Imagine you and Calum have just come home from your wedding reception and he carried you through the door and into your new flat that you bought together as newlyweds and now he’s so tired from the reception festivities and even  happier that he’s finally married to you after such a long engagement that he lays down on the new carpet, your puppy rushing over to meet him because he loves Cal so much more than he likes you. And while Calum is petting your pup he smiles up at you, thinking about how beautiful you are, and he just looks so cute that you can’t help but to snap a picture. But when he hears the shutter of your camera go off, his eyes crinkle and his smile widens and he pushes the puppy away and gets up, scooping you into his arms and whispering in your ear, “I knew I picked the right girl. So lucky to call you Mrs. Hood.”

The Argument

Luke Hemmings Imagine

A/N: Just a little request I found some time to whip up. Hope you enjoy! 


“You’re acting like a child Luke, you don’t just get to decide this for the both of us!” You screamed at him. 

“You know why it needs to be this way, don’t act like you don’t understand because I know you do.”

“Understand what? That your family is apparently more important than mine?”

“Stop twisting my words! I just mean that you get to see your family all the time and I see mine only on breaks and holidays. I just want to spend Thanksgiving with my family, why are you making this so difficult?”

“Luke I understand that’s what you want, but we’ve spent every single holiday with your parents since we’ve been together. I’ve missed out on every Christmas, every Thanksgiving, and every Easter since we started dating five years ago! Can’t you let me bring my boyfriend over for Thanksgiving to meet my family?” You shouted at him.

“I’ve already met your family!” He shouted right back, throwing his arms up in exasperation.

“Yeah, four years ago! And we’ve never been back. Besides, you met my mom and dad, not my aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins and everyone else that’s dying to meet my long term boyfriend. You’re a big part of my life Luke, but so are they. Can’t you compromise this one time?”

“Stop making me feel bad Y/N, you know I’m busy. You signed up for this lifestyle too you know! Don’t pretend I’m the only one making things difficult. And it’s not even my fault I’m busy all the time so don’t make me feel like it is!” You could see the vein in his neck popping out, but you were too worked up to care.

“Oh please don’t act like you have no choice Luke, you can fly your family out to see you any time you want! Can’t you just compromise for once and have Thanksgiving with my family?”

“No! They hate me anyways.” He spoke shortly.

“Yeah, because they don’t know any better. They know the rockstar Luke Hemmings from the tabloids, not the Luke my sweet, dedicated boyfriend. They met you one time when you picked me up to go on a date, that’s all they know. For all they know, you’re the playboy the press makes you out to be, seeing as though you never come around enough for them to know any better.” You spoke with malice, holding the tears back the only way you knew how; by shouting even louder.

“Y/N you always do this, don’t be a fucking bitch. We’re going to Australia for Thanksgiving and that’s final.” He crossed his arms, chest heaving and throat aching from all the yelling. You two hadn’t fought like this in a long time and Luke didn’t think he had ever seen you as angry as you were when he uttered that ultimatum.

“You know I don’t even know why I bother being in this relationship, because it seems pretty one sided to me. You know ever since the band took off, it’s like all of my needs come second to you and your rockstar universe and I’m sick of it. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving without a girlfriend.” You spat before turning on your heel and exiting the apartment, slamming the door shut behind you.

“Fine!” He yelled after you, but he doubt you heard him. Luke let out the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding before releasing a cry of frustration he was sure the whole building could hear, tearing at his hair and kicking a dining chair across the room. He hated fighting with you. You always knew just how to make him feel guilty and he always ended up saying things he didn’t mean. Though suddenly, Luke’s eyes widened at the realization that you had just left him. Neither of you had ever walked out of an argument before. Usually you just yelled at each other about something stupid until one of your apologized and you ended the night with killer make up sex.But now, the only thought running through his mind was the question as to whether you left him for Thanksgiving, or for forever. He prayed to God it wasn’t the latter. You were to precious to him to allow you to walk out.

