Mashed up Disney Princesses with Harry Potter for our outfits at San Diego Comic Con this year! <br><br>

Left to right: Belle (@SashaAlsberg), Rapunzel (Me- @CarmenSeda), Aurora/Sleeping Beauty (@XtineMay), Jasmine (@Tashopolis)

We picked our house based on ourselves and not our character:)

Skirts & bows are from @damselduds (@damsel_duds on instagram!)


Soundsational Parade by Nay


Here are some cute Disney Princess things I’ve seen in stores around town. Sorry my hand is on one of them haha. If I was younger and I wouldn’t be so embarassed by it, I would have bought the one on the bottom right.

“I seen this on Instagram and thought you might want to post it. I’m not sure how legit it is but hopefully lol. Ironically the person who posted it has the same @ name as you haha.” - @thetsumtsumprince

Wow this is so cool, thank you for sharing this with me! I was thinking that they wouldn’t make mediums or larges because they usually don’t make the female characters in the larger sizes… but this is awesome! I really hope this is released (and not just in France like the mediums and large in the Marvel Women of Power Collection that I’m still pinning over). And about the name- I was so confused as to why I couldn’t choose that username when I joined Instagram until I discovered somebody had already taken it lol! 

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