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Imperium-  Chapter 1

Woooahh thanks for the responses already! I’m really happy you guys are so excited for this fic. I am also pretty excited XD

It’s amusing reading what people think Richie’s power is. No one has guessed it hehe and I honestly doubt anyone will. 

Anyway, this is the prologue. I’m going to start chapter one and hopefully have it up next weekend. Thank you guys so much, and I hope you guys like it. 

Huge thank you to @reddieinthestars for being my beta <3 she really fixed it up. She’s amazing <3 

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Dating V/Taehyung

Finally, we have finished the last part for our ‘Dating BTS’ series!! Next up, we will work on ‘Bestfriend BTS’, we hope you look forward to it~

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-you meeting his parents pretty early on

-him being super happy when you get along well

-”And now I want you to meet someone very special and dear to me. Say hello  to Soonshim.”

-him setting cypher as his alarm

-”Do you have a minute to talk about our lord and savior, the rap line?”

-mini fashions shows in your bedroom

-he loves to model all his new gucci clothes for you

-you would browse all the high-end fashion sites together

-and watch every fashion week, no matter which city

-getting into a lot of new hobbies together

-like photography

-that’s why he always wears his new camera around his neck wherever you go

-you help him with practicing his drawing/saxophone skills

-him playing cheesy sax tunes for you to make you laugh

-adopting seven cats and nine dogs

-sending each other pictures of cute babies  

-talking about how cute your own babies will be

-like, you could spend hours on end talking about your future family together

-”You know, Tae, with all those children you want, we will have to buy a huge  house!”

-”I’m already one step ahead of you, babe.”

-*shows you one house per week*

-already having exact plans on what your house will look like, how many kids  you want to have, what their names will be etc.

-naming one of your kids after his grandma 

-him getting really excited about everything and you being his anchor

-him holding you with his octopus limbs

-you being part of all the maknae line shenanigans

-in the beginning he would still try to act really cool around you

-but after that phase is over you get all the goofiness Tae has stored inside of  him

-a lot of adventurous dates and midnight walks

-no matter if the sun is shining or the rain is pouring down

-visiting all the animal cafés near you

-”I want a bunny now.”

-”Tae, we already have half a zoo at home!”

-”Then let’s make it a full zoo~!”

-browsing websites to see how to care for bunnies

-because somehow he convinced you to buy 5

-the Clyde to your Bonnie, the Timon to your Pumba, the sun to your moon~

-the Admins

allybrookeofficial: HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO THIS PRINCESS @normanikordei YOURE THE FIRST OF THE BUNCH TO BE 21! AHH! Can’t believe I met you when you were 15. Wow. My bby is all grown up now. 😢 lol. So you have transformed into this beautiful WOMAN! Seeing your journey has made me so proud Normani. Like really. I don’t have any words. From being shy Normani to GROWING INTO YOUR OWN LADY WHO STOMPS THE DANCE FLOOR! It’s pretty amazing. My honor to witness, Kordei ☺️ YOURE LIKE A BIRD WHO HAS FOUND HER WINGS AND BOY IS SHE FLYIN!!! I’m just so grateful to see you smile so bright and to see you just be happy. It’s beautiful. Always keep your head up high and keep Jesus close ❤️And know that I’ll always be here for you. Rain or shine sis. We’re in it together. I love you very much. Now…LET’S GET READY TO
PARTY!!! It’s goin DOWN tonight 🙈😉🎂


Spring Day is a heart song. I can’t believe how quick this song hit me. The song gave me an immediate sense of comfort…but then it made me feel all sentimental…now my feelings are a mess.

Not Today is srsly so lit. I began dancing @ 0:01. A rave song…I can’t even begin to imagine how lit the stage is gonna be when they perform this. Also, the intro & ending sounded so old school bangtan my heart skipped a beat.

Outro: Wings is a staight up jam. This is an ARMY party song yall. Better than I expected and I already had pretty high expectations. You can’t not sing along. LSS (last song syndrome) material.

You Never Walk Alone is the perfect mix of sweet & sexy. When Jin hit that high note…followed by Jimin…a bitch cried. (“A bitch”… being me) Yoongi’s ending tho…I would recommend you play that on loop 24/7.

I am a happy stan.
Thank you boys.
You’ve worked so hard.

Words Can Break You.

Request from @melconnor2007:Hi I was wondering if your not to busy, cause your other one was amazing, a one shot requests on Bucky, something along the lines the reader and Bucky have been dating for ages, but she’s struggling with being happy about the way she looks, when she over hears some other agents or people talking about how good looking Bucky is and how muscles he is, then they start saying how the reader isn’t pretty enough to be dating Bucky, and she gets upset locking herself in her room, and Bucky breaks in and is reassuring telling her how pretty she is and how much he loves her and it’s really fluffy if that makes any sense please 

Note: This idea was just too cute to pass up on and, as you can tell, my muse levels for this were pretty high! <3

Bucky x Reader

Words: 2,394

Warnings: Swearing and upset. That’s all I can think of as the rest is fluff! :)

Disclaimer: All the GIFs used are not mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

There was no better feeling in the world than that of your boyfriend’s arm wrapped around your waist as you lay your head onto his chest and listen to the steady beat of his heart. You were supposed to be watching a film, one that you had been trying to get him to watch for weeks, yet all you could do was get lost in the feelings he brought out of you.

