The 2 Most Common Mistakes New Witches Make And How To Avoid Them

New witches have the tendency to all make the same kinds of mistakes. It’s hard not to! We’re all swimming around in this information soup trying to figure out what’s important and what’s true or not.


Today I’ll be talking about the 2 biggest mistakes that I see beginner witches making and what you can do about them.

Mistake #1 - New witches learn things in all the wrong order

This one is HUGE but we hardly ever talk about it!

People in witchy communities are always hearing the mantra of “learn as much as possible!” over and over and while that is great advice for beginners it’s often more of a bandaid than a real solution!

The problem comes when more experienced witches get asked “how do I get started?” and they immediately think back to how they started. I don’t want you to start how I started! I don’t want you to start how most of us started!

The majority of more experienced witches learned through just gulping down anything and everything they could find about the craft. Over a long period of time you learn to separate fact from fiction and you can be pretty sure that you haven’t missed anything crazy important.

This takes YEARS though.

And in the meantime while you’re sorting through all of that info you’re confused and lost and quite possibly missing some super vital pieces of information! After all you can’t know what you’re missing if you don’t even know it exists!

Why on earth would I want to tell you to do that when I already know what a beginner absolutely must learn to get a solid start in their craft?

This is the #1 reason why I decided to create my new course. I have been through this process, it bites. I want to give you a resource that will boost you through those initial learning phases not in years but in WEEKS.

I want you to be able to get to a place of confidence and comfortability without the confusion, the struggle and the endless amounts of research hoping you’re finding the information that you need.

Skip the struggle and let me show you everything you need to get started!

Mistake #2 - New witches end up trying to learn in a vacuum

There’s nothing worse than learning something completely by yourself. Often finding your way into witchy communities can be super hard. You may not know where to find them and then if you DO find them they can be pretty darn unfriendly to beginners!

Social media can be great but it can also feel like talking into a void!

What’s the point of even asking a question if all you’re going to hear back is crickets?

So instead you end up trying to figure things out all by yourself and without anybody to help it can feel like groping around in the dark for something that you only kind of know to look for.

Talk about frustrating!

In my traditional witchcraft course we circumvent these problems by giving you a community that is open to beginners and run by experts. You’ll have a place to ask questions, talk about your craft and interact with other witches right from day one!

You get real interaction in a safe environment without the hassle.

My goal is to help YOU become the confident, badass witch that you want to be. This can be such a difficult undertaking but it doesn’t have to be!

What mistakes are you worried about making? Let me know in the comments!

Beginners Guide To Being A Gay Part 2

Acceptance but not fully: So at this point you’re 16, starting the 9th grade, You’ve began to be comfortable with yourself slightly. Your not fully out of the ball park just yet. You don’t wanna seem like a stereotype, maybe your not out yet. You accepted yourself but are afraid nobody else will. You think about coming out to people but your hesitant. But at least you know who you like, you may want a secrete partner at this point due to the fact you see people getting into somewhat serious relationships. You start to feel lonely because other gay people haven’t made themselves known but remember you haven’t either.

3 things to note

1. Coming out at your age is risky. You have the potential to lose friends, and it could get back to the house if your siblings go to school with you. You’re not financially set at this age and you could be kicked out for telling your parents who you are. You need to be prepared for anything and everything. With all that being said I’m not telling you you can’t come out. I believe you’ll know when the time is right yourself. If you think everybody will be cool go for it. Remember coming out isn’t a mandatory thing lgbt people do. It’s on a if you wanna share go ahead bases but if you don’t want to you don’t have too.

2. Relationships can be complicated if your not out and the other person is and you have to take their feelings into account. I recommend staying away from relationships until you’re fully ready to be out of the closet or just do not give a fucked who knows about you and your partner being together. 3. People might start targeting you to bully you if they find out. The reason people pick on others is due to the fact they wanna feel a sense of power in their lives when they feel powerless in another setting/aspect of their own lives. Also they do it cause they wanna be liked by their group of friends and wanna look and act tough to sustain those friendships. I suggest you learn a set of skills to deal with asshats like that. Either have a sibling teach you how to defend yourself or ask parents for some kinda fight training and learn to whoop some ass because teachers will not always be on your side. I wish you luck.

winds0fchange19  asked:

Hi! I was trying to find witches who practice green witchcraft or work with plants. I am considering starting to grow flowers and cacti, probably in pots, but I was wondering if you know anything i should know before I start working with plants?

