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The Light At Her Side

Series: Shuumatsu no Izetta

Words: 3,145

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

A/N: I’d just wanted to write a quick Finetta fic this week. It kind of relates to the previous two, but in those Fine and Izetta weren’t officially romantically involved (though I heavily implied it haha). But in this one, there’s no mistake about it.

Previously: || The Things She Gives You || Come What May ||


The Light At Her Side

When you open your eyes, you’re met with the sight of a warm, peaceful light, leaking in through the royal curtains. Your sense of touch is blessed by the finest softness, a mattress, pillow, and blanket all fit for a queen.

Or in this case, a princess.

As you roll over onto your back and gaze up at the ceiling, you can hear her breathing quietly beside you. It makes your heart flutter and jump for joy just as it did the very first time, even though you’ve been sleeping next to her for close to a week now.

You still can’t believe the servants and other members of the household allowed it, and are still allowing it.

But then again, when faced with a direct request straight from their princess’ smiling lips, not even the most intimidating, distrusting of her overseers could stand firm.

You still can’t fathom the fact that it’s happening, that you’ve finally gotten to love your princess as you’ve always dreamed of loving her.

And even less fathomable is the fact that she loves you back the very same way.

You of all people, of all things.

A witch.

And still, she’s chosen you, just as she did so many years ago at the chance of your meeting.

It’s certainly the first time something like this has ever happened. After all, there hadn’t ever been that many witches around to cause a scene, let alone fall in love with princesses. And nowadays, you’re the only one left with the privilege to do so.

So why not accept that privilege?

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seriously i have to decide.

  • i could be kim possible
  • a fruit of some kind. or candy corn. or i guess food in general
  • the super-easy default hogwarts student
  • i’d love to be arya i just need to get dirty clothes or learn how to do her braavosi braids
  • anything honestly just give me suggestions pls
  • like seriously anything send in your favorite characters

“This nothing but filthy slander.” growled a clearly shocked Nipsy Ashton today, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment. “Me good boy. Me best boy in whole world. Me been told. You have cheese? Me smell cheese! Me want cheese!”

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more representation for gay boys. i’m not talkin like…the occasional set of gay parents, i’m talking gay boys who are main characters. gay boys who have entire children’s books based on their love. entire stories set around gay boys. trans gay boys. poly gay boys. fuckin…cliche-ass stories about gay boys loving one another, from “oops we got into the same dorm room together” to “i tripped and he caught me…looks like i’m gayer than i thought”. just…more important gay boys in media.