Following your own forays into podficcing is a discussion/talk about podfics in general. 

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get to know me meme: [1/5] casts

Colin: I was telling Bradley about it and I just thought it was hilarious, and I was just talking about that moment in Hot Rod where that song You’re The Voice comes up. And I was going ‘what’s that song, you’re the voice…’, and he was like ‘yeah I know that song!’ And for literally the whole morning he started singing it and then the whole crew were singing it. And then it sorta escalated, didn’t it? So yeah, that’s the origins of You’re The Voice.
Anthony: But Bradley never sings on set.
Colin: Never…
Anthony: Never, no. He’s very shy and retiring…

Merthur AU

Merlin Emrys and Arthur Pendragon are a famous musical duo called “The Drago(o)ns of Albion”. 

They started out from nothing - Arthur loving to play his beloved guitar and Merlin seizing every opportunity to sing (with the voice of an angel, according to Arthur). They had been friends since secondary school and decided to form this small duo in the third year of their studies, playing in various minor clubs without actually getting paid. However, during one of their performances their talent had been spotted by a local artist manager - Gwaine Knightley. 

He did not hesitate to contact them straight away and that is, in fact, the reason how they ended up here, in the Avalon recording studio, five years after this incredible fluke happened, working on their third album “Just Hold Me (Only For You)”. Merlin and Arthur have noticeably grown as artists, nevertheless, they have also grown into lovers. Which is, of course, a closely guarded secret and no one knows about their relationship… except Gwaine, their friends, their family, their fans and basically everyone who witnesses their interactions. But as Merlin would say (or rather sing): “... only you can set my heart on fire”.

This is for my lovely friend Tracci ♥ I hope you’ll like it, dear =‘)


This…. is another example of our brilliant czech dubbing. I’m pissing myself here, shhhhh (for the previous one, click here). Trust me. You’ll have fun! =‘D @brolin-truelove muuueeeheheheeeh

Arthur Pendragon x Reader

The clapping of hooves on dirt is what made me walk out of my house that morning, I lived in a poor village, nobody had horses. My mother walked out ahead of me, the both of us knowing what was going on. For the past few weeks a group of bandits had been coming to  Ealdor trying to get our food. We were an outlying village in Essetir, we asked for help from our King, he didn’t care. Some great King he is.  My mother and I stood outside our door watching as the men searched the village, kicking down doors, throwing hay everywhere, even dragging  people out of their own homes to search. I watched with a frown on my face as Kanen’s men pulled Mathew out of our town barn, his hands filled with our food. They threw him to the ground. Looking down at the food Kanen demanded more.

“What’s this? Where is the rest of it?”

“I only kept back what we needed to survive.” Mathew said while rising to the ground.

“Survive?” Kanen questioned. “I’ll be back in one week farmer and I want to see all of it.”

Who I heard next made my stomach feel like lead. “You can’t take our food!” My mother yelled, walking towards Kanen who still sat high on his horse. “Our children will starve, I won’t let you do this.” She rushed up to Kanen’s horse making a grab for the food. “You not taking any of it!” She grabbed the food and Kanen struck her making her fall tot the ground.

My body surged forward, only to be held back in place by a strong arm wrapped securely around my stomach. I turned back to see my best friend, Will, was the one holding me back. In that second someone else cried my mothers name, I turned back to see that very man, with an arrow in his heart. I covered my mouth to muffle my gasp, still struggling to get out of Will’s grasp.

Kanen contined but his words went in one ear and out the other as my eyes were glued to the mans dead body lying in the middle of the road. As Kanen and his men rode off I ran to my mother who now stood strong watching the men ride off.

“Mother, are you alright?” I asked looking at her face where a red mark tainted her skin.

“I’ll be fine (y/n). But we need help and I know where to go to find it.”

After much argument with my mother, I managed to convince her to let me travel to Camelot instead of her. Reluctantly she agreed after I made the point that I could easily defend myself (with magic) while she could not. After I convinced mother I had to convince my best friend Will who was reluctant to leave my side on the best of days after my brother, Merlin, told him to watch over and protect me with his life while he was gone. Unfortunately we the same point didn’t work for Will, so I challenged him to a sword fight, which I won easily, proving that I don’t need magic to protect myself. He also reluctantly let me go. 

A few days later I entered he gate of Camelot looking around in awe as I had never been to a place as magnificent in my life. I had only ever been to a few neighbouring villages of Ealdor. As my eyes searched everything I noticed a young man with blonde hair looking at me. I turned to him and gave him a slight smile. Not wanting to talk to him because one I was on a mission and two I was very socially awkward, one of the perks of growing up in a small village, I’ve known basically everyone since birth. After seeing him smile back, I turned and continued the search for my brother.

——–Arthur’s POV———

I watched in wonder as the beautiful girl admired the lower city, her face held so much excitement making it obvious she wasn’t from these parts. As she walked her eyes searched everywhere until finally they met my own. It felt as if my heart skipped a beat as I stared into her (e/c) eyes. She gave me a kind smile to which I retuned but as soon as I did she looked away and continued on her journey. Wanting to see her smile again I followed her as she walked towards the inner town, a look of wonder still plastered on her face.