YES. I’m sorry if it’s a bit unorganized, I’m a wee tipsy.
🌿 Research how frequently you should water things. From seeds you always water daily but once they hit a certain age some plants definitely need less water. 
🌿 Adding citrus peels, egg shells, banana peels and coffee beans are a great natural munchie for plants - I wouldn’t suggest doing just coffee beans but a combination of any of them are fine. I wouldn’t suggest feeding them plant food until their adults though just because it’s really simple to over feed them. But it’s okay to throw some eggshells in the beginning.
🌿 Cacti are sweet babies! They’re low maintenance and great for beginners, if you haven’t looked into aloe I would. :)
🌿 Plants need different types of soil!!!! Make sure you give your babies the right type!! Most herbs/flowers will grow fine with generic plant soil but cacti need a combination of sand and soil. I wouldn’t suggest beach sand because it’s easily weighed down and your soil won’t be a solid mixture.
🌿 If your plant indoors you don’t have worms!! Oh no! Poke little holes in your soil (after their healthy sprouts) to make sure the soil isn’t compacted. 
🌿 Talk to them babies!! Feed them carbon dioxide!!!

p3asant--queen  asked:

Heyy I'm just beginning to learn about witch craft is there anything you could suggest that I should do or any advice on how to start once I've done all the studying!! Love your blog all the best!!

EA: So I’m an awful person who never checks their inbox and I apologize for replying so lately .-.  I’m glad that you enjoy my blog! To answer your question, here are some of my own tips!

  • Never stop researching! I’m sure that you’re doing plenty of studies yourself, but don’t forget that you can never learn absolutely everything there is to know about witchcraft. Ive been practicing for about two years or so, and I’ll probably consider myself a beginner even after twenty years of practice. 
  • Start out small. It’s like learning how to swim. You can’t just dive headfirst into twenty foot deep water. You can check my ‘simple spells’ tag for some easy spells that don’t require many ingredients. I’d also suggest that you avoid spells that are intended to produce major results, like love spells or revenge spells.
  • Learn about sigils. Sigils are simple and versatile. I have a ‘sigils’ tag where you can find ready made sigils, guides on how to make sigils, and even some tips on where to place sigils.
  • Try to incorporate witchcraft into your daily life through simple spells. For example, when cleaning your house, imagine that you’re cleansing the house of all negative energy and preparing the space to welcome positive vibes. Or maybe you could cook a recipe with basil to promote prosperity. Find some music that makes you feel powerful and witchy. Even meditation and grounding yourself is a good way to get more in touch with yourself.
  • NEVER perform a spell if you arent ready to accept the possible consequences. Trust me. Ive made this mistake, too. Before performing any sort of spell, think about what you’re about to do. Meditate and ask yourself, “Is this really what I want to happen?” This is especially important during cursing. I have quite an issue with my temper and I take so long to calm down before determining whether or not the person really deserves it. Most often, they don’t.
  • There is no ‘correct’ way to be a witch. Some witches have an entire garden of succulents, shelves overflowing with crystals, fifty sets of tarot decks, a handwritten grimoire, and an altar for every occasion. Other witches(including myself) don’t have anything else other than tumblr and some novelty playing cards. Just remember, ‘When there’s a will, there’s a way.’
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. My ask box is always open and I have a ‘beginners guide’ tag. There are also plenty of other great blogs to follow about witchcraft.

EA: That’s all the advice I can think of at the moment, but please don’t hesitate to send in more questions if you’re curious! and check out my ‘beginners guide’ tag!! Good luck to you!

(Irish dance post) we had an 8-hand workshop tonight with a visiting teacher and!!! he called me out for having good technique on this one tricky step & they called other people over to watch me dance it!!! that is 100% the best compliment I have gotten since I started dancing!!!

anonymous asked:

Can I be a witch and not do spells? I like to use crystals and sigils and stuff, but idk... using spells gives me a weird vibe.


Well, I’m not exactly the authority on what makes someone a witch and what doesn’t, but in my opinion as long as you feel that what you are doing is witchcraft and therefore identify as a witch, that is 100% valid!!

Spells are not the only thing that makes someone a witch, not even close. You work with crystals? Crystal work and energy work are definitely under the witchcraft umbrella. Sigils? Heck yeah!! For sure!!

Even if all you did was light a candle now and then with intent, that in itself is the essence of what I believe witchcraft to be; harnessing and manipulating energy with intent.

I hope this answer isn’t too cheesy and perhaps resonates with you, anon~ ☺️xx

TL;DR: Yes. 😜

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm a starting out witch that is 1) very much in the broom closet and 2) very poor. I want to learn the craft without confusion but unfortunately cannot afford your course, as much as I would love to take it. Do you have any suggestions for a starting point?

