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can you please do some more zen :3 married life hcs?

  • zen always gets up at the weirdest times to do hair rituals. mc thought he was a burglar once and he was bonked with a lamp.
  • zen generally is the designated tall person to grab anything from a super high shelf, and he likes being useful.
  • they have a mass of wedding photos all over the house. he was just so happy and plastered them in every room of the house. 
    • shamelessly shows said pictures every time a guest comes over.
  • definitely the type to have a night in of movies and snuggles when he can. he’s usually pretty busy with schedules and working out but he takes out time to be with mc.
  • takes out a little too much time and mc has to remind him yes, he has to go to that shoot at 4am tomorrow, and yes they should just call it a night and go to bed.
  • he’s whiny as hell about the whole thing, but he thanks her later when she has to help him get ready at 4am to leave.
  • always leaves kisses all over mc’s face if he has to leave while they’re still asleep; he can’t help that they look so cute.
  • hair styling is officially a group effort between the two as a married couple. zen does mc’s hair, mc does zen’s hair, and zen has been beginning to sport manbuns thanks to mc.
  • sometimes if zen is on set for hours on a day, he and mc snuggle up in his dressing room to nap together for a little bit. it’s very cute until zen moves in his sleep and makes the two of them topple over onto the ground.
  • zen cries during movies. this is not up for discussion. mc likes making fun of him when he complains that elizabeth third just still has some fur in their house from that one time jumin came to visit over a year ago.
  • zen sings during the showers but it’s not as if mc minds it; he’s a good singer, and sometimes mc blurts out the next line for him when they pass by.
  • zen is a Dramatic Ass Ho sometimes and you can hear him say in the most exasperated voice in their small ass apartment that he’s never going to move out of mc swears to god “WOW, WE HAVE NO MORE BEERS, OH NOOO” mc doesn’t buy his woe is me act. 
    • yes, not even when he walks over to her and slumps dramatically over mc’s lap like some kind of pet.
  • grocery shopping is always left to mc because once mc wrote him a very detailed list of what to get (how do you just ‘read over’ low fat soymilk?) and the only thing he came back with two six packs of beers, a pack of cigarettes, and three tv dinners. he doesn’t know how to survive on his own and mc wonders how literal everyone was when they said zen used to just drink beer and smoke cigarettes.
  • sometimes zen can be found sulking in a corner of the house like some sort of seven year old in the time out corner because he discovered a pimple. 
    • as if his diet wasn’t just beer and chainsmoking
  • sometimes mc likes hiding his cigarettes in tough places around the house so he gives up and has to spend a day without them. 
  • mc likes to read while zen lays on mc’s lap to check social media, and they play with his hair idly a lot.
  • he needs attention 110% of the time like it’s wild. mc could be working on a four page essay and zen would honest to god physically cling to mc and whine about how he’s so lonely when mc isn’t paying attention to him and then makes whiny noises and kicks his feet around in their bed while mc types. sometimes he stomps. mc swears they married a child.
  • they’ve got cheesy movie soundtracks and yes, they dance to it together in the living room. they’ve got the whole beauty and the beast choreo down.
  • when zen has to travel, mc and him come as a package and they always coordinate matching airport outfits along with matching suitcases, and it’s all a very stylish and very Extra thing to do. 
  • overall they’re just a very extra married couple and will probably die wearing coordinating outfits

Spring Day is a heart song. I can’t believe how quick this song hit me. The song gave me an immediate sense of comfort…but then it made me feel all sentimental…now my feelings are a mess.

Not Today is srsly so lit. I began dancing @ 0:01. A rave song…I can’t even begin to imagine how lit the stage is gonna be when they perform this. Also, the intro & ending sounded so old school bangtan my heart skipped a beat.

Outro: Wings is a staight up jam. This is an ARMY party song yall. Better than I expected and I already had pretty high expectations. You can’t not sing along. LSS (last song syndrome) material.

You Never Walk Alone is the perfect mix of sweet & sexy. When Jin hit that high note…followed by Jimin…a bitch cried. (“A bitch”… being me) Yoongi’s ending tho…I would recommend you play that on loop 24/7.

