looks forward to the parts of training where Steve is practicing his defense, which is to say, they all get to throw shit at him.

But Steve is also a very diligent trainer – he works with all the Avengers individually and in groups to make sure they work on every weakness, and that everyone is able to mesh fighting styles to optimize their performance as a team. It’s what made the Howlies so effective, and it’s why they’re stronger together. And he’s determined not to let them down.

With Sam, there’s a lot of lighthearted trash talk as they spar; they tease each other about openings and make smart ass comments about weak hits. The same goes for Natasha a lot of the time, though at a certain point they both fall into very focused silence; this is usually when everyone else stops what they’re doing and circles around to watch because the sheer acrobatics of their training together is something to see.

With Rhodey, he gets more serious; they don’t know each other quite as well, so Steve stays a bit more professional, but as they warm up to each other, things get more personable. The War Machine suit gives Steve a damn good workout to practice against, and Steve doesn’t pull punches, which Rhodey appreciates. He also consults with Rhodey a lot on tactical aerial support, since Rhodey has his Air Force background and is more experienced with planning for battles at altitude; with Rhodey, Sam, Vision and Wanda all capable of getting damn high up off the ground, it’s an important component of all their training. 

Vision… Vision, Steve focuses on team integration with, since his powers are frankly alien to Steve and he’s… pretty competent with them. But Steve understands being a person and supporting people, and Vision is new to humanity, so they run through a lot of scenarios that deal with unexpected human variables so Vision can learn to deal with hurdles not necessarily predicted by his programming. Steve isn’t sure he totally understands Vision, but he’s damn happy he’s on their side.

Steve trains Wanda hard, but because he knows she can do it – and because he knows, how with everything she’s been through, physical exhaustion is one of the few things that will let her sleep through the night. He works with her one-on-one a lot, giving her room to experiment with her powers, and also encouraging her with every breakthrough she makes. It’s new territory for them both, but Steve is determined to help her with it, stepping into a mentor role for her.

Clint… Clint oversleeps. Daily.

And while Steve spends some of the time being a Serious Military Tactician, let’s be honest – it’s Steve. So at a certain point, most training sessions devolve into “ways we can pinball Captain America into the enemy in a stunt that is as Extra™ as it is Batshit Crazy.” Because why not?

I work at an adult novelty store, so sometimes things get weird but usually it’s all in good fun. But the other day a man came in and asked me what he should get for his lady, he mentioned he wanted to get her some thigh high stockings and that she was about my size (i.e. on the shorter side) I mentioned that being this size, most thigh highs go way past mid thigh and go all the way up the leg pretty much, but we had one brand that didn’t do that as much because it was made a bit smaller. And this ugly man actually put these words together and said them out loud “You know I’m so happy someone like you is here. Usually I get someone so fat I can’t even tell what they are.” Immediately I was put off and bothered, but I continued showing him the stockings and aiding him in customer service and finally he says “You seem really uncomfortable. I can tell by your body language. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” And of course I couldn’t say “Umm yeah. Fat shaming makes me really uncomfortable.” So I just had to say “Oh, no. Not at all. You’re fine. This is just who I am.”

Not Just The Movie

Anon asked: Could I ask for an Adam Driver x Reader fic? I had this idea where the Reader is in a movie with Adam as love interests, and they’re filming a really huge plot point for their characters, and it just ends up being really fluffy both in the movie and out?

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I got so happy when I saw this prompt. Adam Driver is pretty high up on my thirst list. ;3)

Plot Summary: You and Adam have been pretty good friends, working on another new movie together. See, it’s always funny when two actor friends are the main love interests. Filming a romance is pretty easy when you actually do feel attracted to your love interest, both in the movie and out.

Warning: Light Swearing

Originally posted by dashii-san

The doorbell rang as you stretched, hopping off of your couch and heading to the front porch.

“Coming!” You yelled, as a muffled voice could be heard from the other side.

“Y/N! Hurry, I want to grab my coffee!” Adam’s deep tone could easily be recognized as you threw on your boots, rushing to grab your purse and open the door.

“Calm down, big guy. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get your coffee.” You chuckled, giving him a hug as he leaned down to return it.

“Yes it is. You know how I am without my coffee.”

“Still a functioning human being, only more grumpy and sad?” You noted as he scoffed.

“LIke you’re any different without it!” You pondered on his thought, as you nodded.