Even now, months down the line, you could feel the butterflies in your stomach dancing about from just the feeling of his fingertips absentmindedly tracing along your skin underneath the hem of your shirt. It was a simple enough gesture that a lot of people probably took for granted but you never did. Not for a single second. You were incredibly grateful for having Bucky in your life because you knew all too well how quickly he could be taken from you.

If it wasn’t his dangerous job that proved to be a threat to your relationship it was the dark shadow cast over you and The Avengers from the looming presence of HYDRA. All they needed to do was say a string of words and the man you were falling head over heels in love with would be gone and taken over by a cold-blooded killer.

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Bts reaction to you meeting your bias from got7 or seventeen

Request:Bts reaction to you meeting ur bias from got7 or seventeen

BIASES: (You can change it to whoever really):

JIN: S.coups

SUGA: BamBam

JHOPE: Jeonghan


JIMIN: Jinyoung




He’d be happy tbh. He wouldn’t be super jealous or anything. He made it known he’s your bf and Seungcheol respected that. You’d take a picture with him but Jin might be a little “ehh..” if S.coups like held your waist a lil too long after the picture. But he’d see it as a nice opportunity for you and wouldn’t die of jealousy or nothing, maybe even let y'all meet again, he a chill guy : )

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He’d look at Bambam and BamBam would know straight away that you’re Yoongi’s and Yoongi doesn’t like sharing. Yoongi would be quiet and wouldn’t be all that jealous but would like it if y'all kept this as a one time meeting. He wouldn’t let BamBam have your number or anything. A picture? cool. An autograph? amazing. Free merch? wowza, he don’t give a f***. But NOTHING more. Not so much of him being jealous, but more he doesn’t want you hanging with idols, he wants his relationship to be normal and not widespread.

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Would only be jealous if flirty Jeonghan came out. Other than that, he’d be happy to meet Jeonghan as well. If you and Jhope aren’t public, he might let you and Jeonghan meet up again. If you guys ARE public, he wouldn’t want another meet up (at least without him) Just in case a jealous fan is like “OHHH SHE/HE IS CHEATING ON HOBI!!!” yea, but overall, he’d be slightly chill.

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Since he knows Jackson, I can see him being pretty chill. Now Now don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t want you to get too comfortable. Like the only touching Jackson can do is give you a high five. Namjoonie has his rules but like, he doesn’t care if you know Jackson, they have a certain trust with each other.

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Jimin comes off as quite a possessive guy. Of course he’s glad you get to meet your bias. But he’d get slightly more jealous than normal with an idol. Of course he has great trust for you, but something just went off in his head when Jinyoung’s hand lingered a little too long on your waist after the picture. He’d try to be as nice as possible with him, but think that Jinyoung is flirting with you from the start and boy he did not like it.

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Would fangirl too tbh But nah I cant see Tae getting all that jealous in a situation where he has eyes on you and Joshua. He won’t want you and Joshua meeting up ALONE. He’d want to get to know him well first to gain trust. But defiantly wants you to get as many pictures/autographs/etc as possible. The only way Joshua could cross the line is if he groped you or kissed you or something in front of Tae. 

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Poor Kookie. I think he’d be more insecure than Jealous. Yes he knows the maknae of Got7 but seeing you get all happy around Yugyeom would be like a punch in the gut to Jungkook. ESPECIALLY if you wanted meet with Yugyeom alone sometime…. are you trying to break his heart? Would let you get pictures and stuff but would think to himself “why is she more excited to see him?” yeA but just shower him with love and he’ll be okay, I promise.

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-El & Vee

anonymous asked:

can you please do some more zen :3 married life hcs?

