Stage Door Story!

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I’m probably being a little dramatic, but here’s the story:
I saw SR! for the second time on May 29th, which was BDJ’s last show. My 14-year-old sister was determined to meet him at the stage door, so we bolted outside as soon as possible and ended up getting a spot right near the door. It was a first-time experience for both of us. However, I had seen the show a few months before with my AP English class, so I kind of stepped back and let my little sis get her playbill signed while I fangirled in the background. However, I kept an eye out for both the Borle and John Cariani (the latter never arrived, which was depressing because I had drawn a picture for him). Anyway, we waited.
Later, my sis went, “Look! Christian Borle!” or something like that, and I saw this guy walking down the hall in his white Star Wars shirt. I was so ecstatic that all I could do was stand there with one hand over my mouth as he signed autographs. It was bizarre. I wasn’t crying, I wasn’t squealing, I was just…frozen. He wasn’t talking much and looked completely exhausted, but I really didn’t care because I was completely star-struck. This amazing actor-someone who I had watched, listened to, and fangirled over-was standing right in front of me.
Eventually, I managed to squeak out, “Christian! Could we please get a picture with you?” He said yes (or something like that, it’s all very fuzzy), and I started to position my phone as he crouched in between us. I’m not very good at taking pictures, so I was trying to get the angle just right, and my hand was shaking and shit. I kept cutting myself out and I was getting really nervous that I was taking too long.
Christian said, “Are you actually going to get IN the picture?”
I panicked, because I thought I was pissing him off. So I said shrilly, “Yes yes I’m Sorry I’m Sorry I’m Trying!” and literally took the worst, blurriest picture ever. Dazed, I thanked him, and he smiled and nodded and moved on to the next fans. I stood there silently for a few seconds, trying to comprehend what just happened.
Once he was out of earshot, my sis turned to me and said, “You know he was being sarcastic, right? He wasn’t annoyed with you or anything. It was a joke.”
The sarcasm had gone right over my head. My one chance to meet Christian Borle and he probably thought I was a complete loon.
Anyway, I’m sure that was a pretty pathetic stage door story, compared to others. It’s not like I did something really crazy. I could meet him again, I’d try to do it right…and get the jokes.

(by the way if you want to see the picture I’ll post it)

Sometimes when I'm making an observation about a tumblr thing

I try my best to add some humour to my text post. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and BDJS kicks in (bad dad jokes syndrome ) but the best part is your replies and comments folks, they always make me smile.
Thank you fuckers I loves ye.