A Night At The Pool

Bella smiled at her daughter as she shifted her from arm to arm and picked up the bag that was on the floor and put it over her shoulder. Just as she she was about to walk out of the bedroom Zsadist came through the door to the hallway and stopped dead in his tracks.

“What are you wearing?” Z asked with a deep frown and his brows dropping real low as he looked at his mate. It looked like she was wearing a bra and panties but they were of a different material and looked different from the lace she usually preferred to wear.

Bella arched a brow and looked down at herself before looking back at him. “A bikini.” Bella said simply as she gestured at the navy blue bikini top and bottom that she was wearing.

“What is a bikini?” Zsadist asked as he stared very hard at his mate, not liking that she looked to be leaving the room in such a state of undress.

“It is a swim suit.”

“Swim suit?”

“You know, to go swimming in? Swimming. At the pool.”

“The pool?”

“The pool in the back yard.”

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Phury lit a blunt and eyed the sixteen cans of Aqua Net that were lined up on Butch and V’s coffee table. “What’s doing with the hair spray? You boys going drag on us?”

Butch held up the length of PVC pipe he was punching a hole in. “Potato launcher, my man. Big fun.”

“Excuse me?”

“Didn’t you ever go to summer camp?”

“Basket weaving and woodcarving are for humans. No offense, but we have better things to teach our youngs.”

“Ha! You haven’t lived until you’ve gone on a midnight panty raid. Anyway, you put the potato in this end, you fill up the bottom with spray—”

“And then you light it,” V cut in from his bedroom. He came out in a robe, rubbing a towel on his wet hair. “Makes a great noise.”

“Great noise,” Butch echoed.

Phury looked at his brother. “V, you’ve done this before?”

“Yeah, last night. But the launcher jammed up.”

Butch cursed. “Potato was too big. Damn Idaho bakers. We’re leading with red skins tonight. It’s going to be great. Of course, trajectory can be a bitch—”

“But it’s really just like golf,” V said, dropping the towel across a chair. He pulled a glove over his right hand, covering the sacred tattoos that marked the thing from palm to fingertip and all across the back. “I mean, you gotta think of your arc in the air—”

Butch nodded up a storm. “Yeah, it’s just like golf. Wind plays a big role—”


Phury smoked along as they finished each other’s sentences for another couple minutes. After a while he felt compelled to mention, “The two of you are spending way too much time together, you feel me?”

—  Lover Awakened, J.R. Ward