I am a happy stan.
Thank you boys.
You’ve worked so hard.

I work at an adult novelty store, so sometimes things get weird but usually it’s all in good fun. But the other day a man came in and asked me what he should get for his lady, he mentioned he wanted to get her some thigh high stockings and that she was about my size (i.e. on the shorter side) I mentioned that being this size, most thigh highs go way past mid thigh and go all the way up the leg pretty much, but we had one brand that didn’t do that as much because it was made a bit smaller. And this ugly man actually put these words together and said them out loud “You know I’m so happy someone like you is here. Usually I get someone so fat I can’t even tell what they are.” Immediately I was put off and bothered, but I continued showing him the stockings and aiding him in customer service and finally he says “You seem really uncomfortable. I can tell by your body language. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” And of course I couldn’t say “Umm yeah. Fat shaming makes me really uncomfortable.” So I just had to say “Oh, no. Not at all. You’re fine. This is just who I am.”

Trying to cheer myself up with some headcanons:

  • I know we all kind of agreed with Hop/Bob friendship but what if he was real close with Joyce instead?
  • He’s described as a “kind-hearted former nerd” so I’m guessing he was pretty much bullied in high school because of that, and Joyce, being the take-no-shit-from-no-one spitfire she is, used to defend him a lot
  • (Which made Hopper defend him too of course)
  • And maybe when Joyce started dating Lonnie he wasn’t too happy about that (not because he had feelings for her - or did, all is possible) but because he saw that Lonnie wasn’t that great of a guy - maybe Lonnie picked on him when Joyce wasn’t around
  • So when Joyce married Lonnie they drifted apart, and eventually stopped talking altogether because, you know, life happens
  • That doesn’t mean they stopped caring about the other, but sometimes people who are close end up growing apart
  • And now, many years later, they meet again because maybe Joyce doesn’t want to keep working for Donald and goes to try and find a new job somewhere, with better hours, better pay so she can be around her sons more
  • And Bob now is the manager of RadioShack, so she goes there to apply and BAM
  • Their first encounter is awkward, OF COURSE, full of cringe-worthy moments and misspoken words and stutter and the two of them being adorably awkward towards each other
  • But eventually they become close again, one telling the other what happened in their lives and I NEVER KNEW HOW MUCH I WANT JOYCE TO HAVE THIS KIND OF FRIEND IN HER LIFE AND BOB SEEMS TO BE PERFECT FOR THAT
Companions react to waking up next to Sole after a night they can’t remember. Gif Edition (Might be in New Vegas *Wink* *Wink*)

Cait: (Waking Up)


(Human) Codsworth: (Waking Up)


Curie: (Wake Up)


Danse: (Wake Up)


Deacon: (Wake Up)


Bonus! (Decide to go the hell back to sleep)

Hancock: (Wake Up)


MacCready: (Wake Up)


Bonus! (After initial shock and Sole is happy to wake up next to him)

Nick Valentine: (Wake Up)


Piper: (Wake Up)


Preston: (Wake Up)


X6-88: (Wake Up)


Super Bonus! Maxson: (NSFW? SPICY! There is no realization, they knew what they were getting themselves into. Maxson’s tolerance for Alcohol is pretty high, he most likely remembers Sole being a little tipsy and being honest when she said she wanted him.)

AU where Dave is chronically ill and in and out of hospital all the time. Bro is his full-time carer and is almost always stressed out, so Dave is pretty happy when a certain buff islander nurse starts making eyes at his dear brother.

Weak sickly Dave trying to hook nurse Jake up with his brother from the  confines of his hospital bed. Jake taking his vitals in the morning like “hmm, your heart rate is a little high today, young sir” and Dave is like “so is Bro’s every time he looks at you.”

They eventually start going out for coffee whenever Dave nods off and soon they fall in love. Jake is absolutely fine with being Dirk’s full-time shoulder to cry on.

Dave is happy for them and hopes that this means Bro won’t be so lonely when he eventually succumbs to whatever he’s sick with and dies.

