yo, my name is Tony. i’m a pansexual trans man with bipolar II, social anxiety disorder, and adhd. for various reasons – being with two of my partners, getting away from a stifling family life and an abusive mother to name a few – i’m going to be moving to utah come november. i’m working on applying to jobs there, but in the meantime i have student loan bills i already have to pay and a $20 application fee to send in to the apartment miles and i plan on renting with a friend.

so, emergency commissions! i’m offering sketches for $5, lineart for $10, flat colors for $15, and shaded colors with an abstract background for $20. you can look at my art tag here if you’d like to see more examples of my work.

contact me at my tumblr ( bipolarstarscream ) for more info.

alternatively, you can click the “buy me a coffee” link on the sidebar of my blog if you’d just like to donate a couple of dollars, or donate to my paypal ( rabnak1@yahoo.com ) if you’d like to send money but not buy a commission, for whatever reason.

please spread this even if you can’t afford or don’t want a commission so that people who can might see it.

Quick question before my bedtime, lol. I have two WIPs, rn. A Deeks is stunned by Kensi’s beauty in her undercover outfit thing, and a Sam and Callen walk in on snuggly Densi while Kensi is in Deeks’ shirt thing. 

Which one should I actually finish? Someone motivate me.

Every kpop group I’ve ever started liking (even a teensy tiny bit) ends up having problems



After School

GP Basic



EVOL (Kidoh, Candle, Yano Shioh. hahaha get it? get it anybody? No?…I’ll show myself out)


Dalmatian/DMTN (This one HURT!!! I’ll keep it real. and I don’t even get attached to musicians, but SOOOO much talent went down the drain on this one.)

Exceptions are: B1A4**, Sistar, BigBang*, Teen Top**, and Brown Eyed Girls.

* who I liked A LOT for a few months and then some of the started members annoying the SHIT out of me for 3 years, (plus the crazy fans who act like it’s not enough to just like the group without being absolutely insane didn’t help the annoyance factor but that’s true of virtually every kpop group and that’s part of the reason this list of kpop groups I’ve liked is so small but that’s another story so I digress) so I avoided everything related to the group during that time but I’m just starting to appreciate them again

**Me mentioning them probably just sealed their fate of something going wrong now that I think about it.


Fujisaku-sensei why.




EIJUN IS HIS LUKE. (Hi fellow Professor Layton fans!)

Is he trying to make Zaizen some annoying neighbour??

OF COURSE Miyuki is the villian OF COURSE.