“You know what, you’re right. We should hurry though. Studio needs us at 10:30. We’ve only got an hour.” You closed your door, locking it as he held open the passenger side door on his car.

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Some headcanons about Oswald and Ed’s childhoods/earlier lives, and then of their lives together.

(the childhood sections are both pretty depressing, and Ed’s in particular has some details of ableism and emotional and physical abuse)

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anonymous asked:

How do you stay motivated? I'm coming down from a high size and it's just so hard to picture myself ever being a pretty, tiny girl. I stay motivated for maybe a week, and then get discouraged and mess up after seeing other skinny girls.

Don’t let those skinny girls discourage you. In fact, they should encourage you to stick to you goal because if you do you will one day be like them! It’s not easy, but you CAN and WILL get there if you just stay focused. As to stay motivated, I tell myself that I’m not happy with the way my body looks now so why stay with it when I have the chance to change it and get to where I want to be? Also remembering all those little things to enjoy as a skinny girl such as sharp collarbones, hipbones, being light etc. Just little things to keep you motivated. Don’t give up!

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Favorite moments of Samurai Jack S5 so far?


  • the backgrounds
  • jack’s hair. jack’s beard. jack’s big ol eyes. just jack
  • that one shot at the very beginning of episode one where jack’s about to run over those beetle droid things and it zooms in on the back wheel of the motorcycle just as spikes come out and the music’s doing this cool thing and
  • ASHI
  • every time jack does the :< face
  • the scotman’s army of beautiful thicc daughters
  • episode 2. just episode 2. everything about it was perfect. best episode of the season so far imho
  • aku being way too relatable
  • jack and his wolf friend
  • ashi: [screams about how she’s gonna kill jack] jack: “you are very troubled”
  • jack making an outfit out of pieces from a giant green bug thing and wearing it like gucci
  • ashi smiling and finally being happy in episode 5
  • the animation!!!
  • that scene in episode 4 that’s all purples, blues, and pinks that was just a really pretty scene
  • the fact that the show actually grew up with it’s audience
  • the balance between heavy themes and comedy/lighthearted moments
  • the scotsman spending his last moments on earth roasting the shit out of aku
  • then coming back as a ghost with CELTIC MAGIC
  • making me cry over ladybugs
  • “there is beautiful light” J ACK
  • the fight sequences 
  • the torn mini skirt, armor, and knee high boots look in episode 2
  • cult of aku: worships him like he’s an all powerful, all mysterious deity who cannot be touched by humans 
  • scaramouche: casually calls up aku on his iphone
  • “au revoir. that’s french for YOU’RE DEAD BABE”
  • backpack ashi
  • jack’s bedtime story in episode 5

my one least favourite moment:

Shadow Matsus

In the JRPG Persona 4, most bosses are shadow selves, the “dark” repressed part of each of your party members, generally with a dungeon associated to each one. Having jumped from the Persona fandom to the Matsu fandom, I’ve thought about the Matsunos shadow selves quite a bit …

