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My bedroom is disastrous. Like really disastrous. There's just many YEARS worth of trash and stuff and clothes and just junk. I talk about "the bedroom" to friends like it's a sentient being. It's incredibly hard to even start. How can I undo this?

With some patience and persistence, mostly. Try to pace yourself as best you can–you’re probably going to want to tackle it all at once, but with years’ worth of mess to undo, that might not be possible. So take breaks, take your time, and don’t get discouraged if it’s not going as fast as you want.

Start with the trash. Get as much trash out as you can before you start doing anything else. Dishes, too. In general, work in a way that’s logical to you, whether that’s one small section at a time, or by category (all clothes, all books, etc.), or “everything that’s blue, then everything that’s white,” or anything else. Do what you can to ensure you only have to deal with each item once: encounter it, decide its fate, and put it in whatever its permanent spot will be.

Be patient, do something every day, and take breaks when it gets frustrating. You can do this.

6. Spend more time with Carol.

Since “The Same Boat,” Carol has wrestled with the implications of those very compromises, to the point that she fled Alexandria altogether. After her subsequent brushes with danger in “East” and “Last Day on Earth,” the latter of which introduces members of the Kingdom for the first time, Carol seems likely to go through another spate of self-examination. The series could derive a lot of in-depth character work from this process. At root, Carol’s despair stems from her sense that goodness, as she understands it, has been leached from the world. Proof that there are pockets of it left, including inside her own soul, might well change the equation.

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misconception: lance is just there for comic relief // -prepares for enough salt to preserve me for decades-

Misconceptions || @matthxlt​ || Accepting

   I’m not sure I can explain exactly how much I am against this trope, this trope that has been rearing it’s ugly head since this fandom had first erupted Late June/Early July. This trope of ‘Lance only exists in Voltron for comic relief purposes’.There is so much more to Lance’s character than memes, jokes, flirting and the like

   Now, before I start, I want you to understand that I’m not against Lance making jokes, or Lance being flirty. Because you can bet your bottom dollar that he makes jokes all the time. He tries to cheer up his teammates, because the situation they’re in, is crazy intense all the time. It’s a 10,000+ year old war, so it’s absolutely insane. 

   What I am against is when people claim that that’s all Lance is. That he’s just the jokester, that there is literally no other reason for his existence other than to give the show a lighter feel.

  Now, Let’s get down to business:

   In Episode 4, The Fall of the Castle of Lions, we get to see a new, beautiful side to Lance. We get to, for the first time since the show began, get to see his pain. Get to see how this whole ‘Paladin thing’ is affecting him emotionally.
    When Hunk makes mention that they may never get back to Earth, with valid evidence that Zarkon has been taking over the universe for 10,000 years, how long is it going to take 4 inexperienced pilots and a traumatized prisoner to take him down? It really strikes a nerve with Lance. Strikes him so hard, that Lance has to excuse himself so that he doesn’t cause a scene at the celebration they’re having.

    Lance being homesick is a major part of his character, because his family is a big part of his life. As we see in episode 2, Some Assembly Required, Lance is constantly thinking about his family. Thinking about what they’re doing, if they’re worried about him, if they even know that he’s ‘missing’.

   Lance misses his family, he misses Earth, and regrettably, he misses the Garrison. Because at least at the Garrison, they had proper food and he had the ability to call home at night if he wanted to talk to his parents, or wish a sibling ‘Happy Birthday’. There were liberties he could take at the Garrison that he can’t take in Space.

   Being separated from his family is hurting Lance, it hurts Lance to know that he is missing out on who know’s how much. And the worst part is, he doesn’t even know what he’s missing out on. It could be anything. A milestone birthday. A wedding. Graduation. A baby is born. A funeral. So many things happen during someone’s lifetime, that he doesn’t even know what he’s missing out on.

   Lance is loyal to his team and the rules that he’s been taught at the Garrison, ”Shiro, you’re the senior officer here. What should we do?”. He stands by his team no matter what. No matter how much he wants to be home, wants things to be like they were, he knows that what they’re doing is so much more important.

   He’s smart, as proven by the events of episode 7, Return of the Balmera, where Lance and Keith are tasked with stopping the fleet of Galran Sentries from taking off. Keith is ready to just barge in, guns blazing, and Lance is the one that holds Keith back and makes him think for a minute. And, instead, comes up with a better plan of attack.

   He’s brave. When he saves Coran from the bombing, when he uses himself as a pawn so that Keith can take down the Galrans on the Balmera. Lance will willingly jump in front of danger to save those he cares about, no matter what the repercussions would be for him, as long as the other person, as long as his team was save.

   Lance is so many other things as well as funny, and flirty. Those thing can be apart of someone’s personality, they can even be the main factor, their main emotions, like with Lance. But there’s more to their personality, more to their emotions, more to them as a whole. No one person is 2D. Everyone has a life and experiences and things that sculpt them into the person they turn out to be.

   There’s a lot more to Lance than the fandom would like to believe.

“Check their teeth! No, wait, x-ray their bones! No, wait, check their DNA! No, wait, suspend their human rights! Oh to hell with it, just burn them! BURN THEM!”

Imagine #66

Imagine you and Draco are on a little getaway from the busy lives you have and you decide to go to a funfair

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Hello everybody ! 

It’s been a while since this blog is run on queue only so I decided today I might do something a little different !

Today you can request fanarts from any character from any movie / show you want . 

You just have to send me an ask with the name of the character and the name of the show / movie / book they’re in and I’ll post fanarts of them !

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unlocked Fashion Career

So I got frustrated because Lana got a raise but not a promotion and I’ve been working hard to get her to max the Retail Employee job…

So I checked Carl’s guide for some helpful tips because she has 3 days off now and I’m like ‘WTF do I have to do to get this girl promoted?’

Anyway, turns out that Customer Support is the highest retail employee level - so duh, yeah, I actually unlocked the Fashion Career a few days ago :/

Family Funds = $242,860

My final postcard count is 10 out of 14, with one in the post. I’ll finish this when I come back to this family.