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Hello! Do you know any information about Tyr by any chance?

Hey, friend! Thanks for asking!

⚔️ Tyr is the Norse god of war, honor, swords, and law. He resides in Asgard with the Æsir.

⚔️ As Odin was one-eyed, Tyr was one-armed. It was Tyr who made the binding of Fenrir possible with losing his right hand.

⚔️ There is a theory that Tyr was the original leader of the Norse Pantheon and Odin supplanted him much later.

⚔️ Tiwaz, is Tyrs rune. Rune of victory, success, justice, enlightenment.

⚔️ Tyr is less interested in offerings of objects and more interested in actions. If you work with him, he will expect you to have a code of honor, and to stick to it.

⚔️ Tyr physical offerings are pork, ale, bread, stews, weapons, pyrite, and garnet.    

⚔️ Here’s a fun prayer to Tyr.

Beginners Guide To Being A Gay Part 3

The journey begins: So you survived high school hell, roughly around age 18 to 20. Now it’s time to actually learn how gay life work. Your going to college, or leaving home maybe. If not your probably ready to know what kinda gay life roams around your home town. This is where the opportunity to explore your sexuality. Figure out who you are, what you like and what you wanna do with that information moving forward.

Now here’s what I recommend while exploring, 18 to 25 should be your experimental years. You should figure out what you want by testing it out with different things (sexual and not. Yes now you can start being sexual!)

If your going to college this is a place you can be yourself and all of yourself you don’t have to hide anything you could just be your natural gay self from day one, no adult supervision. You get to be your own person. Nobody can tell you what to do anymore. (Of course be responsible with this power.) Now I believe you shouldn’t try getting into a relationship at least til 21 do to the fact you’re not sure what you like or who you like. 18-20 should be where you are sexually active with people and try to understand what it is your body likes and what makes you feel good. Sex isn’t a thing that is going to determine who your partner is in the future, but it will help you guide your partner to understand the things that make you tick. Experience everything you can sexually so you can better understand your body in the future.

If you’re not leaving home check out some local lgbt spots unless there aren’t any then we got apps for that nowadays so go forth and unleash hell.
Aside from the sexual aspect, maybe you wanna help out the lgbt community in some way. A great place to start would be googling lgbt friendly places and seeing if you can do anything to help people. With me I moved from my home town and now I live a few cities away and I am constantly volunteering at the local lgbt center in my free time. I’m constantly learning and growing within this community. It has also helped me coming to terms with also being bisexual as well as polyamours. Things like this will help you become and more confident over time.

  • Me: *draws fanart of Mettaton*
  • Random Person: *comes up to me out of nowhere* Did you draw that?
  • Me: *stops drawing and looks up at random person* .........Yyyyyyyyeeeeeeesssssss????
  • Random Person: How old are you?
  • Me: .......19?
  • Random Person: You're 19? Why do you draw like a 5 year old? I know a 5 year old who can draw better than that. Do yourself a favor and draw like you're 19. Your style shouldn't be so childish and amateurish. Well, that's all I had to say. Keep my advice in mind. *leaves*
  • Me: .............................. *rips the paper in millions of pieces* I want to die.