  • Shadow Osomatsu: the Selfish King
    Shadow Osomatsu is dressed up like a king (well with the title I gave him …). He never smiles, has an aura of danger surrounding him and rants constantly about how his brothers are his “subjects” and thus must obey him, never rise above him and never leave him. (Because a king is nothing without his subjects after all.). In short he is episode 24 Oso taken to the extreme.
    Osomatsu would probably try to joke a bit but he will very quickly get disturbed by what his shadow says and shout the words “You’re not me !”.(Cue an extra hard boss battle)
    His dungeon is a castle version of the Matsuno house with the shadow in the sextuplet’s bedroom/the throne room.
  • Shadow Karamatsu: the Jerk Actor
    Shadow Karamatsu has the most sparkly tacky stage costume ever and at first acts like a Karamatsu caricature: too painful, too nice. When he is reached however he drops the act completely and reveal who he really is: a pathetic selfish jerkass with no qualities who acts cool and kind because he only wants fame and attention.
    Of course Karamatsu quickly tries to shut him up, at first in his usual painful way but he will grow increasingly panicked and he’ll reject his shadow with a pretty desperate tone. (Cue boss battle)
    His dungeon is a theater, a big Broadway style one and his shadow is fought in the backstage.
  • Shadow Choromatsu: the Forever Child
    Shadow Choromatsu is adult San Choro but dresses and talks like 10 years old Kun Choro (with references to ‘Anoneee I’m Choromatsu’ to add extra creepiness). He is Choro’s repressed Peter Pan syndrome: he doesn’t want to grow up and be saddled with adult responsibilities, he just wants to have fun with Osomatsu and the others forever.
    Choro will quickly get angry at his shadow and try to lecture him to no avail which will probably lead to a big “Shut the f*ck up ! You’re not me !” (Cue boss battle)
    His dungeon is a giant playground and is probably littered with Kun references.
  • Shadow Ichimatsu: the Hidden Normie
    Because Ichi’s pessimism and cynicism is very much on the surface Shadow Ichimatsu would be … surprisingly positive actually. Shadow Ichi believes in himself, in his competences and in the others surrounding him to the point of naivety, he is happy and honest, in a way he is like a calmer Jyushi or like the virgin-god-who-just-admitted-he-was-actually-jealous from episode 3.5. He dresses up slightly nicer than Ichi and I wouldn’t put it past him to adopt a Teddie-like cute mascot form at some point.
    Ichimatsu would probably be all “What the hell, there is no way you’re part of me !” at first which will result in either the easiest boss battle of all time or more probably in Shadow Ichi trying to befriend and reassure regular Ichi until he accepts his shadow in a tsundere-ish Ichi way.
    Shadow Ichi have no dungeon but if he had one it would be full of animals and love.
  • Shadow Jyushimatsu: the Freakshow Ringleader
    Shadow Jyushimatsu acts as the ring leader of a Freak Circus- serious, hammy but “normal”-with regular Jyushimatsu being his latest attraction. Because as much as he tries to make people happy, in the end he is too weird and unfit to be with them or at best he is only good at being laughed at, like the circus freak he is.
    In a worst case scenario, Shadow Jyushi would end up mentioning Homura and tell Jyushi he never made her happy, she never liked him. Which would make Jyushi break down and cry as he rejects his shadow.(Cue sad boss battle) But I also believe that Jyushi is actually pretty aware of his shadow and would quickly accept him without even a fight.
    His dungeon is a Freak Circus filled with Jyushimatsus. 
  • Shadow Todomatsu: the Power-hungry Businessman
    Shadow Todomatsu is dressed up in a CEO/high executive suit and only wants one thing: to rise at the top. And for that he is ready to do anything and to eliminate anyone, to a degree regular Todomatsu would never dare to. He is a real dry monster. 
    Todomatsu at first try to negotiate with his shadow, ask if he couldn’t use nicer methods until shadow Todo reaches Totty’s personal moral event horizon (probably by saying that even his parents are an obstacle). At which points Totty just snaps and reject him. (Cue boss battle)
    His dungeon is a company HQ, all clean and neat at first glance but with traps hidden everywhere.
The Greaser's girl 2 (Shalaska) - Frida and Wick

A/N: Smitten with the blonde socialite, our resident greaser takes her out on a date.

This picks up where the first part left off, if you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here. You’ve quite literally hounded us for a sequel, so here it finally is.

Shalaska 50s AU one-shot, with a bit of Biadore on the side! Frida wrote the outline and Wick edited! We hope you enjoy, feedback is always welcome! xoxo Frida and Wick

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As I conclude my two years at community college before transferring, I am experiencing a million emotions at once that I need to express in words to all the people who have impacted my life in one way or another these last couple years. 

to my high school friends, I’m thankful for your friendships, I’m sorry I  grew so distant once college started, and I’m sorry life has driven us in different directions, but I see you guys are doing well and I hope you guys are full of happiness. 

to angel, thank you for being that one friend from high school that hasn’t forgotten about me. It meant so much to me to receive a text on my birthday and to hear from you time to time. thank you for showing me our friendship is meaningful. 

to my high school crush, thank you for showing me that people don’t stay bitter forever, and that people grow up after high school. thank you for showing me kindness these last couple years. 

to those that mistreated me in high school, I’m doing pretty well. I’ve learned that high school wasn’t for me, and I’ve grown a lot as a person, and I’m much happier with some pretty special people in my life.

to catherine, thank you for being my rock during college, and my first friend in college. You were one of the most supportive and one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. I’m so sad you’ll be moving to ucsb next semester, but I’m so ridiculously happy for you. You are so deserving of every bit of happiness. 