Anxiously, Luke picked up his phone and dialed your number. It rang once before going straight to voicemail. He called again and this time it rang twice before he heard your sweet voice telling him to leave a message. Clearly, you were ignoring him. He called a third time, only this time it went straight to voicemail. Great, you had turned your phone off. Sighing, he hung up before opening the message ap and shooting you a text.

I’m so sorry :-(. Pls come home.

He groaned in frustration before he began dialing the number of your best friend. He knew that’s where you had to be.

“Um, hello?” Her high pitched voice rang through the speaker and Luke breathed a sigh of relief that she had actually picked up.

“Mary, hi, uh, it’s Luke.” He gasped into the phone.

“Hey Luke.” She noticeably sighed on the other end and he heard a voice in the background whispering something.

“Is Y/N there?” He heard some scuffling in the background before he picked out a voice that could only belong to you.

“I don’t want to see him.”

Her dismissal of him hurt a lot more than he thought it would and Luke hung his head, pressing the phone closer to his ear. “Please, I need to speak with her.”

“Just a second Luke.” Mary snapped, before whispering back to you. “He sounds so sad Y/N, c’mon just give him a chance.” She whispered to you, holding her hand over the phone so Luke wouldn’t be able to hear. 

“You didn’t hear the things he said or how he said them.” He heard you mumble and his heart broke at your melancholy tone. There was more mumbling and scuffling coming from the other line before Mary came back on the line, her voice barely above a whisper.

“She doesn’t want to talk right now, but between you and me I’m taking her out to the club tonight around eight okay?”

“Oh my god, thanks so much Mary.”

“Yeah, yeah just don’t screw this up.” She scowled before hanging up on him. Luke chuckled before hanging up the phone and rushing upstairs to put on some nicer clothes. He was going to win you back if it was the last thing he ever did.


The pounding beat of the club remix pounded through his ears as Luke scoured the floor for you. He hadn’t had any luck so far, but he wasn’t giving up hope quite yet.

Just as he was taking another sip of his drink, he saw Mary’s familiar curly head of hair dragging another figure dressed all in black behind her. Even from here, Luke could tell you just didn’t look the same. You didn’t look excited to be here like you usually were when Luke took you out, but instead like this was the last place on earth you wanted to be. Mary pulled you through the crowd and Luke watched, getting up from his seat and making his way over to you. But as soon as your eyes locked with his hopeful baby blues, a scowl appeared on your face and you yanked your hand out of Mary’s grip.

“You told him we were coming?” You growled fresh anger coursing through your veins.

“Y/N please don’t be mad. I just want you guys to talk.”

“That was not your decision to make.” You hissed, shooting a glare towards Luke.

“Baby come on I-” Luke started, but you cut him off.

“I don’t want to hear it.” You snapped, rendering Luke silent. “I’m leaving.” You turned on your heel and began marching out of the club. Mary shot him a sympathetic glance before he took off running after you.

You had already gone out the back door of the club by the time he got to you, the fast click of your stilettos the only sound reverberating through the darkness. Luke couldn’t help but let out a little chuckle. He hated that you were still angry with him, but damn you were cute when you were mad.

“Baby where are you going?” Luke exhaled.

“Away from you.” You spoke soundly, wrapping your arms around yourself for warmth. Your little black dress may be cute, but it wasn’t warm enough for this cold October weather.

“C’mon baby I said I was sorry.” He whined, but you only walked faster.

“No actually you didn’t say anything.” You huffed.

“Well maybe if you would give me a chance to say it then we could both go home.” He was beginning to tire of your refusal to forgive him.

“Don’t pretend like it’s going to be that easy Lucas.”

Oh shit. You only ever called him Lucas once before and that was the angriest you had ever been at him. There’s no way he wanted to repeat that incident, so he figured it was time to start groveling.

