This is why I love voice actors 😂! Best part of #Metrocon2017 @maxmittelman @robbiedangerous @raychasenation @blumspew @maryelizabethmcglynn @mcneil_scott Paul St Peter #voiceactors #metrocon #circus #beatboxing #amazing #animeconventions

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Ok this is hilarious!! 😂👍👍 thanks for the morning laugh @instagraham_wil #drumline #drums #beatboxing #isthisconsideredbeatboxing #DrumlinesOfAmerica

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(Coming up to the mic it’s)
T O to the N Y
Never been to NY
 Maybe one day go to Queens for a queen
And in her garden plant my seed
See all we can be
Then shout out hip hop, south Bronx I mean
Or maybe I need a baby all west and wild with that style
Either way been needing one from around the way
The finest gems from the roughest spots
Know the street but strive better and only let the truest in her docks
This is no holds bar
So after I release one I don’t go back to grasp
I’ll let you do that.
I’m the swordsman A gentle breeze or a storm to some
Two sides of the same blade If that addition is too hard I’ll sum it up
Antonio is the monk I pray to Christ
And Tony smells of earthly pleasures but trying to get right
I mean I just want to be me
Take that and flip it
Then add two cc’s
I mean I went to Estrella Mountain Community College
That spells EMCC Seems promising

Back to NY to see what’s happenin
I’ll start knocking down buildings in Manhattan
Was that an east coast diss? Naw
That was a shot to slave owners and big businesses
To make us shuck and jive for money
Really Tony those references ?
Well before you look at me funny
My people still out here busting their back for that taste of freedom
From Fields to doing your yard
Yeah you preaching how you just got out the trap
And living like the lessons didn’t teach you how to behave
Well why don’t you come back because my people are still in the cage!

First rhymes I ever said was:
I got all these beats up in my head
I can’t go to bed
gotta make that bread, holla
“Big stones” said Cassidy
Don’t try to master me, 
I’ll surpass thee
as an MC 
coming from the AZ
an O.G.
Come test me
I’m A to the Z and rhyme everything in between 
I’m better than anyone ever heard
Better with a verb
Better with a herd, Get ‘em
Trying to make sure your head I split em
Trying to make sure everyone ever heard me before
Tryin to be RaW to the literal
take it do the reciprocal
meaning i’m always ready for WaR
Off top, with a mothra
Matter a fact on my wall is a TV

That stands for Tony Valencia, Juni-or
because I never knew my Fath-ar
Shout out Donald Duck
Down with Donald trumped
Let’s see him visit my streets No police
Have him doing my lawn with my dogs off the leash
Forget the initiative
They claim they for the education and nutrition
But corporations still killin our kids
I’m not a monk yet god you can smell these earthly desires
I love capitalism
Prostituting everything Trying to get out, send you to prison
Making money off keeping you dumb
And when a man kills a man with a gun
I’m making money off of every factor
I wanna be Viacom
Yall don’t need mr rogan to know this fear
And yall rappers acting like its the show since you talkin like you eating dick
All is fair in love and war
Haven’t met my wife yet
So I sleep at the battleground
Don’t worry I’m from the hood I’m use to the sounds
Most out here rhyme the same
So equivalent subtraction, all slain
Imma stay Jesus yall stay Budd dust
Yall crumbs
No offense to your theology
I’m sick of the land of monopoly
Too smart for the dumb
I’ll start my Odyssey
But shots to Greeks
I’m the Apache and yakki
No signs of and end
I mean you can’t stop me Expensive alcoholics to bartenders
Give me your best shot
I’m top tier
Knock you out and leave you to rot there
Why do I need a throne when yall couldn’t reach my stool
But playing as if it isn’t cool
Shut up button up and eat my stool 

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you ever feel like a gender alien just looking for a trans friendly space?
you ever bend your gender a little too far, and end up denting it?
you ever come to a fork in a road and wish you had an ATV?

cover art by @oceandependent !

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Carolina Chocolate Drops LIVE “Mouth Music” (featuring Adam Matta) (by hyperboymedia)

A musician from the African American jugband tradition sings Irish Sean Nos music accompanied by a beatboxer. This hits on so many of my happy points that I literally got chills. The only thing that could make this more perfect is if one of the other guys was doing accompanying rhythm with a baseball bat.

We saw Carolina Chocolate Drops last night; they were fantastic.  It was like an ethnomusicology symposium you coud dance to.