to someone I met first semester that I am no longer friends with, thank you for showing me that I should not be afraid to make friends, that simply reaching out to someone and asking them to get coffee with you is all it really takes sometime. I don’t think  you could have come into my life at a better time. I get immensely sad time to time that we no longer talk,  but I guess thats life, your friendship has taught me a lot. Thank you for introducing me to one of the most important things in my life, and for pushing me to pursue it. 

to the boy that broke me, thank you for showing me that I am too reckless with my heart and that i need to be more careful when it comes to loving people. thank you for showing me that sometimes, words are just empty, and that I don’t need your validation or anyone else’s to know my worth. 

to Sarah, thank you for being someone I looked up to this last semester. Thank you for motivating me to have more pride in my japanese culture and for showing me that other people deal with anxiety just as bad as I do. I hope you don’t forget about me. 

to Ms. Hart, thank you for being the one teacher that has impacted my life greatly. This last semester was an absolute blessing to have you and to motivate me for art. I have a completely more positive mindset towards art and creating it. 

to Lisah, thank you for showing me that theres so much beauty in the world. thank you for encouraging me to live a life full of happiness so that even when I’m your age, I’ll be full of energy and the happiness that you are. 

to my 2d art class, thank you for teaching me that I shouldn’t judge people by the way they appear. I’ve never been so willing to be around a group of people as you crazy people. You guys made my mornings more tolerable, and brought me so much laughs each day. 

to stephen, thanks for showing me that people are fucking assholes and sometimes you just can’t change that about a person.

to austin, thank you for showing me the importance of working hard for myself. I need to start standing up for myself because I don’t want to keep feeling used anymore.

to Jaycee, thank you for being someone that keeps me sane in a place where I feel nothing but unhappiness

to my coworkers, thank you for showing me that I just need to focus on myself and do what I need to do and that people may act like they are superior to you, but sometimes you just need to laugh. 

to morgan, thank you for motivating me to have a relationship with God again. maybe this summer I can focus on that. 

to the honors program students, thank you for being a supportive circle of friends through the years. although things didn’t end the way i think everyone had hoped, I’m still thankful to have felt welcomed and comfortable around great people. thankful for Charissa, Morgan, and Catherine because you showed me special friendships that warmed my heart. 

to the people from my gym, thank you for being a great source of my happiness, climbing and amazing people has just really been a big reason why I’ve made it through a lot of my recent struggles. 

to gabby, thank you for showing me such a pure and fun friendship. you have been the first friend that has been so much like me, and had a spontaneous personality like mine, and I really need a friend like you around. 

to chelsea, thank you for being my best friend through the years. you are so special to me, and I know we grow a part time to time but I’m glad no matter what we always keep a strong friendship and your support has helped me through so much. 

to my doggy, thank you for keeping me comfort every night and for loving me effortlessly. you bring me so much happiness

to my loving boyfriend, thank you for being someone that has shown me so much support and love. thank you for all da late night taco dates that made life a little less painful. thank you for helping me find my passion for climbing and for loving me despite all my flaws and stupidity. I don’t deserve you, and I wish I was better at expressing my love and appreciation, because you truly deserve all the happiness in the world. 

to my parents, thank you guys for being amazing people in my life and always supporting me. I am so blessed to have you guys in my life. 

thank you to all the individuals that showed me kindness in some form or another. I am grateful for it all, and I’m gonna miss so many people. 

nerd-dork-fangirl  asked:

How would the 2p Allies (and Canada) react to their s/o being an empath? (That means they can feel the emotions of other people, especially those closest to them)

2p America: It’s pretty cool but he wouldn’t want to know what emotions they can feel with him because personal reasons.

2p England: Thinks it’s really interesting because even when he’s upset, he still acts happy.

2p France: Very uncomfortable. He doesn’t like when people figure out his emotions.

2p China: Asks them to tell him what his emotions are whenever he’s high.

2p Russia: He will look for a reason as to why it happens. Will stay up three days straight researching please stop him.

2p Canada: Feels a bit awkward about it at first but gets used to them saying what they feel eventually.

ehrasers  asked:

hey!! i'm looking for a planner to use for next school year, what brands would you recommend?

I have a Day Designer, which I adore. It’s a daily planner, which is nice because I usually have a lot going on and like to see it all laid out in detail. The only downsides are that it’s really big, so I usually can’t carry it to class, and it’s pretty expensive ($60 ~ I’ve gotten it as a Christmas gift the past two years). They also sell weekly versions at Target that I’ve used before and are really nice for the lower cost!