  • zen always gets up at the weirdest times to do hair rituals. mc thought he was a burglar once and he was bonked with a lamp.
  • zen generally is the designated tall person to grab anything from a super high shelf, and he likes being useful.
  • they have a mass of wedding photos all over the house. he was just so happy and plastered them in every room of the house. 
    • shamelessly shows said pictures every time a guest comes over.
  • definitely the type to have a night in of movies and snuggles when he can. he’s usually pretty busy with schedules and working out but he takes out time to be with mc.
  • takes out a little too much time and mc has to remind him yes, he has to go to that shoot at 4am tomorrow, and yes they should just call it a night and go to bed.
  • he’s whiny as hell about the whole thing, but he thanks her later when she has to help him get ready at 4am to leave.
  • always leaves kisses all over mc’s face if he has to leave while they’re still asleep; he can’t help that they look so cute.
  • hair styling is officially a group effort between the two as a married couple. zen does mc’s hair, mc does zen’s hair, and zen has been beginning to sport manbuns thanks to mc.
  • sometimes if zen is on set for hours on a day, he and mc snuggle up in his dressing room to nap together for a little bit. it’s very cute until zen moves in his sleep and makes the two of them topple over onto the ground.
  • zen cries during movies. this is not up for discussion. mc likes making fun of him when he complains that elizabeth third just still has some fur in their house from that one time jumin came to visit over a year ago.
  • zen sings during the showers but it’s not as if mc minds it; he’s a good singer, and sometimes mc blurts out the next line for him when they pass by.
  • zen is a Dramatic Ass Ho sometimes and you can hear him say in the most exasperated voice in their small ass apartment that he’s never going to move out of mc swears to god “WOW, WE HAVE NO MORE BEERS, OH NOOO” mc doesn’t buy his woe is me act. 
    • yes, not even when he walks over to her and slumps dramatically over mc’s lap like some kind of pet.
  • grocery shopping is always left to mc because once mc wrote him a very detailed list of what to get (how do you just ‘read over’ low fat soymilk?) and the only thing he came back with two six packs of beers, a pack of cigarettes, and three tv dinners. he doesn’t know how to survive on his own and mc wonders how literal everyone was when they said zen used to just drink beer and smoke cigarettes.
  • sometimes zen can be found sulking in a corner of the house like some sort of seven year old in the time out corner because he discovered a pimple. 
    • as if his diet wasn’t just beer and chainsmoking
  • sometimes mc likes hiding his cigarettes in tough places around the house so he gives up and has to spend a day without them. 
  • mc likes to read while zen lays on mc’s lap to check social media, and they play with his hair idly a lot.
  • he needs attention 110% of the time like it’s wild. mc could be working on a four page essay and zen would honest to god physically cling to mc and whine about how he’s so lonely when mc isn’t paying attention to him and then makes whiny noises and kicks his feet around in their bed while mc types. sometimes he stomps. mc swears they married a child.
  • they’ve got cheesy movie soundtracks and yes, they dance to it together in the living room. they’ve got the whole beauty and the beast choreo down.
  • when zen has to travel, mc and him come as a package and they always coordinate matching airport outfits along with matching suitcases, and it’s all a very stylish and very Extra thing to do. 
  • overall they’re just a very extra married couple and will probably die wearing coordinating outfits
Warm Me Up Ch. 28

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The sun was beating down relentlessly. June summer heat was the worst thing when a person loved wearing black as much as Nico.

“Are you sure you don’t want to change before leaving?” Will asked as he scrolled through his phone and leaned against his car.

“The day I don’t wear black is the day the world ends,” he answered. He bit his lip and backtracked. “Did I lock my door?” Will shrugged. “Hold on.” He went back to the apartment and checked the knob.

He still wasn’t used to having his own place. He was lucky Will had decided to be an orientation leader for incoming freshmen that summer. Now, even though it was summer, they still remained close.

Will had the luxury of staying at the school dorms during the summer. Nico had to get a job and get an apartment in order to keep going to his therapy sessions. However, he had to add a psychiatrist on top of that.

He hadn’t told Will yet. He didn’t want to. He didn’t tell him that he was so fucked up he had to take medicine to make him normal now. It wasn’t even working anyway. He’d been taking medicine since early May, which meant about five weeks, and Nico hadn’t noticed any change whatsoever in his emotions.

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Not Just The Movie

Anon asked: Could I ask for an Adam Driver x Reader fic? I had this idea where the Reader is in a movie with Adam as love interests, and they’re filming a really huge plot point for their characters, and it just ends up being really fluffy both in the movie and out?

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I got so happy when I saw this prompt. Adam Driver is pretty high up on my thirst list. ;3)

Plot Summary: You and Adam have been pretty good friends, working on another new movie together. See, it’s always funny when two actor friends are the main love interests. Filming a romance is pretty easy when you actually do feel attracted to your love interest, both in the movie and out.

Warning: Light Swearing

Originally posted by dashii-san

The doorbell rang as you stretched, hopping off of your couch and heading to the front porch.

“Coming!” You yelled, as a muffled voice could be heard from the other side.

“Y/N! Hurry, I want to grab my coffee!” Adam’s deep tone could easily be recognized as you threw on your boots, rushing to grab your purse and open the door.

“Calm down, big guy. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get your coffee.” You chuckled, giving him a hug as he leaned down to return it.

“Yes it is. You know how I am without my coffee.”

“Still a functioning human being, only more grumpy and sad?” You noted as he scoffed.

“LIke you’re any different without it!” You pondered on his thought, as you nodded.

“You know what, you’re right. We should hurry though. Studio needs us at 10:30. We’ve only got an hour.” You closed your door, locking it as he held open the passenger side door on his car.