A clap of thunder jolted the both of you, echoing through the quiet night. Luke suddenly felt a raindrop hit his cheek and within three seconds the skies opened and rain fell like a hurricane around you two.

“Motherfucker!” You shouted. It had also been awhile since he heard you swear. “Is this how the day is going to go!?” You shouted to no one. As if the universe had taken the challenge, Luke heard the a sharp snap and watched as you went down to the pavement. The heel of your shoe had just broken and so you sat in a puddle of water, hair clinging to your face and mascara running down your cheeks. You struggled to get up, standing with a broken fervor.

Luke took this opportunity to shrug off his jacket and gingerly place it around your shoulders, scared as to how you would react to his peace offering. Frowning, you molded your body into the fur lined jacket and Luke, taking this as a sign of your tolerance of him for the time being, scooped you into his arms and held you close, shielding you from the wind and rain allowing himself to take the brunt of it instead.

After about ten minutes of walking in complete silence, Luke was able to hail the two of you a cab. An even quieter taxi drive and elevator ride later, the two of you were back in your apartment and you still hadn’t spoken a single word to him. Your expression was unreadable as you stripped yourself of the soaked dress. Changing into a pair of sweatpants and hoodie, you tromped downstairs, leaving Luke alone in the bedroom. He had to think of a really great way to apologize before you left him for real.

Tentatively, Luke made his way downstairs after you where he found you sitting on the couch, mindlessly flipping through channels on the TV. The sound of your sneeze, followed by the saddest little sniffle he had ever heard. As quiet as he could, Luke made his way to the kitchen and grabbed a can of soup to heat over the stove. He also began brewing a cup of tea, making it just how he knew you liked it. After they were all warm, he placed them on a tray along with a small flower you kept in a vase next to the sink. He carried the tray into the living room snagging a blanket off the back of a chair before he snuck over to you and placed the tray on the table and spread the blanket over you.

“What are you doing?” You halfheartedly mumbled, almost too tired and too sick to be mad anymore.

“What I should have done earlier.” Luke knelt down in front of you, taking your hand in his before taking a deep breath. “Baby I am so sorry that I acted like a selfish prick and called you names. I didn’t mean anything I said and you’re completely right it was selfish of me to always put my needs in front of your own and I promise to listen to you more from now on. Darling, please forgive me? Oh and I’ve decided to fly my family up here so we can all have Thanksgiving at your house together. That is, if you’ll still have me.” He rambled, his soft blue eyes begging for you to take him back.

You couldn’t help but to offer up a soft smile at your boyfriend, so desperately and literally begging on his knees for your forgiveness. What could you say? You loved the boy, now matter how big of a dick he could be sometimes.

“You really mean it?” Your face lit up at his suggestion and Luke beamed.

“Of course I do baby. I’d do anything for you sweetheart.”

You sighed, throwing your arms around him and pulling him towards you, his head hitting your chest since he was still on his knees.

“And I’m sorry for being petty and ignoring your calls and blowing everything out of proportion. But thank you for apologizing and of course I forgive you. And don’t be silly I definitely still want you there for Thanksgiving. I was just mad so I said what I knew would hurt you.” You frowned, guilt taking over you now that you realized he had thought you had broken up with him.

“I love you sweetheart.” Luke placed a warm kiss on your lips before plopping down on the couch next to you and pulling to tray on to his lap. “I know you’re catching cold, and I can’t help but feel a little guilty about it so I made you some soup and tea with honey.”

“Ugh you’re so good to me.”

“Only because you deserve it babe.” He leaned down to kiss your temple before wrapping his arm around you and pulling you into him as you slurped the soup, humming in content.
Perhaps you and Luke weren’t the perfect hollywood couple and maybe sometimes you argued over petty things, but goddamn were the two of you in love.




Bigbang AU 4/?
Coffee Shop

While working in a local coffee shop, five teenagers found themselves becoming best of friends with their coworkers. From the broken plates to the occasional scolding from their boss, an incomparable bond is formed among them. Although they started as part-time waiters, the shop soon became theirs to manage. 

