Ichigo. Rukia. Destiny.

I always believed Ichigo will end up with Rukia. I’ve spent last week on mourning the end of Bleach, I strongly refused to accept the ending. I’m still so unbelievably angry and irritated and don’t actually care if I’m being salty, this ship is something I believed for at least 13 years and I’m going to do the same now. Ichiruki is the core of Bleach. This manga is ABOUT Ichigo, Rukia and Destiny, that’s the story. 

I would like to thank the IchiRuki fandom for being here, with my broken heart and mind, this is the best, kick-ass fandom I was ever in! Let’s stay strong, because the truth is on our side, and IchiRuki is and will be the strongest ship in Bleach.

Also, Kubo needs to provide me a HUGE compensation for my mental, intellectual and other damages, caused by this FUCKED up ending.


This video is absolutely beautiful and should have way more views than it does!

Watch Counting S02E01 Courtship Begins







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Lawlu war AU where Luffy lives with his grandfather in an occupied town and Law is an officer from the opposing camp who occupies a room in their house. 

They can’t talk to each other because of their respective statuses but Luffy is super curious and he can’t hold his tongue for too long even after his grandfather warned him. He doesn’t give a damn about it all tbh. Law doesn’t mind (let’s say he feels a bit lonely out there) and he’s not actually a “bad guy”. Luffy dreams of adventure and Law’s war stories are absolutely fascinating. 

Law can only think about the fact that if Luffy was old enough, they could have met on the battlefront. They’re ennemies and he can’t forget that. He stops talking to Luffy altogether. Angst ensues.