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Please consider trans!Prompto:
  • Watching Ignis shave every morning in awe and a tiny bit of envy
  • Dying in the heat under the three layers of his vest, his shirt, and his binder and just whining SO MUCH
  • Trying to be really macho and one of the bros and talking about girls all the time but when he’s alone with Cindy or Aranea or Iris he’s really chill and content and doesn’t feel the need to put on bravado
  • Ten years forward, he’s finally got facial hair and he’s just SO DAMN PROUD that he’s been on T long enough to grow an actual legit beard
  • He’s pretty short (5′8″ in canon) and he’s really self-conscious about it but the guys never ever make fun of him for it
  • Secretly Gladio likes having to grab things that are high up for him
  • When Ardyn captures him and tells him all about his past he actually doesn’t bring up Prom’s transition so hey, trash king of garbage mountain being decent for once
  • Cor knows, but he never says anything. Why would he? Prompto is Prompto.
  • Prom’s really scared about telling the guys because he figures Noct didn’t recognise him from when they were kids but he’s just so happy when they’re really great and supportive about it
  • They never once question whether or not he can pull his weight even if he doubts it sometimes, because he’s proved himself time and again
  • Like literally these guys are the best group of friends he could ask for because it doesn’t change how they think about him even slightly and they still love him for who he is

It’s important to know the small signs that your mental health is getting worse. The things that you might not always notice unless you think to look, that signal a more serious downward spiral if you don’t act quickly. For me, it’s things like: 

  • Increased irritation at others’ basic needs
  • Frustration/annoyance in line at the grocery store, coffee shop, bus
  • Desire to isolate to “recharge” after doing the barest bone amount of work
  • Desire to hit myself in the head or on the body with my hand or a hair brush 
  • Desire to skip meals 
  • Feeling the need to exercise before I “deserve” to eat
  • Trouble falling asleep or frequent waking
  • Long, frantic crying jags about nothing
  • Fixation on body image and small body changes
  • Skin picking/desire to skin pick 
  • Feeling like i’m alone all the time and constantly waiting for my partner to come home to rescue me from being by myself 

But it’s also vitally important to recognize the signs that your mental health is improving. If you have a history of mental illness, you may always be on “alert”, looking for signs of peril, so much so that you fail to identify signs you are on the right path. For me, signs that I am #thriving include:

  • Frequent singing, either along to music or making up a tune
  • unself-conscious dancing not intended to burn calories, but rather experienced as an expression of joy
  • Doing either of the above in public is a huge good sign
  • Taking the time to talk to strangers in line
  • Stopping to pull out and give money to people on the street
  • Going out to a new social setting or unfamiliar situation
  • Spending money on a variety of groceries and necessary household items rather than the most bare-bones list of what I immediately need 
  • Being happy and chatty when my partner comes home, instead of feeling like I have been waiting around for him for hours 
  • Ease identifying negative emotions and expressing them quickly, rather than bottling them up 
  • Noticing fun/pretty/funny things outside, like a disembodied barbie doll in a snow pile, or a dog with one eye, or a baby giving another baby a high-five, and taking the time to feel warm and fuzzy at the sight 

What are some of your warning signs? What are some of your chill good mental health days signs? 

best friend! Joshua

requested by anon: “could you do a joshua best friend au?”

