To whom this may concern,

Hello! My name is Jalen Christian Wright born and raised in Seattle, WA to Darren and Patricia Wright. I am writing you today under a very special circumstance that is very important to my family, upon completing high school, I am excited to say that I will be headed off to Morehouse College down in Atlanta, Georgia. As of now my family is beginning to become worried about being able to pay for my college years at Morehouse due to their cost of attendance being $47,952, in which they expect us to pay $42,952 annually. Due to this, my family’s dream of me being the first to go to and graduate from college is now hanging in the balance. My education has become very important to me over recent years because I now know that only through education will I be able to achieve my goal of becoming a civil engineer. Let me tell you a little bit about my story that has led me to this point in my life.

Hey guys!

This is a kid from my school named Jalen, and he is genuinely the nicest person i have ever encountered. He’s gotten into college, and is dreaming of being the first of his family to graduate, but because of this capitalist hell we live him, he’s literally this close to not being able to go. Please help him achieve his dream, he’s one of the few people i know who deserves it!

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I don’t mesh and am an old dog (not into learning new tricks) so I am wondering if it is possible to make this rider mower for Sims 3? (I included a John Deere for reference)

A decor object would be fine (hopefully one of them there smarter simmers could make poses). I would really love to have this. *looks pleadingly into the camera*

photo from Blisner, IL by Daniel Shea.

I think the conversation about how the photograph as a contemporary document is a foundation for young photographers. Daniel Shea’s book Blisner, IL challenges many prevalent but out-dated perceptions of truth in photographic documentation. He plays with expectation and visual cues to thread together the story post-industrial America. Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa dives deep into Blisner far better than I could in his review/discussion of Shea’s book from last year on The Great Leap Sideways

Oranbeg Takeover - Colin Todd

Connor, could you please read this?

Dear connorfranta

Okay, so I am using your book for an English project and part of it is trying to get in contact with the author of the book. So, this is me trying to get in contact to do an interview/q&a with you for my project. I have been thoroughly enjoying your book and I would die if this actually worked. I just really want to do well on this project because I get to do it on something/ about someone who I am quite passionate about. you’ve inspired me Connor, in ways that I cannot describe. So, if you could message me or something, I would be eternally grateful.

I am not going to give up on this, but I do not want to get too excited because I do not want to be disappointed if it doesn’t happen (which is likely). But, the fact is, it could happen. So i’m keeping my hopes and praying this works. So connorfranta , if you see this, consider it? please? It would mean EVERYTHING to me (and it would be so cool). 

(my twitter is itannaml)

also, followers, this is really important to me and would help my grade significantly. So please, reblog this? tag him? please? It would mean absolutely everything if this could actually happen.

uhm hello i feel kinda shit because my mum made a hurtful comment about binding earlier and now im struggling to figure out if i am experiencing dysphoria  and i just got an email that my bank account is empty and im kind of freaking out and afraid and wanting to cry its 4 am everybody is asleep please some people be nice to me and distract me everything is kind of overwhelming me

I need Caryl FF writers help!

Well…more of a challenge! I was listening to my music on the way home from Wallymart and the song “Son of a Preacher Man” by Dusty Springfield came on. It was like BAM! This needs to happen as a Caryl story!!

It could be sweet, or fluffy or smutty…idc. I’d just looooove for it to be done! Is anyone up to the challenge?!?!?

I’m literally begging…on my knees (and it’s quite pathetic)