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     My humor fades, and I float through decades. As kids, as teenagers, as adults. Staying up late reading comics, sneaking to parties—all the plans we never made in college. All the lies we told. I touch these memories. I can go as far back as I want, to the gravest depths.
     The past can’t drag me under. I relive the better parts that are intertwined with bad. Because I look back and think, Christ, we were so goddamn fragile.
     Look how far we’ve come.
     Look at us now.


LWD & SKOP challenge Day 9: Lily and Loren’s day

I repeat the same sentiment. He helps me every day in ways that no one else could. No one else knows. It’s not just sex. It’s every emotion  that’s tied to a low, to a really bad day.
I always turn to him like he turns to me, and we’re not enablers. No one says that we shouldn’t be together. No one tells us to split apart. Our souls are still wound  together, still wound tight.

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The thing I most admire about Eliza is that she forgave Alexander. Even though he was unfaithful, I can't imagine what Eliza went through, but she forgave him. That takes a lot of courage and a lot of love. She decided that she was going to work on her marriage and I can't like how strong was she. If I was in her shoes, I would've left. She was very strong, she obviously must have been heartbroken, and she went ahead and forgave him. Wow.

What I like is that she forgave him but no one else ever.

Like, watch out for the scary lady who will eat you alive because she once forgave her husband and that was ENOUGH. 

so im watching this show called Born Naughty and its so good!! i am only watching one episode but it sort of just explores “bad behaved” children and a team of experts from different specialties work with the child and see if there is an underlying medical/psychological issue and this one episode is deal with austim and they are describing it very well and never once called it a “problem” or a “disorder”, just that brains work differently and they keep getting imput from different individuals with autism on what its like AND with each child they work with they make sure to check all the bases and work with different specialists which is what diagnosing (especially children) should look like bc diagnosing isnt just a label, it should be a call to action and the first step to healing but usually a diagnosis is just that and there is no action involved and so far its the epitome of what psychology SHOULD be 

I’m an awful person.
I’m not good enough.
I deserve your cruel words.
I always forget these things until you remind me.

Sorry you work so much. I know. It’s my fault for not being able to work.

Sorry for asking for help from you. You’re right. I should be capable of doing these things on my own.

You’re right. My depression isn’t that bad. Neither is my anxiety or my dissociation. Sorry for bringing up my mental health again. I forgot that you don’t care.

I’m sorry for everything. I should be a better person and I have no reason for why I’m such a piece of shit.

so I went to the counseling center at my school to set up an appointment etc etc and I know they have a therapy dog there and I was like “where’s the dog?” and the receptionist was like ‘oh I’m sorry, she’s in a meeting right now’ and I look over at the other room and there is a fucking dog sitting in a chair at a long table sitting next to all these people in business suits and I felt like I was in a dream