  • you’ve known Joshua Hong for most of your life
  • went to the same school all the way into highschool
  • elementary, not much happened
  • probably just say hi and stuff like, “can i use that glue stick when you’re done” 
  • middle school came along and the two of you were officially in the 7th grade
  • you weren’t really the type of person to have a lot of close friends, maybe only a little over a handful
  • but you did have a lot of friends, made from your classmates and friends of friends 
  • because you never really had a problem having a fun and nice conversation with someone
  • Joshua was one of those friends, just the nice boy in your math and history class who actually knew all the states and their capital 
  • until your history teacher decided your class wasn’t allowed to choose their own partners anymore and chose them herself
  • “Y/n and Joshua, you guys have ‘Causes of The Civil War’ ” 
  • so as you gave up your seat for someone else, you scooted into the now empty desk next to Joshua
  • “hey Joshuaa, so what do you want to do first”
  • “hmm we can look at the text book first” 
  • the whole project had some class time available to work on it but was expected to be worked on at home
  • “do you want to do a powerpoint then?” he asks 
  • “yeah! what’s your number so I can send you the links and stuff” 
  • so you guys finished your project a day early and got an A of course
  • and the conversations should’ve died there or something 
  • except when you had to sit next to each other for presentations he leaned over and looked at the paper on your desk 
  • “you like Naruto?” 
  • you look down at you rough doodle of Naruto’s face and grinned
  • “yeah do you??” 
  • so that’s how the two of you became close because later that night, you texted him ranting about the latest episode  
  • and the conversation went on to other animes
  • then somehow led to whether you finished your essay
  • then to which flavor of ice cream was best
  • the two of you, probably the most unlikely friends ever
  • the nice, quiet boy who hung out with his group of guy friends 
  • and the social butterfly who pretty much talked to everyone,
  • and now him
  • highschool came around and you watched as he taught himself guitar
  • and joined choir 
  • “what the freak Josh why am i just finding out you have such a nice voice, it’s not fair” 
  • “oh,” he laughs as you poke his shoulder over and over again at lunch, “sorry my bad”
  • even though you and Joshua had many different classes and were involved in different groups, the two of you never failed to hang out
  • one of the these times being towards the end of highschool, where you went to this annual Korean festival together
  • “look i wanna go there! there’s fried fishcake” you saying tilting your head towards the stand and proceeding to tug on his arm
  • “hold on please!” 
  • the both of you pause and turn to around to face a foreign voice
  • your eyes meet a Korean man, who’s facing Joshua
  • “do you know what kpop is?” 
  • he continues to explain how he’s a manager for Pledis Entertainment and scouting for trainees, then asked Joshua if he wanted to join
  • “ah can i please think about it?” he says, while you just look at them back and forth
  • the guy hands him is contact information and gives him a couple days to decide
  • “JOSH!” you squeal, even though you didn’t really understand the situation much, but you understood something, “you could go be a singer!”
  • “i know i know, but can i do it? live in another country? how do i even know..” he trails off nervously
  • you grab his shoulders and look him in the eye,
  • “Joshua Hong. I know you kay, you finna spend the rest of your life regretting it, and i know how much you want this okay. What do i always say?” you stare at him pointedly
  • “if life gives you ramen you take it and eat every last bit,” he says, a smiling forming on his face
  • “right!” you say laughing
  • so for the next two or so years, you guys always stayed in touch
  • without fail, you guys would at least text every other day
  • and when he debuted, he sent you tickets to his showcase with the backstage tickets 
  • so what other thing is there to do besides go
  • and be extra af 
  • so of course you went disguised as a fan 
  • with a baseball hat with seventeen written across 
  • and a giant neon poster with ‘JOSHUA HONG’ written across 
  • and a bright orange t-shirt with the derpiest Joshua face you could find from Seventeen TV 
  • and let’s not forget the gift you prepared him 
  • you almost lose your voice from all the screaming you did but whatever it’s worth it 
  • and when it’s over, you go backstage
  •  and basically tackle Joshua, proudly 
  • “JOSH YOU MOTHER FREAKING DEBUTED” you scream loudly 
  • “Y/N WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?” he exclaims holding his laugh in poorly 
  • svt crowds around you dying of laughter from your outfit 
  • the two of you catch up on everything and you end up pretty much being the last friend or family backstage 
  • with the other members screaming excitedly around you guys, you talk to them a bit 
  • “guess WHAT i gotchu a gift” you say wiggling your eyebrows at Joshua 
  • he laughs, still on a happy high, “what what, i have expectations" 
  • "oh TRUST me, this will be the best gift you’ve ever gotten" 
  • you hand him a gift bag 
  • as he pulls the tissue paper out, looking inside the bag, and immediately bursts out laughing
  • pulling the item out, the others are laughing and seal clapping 
  • "thanks for the matching shirt”
  • "anytime, now there’s more!!” you say winking 
  • he grabs the last thing from the bag and laughs, extremely amused
  • dropping the bag in surprise he holds the item to his face 
  • a water bottle with 'DRINK WATER NOT ALCOHOL’ printed on in big, bold, black letters 
  • “you’re gonna be dancing a lot so you need to stay hydrated!” you grin, winking excessively 
  • “ah you’re the best, seriously” he grins and pulls you into a hug 
  • fast forward 2 years or so later
  • your have your life together as best as you can for a college student, and find the time to attend his concert
  • like last time, nothing will ever compare to seeing Joshua and his group live
  • as you walk backstage, the more mature ish side of you doesn’t play jokes and engulfs him a tight hug
  • “you’ve made it so far” you say looking at him with tears in your eyes, ruffling his hair
  • “what is this you’ve turned soft?” he jokes ruffling your hair also
  • “college does that to a person i guess” you joke
  • the two of your haven’t seen each other in over two years after all
  • and with this limited amount of time you guys made the most of it
  • right before you have to leave, he tells you to wait 
  • so you settle down at the edge of the stage, where the two of you were, legs hanging off the sides
  • he comes jogging back over, a box in hand
  • “what is this? you already gave me a set of merch” you say laughing, accepting the box as he hands it to you
  • “a gift” he says, flashing his eye smile
  • you make a surprised sound,”hmm? what did i do, you already give me a bunch of free stuff” 
  • “aye we’re best friends, besides it’s nothing burdensome, promise” he claps his hands together and grins
  • you pretend to glare at his seriously, “imma hold you to that Hong” 
  • opening the box, that was clearly wrapped by a staff member or possibly Mingyu
  • you know your best friend after all
  • picking up the object, the first thing you register is it’s a really nice looking water bottle
  • well as nice as they get
  • you’re a pretty quick person so 0.1 seconds later you register the giant bolded words in your favorite color
  • you stare at the bottle then turn at Joshua who’s looking at you excitedly
  • “wow i’m a freakin philosopher” 
  • “yah!” 
  • “just kidding~ i love it i’m going take it with me everywhere” you smile, wrapping an arm around his shoulder
  • “good and drink water-” 
  • “and alcohol because yes i’m definitely gonna fill it with vodka or something” you tease
  • “no no no you better not!” he says pretending you scold you
  • “ssshhh we’ll see” you smirk
  • “y/n l/n” 
  • “that’s me your bff dude” 
  • he doesn’t bother to try to further the conversation, knowing he’ll lose
  • and so the too of you sit there 
  • basking in the stadium lights and sipping on water not alcohol ;) 