Of course! I have a free beginners class that you could check out if you like, I chat with dozen of people taking that course every day and help answer questions or point people toward resources.

If you’re not interested in that or have already taken it I would suggest keeping an eye out, in two days I’ll be posting the full curriculum for the 30 day course. It’s just a list of that subjects and techniques I focus on and the order in which they’re taught but you are MORE than welcome to take that list and use it as a sort of guide to direct your personal research.

Safety is always my first concern when educating new witches. Learning to banish, ward, cleanse and ground yourself are all important for building a solid magical foundation. If you’re lost as to where to look first, that’s what I would recommend.

Take every resource with a grain of salt (including mine). Learn to discern for yourself what you feel is true and what works for you!

anonymous asked:

hi! i hope this isnt too invasive, but how do you choose which gods and goddesses to worship? like how did you choose freyja? thank you in advance, i love your blog! <3

Hello, little love! It definitely is not invasive for me, I actually asked the gods! I asked if any of them were interested in building a relationship for me and I’ve been building relationships with them since.
But I know a lot of people choose through meditation and research!

Beginner Witchcraft - UPDATE

A common post request.

How to begin:

  • Begin by reading everything you possibly can about witchcraft, plants, other religions, etc.
  • Take notes on everything you can.
  • Be creative and use your imagination, look for symbols in your day-to-day lives.  
  • Re-read your notes and important information,
  • Do your research.
  • Make sure you research all paths and philosophies.
  • Start a consistent meditation and visualization regime.
  • Find a path you love.
  • Learn about yourself and your path and beliefs.
  • Work with your energy and practice harnessing it.
  • Start practicing your spells after enough research.
  • Write your own spells and start a grimoire.
  • Continue reading and learning.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Topics to research:    

  • Herbalism
  • Different witchcraft paths
  • Witchcraft history and its origins.
  • Different deities in different cultures
  • Folklore, superstitions,  and wives tales
  • Mythology from different cultures
  • The elements Air, Earth, Water, Fire
  • Basic tools and supplies for the craft
  • Sabbats and esabats
  • Witchcraft misconceptions
  • Nature cycles and lunar phases
  • Divination
  • Alchemy
  • Chakras
  • Auras
  • Working with spirits and angels
  • Tarot
  • Crystals
  • Runes                                                                                                       Magickal theory
  • Spells
  • Curses - the dangers and how to cast them properly
  • Sigils
  • Familiars
  • Incense
  • Ways to stay safe when practising
  • Types of Witches
  • Cheap witchcraft supplies
  • Dangers of witchcraft
  • Solitary v.s Coven witchcraft
  • Ritual structure
  • How to set up an altar
  • Study Nature
  • Negative energy and how to rid of it.
  • Candle magick
  • Astrology
  • Psychic Practises
  • Faeries
  • Protection against harm

Things to practice:

  • Grounding and centering
  • Meditation
  • Casting and closing a circle
  • Raising, releasing, and visualizing energy.
  • Record any magick practices, visions, or dreams you receive.   
  • Spend as much time as possible in nature.        
  • Listen and observe.               
  • Practice invoking Gods, Goddesses, and elements.  
  • Cleansing
  • Charging
  • Warding
  • Keep your grimoire up-to-date
  • Find a mentor - Someone to help you find your path
  • Practise staying concentrated
  • Intent


  • All paths are good paths, do not insult anyone’s path.
  • You do not need any fancy equipment to practise
  • You don’t need to practise everyday
  • Follow your path don’t  let others tell you what to do or force their beliefs on you.
  • Believe in yourself!
  • Take care of yourself
  • Be respectful of others paths and beliefs
  • Never stop learning
  • Ask questions
  • Make lots of friends in the community
  • Stay safe
  • Make sure you do not steal from closed religions!
  • Have fun!

