Why can’t you let go? Like a bird in the snow. This is no place to build your home.
—  lyrics from Friction by Imagine Dragons

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summer, what's your theory on why Sarada has the glasses?

my theory? my guess is maybe she developed the sharingan at a younger age, as seen from this:

i been looking at this for quite a while and thought something must of happened to her that made her parents acting up. Sasuke’s character is built up on family.

the dork loves Sakura.

why the hell would he leave them for 12 years? I’m guessing at the time Sarada was a infant, something must occurred, something bad.

it can possibly be like the tragedy Minato and Kushina faced prior to Naruto’s birth. 

except, no tailed beasts involved this time. 

think about it. Naruto and Hinata are from Kaguya Otsutsuki’s lineage, so they wouldn’t have any problems to Bolt and Himawari. Although they do not have the byakugan the Uzumaki’s chakra reserves flow into them, they still have the original bloodline of the Otsutsuki. While Sasuke is from the Otsutsuki lineage too, Sakura is born in a normal family. i noticed that in the noble families of Konoha have inner-clan marriages, for the sake of a pure bloodline. Since that’s been broken since the Uchiha’s are gone, the bloodline isn’t exactly pure anymore so i guess that is why the blood running through Sarada isn’t normal. Maybe that’s why Sasuke left for something to help her. Sasuke is a little shit but when it comes to his family he’d do anything you know.

Now Sarada said Sasuke hasn’t been there for her since she was born. i don’t think that is true. i really don’t, knowing Kishimoto i’m expecting to get a troll moment. Like i been saying maybe with the activation something must have happened that affected Sasuke and Sakura so much to the point where they are keeping something from her until things are sorted out.

her eyes looks like Sasuke when he had his vision screwed,

i just think the glasses are a solution to whatever eye problem Sarada has just to see.

Moving on to Sakura, fainting is a normal thing after punching their house down?

uh, no. thats complete bullshit. Sakura fought 100 puppets, punched a centipede, punched a canyon against the Juubi, she punched Kaguya, the goddess of the ninja world. Fainting cannot be a normal thing. Here’s my guess, Sakura probably spends the rest of Sarada’s childhood healing her eyes on a normal basis just so she can see, maybe all the strain of healing her daughter everyday just exhausts her as opposed to healing people at war in a sporadic pace, i mean at least in the war you have someone to cover for you but in this case we have a Uchiha, and quite honestly you have to be extremely knowledgeable to know how bloodlines work and that either’s Tsunade or Sakura level . because i noticed something. 

There is one picture of Sarada with no glasses.

so what happened to Sarada that got her to be like this?

the questions i need to know is:

  1. What’s so special about the glasses?
  2. Why is it taking so long for Sasuke to come home?
  3. Why is Sakura fainting so often?
  4. Why is everything kept a secret for Sarada?
  5. What the hell does Karin have to do with any of this?

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“The rumours are true – we’re dropping the cuisine-based episode titles for the second half of season three.

Episodes eight through thirteen will all be named after William Blake’s series of Great Red Dragon Paintings, depicting scenes from the biblical Book of Revelation. Clued-up Fannibals will know that in the Harris canon, serial killer Francis Dolarhyde is obsessed with this series of paintings, which give his murderous alternate personality its name.

And we’ve got specifics. Episode eight is ‘The Great Red Dragon…’, episode nine is ’…And the Woman Clothed in Sun’, episode ten is ’…And the Woman Clothed with the Sun’, and episode eleven is ’…And the Beast from the Sea’.

Fuller didn’t name episodes twelve and thirteen, but going by this pattern we’re guessing that twelve and thirteen will be named 'And the Number of the Beast Is…’ and ’…666’ respectively.“


Mario Kart, though

(This all comes from both a “list of AUs” posts and watching my brother play as Shy Guy and I was like “how cute, just like Shin-aAAAAA WAIT A SEC.”)

Hak: The champion of the house, can outrun everyone with any character. He’s just that gifted, and he brags about it. He went to a pro Mario Kart tournament once and got first place. Most likely to get the lightning (insert “lightning beast” joke here.) Considers Soo-won his true MK nemesis.

Soo-won: He’s good, but everybody hates playing with him because he strategically puts banana peels in narrow places and is the most likely to blue shell you on the third lap. He’s the one who keeps suggesting to race on the Rainbow Roads.

Yona: People underestimate her since she mains Princess Peach and is a girl, but she was forged in the fires of playing with Hak and Soo-won in their childhood. She has a ridiculously good aim to throw red and green shells at you. Her eyes set ablaze while she plays.

Yoon: He’s the guy who studies and memorizes the structures of the maps to learn all the obstacles and shortcuts. Tends to lose a lot of positions since he tries to take the hard shortcuts without enough speed and falls off the cliffs. Most prone to yell.

Kija: He’s the most competitive one of the lot. He has a perfect online record of wins. He thought he was really good, but then raced against Hak and now he keeps challenging him. Most likely to pick a heavy and push people. But overall, he loves playing with his friends.

Shin-ah: He’s the only one of the boys who has a main (Shy Guy, of course!) Has the habit to get distracted by the map and the positions of everyone too much, which is sad because he’s pretty good otherwise. You never expect him to pass you since he just runs silent and diligently.

Jae-ha: The one who whines “Mario Kart again, guys?” but not so secretly loves the game. Most likely to get mushrooms. Tries to pass through every boost because he likes his speed. Was the first to truly master the 200cc. Picks Link if possible: he’s the most beautiful.

Zeno: He’s the one who keeps falling out of the tracks and off the cliffs since he can’t drift too well and ends up in 7th-8th place. Picks kawaii characters. Regardless, he’s just so damn happy to play with his friends! Most likely to get stars and wreck everyone on his way.

Ao: Chews on the unused wiimotes.

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Lily was an artist. Ginny is a writer. As a child Lily Evans drew lopsided images of strange beasts. Ginny is taught the ways of words early, maybe by one of her brothers, who would read to her until she fell asleep in their laps. Lily would often adorn her notes with intricate designs; Ginny spent her entire first year with Riddle’s diary writing nonsense and poetry. During the war, Lily filled many sketchbooks with images of her family. Ginny fills whole notebooks with love letters to hers.

Oh yes please <3 this is perfect.

(This totally fits in with the headcanons of the elaborate scrapbooks Lily and James kept)

Favorite Transformer Quotes Needed!

I’m getting back into cross stitching, and I’m really liking making small sayings that can be purchased for not too much money.

So what sayings would you like to see? Give me the line, character, and when/where they said it and I might have to just embroider it!

Yes. “HOO-AAH” from TFP Ratchet will be coming up and be in the etsy store before too long.

You’re welcome.

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Beast Boy was making dinner for his family.

Joy was sat on the couch. Maia and Percy were giving each other affectionate licks. She smiled and rubbed her out of shape stomach