Last school year, I took Beginner ASL with my home-school partnership. This year, I’m taking Intermediate ASL with the same partnership, but a different teacher. I have almost the same group of classmates as last year. Only this year did I find out that one of these classmates almost beat someone up and used the words “Worst thing ever” when told that they would make a cute couple with someone of the same sex. Or that another one of my classmates doesn’t believe that bisexuality exists, because “Both genders on a regular basis” isn’t something that can actually happen. Or that half the class, including the teacher, thinks it’s okay to be insensitive to the problems of oppressed groups, as long as they don’t do it to the faces of people who belong to those groups. Only now do I realize that they think it’s okay to interrupt a teenage girl expressing concern for the safety of her minority family members to tell her that Trump’s wall is a harmless metaphor. Or that it’s alright to interrupt her again when she tries to express that just because it’s not a legal punishment to kill people for being gay in this country doesn’t mean homophobes don’t take matters into their own hands, to tell her not paint all republicans with the same brush. Right before they turn around and do the same to liberals, in the presence of a liberal, whom they expect not to get upset at this. They say she’s overreacting. That she needs to desensitize herself. They hide behind tables and yell at each other to stop talking when she’s actually giving the person who made that biphobic statement the benefit of the doubt by asking them to clarify, hoping she misunderstood them. They call the teacher from the beginner class “Loose” compared to the teacher for the intermediate class, because she spent the entire class time trying to make it fun by letting us watch videos in class of people signing along to Disney songs, as opposed to now, when we spend over half the class time talking about politics and spend the last twenty minutes frantically trying to make up for lost time. We learned a significant amount of American Sign Language in the beginner class, including please, thank you, and sorry. During review in the intermediate class, halfway through the year, I had to be told not to sign when asked what the signs for please and sorry were, after demonstrating thank you, only to learn that the entire class had watched me before doing it themselves. I’m told, by the teacher, that these intermediate students looked at her like deer in headlights when she told me not to sign please and sorry, because they had forgotten how to do it themselves, and didn’t care enough to try on their own.

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hi! im starting out in research about Odin (bc of some cool things that have happened that have shown that he has been calling me), but im not sure where to start. do you have any advice for a beginning norse practitioner? thank u!

Hey, little love!
I do, I would suggest to any beginner Norse practitioner to read the Poetic or Prose Edda. But it’s not necessarily an easy or fun read for everyone, the Norse Myths is a quick rundown of all of the stories but keep an eye for out bias. If you the time to read the Eddas variations I would definitely read them all, this is translated archaic poetry it’s best to read them all over time to find the original meaning.
Here is a list of heathen books and authors to avoid.
Here is some information of the Ásatrú and it’s pretty user-friendly but keep in mind when reading the Ásatrú site it won’t give you nearly as much on the  Vanatru or  Rökkatru.
A good start to any god is to try and communicate with them or setting up a small altar or offering, here is a post I made that has some beginner info on Odin.
Best of wishes! Let me know if you need anything else. 💜


I realised that A.C.E are terribly underappreciated and decided to fix it.Please go and support them, they really deserve it.



Come on now.  John Silver has only very recently learned to care about other human people, much less grand over-arching principles and ideals. Madi.  Flint.  Billy, for a while. A few other very select pirates who happen to crew on the Walrus with him or that he may know personally.  He’s barely just become a real boy and gotten a vague idea that the greater human condition even exists.  It’s been less than a year since he was an “I got mine, fuck all y’all” absolutist!  Making hard choices and sacrifices?  Actually choosing one irreplaceable thing over another? Giving up an entire chest of money to someone he hates, for any reason whatsoever, much less to save someone whose name does not rhyme with “Bon Bilver?” This is real progress for him! 

Spellbound’s Blog Survey

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In the interest of doing some research on what my followers would like to see from my blog, I’ve created a survey!

So, if you want to help shape the content that I create, or help me in deciding which potential things I should be doing in the future, click here!

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Warning: contains corny jokes and sarcastic answer options, but please try to answer truthfully to the best of your abilities anyway! :P

حكمة الاسبوع

Wisdom of the Week

اليوم الاحد، السادس والعشرون من مارس لسنة ٢٠١٧

Today is Sunday, the twenty-sixth of March, 2017.

أنا محب للحقيقة، وعابد للحرية، وكاهن في معبد اللغة، والنقاء، والتسامح.
ستيفن فراي

“I am a lover of truth, a worshiper of freedom, a celebrant at the altar of language and purity and tolerance.”
―Stephen Fry

Beginner Witchcraft - UPDATE

A common post request.