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

100 Tips for the Secret Witch! 

  1. Use a shoe box to hide your more obvious items.
  2. Keep herbs stored in ziploc bags to easily conceal them.
  3. Take up “rock collecting”.
  4. Candles and incense because they “smell good!”
  5. Use an Altoids tin as an altar.
  6. Buy crystal jewelry.
  7. Use perfume to cleanse.
  8. Essential oils can be used in place of most herbs and are less obvious.
  9. Get into cooking, buying herbs is justified then. Plus, kitchen magic!
  10. Use old makeup/perfume/mason jars for spell jars.
  11. You can use almost any necklace as a pendulum.
  12. Use spice jars for tiny spell bottles.
  13. Put an altar in a spare drawer.
  14. Playing cards can be used in place of tarot cards and are very common.
  15. There are a lot of virtual apps geared towards witches that are easily hidden.
  16. You can put sigils, tiny crystals, among other things in lockets to hide them but be able to wear them.
  17. Farmer’s almanacs are just as good as the witch geared ones if you add some information to them, and they are more mundane.
  18. Acorn caps make good biodegradable offering cups.
  19. Get into crafts! You can make some really cool witch stuff that can also just be taken as “artsy”.
  20. Taking a few pinches from your parent’s kitchen cabinets is never a bad idea . Unless caught.
  21. Store things in big, boring looking books.
  22. Seashells and rocks with natural holes make great windchime elements.
  23. You can say your bos/grimoire is a dream journal, which are fairly common and not suspicious.
  24. Draw sigils on with lotion or washable marker.
  25. A tea bag in your clothing drawer can help imbue clothing with the attributes of the tea you use.
  26. Draw sigils on the bottom of your shoes.
  27. Make a virtual altar instead of a physical one.
  28. Always remember to clear that browsing history!
  29. Draw small sigils on your nails then cover them with nailpolish.
  30. Pretty much everything at a craft store can be used for witchcraft. Except maybe the older people who shop there.
  31. You can buy really really small jars online and make them traveling spell jars.
  32. You can enchant jewelry to keep spells close to you.
  33. You can make friendship bracelets/lanyards with colors corresponding to your intent.
  34. Enchanting something you wear daily like glasses or shoes with a ward is something that could be done if one doesn’t wear jewelry.
  35. If you’re into sewing/cross-stitching: incorporate secret sigils into the design.
  36. You can grow plant ingredients under the guise of eating healthier.
  37. Buy soap/shampoo etc with scents to match different intents.
  38. Pencil cases are inconspicuous!
  39. You can use birthday candles instead of actual candles.
  40. Obtaining scented candles a covert way of having colored candles… and if you want scentless you can just say you like the aesthetic but not the smell.
  41. Bath salts can have magical intent and be just as effective as a for bath.
  42. Doodling is a great way to cover up sigils in a notebook.
  43. Grow plants. Collect rainwater. Say rainwater is for plants. Cackle to self.
  44. Make a private discord server for taking to deities.
  45. Threads that hang off of clothing or coats are good for thread magic so long as you don’t have to do a ton with them.
  46. Cleaning and cleansing go hand in hand.
  47. Virtual or sketched altar.
  48. Usually the isle that carries Ethnic food carries SUPER cheap herbs.
  49. All astrology is just you getting really into horoscopes.
  50. If you want a more accurate birth chart, ask your parents for your time of birth. Say it’s out of curiosity.
  51. Weird witch stuff lying around? You like the aesthetic from Charmed.
  52. Sigils don’t have to be considered witchcraft. Say they’re like a good luck charm.
  53. Make your own jewelry, beads, gems,threads, color correlation, etc.
  54. Pinterest boards are great for various things. Dedicating things to deities, saving spells, etc.
  55. Stuffed animals as representations of deities.
  56. Thread magic = sewing and crocheting.
  57. Side blogs on Tumblr are similar to pinterest boards!
  58. Sigils on the bottom of hair spray cans for glamours.
  59. Nail Polish = color correlation.
  60. Quote: “My room smells weird so that’s why I’m burning like 100 candles and some incense”. Works every time.
  61. You can make your own tarot cards with inconspicuous symbols and photos on them, say they’re drawings.
  62. Fairy lights in your room because they “look cool”.
  63. Put your bos in something that looks like a school notebook.
  64. Leave offerings outside if safe. Bury them! But don’t bury things that are bad for the enviroment!!!
  65. If you want to use a ouija board, there are quite a few virtual ones.
  66. Any herbs you can get be purely for tea and nothing else.
  67. If someone catches you meditating, tell them it’s for relaxation.
  68. Draw sigils on the top of your ceiling fan. The fan will charge them while on! - Not recommended you do with a permanent marker!
  69. Draw a sigil on the charger base of your electronic devices.
  70. Charge your makeup/hair products/perfume/cologne up with whatever you’d like.
  71. Lemon water makes a great cleansing spray and is usually not suspicious.
  72. Sigils inside your phone case!
  73. Enchant your jewelry or watches.
  74. Draw a sigil with a white crayon on paper.
  75. Put a pouch of herbs in your clothing drawers, if someone finds them, say it’s to decrease bad smells.
  76. Incorporate magic into art.
  77. Write poetry to your deities.
  78. Study herb pouch and gemstones in your backpack.
  79. Oils and herb pillow for your glasses case to encourage clear vision.
  80. Make your own paper and use flowers/seeds/etc to create a design.
  81. Sticky notes for sigils inside a school locker.
  82. Correlate your clothing to your intent that day.
  83. Sigils on a hair ribbon or enchanted ribbon.
  84. Put your intent into your food and drinks.
  85. Learn to make your own tea.
  86. Keep a penny in your pocket for luck.
  87. Google drive vs physical bos if you’re worried about your parents seeing it
  88. Slowly start buying candles and bam you wont be questioned because they are just candles!
  89. Craft store stars painted with black-light paint placed on your ceiling in constellation arrangements.
  90. Drink fruit infused water/tea.
  91. Carry salt in old film bottles or similar cases to help cleanse your purse or bag.
  92. Salt packets are free at fast food places.
  93. Enchant your bank account/wallet/piggy bank/etc so that it charges your money!
  94. Use travel size medicine bottles to hold random mini witch things: twig,  pebbles, sand, salt, etc. 
  95. Draw elemental items to encourage their energies around you.
  96. Leave sticky notes with magical symbols on your desk or in your locker to generate positive energy for the next school day overnight.
  97.  Terrariums and shadowboxes have always been popular, make it your altar or invitation to the fae.
  98. Fairy gardens have been a thing for a long, long time. They’re not suspicious and very good for attracting the fae!
  99. Enchant counter bowls of fruit or breads so that the food decays slower.
  100. Remember that no matter what, whether you can openly practice or not, that you are just as valid of a witch!  
Items to include in your Book of Shadows