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Controversial shipping asks

  • Ship that is most misunderstood: 💢

?????? *insert thinking emoji*. O h wait i know, Ikki x MC. I think a lot of people disregard how seriously Ikki’s condition affects his life and how it’s not just “oh lol so many girls like u grow up” listen i just……….. i’ve read enough reviews of the game and participated in enough chats with strangers about it that it pains my soul that some people would only pick Ikki’s route to be high up on their list because he’s attractive and nothing else ‘cuz that actually feels like he keeps getting the same treatment in-game and irl and holy shit why can’t he just be happy. 

I think their relationship is pretty complex tbh, it’s not the twilight story it seems to be in the first game in regards to her being able to resist his supernatural bishie powers, but she’s actually just like any other girl in every single way. The difference is her past made her treat him unlike any other girl in her position despite that power & so they, against all odds, managed to form a weird relationship that eventually, thanks to her Investigating ™ turned into #trulove. and I just think that’s beautiful, there needs to be more love for the Ikster and his difficult time in the love department I can’t even.

As promised, more Young Justice. You’d almost think I liked M’gann! ;]

So, despite M’gann being quite the problem in season 2, I really did love her relationship with Garfield. (And her too of course, once she cooled down…) They were adorable siblings, and they had very sweet and loving interactions. So here they are, being cute. Hopefully they aren’t going to smash into each other’s faces. He’s definitely not secretly high-fiveing a skateboarding Bart off-screen.

This image has brought many questions up about Gar though. What a mysterious child. 

Art-wise, I’m pretty happy with this one. It was another non-stressful, relatively quick piece with a nice outcome. M’gann’s legs and shine aren’t perfect, but that’s ok. Really of anything it’s Gar’s arm that is perplexing. The only downside I can think of for this image is I’m not aware of having learned anything from working on it. I’m hoping I just didn’t notice but still learned something.

Confession: I’m really tired of being single and I get depressed every time I see my friends and other people happy in their relationships. Some days I don’t worry about it and on others I do, but when I do think about my singleness, it’s really bad. Growing up I was never desired by boys and I have always had terrible self esteem. Towards the end of high school I got a little prettier, started wearing better makeup, clothes, and hair.

I’m in college now and I’d call myself decent looking, I’ve been called pretty by different types of people, but I always have to question whether they are lying or not. I’ve never been in a real relationship before and I really didn’t start engaging in romantic interaction with the opposite sex until my freshman year in college. I’m now a sophomore and 19 years old, I’m still a virgin, never really been kissed or anything. The few guys I have talked to here at school made it very apparent within the first week of talking to them that they just wanted sex. Some days I’m just like fuck it, boys ain’t shit and I shouldn’t waste my time on them. But then I see my friends running around with their boyfriends of 1+ year(s) and I start wanting what they have. I want a guy to care for me, call me to see how my day went, buy me things out of pure kindness, want to spend the day with me doing other things not involving purely sex, and I just want someone to make me feel beautiful and wanted.

I pray every night for this and I ask God what is wrong with me; what is so bad about me that nobody sees me desirable as a long term, serious partner? Why does it seem so easy for other people to get into relationships so casually? Like I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I put so much effort into my appearance and I do believe that I am a good person; I have a good heart and I respect everyone.

Sometimes I just want to cry because I hate feeling like I’m doing something wrong to make me undateable, I want to cry because I feel this emptiness in me that I believe would be voided if I just had someone to love me. I hate asking my friends to hang out only to find out that they have plans with their boyfriends, and then I’m left feeling like the lonely, single bitch. 

My roommate and I are friends, but her boyfriend is always over and it hurts so much for me to see them together. He treats her wonderfully, and I’m glad that she’s happy, but i also wish I could experience the same thing. I hate spending my nights alone and every time she leaves to spend the night with him and I have the apartment to myself, I feel even more lonely and hopeless. I just feel so pathetic for being my age and not having experienced any aspect of a true relationship. I hate being told “ the right guy will come along one day” because honestly, after almost 20 years of being with out it, “one day” sounds too far away or never. 😞