How to begin:

  • Begin by reading everything you possibly can about witchcraft, plants, other religions, etc.
  • Take notes on everything you can.
  • Be creative and use your imagination, look for symbols in your day-to-day lives.  
  • Re-read your notes and important information,
  • Do your research.
  • Make sure you research all paths and philosophies.
  • Start a consistent meditation and visualization regime.
  • Find a path you love.
  • Learn about yourself and your path and beliefs.
  • Work with your energy and practice harnessing it.
  • Start practicing your spells after enough research.
  • Write your own spells and start a grimoire.
  • Continue reading and learning.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Topics to research:    

  • Herbalism
  • Different witchcraft paths
  • Witchcraft history and its origins.
  • Different deities in different cultures
  • Folklore, superstitions,  and wives tales
  • Mythology from different cultures
  • The elements Air, Earth, Water, Fire
  • Basic tools and supplies for the craft
  • Sabbats and esabats
  • Witchcraft misconceptions
  • Nature cycles and lunar phases
  • Divination
  • Alchemy
  • Chakras
  • Auras
  • Working with spirits and angels
  • Tarot
  • Crystals
  • Runes                                                                                                       Magickal theory
  • Spells
  • Curses - the dangers and how to cast them properly
  • Sigils
  • Familiars
  • Incense
  • Ways to stay safe when practising
  • Types of Witches
  • Cheap witchcraft supplies
  • Dangers of witchcraft
  • Solitary v.s Coven witchcraft
  • Ritual structure
  • How to set up an altar
  • Study Nature
  • Negative energy and how to rid of it.
  • Candle magick
  • Astrology
  • Psychic Practises
  • Faeries
  • Protection against harm

Things to practice:

  • Grounding and centering
  • Meditation
  • Casting and closing a circle
  • Raising, releasing, and visualizing energy.
  • Record any magick practices, visions, or dreams you receive.   
  • Spend as much time as possible in nature.        
  • Listen and observe.               
  • Practice invoking Gods, Goddesses, and elements.  
  • Cleansing
  • Charging
  • Warding
  • Keep your grimoire up-to-date
  • Find a mentor - Someone to help you find your path
  • Practise staying concentrated
  • Intent


  • All paths are good paths, do not insult anyone’s path.
  • You do not need any fancy equipment to practise
  • You don’t need to practise everyday
  • Follow your path don’t  let others tell you what to do or force their beliefs on you.
  • Believe in yourself!
  • Take care of yourself
  • Be respectful of others paths and beliefs
  • Never stop learning
  • Ask questions
  • Make lots of friends in the community
  • Stay safe
  • Make sure you do not steal from closed religions!
  • Have fun!

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

Items to include in your Book of Shadows

Everyone’s book will be different because all Witches are different. This list is a bunch of examples I have come across over the years of things you could include in your BOS if you so desired. Nothing on this list is mandatory, nothing here is required. If you don’t know what something is, please feel free to ask! If you don’t think that something on the list is for you, awesome, don’t include it in yours. 

  • -Personal wishes (I have sort of a magical last will and testament in mine)
  • -Index
  • -Book Blessings
  • -Magical Rules
  • -Quotes
  • -Magical Alphabets
  • -Deities/Pantheons
  • -Candle Magic
  • -Chakras
  • -Crystals
  • -Color Magic
  • -Ethics
  • -Earth Magic
  • -Herbology
  • -Ghosts/Talking with the Dead
  • -Myths/Legends/Stories
  • -Herbal Magic
  • -Correspondence Tables
  • -Magical Definitions
  • -Moon Magic
  • -Psychic Protection
  • -Spell Writing
  • -Spells (Those you have done and those yet to do)
  • -Symbols/Sigils and their meanings
  • -Tarot
  • -Wiccan Law and Rede
  • -Runes
  • -Statement of Beliefs
  • -Charge of the God and Goddess
  • -The Witches Rune
  • -Sabbats (History, meanings, suggested activities, chants, songs, rituals etc)
  • -Laws of Coven/Tradition (if you are in/follow one)
  • -Magical Recipes (Kitchen Witches)
  • -Altar Setups
  • -List of your favorite Wicca/pagan etc websites
  • -How to Cast a Circle
  • -How to Consecrate items
  • -How to Ground and Center
  • -Auras
  • -Monthly Moon Names
  • -Cord/knot Magic
  • -Terminology
  • -Tools of the Craft
  • -Invocations/Evocations
  • -Animal Magic
  • -Meditations
  • -Celebrations/Coming of Age Rites
  • -Witches Pyramid
  • -Other Sacred Texts
  • -Prayers/Blessings/Chants
Reading A Candle

