Bechloe... because I was bored

Beca paced frantically, her hands running through her hair in obvious frustration. “Look Chlo, I’m sorry, okay?! Is that what you wanna hear?”

The redhead scoffed as she watched her girlfriend’s movements. She was being ridiculous.

“It’s not just about saying sorry, Beca!” Chloe burst out, surprising the brunette. “It’s about understanding why you’re saying it!”

Chloe’s eyes were wide, her hair slightly frazzled, as she waved her hands in such a manner as to emphasise her point. If her anger weren’t directed at her, the brunette would find it adorable.

The DJ stopped her pacing and moved to stand in front of her girlfriend, her hands resting on the ginger’s shoulders as if to reassure her.

“I do understand! Look babe, I’m sorry I flirted with the German DSM woman, but I didn’t know I was doing it.”

Beca was being serious. As far as she knew, she had never flirted with anyone in her life, well… except for Chloe, but even then, Chloe always mentioned how cute she was when she tried.

Chloe scoffed once again, “Pfft!”, her arms crossing defensively across her chest as if trying to protect herself.

“You can’t even awkwardly flirt like that with me, and then you go acting like a ‘12-year-old-boy-around-a-beautiful-girl’ in front of her. How do you think that makes me feel?!” Her voice had gradually gotten louder, catching the attention of the Bellas, who were standing close by.

Ah. So that’s what this is about. Chloe is jealous. Beca was smart enough not to comment on that.

She could see the hurt in Chloe’s eyes, the slight shimmer that accompanied it left a pain in her chest. She hated seeing Chloe cry. She hated being the reason why she cried; it didn’t happen often, but Beca knew she messed up every time she was the reason.

Chloe’s foot was tapping impatiently on the floor as if waiting for something…. oh. She was waiting for an answer.

Just as Beca opened her mouth to fill the silence, Chloe interrupted her.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. You have no answer to that. Maybe we should-”

Beca startled as she realised that nothing good ever followed those last words. So god help her, she intervened.

“You know why I don’t act like that with you?” She asked, looking directly into Chloe’s eyes. Before the redhead could answer, she continued. “Because you make me comfortable. You don’t make me nervous and you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. That says something.”

Chloe’s eyes softened. “Yeah?” She asked, hope evident in her voice.

Knowing it was safe to do so, Beca smiled at her; a small enough smile to show she was still being serious; growing bigger when she saw Chloe return it.

“Yeah.” The brunette leaned forward so that her forehead was resting on Chloe’s. “Besides, she can see my tattoos and she’s heard all my other comebacks. She’s probably concluded that I’m a badass and a smartass. I can’t help that she feels that way about me.”

Beca smiled a cocky grin, causing Chloe to lean away from Beca; her smile being replaced by a frown.

Cynthia Rose whistled in anticipation of what was about to happen. “She gon'be a deadass if she continues… mmhmmm.”

She was watching them closely as if she were watching the Bachelor on TV; with a look that said ‘hurry up and get to the damned point before I lose interest’.

Fat Amy laughed loudly. “Yeah! At least I’ll get a single room.” She chuckled, imagining all the space that would be hers. “Keep talking Beca!” She yelled encouragingly.

The Bellas all turn to stare at her, judgmental.

Stacie, ever the positive Bella, added. “Beca’s not that dumb, she knows when to stop talking. Besides I doubt Chloe will kill her. The sex is too good for that…” She trailed off when she saw the judgmental looks now aimed at her.

“What? Don’t look at me like that. We can all hear them… all the time. It’s hot.” She tried to reason.

Fat Amy opened her mouth to add something, but Stacie cut her off. “Don’t help.”

Beca and Chloe appeared not to have her the commotion with the other girls.

The brunette gently coaxed Chloe into her arms, and softly said, “She may make me feel hella nervous, but you make me feel hella safe and loved. I’m your badass and smartass, Chlo-bear.”

The redhead melted at Beca’s words. “Oh Beca, I-”

Not understanding the significance of the moment, Fat Amy interrupted them.

“Actually that’s not entirely true, Shawshank.”

Beca and Chloe turned towards her, annoyed with the Australian for ruining their moment.

“Your ‘smartass’ comments aimed at the German Aca-Hottie made you look Aca-Awkward.” The Bellas nodded in agreement. “In addition, we haven’t seen you as a badass since before your heartfelt confession to Chloe after she saw you kissing 'puppy boy’ at Nationals and left the stage, crying.”

Beca looked perplexed. “We went somewhere private! How the hell did you-”

Fat Amy looked away guiltily. “That’s not important.”

“It was Lily, wasn’t it?”

The girl in question barely batted an eyelid.

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