Sherlock as a show started missing something the second Moriarty died. Let’s be honest.

*Moriarty turns up dancing to Freddie Mercury and makes one of the best entrances in TV history ever*

*Me * “This is superb. This is amazing.” 

*’5 years ago’ subtitle flashblack appears*

*Me* “Oh, right. And now I’m sad because I understand what this show is missing now. And why it can’t ever truly be the same.”

Brilliant and depressing at the same time.

If Bucky had to be honest, looking back, the 1970s were probably his favorite time in American history. Not that he remembered all that many details outside of his missions. But somethin’ about the wide legged pants, sharply pointed collars, and all those Donna Summers songs, made him as close to happy as he’d been since The Fall, even if he only had a few days of it before HYDRA put him back into deep freeze. Not many people got to see the contents of the backpack SHIELD took off him in Romania, but if they had, they’d probably have been surprised by the BeeGee’s greatest hits compilation tucked deep down at the bottom. He figured he was allowed a coupla private jokes, and Stayin’ Alive was one of ‘em.

Although… he’d be the first to admit, polyester was a fuckin’ crime against humanity and he would know, right?

Did you know?

It is advised when doing CPR on a human or animal to sing either “Staying Alive by The Bee Gees” or “Another One Bites The Dust by Queen” to maintain good rhythm. These songs were specifically chosen as they have 100 beats per minute which matches the recommended CPR rate of 100 chest compressions per minute. But please take a moment to appreciate the irony of this song choice…….


I went to the art institute a few days ago and I thought this would be lovely. Enjoy :)


You stared at Monet’s Water Lilies in awe. The colors and brush strokes molded together, forming something inexplicable. It was breathtaking.

People came and went, until you and another stranger were the only two staring at Monet’s work. The two of you stood in silence until the man’s phone started ringing, sending Beegee’s Stayin Alive blaring throughout the otherwise quiet room.

He answered the phone in a hushed tone, clearly annoyed that someone had called him.

“I’m busy.” He mumbled. “Don’t interrupt me again.”

He hung up and tucked the phone back into his pocket, staring at Water Lilies.

“Sorry about that.” He apologized.

“Don’t be.” You smiled, not taking your eyes off of the painting. “I love Beegees.”

“You do?” You heard the surprise in his voice and watched as he turned to face you out of the corner of you eye.

You hummed in response.

“I’m Jim.” The man told you. “Jim Moriarty.”

You turned to face Jim. “Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Can I take you to lunch?” Jim asked you with a small smile. “To make up for my phone.”

“I’d like that.” You told him, giving him a small smile.

tru beatle dork questions

I made this this morning because I feel like all the Beatles ask memes have the same questions. Fine to reblog! Also you can add questions!!!

  1. Which Beatle do you think would be your best friend? … why?
  2. Which Beatle do you think would want to date you? … why?
  3.  What year of The Beatles did George look most attractive?
  4. What year of The Beatles did Ringo look most attractive?
  5. What year of The Beatles did John look most attractive?
  6. What year of The Beatles did Paul look most attractive?
  7. Favorite album + favorite section or song from it (i.e. The White Album from Sexy Sadie to Cry Baby Cry)
  8. Do you have good play on words for anything Beatles, like the classic, John Lemon?
  9. Is there any Beatles meme that you like?
  10. Out of all of their solo career’s which Beatle’s solo stuff do you like the most?
  11. Have you seen all of Beatles movies? (I am not counting the BeeGees thing because, cmon man!
  12. How would you wish to meet John? (I’m letting you use time-travel on these ones)
  13. How would you wish to meet Paul?
  14. How would you wish to meet George?
  15. How would you wish to meet Ringo?
  16. Smut fics? (yes or no)
  17. starrison, lennison, mmcharrison, or mclennon? (+ any other ships I couldn’t figure what the names would be)
  18. Last time your cried about anything relating to the Beatles?
  19. Do your parents/guardians buy a shit load of Beatles stuff?
  20. If the Beatles were teenagers right now and had to fit a teen stereotype what would it be?
  21. Is there anything about the Beatle’s history that you do no know much about and would like to?