Everyone’s book will be different because all Witches are different. This list is a bunch of examples I have come across over the years of things you could include in your BOS if you so desired. Nothing on this list is mandatory, nothing here is required. If you don’t know what something is, please feel free to ask! If you don’t think that something on the list is for you, awesome, don’t include it in yours. 

  • -Personal wishes (I have sort of a magical last will and testament in mine)
  • -Index
  • -Book Blessings
  • -Magical Rules
  • -Quotes
  • -Magical Alphabets
  • -Deities/Pantheons
  • -Candle Magic
  • -Chakras
  • -Crystals
  • -Color Magic
  • -Ethics
  • -Earth Magic
  • -Herbology
  • -Ghosts/Talking with the Dead
  • -Myths/Legends/Stories
  • -Herbal Magic
  • -Correspondence Tables
  • -Magical Definitions
  • -Moon Magic
  • -Psychic Protection
  • -Spell Writing
  • -Spells (Those you have done and those yet to do)
  • -Symbols/Sigils and their meanings
  • -Tarot
  • -Wiccan Law and Rede
  • -Runes
  • -Statement of Beliefs
  • -Charge of the God and Goddess
  • -The Witches Rune
  • -Sabbats (History, meanings, suggested activities, chants, songs, rituals etc)
  • -Laws of Coven/Tradition (if you are in/follow one)
  • -Magical Recipes (Kitchen Witches)
  • -Altar Setups
  • -List of your favorite Wicca/pagan etc websites
  • -How to Cast a Circle
  • -How to Consecrate items
  • -How to Ground and Center
  • -Auras
  • -Monthly Moon Names
  • -Cord/knot Magic
  • -Terminology
  • -Tools of the Craft
  • -Invocations/Evocations
  • -Animal Magic
  • -Meditations
  • -Celebrations/Coming of Age Rites
  • -Witches Pyramid
  • -Other Sacred Texts
  • -Prayers/Blessings/Chants
Reading A Candle

Watch your candles closely and learn to read them to help you with your practice.

The Flame

A strong flame: It means that your energies are raised. There is a lot of power behind your spell and little to no resistance. Indicates that all your power and energy is focused on your manifestation. This is a good sign. If a candle shaped into a figure is used and has a strong flame it means that whoever it represents is either angry, winning, or using authority over another. When their are two figures the candle with the higher flame has authority over the other person.   

A weak flame: Indicates that the magick you cast is facing a heavy opposition and is a sign that you may need to recast your spell in order to overcome the opposing force. On a figure candle this may indicate that the representative may be loosing a battle or an argument. 