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~ admin seri

The BETTER good end for Joseph: Joseph does in fact realize he deserves to be happy. He and Mary talk and they decide to split, but remain friends and help one another through this. He also needs you and you, being the best dad, agree whole heartedly and the two of you kiss.

The BETTER bad end for Joseph: Joseph is in a cult. He’s not the leader of said cult but is pretty high up there. A branch leader for say. But little does he know he’s also being used, drained, manipulated obviously. You, Damien, and Robert try to save him because Robert was a apart of the cult until he was able to slip out and thought Joseph was all bad, but Damien realizes exactly what is going on. Despite your best efforts, Joseph is killed. He dies in your arms, realizing his mistakes far too late. He asks you to take care of Mary and you can choose to either agree or stay quiet, prompting in a smile before death or a sadness.

allybrookeofficial: HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO THIS PRINCESS @normanikordei YOURE THE FIRST OF THE BUNCH TO BE 21! AHH! Can’t believe I met you when you were 15. Wow. My bby is all grown up now. 😢 lol. So you have transformed into this beautiful WOMAN! Seeing your journey has made me so proud Normani. Like really. I don’t have any words. From being shy Normani to GROWING INTO YOUR OWN LADY WHO STOMPS THE DANCE FLOOR! It’s pretty amazing. My honor to witness, Kordei ☺️ YOURE LIKE A BIRD WHO HAS FOUND HER WINGS AND BOY IS SHE FLYIN!!! I’m just so grateful to see you smile so bright and to see you just be happy. It’s beautiful. Always keep your head up high and keep Jesus close ❤️And know that I’ll always be here for you. Rain or shine sis. We’re in it together. I love you very much. Now…LET’S GET READY TO
PARTY!!! It’s goin DOWN tonight 🙈😉🎂

Nicky is so underappreciated. Most of the time in fic he ends up as a caricature where his only traits are being annoying and gay. He was finally happy in Germany with someone who loved and accepted him but he put all of that on hold to take care of his underage cousins, one of which he’d never met. He only meant to stay until they finished high school but he stays longer anyway. He gave up the life he’d finally built for himself or the twins and it’s made pretty damn clear that a decent portion of the time when he’s acting cheerful and carefree that it’s a front and that he’s tired and lonely with Erik overseas, Andrew and Aaron emotionally distant, and not being able to reach other and make friends. He loves his family so much and before the Drake situation he was still holding out on mending his relationship with his parents.

Nicky is such a complicated character and he needs more love for that.

I work at an adult novelty store, so sometimes things get weird but usually it’s all in good fun. But the other day a man came in and asked me what he should get for his lady, he mentioned he wanted to get her some thigh high stockings and that she was about my size (i.e. on the shorter side) I mentioned that being this size, most thigh highs go way past mid thigh and go all the way up the leg pretty much, but we had one brand that didn’t do that as much because it was made a bit smaller. And this ugly man actually put these words together and said them out loud “You know I’m so happy someone like you is here. Usually I get someone so fat I can’t even tell what they are.” Immediately I was put off and bothered, but I continued showing him the stockings and aiding him in customer service and finally he says “You seem really uncomfortable. I can tell by your body language. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” And of course I couldn’t say “Umm yeah. Fat shaming makes me really uncomfortable.” So I just had to say “Oh, no. Not at all. You’re fine. This is just who I am.”

When I see your face, I see a flower that bloomed in spite of all the storms.
But I don’t feel happy for I know just how many people you harmed with your thorns that are now hidden under the ground.
In tough times, and I don’t deny there were many, you had a choice: be a good person or get what you want.
There’s no doubt which one you opted for.
So yes, you may not be a good person but I can’t see anyone throwing rocks at you.
For now you stand tall and proud - pretty, strong, may be even happy.
People only see that. Nobody ever digs deeper.
—  I am a wilted flower but nobody will ever know why.

anonymous asked:

Hi, could I request headcanons of Bakugou and Iida finding out that their s/o is pregnant?