In the past I used a Molskine (loved this one; very portable, high quality, good price, it just ended up being too small). I’ve also heard good things about The Happy Planner, Erin Condren and Plum Planners. Target and Barnes & Noble also have nice selections if you prefer to shop in-store!

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You know I would be proud to call you a friend like so many people do on here, you are lovely, caring and such a beautiful human being! You are always so positive and happy, and it shines through the entire community. Keep your head held up high because you are better than those people who only want to break you and you are loved dearly by hundreds of people on here, don't ever forget that. 💖💖💖💖💖

This is so sweet!! It really warms my heart to know that you think of lil’ ol’ Sandy so highly!! I’m pretty sensitive, honestly, and I allow people’s negative words to affect me more than I should- but don’t worry, I’ll never forget about all you wonderful people who continuously love and support me in everything that I do!! 💖💖💖💖💖  I would love to be friends sweetheart!! 

My problem with pll is that Yvonne and Toby’s relationship was so realistic. You don’t always end up with your high school love. Your first love. That doesn’t always happen. People don’t always find their way back to each other. Yvonne’s death was so unnecessary. They were good together. Now it’s just like Toby went back to spencer because his wife for five seconds died. Does everyone have to come back together in this show?? Hannah and Caleb. Aria and Ezra. Spoby could’ve maybeeee naturally come back to each other without her dying. Or they could’ve just been happy apart from each other and continued being friends. This was an unnecessary twist.

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whats been your experience with top surgery? did you like your doc and all

Yeah! Top surgery went well for me!
I mean, I would have liked a friendlier doctor - the guy I went to was pretty dull and quiet and was all business so at times I felt kind of uncomfortable with him. But he knew what he was doing. He seemed shady when I asked him to show me pictures of past patients’ results, but I realized that the reason he was hesitant was because almost all of the photo comparisons he had were of patients who had far more complicated chests than mine so it wouldn’t have been an accurate reference for me anyway. A couple of them had previous damage from improper binding so their results didn’t look too good but it was not the doctor’s fault, it was their fault for binding with tape.

So here’s the story of the actual surgery:
My surgery was done at around 7:30 AM on October 3rd 2016. I was honestly pretty relaxed going in there. It wasn’t too busy or noisy at the little surgical center I went to (which was connected to a larger hospital) so I didn’t have to lay there on the cot waiting and waiting and waiting to go in. I went in the little curtained room thing, answered some questions, they had me change, the doc marked up my chest, they hooked me up with an IV, sat for a couple minutes, and then they pumped that happy drug in and rolled me through the doors. I remember getting into the surgical room. I was too high off that relaxant at that point to even be bothered by the fact that they’d already started strapping my arms down like Jesus on the cross. I remember looking around and seeing like 20 people which was not what I expected at all.  Then I was out like a light. 
The surgery took about 2 hours, and I woke up high as a kite in the same curtained room. There were two nurses. I remember being so fucking happy looking down at my chest and seeing it bandaged up. I lifted up the lip of the bandages and honestly couldn’t see anything underneath because it was so tight but I knew my chest was flat as a board. Nothing hurt (yet). I didn’t even notice the drains. I was just chilling there all loopy and I kept waving at people when they passed by the open curtains. Pretty sure I asked the same nurse how the surgery went like 10 times. Then my doctor came in and said everything went well and that he did need to put drains in (he told me to plan for them but it was never a promise that I’d need them.)
At that point, I was awake enough that they moved me over to a big chair, switched me from the johnny to my flannel shirt + sweatpants, and gave me some water. I wasn’t nauseous, thank god. And I wasn’t loopy anymore either. I could feel the drains now that the hospital-strength pain meds were wearing off.
Then I was literally ECSTATIC when I saw my Mom, Dad and (surprise) Grandma coming towards me. (Yes, Grandma was a surprise. I did not know she would be visiting. I guess my Mom and Dad went to hang out with her at her house nearby until I was done, and so she figured she’d come visit.) I was so excited and showing them how flat my chest was even with the bandages on and showing them how weird the drains looked. 
I’m really chill with my family. They were nervous about me getting the surgery, obviously, but there was definitely a good vibe in the room now that I had made it past the ‘big’ part. My Grandma impulsively bought my family the biggest party tray of cookies I’ve ever seen. 
After my Grandma left, the nurse showed my parents and I how to empty the drains and measure the drainage. They gave the little drainage chart and a little study guide about how the drains worked. Every 12 hours I would have to empty the fluids from the drains into a little measuring cup [PHOTO - blood warning]
Then my parents helped me get my sneakers on and the nurse wheeled me out to the car. I was given my cell phone back at this point, of course, so I spent the whole ride home messaging my friends that I survived, lol. 
One unusual thing that happened though is that my seatbelt was too tight on the external portion of my right drain. About 5 minutes away from home, my right side started feeling very warm. And then I didn’t note anything of it until we were parked in the driveway and I unbuckled my seatbelt to find a gigantic patch of blood on the bandages. I went into panic mode thinking I broke the drain (I didn’t think something was wrong with my chest because there was no obvious pain). But after figuring out that nothing was actually wrong and that the blood was just unable to travel downwards through the drain (therefore traveling back into the drain port and leaking out from there), I was fine and just mildly pissed off that my ace bandages had a blood stain. [PHOTO] Thankfully, my Mom had foot surgery 3 months before and she had extra ace wraps that I just used instead. Be careful with seatbelts, guys.  

