more representation for gay boys. i’m not talkin like…the occasional set of gay parents, i’m talking gay boys who are main characters. gay boys who have entire children’s books based on their love. entire stories set around gay boys. trans gay boys. poly gay boys. fuckin…cliche-ass stories about gay boys loving one another, from “oops we got into the same dorm room together” to “i tripped and he caught me…looks like i’m gayer than i thought”. just…more important gay boys in media.

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sorry I forgot to specify for my post about FREE boys + piercings hc ^^; I meant it for Haru, Rin, Rei, Sousuke, and Rin! arigatou!

No worries, I got your follow-up now, but you wrote Rin twice! (*^▽^*) Before I get to it, I’d like to tell you that if you decide to get a piercing, please do NOT go swimming until it’s 120% healed! But here we go, piercings headcanons for Haru, Rei, Sōsuke, and two Rin (there is never enough Rins, the more the angstier merrier)! (warning that I’m reaaaally biased on piercings, I’m going for my 14th and 15th next month…)

Matsuoka Rin

  • when it comes to piercings, Rin would be the #1 man if it wasn’t for NO SWIMMING when healing
  • he sure picked up a lot of things in Australia and he is not a stranger to the concept of having some
  • so if it wasn’t for swimming, you can count on quite a count
  • snake bite is the thing
  • maybe nose bridge, I can see that
  • ears. so. many. earrings.
  • collarbones probably, also at the base of his neck
  • maybe even some microdermals on the fingers of his non-dominant hand
  • he just really would be the one all for it if it weren’t for swimming

Nanase Haruka

  • he wouldn’t care for any really
  • they would be a bother when swimming, and taking them on and off to get in/out of the pool would be a bother as well
  • maybe he would get a tongue piercing, but most likely only upon nagging a suggestion from someone important to him
  • he would find it annoying since during the healing process there’s plenty of things you can’t do and have to watch out for, especially when it’s that area (food, man… food… healing that part is a pain)
  • so he might just end up taking it out earlier than that
  • aaaand there it went, to be never seen again

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You sitting in front of the T.V in the living room on the couch eating your brownies and with a cup of orange juice as Luke sets up the beers and the food in the other room since all of his friends are coming over but you wanted to be with Luke today so you were in a stubborn mood and they would come over and it would be loud and they'd all be laughing and having fun. You're all by yourself in the other room wanting luke and you're like :-( and you would drop all of your food in the kitchen not+

even bothering to say hi to his friends since you are annoyed with all of them. Luke would see you and automatically know you are a lil jealous and softly smile & put down his beer on the table walking to the kitchen and sees you on the counter, swinging your legs like a child & scrolling through your phone and he’d come up to you but you still wouldn’t budge till he gently nudges his nose against yours whispering as he looks into your eyes ‘what’s wrong bubs? hmmm?’ and you’d huff in annoyance and tell him why you are upset and he’d laugh a bit but telling you to meet him in the bathroom in 5 mintues if you want a special gift.

oh this is so me, i don’t like sharing and i don’t like his friends so yep that’d be me!!!!! 

Beg Me | Paityn and Abel | 08.24

It had been so long since Paityn had been able to play with a boy, especially someone like Abel who seemed so willing to enjoy the things she enjoyed. She already had the ropes on her bed to bind him if she desired, and had a couple of toys at the ready if needed. She through on her black and blue lacy bra and panty set, deciding not to bother with anything else that was just going to come off.


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Which program(s) do you use for your animation?

i think i answered this a while back in more detail, but i don’t use any actual animation software/ programs. i draw up all the frames in firealpaca, save them as .pngs then i either put them into gifmaker.me or windows moviemaker (gifmaker if i’m uploading it here and moviemaker if it’s longer and more of a self project!) i don’t recommend either of those for professional looking animations though, i just use them because they’re free and simple eheheh…


okay………. come watch dea/th not/e with me if u wanna……. feel free to come & go as u like fam…….. i’m the only one being held hostage wEEPS…..

i’m gonna marathon this whole thing for like today & tomorrow or however long it takes just. desprayer circle 4 me

thanks based turtle

stream’s ooc. i already watched ep1 but i’m gonna start there anyways so pistol fingers frOM THE TOP, FOLKS…… hopefully i’ll see u in hell (ironically)

fun fact from monokuma feat. the link to the stream: santa claus isn’t real lol ur dreams are shattered #harsh

i’ll start in a lil bit


I normally would never do this but–. Well i’m in a tight spot in terms of money right now. Work hasn’t paid me yet, and I’m not getting enough shifts. Idk how these posts work, and I REALLY don’t like making begging posts or w/e. 

   But I’d really appreciate it if any one out there could literally just spot me w/ 20 dollars until I get paid. I’ll do a commission or something as payment if needed. 

I just need literally 20 for food and stuff for the week. I’m not pleased with how work is treating me either, so i AM job hunting. In no way would i depend on others to support me, but this is the one time i just sorta need it rn.

Thanks for reading, and Have a nice day.