I notice that these old bands, they are still pretty pissed about how we’ve developed. And I sometimes have to laugh a little bit about it, because they’re used to that standard of millions of cds getting sold and being able to have a house with a big pool. We grew up in another era where cd sales were already not that high anymore, so we are used to being not millionaires. (laughs) So that it’s easier to be happy with what we have, rather than when you come from here (raising hand above head) and then suddenly (hand lowered) be here. So there’s quite some bands from the past that are still complaining about this, but I think you have to look at the bright side of, we can tour, we can live from our music even though we’re not millionaires. We do whatever we wish we’re doing, it’s our dream, so we look always at the bright side.
—  Mark Jansen (Epica), interview with From Hero to Zero
What the boys think of you SWAZZ:

Request by anon hope you enjoy:

SAMMY- He thinks that your totally amazing. He also thinks of you as a best friend if anyone hurts you he’d seriously injure them. Sometimes he gets a little upset when you leave a conversation with him to talk to swazz but he understands and as long as your happy he’s happy.

JOHNSON- Johnson thinks you totally gorgeous and 100% queen. He finds it adorable how short you are and sometimes intentionally ask you to go get something knowing its high up just to laugh at you. He also finds you a super trust worthy friend.

GILINSKY- He thinks that sometimes you can be a little clingy. But other than you being clingy he finds you pretty cool, but then again you guys aren’t as close as you and the others.

NATE- Nate finds you totally hot and if you went taken he swoop you right up. Out of all of the guys you two are the closest next to swazz. He knows if he’s having a problem to go to you because you won’t tell and you give great advice. Overall he finds you as a great and selfless person.

Requests and ships are open just message me!

Well, I might seem like a pretty happy guy
Get me a corn dog and my wife and I’m satisfied
But just because I’m happy doesn’t mean that I’m not mad
That most people can’t do eighth grade math
And a lot of people think that you’re a tool if you’ve read a single book since high school
Since when did being smart start being a disgrace
It’s that kind of crap that makes me hate this place.

And if you don’t hate it too there must be something wrong with you
I hate this world
So come hate it with me
There’s so much screwed up crap it makes me so freaking sad
I hate this world
So let’s get together
Because there’s nothing like hate to motivate us to make this world more great

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The TaeAlien

You guys are fucking pathetic and obviously don’t understand, so I’m going to explain it for you.
1) Taehyung was in NO WAY directing that to EXID.
2) Taehyung is literally the biggest BIG BANG fan boy on the face of the earth. Think I’m playing, I’m dead serious. This dork is always saying he looks up to BIG BANG, is pretty much always listening to their songs, always singing them.
3) He started singing that before they even won.
4) He is seriously a five year old child. He turned two moles on his arm into an elephant, ate all of the strawberries off of a cake in 30 seconds without a care in the world, and I swear should be a poster child for happiness.
5) By all of you being fucking ignorant, you have taken away that smile, that happiness.
6) Stop acting so fucking high and mighty. BB has literally been in the same boat for the same shit.

This has been a public service announcement. Stop being stupid.

Yoooo so I know I haven’t posted a lot of art in the past weeks, I guess I was on hiatus??? Reason being is I just finished through the “final trial” of senior year in high school… I was pretty stacked up in the month of May, mainly because of finals, graduation portfolio, exit interview, and college registration. Everything is now completed and I am just waiting to graduate next wednesday which is on June 8th. I’m pretty excited, but at the same time just want my damn diploma already… I don’t know why they’re making the seniors wait another week for the ceremony… Anyways, I will finally go back in my art routine… This summer expect more art from me, especially completed colored ones(about time) hopefully a comic debut, dragons, and other stuff.


Leave this man alone for wanting his only child to be safe. Y'all really have to be pretty fucked up if you think this man is a horrible person for speaking up on his son’s well being. International fans need to get off our high horse with this “Tao is 21” bullshit. In other cultures your family, mainly parents, have a bigger say on what you do. You’re insulting Tao and his father with your petty childish selfish wants.

Tao and his family deserve the same amount of happiness as everyone else. His safey is more important than a damn poster.

u know what its so great that some people consider me a “popular” mtg blogger because like, in high school i was a loser with no friends and i got made fun of and roughed up all the time when i wasn’t just completely forgotten about, and now in college i actually don’t have a single friend, so yall don’t understand this is like. i’m not used to people actually being nice to me. yall are pretty much the only reason i’m happy rn