Taking a deep breath, I walk forward and “accidentally” bumped into her, knocking her down. Turning back towards I kneeled down. “I’m sorry.” I said to her flashing another smile.

Biting her lower lip and shaking her head she stuttered. “Don’t be, it was my fault.” Taking ear hand I helped her to her feet. I looked into her eyes again, memorised by how beautiful she looked. Wanting to keep this conversation going I asked her what she was doing in Camelot.

“My village is being terrorised by some bandits, they are trying to steal all our food. I’ve come seeking an audience with the King, hoping he will help us. First tough I have to find my brother, he’s a servant in the palace.”

“What’s your brothers name? I might know him.”

“My brothers name is Merlin.”

“Merlin.” I repeated feeling the name on m tongue. Than it dawned on me. “Merlin is your brother.” I said pointing at her. She nodded her head. Crap.

“(y/n)?” A distant voice called. Her face light up. “Merlin!” She called back with undeniable happiness in her voice. She let go of my hands and ra towards her brother’s open arms. He wrapped her in a tight hug. Crap, I thought again.

Merlons smile left his face as he turned towards me. “I see you’ve met Arthur.” He said.

A look of completely horror appeared on her face. “Arthur? As in Prince Arthur?” She asked. A gasp left her mouth. “My Lord, I’m so sorry for running into you.”

I laughed and shook my head. ‘It’s alright.“ I said. "You said you needed a meeting with my father, come and we’ll sort this out.” As I fished talking I began my walk towards the castle hearing Merlin’s worried voice behind me.

———time skip———

Merlin and I laid on the hard ground as the fire burned a few feet away from us. Morgana, Gwen and (y/n) all laid asleep around the fire. I sat up and watched (y/n)’s sleeping form a few meters away from me.

“You like her don’t you?” Merlin’s voice asked. I turned towards him and let out a sigh. “I see the way you look at her, Gwen and Morgana can too.”

“She’s your sister Merlin, even if I did care for her in such a way, which I’m not saying I do, her and I can never be together, she’d never like me back and my father would never allow it.”

“Your right.” (Y/n) said now propping herself on her elbows. A look of shock formed on both Merlin’s and my own face. “Your father would never allow it. But for the rest of it I have to disagree.” She said simply.

“Wait.” Merlin said. “Even the sibling part?”

“Well Merlin have you seen your sister, she gorgeous and you’re….” I trailed off trying to find the right word.

(Y/n) laughed. “Okay the sibling part is true, unfortunately. But the not liking you back part isn’t true whatsoever, and heavens knows I should considering all the letters Merlin has written complaining about you.”

I turned and glared at Merlin. “Letters? How many letters?”

“12” (y/n) replied instantly before making a hand over her mouth. Merlin glared at her. “Sorry. How 'bout this? Arthur you don’t punish Merlin if I give you a kiss?”

I raised my eyebrows and turned to see her biting her bottom lip gently. I pulled her towards me and brought her lips to mine. My hands moved to her face and waist as hers went to my neck. My eyes closed in bliss feeling her lips move against mine. I felt her chew softly on my bottom lip so I opened my mouth and let her tongue enter mine with a slight moan.

———Merlin’s POV———

I scrunched up my face as is heard my sisters offer, no way I was gonna let them kiss. I lifted my head to see that I was too late, they were already kissing. I cringed when I saw that he had his hands on her. I turned away in disgust only to hear a slight moaning.

“Hey guys I’m still right here!” I said flinging my hands in the air.

Arthur and my sister pulled away from each other, lip swollen and cheeks slight red. (Y/n) buried her face into Arthur’s side and he bent down to kiss her forehead. They smiled at each other all gooey like.

“You really care for each other, don’t you?” I said with a sigh. They both looked at me and nodded. “Fine, I’ll let you two be together but if you hurt her, Arthur I will kill you.”

Arthur just laughed not seeing that (y/n) gave me a glare knowing what I can do.

After calming down Arthur spoke And clapped me on the back. “Yeah, sure Merlin.”

“I could kill you, I have a secret weapon.” Arthur just started laughing again along with two more feminine laughs coming from across the small camp.

“Guys, I seriously could!”


All writers always experience the same issues: You’ve written a thing, you’re proud of it, you want to post it RIGHT NOW.

But: A few small tweaks can make your fic that much stronger, can make sure that there will be fewer people who’ll have the opportunity to nag you about your writing.

Fanfic editing: Because your fic is worth it!

Join @momotastic27 to find out what you can do to edit your fic yourself if you don’t have a beta! Share your own tips and tricks with the group.

If you want to apply the tricks you’re learning right away, feel free to bring a laptop or tablet, and a small ficlet you’ve already written (or just a scene from a longer fic). You’ll probably need at least 500-1000 words of fic to really get into it. The longer a thing is the more editing it potentially needs.

A small summary of what has been discussed will be posted to the @coinelot​ blog after the convention has ended, so make sure to keep following the blog if you want to find it again!