A jumping flame: This indicates strong emotions. There may also be some sort of resistance against you. Maybe close your circle and bring your mind back to focus before continuing. It may also mean an explosion of energy. When two figure candles are being used it often means that an energetic or a heated argument is taking place between them.  

A noisy candle: Indicates a conversation. It may may that a spirit is trying to send you a message or get in contact with you. The louder the noises get the more urgent communication must be. 

The flame catches something on fire: Someone one may be using malicious magick against you.  

A clean even burning candle: Means your spell and manifestations are likely to come true.

Fast Burn: The results of your spell will happen quickly.

Flickering Flame: If there is no breeze then it means a spirit is near by. If it is a devotional flame it means you were able to get in contact with your deity.

Cannot blow the flame out: A spirit may not be finished its conversation with you or you did not complete a spell. The spirit needs to complete its work, something may be may in the works that you do not want to interrupt. 

A flame goes out while burning: This means the spirits cannot help you and the answer you seek is already determined.  

The Smoke

Black smoke/soot: Your energy and magick is being blocked. Negative energy is being sent your way, whether as a curse or hex. You may soon be faced with tough challenges and a hard road ahead of you. 

Smoke wafts towards you: It means your call will likely be answered or your spell has been cast successfully. You will get results quickly.

Smoke wafts away from you: You must work harder in order for your calls to be answered.

Watch the direction the smoke wafts: East - Something powerful is assisting you, North - You are ready to begin your ritual and get results, South - The spell will be successful, West - A powerful interference from an outside force.

Smoking Candle: Negative energy is being burned away.

The Wax

When a candle leaves wax residue: Your spell may need to be repeated.

Look for symbols in the candle wax, like reading tea leaves.

Resources: askanthony.weebly.com, anamericanwitch.wordpress.com,   

May the Moon light you path!

☾ Moonlight Academy ☽ 

Spell to Strengthen a Romantic Relationship


  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon
  • Chili Pepper
  • Fire-safe jar or cup
  • Red Taper Candle
  • Lighter
  • Representation of your lover


  • Mix the herbs together (in the glass) with your finger in a clockwise motion. Visualize their powers of love and strength.
  • Light the red candle.
  • Chant:

“Our love is ever strong

By distance short or long

We made homes in each other’s hearts

Souls tied together from the start” x

  • Burn the symbol of your lover (over the glass) and visualize all the good times you have together: the kisses, the sex, the laughter, etc.
  • Add the ashes and herbs to the sachet, and place it near your bed, or wherever you interact most with your lover.
  • Thank any spirits or Gods that may have helped you in the spell.
  • Let the candle burn down. When it is finished, the spell is activated.


Keeping Yourself Protected

Ways to provide protection from spiritual and physical beings:

  • Make a witches bottle: They provide you with protection against curses, hexes, and spells sent your way as well as to protect your property and possessions.  
  • Salt circle: A salt circle provides the person inside with protection from negative entities and demons. Line your window sills and door way entrances with salt to create an impenetrable barrier.      
  • Iron: Repels evil.Three iron nails driven into a doorway or window sill will block negativity from entering your home. Note: Iron repels Fae!
  • Plants: Some plants have protective properties. 
  • Ask your deity for protection
  • Mint leaves in your shoes protects you from curses
  • Put pepper in protection sachets to protect against magickal attacks.
  • Burn bay leaves to reverse curses
  • Scrawl your home and clothes with protective sigils
  • Quartz Crystals: Provides protection.
  • Visualization
  • Paint your front porch blue to ward off ghosts:They fear water so this may confuse them.
  • Hang an upside down horse shoe above your door: to ward off evil spirits.
  • Hang wind chimes around your home: To scare off bad spirits
  • Nazar or evil eye: Protects your home from bad luck.   
  • Rowan: Two branches from rowan trees bound together with red thread in the shape of a cross. It provides protection when hung above doorways, according to celtic traditions.
  • Arrowheads: Placed above your door will help keep burglars and unwanted guests out.
  • Cinnamon Sticks: Tied over the door will protect your home.
  • Rosemary wreath: A wreath of rosemary bound with green thread can provide your home with protection. Add other plants that correspond with protection as well. 
  • Ivy: Grown up your house provides protection,
  • Mistletoe: Hung in the house protects it from thunder and lightning.
  • Acorn: According to Norse mythology, placing an acorn on the window sill protects the home from being struck by lightning. 
  • Pine branch: Where it for protection.
  • Create your own protection amulet
  • Place mirrors around your home to deflect the evil eye  

Sources: Charissascaulderon.com, scribol.com                                  

Stay safe and have a Happy New Year!

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