Of course you can!! I assumed they were older (as in out of high school) bc I don’t think either of them would be very happy with a kid during high school haha~


  • When he finds out, he isn’t sure how to react at first.
  • He’d be pretty shocked in all honesty! 
  • Once he stops being shocked he’s pretty happy, hugs his partner and squeezes them really tight.
  • Strokes their hair but he’s pretty silent at first, save whispering into his partners hair how much he loves them. 
  • Very nervous at the prospect of being a dad, probably ends up calling his mum and offloading to her down the phone. 
  • Does his research with his partner because he’s gonna be the goddamn best father.
  • Helps to calm his partner and promises that he’ll be there when they give birth, although he is pretty scared by the thought. 


  • His face immediately breaks into a big grin.
  • Hugs his partner, before immediately transitioning into ‘class rep mode’ and lecturing his partner on not overworking themselves and being healthy and safe.
  • Pretty traditional, so soon after finding out his parter is having his child if they aren’t already engaged, he’d propose. It’s his way of saying ‘I’m going to be here with you every step of the way.”
  • Like Baks, he does his research, helping his parter choose healthy meal options and stay away from things that might damage his parter or the baby. 
  • His partner’s pregnancy manages to unlock super doting parter mode, with him bringing her hot pads for her stomach and breakfast in bed every morning. 
  • It’s the first thing he tells everyone because his beautiful partner is pregnant! Amazing! He loves them! 
Spideypool rec list thing

Been absolutely devouring everything spideypool (Spiderman/Deadpool - Peter Parker/Wade Wilson) I’ve been able to get my hands on, so here’s a rec list! 

Links to AO3 and my absolute faves are indicated by a  ☆ 

5 Times Wade Didn’t Believe Peter, And The One Time He Did by keikoHPfan | 2k

Wade isn’t a fool. And he knows better, whatever Spidey says.
Or the five times Wade didn’t believe Peter, and the one time he did.

☆ ☆ ☆ A Spider In The Pool (series)  by Ajayd | 78k + 35k

Peter Parker gradually falls for Wade’s dubious charms. They have a lot of hang ups and kinks to negotiate, but with sex this hot, Peter can’t help wanting more. Erotica with significant plot and relationship development.

☆ Baby, I’d Victoria Your Secret Anytime by ghostsoldier | 4,5k | virgin!Peter

Peter’s known Wade for a while now, so he can maybe see how this makes sense – like, maybe Wade has a thing about going commando and just happened to have an old girlfriend’s panties lying around, one thing led to another…but…

“And the bra?” Peter croaks.

Blindsided by Atsvie | 1k

Sometimes Peter is surprised by the things that Wade thinks about.

“Seriously. Being inside you like this, it’s just, like we really trust each other because have you ever really thought about what having sex is like? You’re letting me put part of myself inside of your body? And we never think that’s a big deal, but that’s a pretty big deal because sometimes when you put things in people’s bodies, they die. Like knives.”

☆ Do Not Disturb by Silvercobwebs | 1,5k | protective!Peter

Peter protects the things he considers most precious.

Hands by Schierlingsbecher | 25k | protective!Wade

After going through a lot of shitty fights and missions together, Spider-Man reveals the face and name under the mask to Deadpool. Wade is stunned.

Help Me, Peter Parker, You’re My Only Hope! by merycula | 4,5 k

“I need your help,” Wade admitted.

“And why would I help you?” Peter asked with an amused chuckle.

“Because, um, I asked you? Isn’t it what you do? Help people who ask for it?”

Key To the Heart by anon | 12k | Super!Family

This is the story of how Peter Parker-Rogers-Stark fell in love with a S.H.I.E.L.D assassin. And how he introduced said assassin to his superhero parents.

Naked by Foxpuppet | 4k

Wade naked was a sight to behold; something akin to the traumatised beauty of broken glass, a burnt out forest, a dilapidated building. Or so Peter thought as Wade stripped away his costume and headed to the bathroom.

Not a Fucking Part of This by Passionateartist | 2,5k | outsider pov

Wade’s ringtones are obnoxious and Logan is coping.

Out of My Head by WebbedUpKatanas | 4,5k

Wade figures out that things don’t always go the way you imagine them. Sometimes they’re better.

Petey And Wade And Other Being Punched In The Face Things (series) | 28k + 38k + 3k + 12k | fluff 

Ok, so maybe Peter took the job (internship, whatever) to be around Wade, and yeah, maybe that wasn’t exactly professional of him, but sue him, he wants to spend more time with his boyfriend!

Ok, no, don’t sue him, Peter is poor.

But now he has a job, so maybe he won’t be poor for much longer.

Of course, that all depends on whether or not his new boss likes him, and whether Peter is able to keep said boss from discovering that Peter is everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spiderman.

And when that Boss is Tony Stark… Well, Peter’s confidence has hit an all-time low.

Scars by Merycula | 4k | HS!AU + deaf!Peter

High school was full of idiots. The thing about being mute was that most people assumed you were also deaf. And when they thought you were deaf they also assumed that it was enough for them to speak really loudly and slowly in order for you to hear them. Idiots, right?

