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It’s just Beca…

Chloe repeated Stacie’s words in her head a few times before realising that they were actually just making her anxiety level skyrocket.  She glanced at her phone, five more minutes.  Ugh, the time was dragging.  Chloe decided to ass the last few minutes by going downstairs and making sure Emily at a full meal, since she was going to be left with Stacie, Fat Amy and CR for the evening.  Because, let’s face it, all three of those girls were more likely to encourage the freshman to binge drink on an empty stomach, than help her cook a decent meal. Chloe pulled the door open, yelling in fright when she saw Beca with her hand lifted to knock.  She watched Beca drop her hand and take a step back, “Sorry, I was just going to make sure the girls feed Emily properly…”

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brittany-snodes  asked:

I thought the same thing at first about that tabloid. But it honestly sounds like Kendrick to me. And if it is fake, that's a really random thing for them to make up and put in the magazine. I feel about 90% confident that Kendrick did make this comment.

Oh God, at first I also thought it sounded like Kendrick. Even though, I still have my doubts about the source, you’re right, this is super random.

And also, looks like they got the script? Cause Kendrick might say she has no idea about the plot so that she won’t get questions she can’t answer to, but Camp said there will be some “juicy things” in pp3? I’m super confused because everything seems like bechloe has a chance to be a canon.

Was it the same when Pitch Perfect 2 was in pre-production? I wish I was in fandom at the time

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on that newspaper article going around that supposedly says Anna it looking for Britt to be Beca's new love interest? personally i'm not buying it. But you are senpai so ...

The fact that Anna is so on board with Bechloe makes me happy. And I know Brittany is a little more reserved about it, but I honestly think she would be down for Bechloe as well. In interviews she tries to be diplomatic about it, but there have been many instances (like on Twitter and Instagram) where she’s shown love for Bechloe.

Edit: As for the validity of the article, I’m on the fence. Because to me it sounds like Kendrick, but the source is iffy.

Also just because Anna says she would love for Bechloe to happen doesn’t mean it actually will. Kendrick doesn’t have the pull to make that decision.


Awwwww. Two female contestants on Bachelor Australia fell in love!! A real love story, not the predictable crap that usually comes from these shows. I hope Kay Cannon hears of it #bechloe

I may have, um, tweeted it to her… Just because she watches the American version… Not because of anything else… I thought it was interesting…

Can we just take a minute to acknowledge and appreciate fanfiction writers who are just so unbelievably on point with characterization.. and how they paint into reality beautiful and breathtaking moments that would put many published authors to shame! They do this for free because they love it and are passionate about the stories they wish to tell… and if that isn’t art at its finest and purest then I don’t know what is..