Watch your candles closely and learn to read them to help you with your practice.

The Flame

A strong flame: It means that your energies are raised. There is a lot of power behind your spell and little to no resistance. Indicates that all your power and energy is focused on your manifestation. This is a good sign. If a candle shaped into a figure is used and has a strong flame it means that whoever it represents is either angry, winning, or using authority over another. When their are two figures the candle with the higher flame has authority over the other person.   

A weak flame: Indicates that the magick you cast is facing a heavy opposition and is a sign that you may need to recast your spell in order to overcome the opposing force. On a figure candle this may indicate that the representative may be loosing a battle or an argument. 

A jumping flame: This indicates strong emotions. There may also be some sort of resistance against you. Maybe close your circle and bring your mind back to focus before continuing. It may also mean an explosion of energy. When two figure candles are being used it often means that an energetic or a heated argument is taking place between them.  

A noisy candle: Indicates a conversation. It may may that a spirit is trying to send you a message or get in contact with you. The louder the noises get the more urgent communication must be. 

The flame catches something on fire: Someone one may be using malicious magick against you.  

A clean even burning candle: Means your spell and manifestations are likely to come true.

Fast Burn: The results of your spell will happen quickly.

Flickering Flame: If there is no breeze then it means a spirit is near by. If it is a devotional flame it means you were able to get in contact with your deity.

Cannot blow the flame out: A spirit may not be finished its conversation with you or you did not complete a spell. The spirit needs to complete its work, something may be may in the works that you do not want to interrupt. 

A flame goes out while burning: This means the spirits cannot help you and the answer you seek is already determined.  

The Smoke

Black smoke/soot: Your energy and magick is being blocked. Negative energy is being sent your way, whether as a curse or hex. You may soon be faced with tough challenges and a hard road ahead of you. 

Smoke wafts towards you: It means your call will likely be answered or your spell has been cast successfully. You will get results quickly.

Smoke wafts away from you: You must work harder in order for your calls to be answered.

Watch the direction the smoke wafts: East - Something powerful is assisting you, North - You are ready to begin your ritual and get results, South - The spell will be successful, West - A powerful interference from an outside force.

Smoking Candle: Negative energy is being burned away.

The Wax

When a candle leaves wax residue: Your spell may need to be repeated.

Look for symbols in the candle wax, like reading tea leaves.

Resources: askanthony.weebly.com, anamericanwitch.wordpress.com,   

May the Moon light you path!

☾ Moonlight Academy ☽ 

Spell to Strengthen a Romantic Relationship


  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon
  • Chili Pepper
  • Fire-safe jar or cup
  • Red Taper Candle
  • Lighter
  • Representation of your lover


  • Mix the herbs together (in the glass) with your finger in a clockwise motion. Visualize their powers of love and strength.
  • Light the red candle.
  • Chant:

“Our love is ever strong

By distance short or long

We made homes in each other’s hearts

Souls tied together from the start” x

  • Burn the symbol of your lover (over the glass) and visualize all the good times you have together: the kisses, the sex, the laughter, etc.
  • Add the ashes and herbs to the sachet, and place it near your bed, or wherever you interact most with your lover.
  • Thank any spirits or Gods that may have helped you in the spell.
  • Let the candle burn down. When it is finished, the spell is activated.