I’m so fucking SICK of seeing movies and Tv shows where a woman and a man spend like 8 seconds in the same scene and just like that people ship it, or it’s already plausible that they could be a couple. Like they could have the most forced chemistry in the universe and people would still look at them and say that it’s “true love” or some bullshit like that
And yet, two people of the same gender with realistic build up, crazy chemistry and an actual basis for a fucking relationship are passed off as some delusion of messed up fans
I’m not even talking about MY ships here, it’s just complete insanity that people are apparently sooooo accepting of LGBTQIA people in the real world but what? Fictional, realistic, not-your-stereotypical-camp-gay-friend characters are just waaaaay too over the line for people??? Lmao what?
“Me work mate’s gay but nah I don’t like to watch that sort of stuff”
Is the world still so set against anything non-heterosexual that we can’t even admit to the idea of a gay character without calling it “shoving it down my throat”? Are we really still that fucked up?
Let’s talk about how some people think Harley and Joker are an amazing couple just for a sec (I’m talking just the movie) people literally favour two psychopaths in an abusive relationship over two people who are the same sex. Lmao ok.
I’m just so ANGRY about this and so sad and I thought it was just a johnlock thing but it’s not and I’m tired of it I’m tired of queer baiting and of fans being accused of “trivialising” LGBTQIA representation because actual LGBTQIA people just want some fucking proof that we EXIST away from our own communities jfc is it so much to ask that you don’t sweep us under the rug or pass us off as moronic and delusional
I’m not trying to shit all over other people’s ships, ship whoever you want I don’t care, it’s just really devastating that even though I will gladly grant that right to anyone, I’ll still get made fun of for wanting to believe that some writer out there is finally going to make it happen one day, and that it’ll be glorious
The difference is that in the meantime I have to wait until someone deigns to validate my ideas and my sexuality while you can live soundly in the knowledge that if a man and woman share a screen it’s almost guaranteed that something can or will happen (with the exception of family members ofc)
In closing, I am tired and bitter about this world

Chapter 3: Tired

A/N: Sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back to this! I move back to school tomorrow and life is hectic as f. I kinda just cranked out this chapter, it’s not my best but there’s more and better ish to come. Hope ya dig! 

Chapter 1. Chapter 2.

The drive home from Aubrey’s was a quiet one. 2 and a half hours of quietly mumbling along to whatever song was on the radio. Chloe had tried to make conversation a few times, but Beca wasn’t having it.

“Hey….” Chloe reached over and grabbed one of Beca’s hands that were resting in her lap. “you okay? You’re being super quiet.”

Beca squeezed her hand back, “Yeah. Sorry.” she let out a puffed breath. “Guess I’m just tired.”

“Did you wanna nap? I can turn down the radio if you want. We still have a bit to g-“

“No no. I’m fine. If I nap now I won’t sleep tonight. I’m alright.” she brought her wife’s hand to her lips and kissed it softly before placing it back in her own lap and running her thumb across her knuckles.

The rest of the drive was remotely silent, save for Chloe’s road rage when they finally hit LA traffic.

Beca got out of the car, shut her door and walked around to the back of the car to grab their bags. Chloe stopped her before she could reach for the door handle.

“hey you. Come here.” she held her arms open and engulfed Beca in them.

“Chloooo. I said I’m fine.” she protested, even though she was hugging her right back.

“I know you did. But I just really wanted to hug you. We don’t hug enough anymore.”

“Babe we hug like way more than the actual limit of too much. We can’t keep our hands off each other.”

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Hi. Yeah.

This is the last time I’m going to say this and I think after this I’m just done.

Please stop going into my Bechloe fic and reviewing about how I need to write more Swan Queen.

I’m not sure if the fact that I’m posting a Bechloe story came up on Twitter or some blog or something but there’s been a boom this morning of something that was already bothering me.

I love ‘I Love You, Awesome Nerd’, I worked hard on it and I think it’s a pretty okay story.

I have told all of you that I will come back to writing Swan Queen.  You don’t have to ship Bechloe. You really don’t. I don’t mind. You don’t have to read ‘ILYAN’, I promise I’m okay with you not doing that. I never expected my SQ readers to jump ship to Bechloe.

The more anons I get, the more comments, the more asks, the more reviews, the less I want to write Swan Queen because I don’t feel like I would be writing it because I want to. It’s taking something I love and it’s turning it into a job.

I already have a job. I write fanfic’s because you guys are amazing and I love bringing you stories.

I know it’s not everyone, there are so many of my readers who have supported me and I am so thankful for you.

I am thankful that you guys love my work enough that you want more. That means the world to me.

Please respect my stories enough and me as a person enough to at least review about Swan Queen on a Swan Queen story.

And please know that I’m not looking for sympathy here, I’m not looking for a bunch of comments talking about how much you love me or how much you hate me or why I should be writing one or the other.

I’m just asking for a little decency. 

You guys want the sequel to ‘Enter The Dragon’? You will get it because I promised you that you would. Please respect me enough to understand that writing ETD was a monster, it was long, it was hard and it was exhausting and I just need some time before I enter that world again. 

I truly appreciate that you read my stuff. That’s amazing. I still can’t understand how I got so lucky. 

Just please respect me enough to not do this. 

If and when I had CSer’s attacking my SQ stuff, you all came to my aid, insisting that I could ship who I wanted, that I could write what I wanted. You were amazing and you had my back.

So let me ask you: How is going on my Bechloe story and insisting I need to be writing Swan Queen or asking me to turn my Bechloe story into Swan Queen really any different?