So once I was in the house, I basically stayed there for the next 5 days. I was upstairs 24/7 pretty much. The only time I went outside during that time was when my rat Ozzy died 3 days after my surgery and I went with my Dad to bury him in the yard. That fucking sucked. But aside from the dead pet, those 5 recovery days were aesthetic as fuck. Since it was October, I made sure to decorate the shit out of my room while I could still lift my arms. I had Halloween lights up every where [PHOTO], and I had a bunch of Halloween candy to pig out on [PHOTO]. I ate like a fat ass when I was hungry, but I wasn’t very hungry due to to percocet (oxy) that I was prescribed for pain. I actually ended up losing 5 pounds in 5 days due to not eating big meals (plus my high metabolism) even though I certainly ate a lot of cookies, candies, and Frostys (my aunt kept calling me and insisting she come visit and bring me Wendy’s, lol. She’s an occupational therapist and so she was very intrigued by how I was recovering and visited almost every night to talk with me).
I’d also bought a new TV a few days before the surgery too. So I had my TV and PS4 set up right in front of my bed so I wasn’t ever lacking entertainment. I watched Breaking Bad during the day and then Bob Ross before going to sleep. The pain meds made me so sleepy so I usually would just pass out watching Bob Ross, haha. I made a habit of it too. 10/10 would recommend passing out while watching Bob Ross. Usually the end credit music would wake me up and remind me to turn the TV off, haha. 
Also, @xrdpan gave me this very cute little guy as a gift - [PHOTO]
And yeah, this is getting a little off topic. But I definitely had a memorable week of recovery. Sometimes I wish I could do it again for another day or two. Cause despite how uncomfortable the drains were and how much weight my scrawny ass lost, I was so relaxed and got to watch a LOT of TV.

So back to post-op care -
I was not given a binder after surgery. I had to use the ace bandages while I still had the drains in, and then I was given a prescription for a compression tank top (that i literally had to go to this lingerie store to get) once the drains were out. That was kind of annoying. I had hoped for a decent surgical vest like what most people get, but yeah. 

My drains were in for 10 days. They were uncomfortable, but I didn’t have any bleeding complications or any complications at all so they definitely did their job. It didn’t hurt when they came out either. It felt awesome once they were out and I could really get a good look at my chest. The drains caused snake-like lumps all throughout my chest and it looked weird.
Drains in - [PHOTO]
Drains out - [PHOTO]

And as for sensation, my chest was very numb for about 1 month including the nipples, and then was half-numb for another couple months. But after the 3 month point (which was around the time I didnt have to wear anymore compression), the sensation was coming back on it’s own very well. I’m 7 months post-op now and have all sensation back except for my right nipple which isn’t 100% numb but doesn’t really react to touch. I have a couple small fleshy spots, mainly on the left side, where they almost have too much feeling and are tender if pressed down on. It feels like a muscle thing. 

Uhhh so that’s an essay if I ever saw one! Hope you got something useful from it! I’m always down to talk about my experience and make everything more clear and possibly less scary for everyone who’s interested in top surgery. I had a good experience overall! No complications! 

Here’s some recent pics if you’re interested!

2 months - [PHOTO]
4 months - [PHOTO]
6 months - [PHOTO]