☆ Summer & Other Heated Things by Atsvie | 2,5k | virgin!Peter

It happens on a regular summer day that’s too hot and sticky, but Peter is pretty happy with it. Peter loses his virginity to Wade.

☆ That Pesky V-Card by TimmyJaybird | 6,5k | virgin!Peter

Peter shows up at his sort-of-but-not-quite-boyfriend’s house unannounced, with his mind set on one single goal. 

What You See is What You Get by Merycula | 3k

After getting hit with an unknown beam during a fight with Mysterio, Peter can’t see Wade’s scars.

We Sweat It Out On The Streets Of A Runway American Dream by darkavengerz | 52k

Deadpool’s back in town and Peter seems to be the only one keeping an eye on him.

Who Wants Some Pancakes by Spiro | 5k 

Oh this was bad. So so soooo bad. He was totally not okay and totally in love with Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth. Wade fucking Wilson. Shit shit shit. Peter wanted to die and he was seriously considering throwing himself off of this roof. Gods, what was he going to do? Why Deadpool? Maybe he was losing his mind. Yeah, that had to be the answer. Peter had to be fucking crazy.

The story of how Peter Parker realized that he was in love with Wade Wilson and kind of freaks out about it.

WorryWade Wilson and PoutyPeter Parker: A Tragedy In Five Acts by Merycula | 3k

After Spidey gets horribly injured, Wade becomes the biggest worrywart of all fandom history.

You Are The Space In My Bed by sleeponrooftops | 18k

There are rules, damn it. Number one: never sneak up on Peter while he’s napping or he will end up on the ceiling. Number two: stop trying to get in Peter’s pants. Wade stops listening after that one because he doesn’t like rules.

☆ You Big Disgrace by Spiekiel | 9k

Wade’s hanging by one leg from the firescape outside Peter’s seventh floor apartment, katanas sheathed on his back and a gun on each thigh - but he’s frozen like a deer in the headlights, as if Peter poses some sort of threat, standing like an idiot at the open window in sweatpants and no shirt, only a flashlight and a thin smattering of chest hair to defend himself. 

ramblingredrose  asked:

Can you tell me any thoughts about various Avengers training with Steve? XD

My brain immediately set this to the Avengers lineup immediately post-AOU, so:

So, for starters, Steve is that special brand of asshole that thinks 6am is a totally reasonable time to schedule training because everyone is obviously up by then, right?

And even for the Avengers like Sam, who are morning people, there’s a certain level of resentment for how long Steve can go without being in the least bit tired, and how chipper he is. So everyone really looks forward to the parts of training where Steve is practicing his defense, which is to say, they all get to throw shit at him.

But Steve is also a very diligent trainer – he works with all the Avengers individually and in groups to make sure they work on every weakness, and that everyone is able to mesh fighting styles to optimize their performance as a team. It’s what made the Howlies so effective, and it’s why they’re stronger together. And he’s determined not to let them down.

With Sam, there’s a lot of lighthearted trash talk as they spar; they tease each other about openings and make smart ass comments about weak hits. The same goes for Natasha a lot of the time, though at a certain point they both fall into very focused silence; this is usually when everyone else stops what they’re doing and circles around to watch because the sheer acrobatics of their training together is something to see.

With Rhodey, he gets more serious; they don’t know each other quite as well, so Steve stays a bit more professional, but as they warm up to each other, things get more personable. The War Machine suit gives Steve a damn good workout to practice against, and Steve doesn’t pull punches, which Rhodey appreciates. He also consults with Rhodey a lot on tactical aerial support, since Rhodey has his Air Force background and is more experienced with planning for battles at altitude; with Rhodey, Sam, Vision and Wanda all capable of getting damn high up off the ground, it’s an important component of all their training. 

Vision… Vision, Steve focuses on team integration with, since his powers are frankly alien to Steve and he’s… pretty competent with them. But Steve understands being a person and supporting people, and Vision is new to humanity, so they run through a lot of scenarios that deal with unexpected human variables so Vision can learn to deal with hurdles not necessarily predicted by his programming. Steve isn’t sure he totally understands Vision, but he’s damn happy he’s on their side.

Steve trains Wanda hard, but because he knows she can do it – and because he knows, how with everything she’s been through, physical exhaustion is one of the few things that will let her sleep through the night. He works with her one-on-one a lot, giving her room to experiment with her powers, and also encouraging her with every breakthrough she makes. It’s new territory for them both, but Steve is determined to help her with it, stepping into a mentor role for her.

Clint… Clint oversleeps. Daily.

And while Steve spends some of the time being a Serious Military Tactician, let’s be honest – it’s Steve. So at a certain point, most training sessions devolve into “ways we can pinball Captain America into the enemy in a stunt that is as Extra™ as it is Batshit Crazy.” Because why not?