Temporary Fix- Part 2

Fratboy/Friends With Benefits Luke Imagine

Summary: Neither of you ever thought this would happen.  It was supposed to be temporary, he thought, but you are more stunning than he could have imagined. But one serious ultimatum could change everything. He wants permanence, but perhaps you two really are destined to just be temporary. 

A/N: I’m back! And wow it feels good to write again! Here is the long awaited part 2 to FWB Luke, thanks to everyone who requested. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!

*Contains smut~Approx. 3.7k words*

Part One


It was still dark when you felt him move beside you, pulling the last bit of covers off your naked body and rustling you asleep. You opened your eyes to find Luke zipping up his university hoodie and pulling a beanie strategically over his post sex hair.

“Where are you going? You asked, sounding more detached than you felt.

“I work the morning shift. I have to clock in.”

“Your job sucks.”

“Well, it’s 10am somewhere right?” He laughed, leaning his head down for a kiss, but you turned your head away.

“What no kiss?”

You don’t deserve a kiss.” You poked your tongue out at him.

“Please?” He took his lip ring between his teeth and peered down at you in a way that made him irresistible.

“Okay, just one.” You held up a single finger and he smiled, leaning down and pressing his lips to yours. He moved to deepen the kiss but you pulled away with a coy grin.

“Okay one is not enough.” He laughed, looking at you hopefully but you wouldn’t budge.

“Call me first.” You stared defiantly at him, as if to challenge him to make a serious move.

“What, you don’t think I’ll call?”

“Oh I know you won’t call. You’ll text me in the middle of the night, say ‘sup?’ and expect me to come over and have sex with you and then go back home.”

Luke chuckled at your nonchalance. He figured you would think something like that. “Tell me, is it the entire male species you have a low opinion of or just me?”

“Just you.” You shrugged.

With a small smirk, Luke leaned back in so that his lips were brushing your ear. “I’ll tell you what. I promise I’ll call you when I get off work, and then I will come back to you again and we can have an amazing time like the one we had last night.” He pressed a soft kiss to your cheek and you smiled. Maybe Luke was different than you thought he was. Perhaps his rough exterior was simply a facade. Either way, last night was great and you wanted to see him again regardless of his reputation. And by the looks of it, he felt the same way.

“Good.” You spoke with satisfactory tone, a small smile tugging at the corner of your mouth. “Have fun at work.”

“I’ll be thinking of you the whole time princess. You and that pretty little mouth and those perky breasts and gorgeous ass.” He teased as he started tickling your sides, making you squirm underneath him and cry out in laughter.

“Luke!” You laughed, pushing him off you. He grinned as he released you, stealing another kiss from your lips as you rolled your eyes at him.

“I’ll see you tomorrow princess. Feel free to stay here as long as you like and take whatever clothes you need. The boys know not to try anything stupid.”

“Sounds good.” You mused, snuggling back under his covers for a little more sleep.

You couldn’t believe how the night had turned out. You walked into the frat party expecting to map out an escape route, yet you had ended up hooking up with the boy who had practically been your arch nemesis and seriously enjoying it. However, you weren’t quite sure if you were ready to trust him fully yet. He was still a frat boy and he had yet to prove that he could act any differently. For now, you would have to wait on his call and see where things went from here.

Ironically, the buzzing of your phone disrupted your thoughts and you rummaged around the bed in search of your cell phone. The image of the screen was that of your room mate Lola. She must be wondering where you were since you had never come home last night.

“Hey Lola.”

“Tell me you’re in Luke Hemmings’ bedroom right now.” She shouted from the other end.

“Uh, I’m in Luke Hemmings’ bedroom right now…why?”

“God I knew it! I heard that you were his pick of the night but I didn’t actually believe it! I mean knowing you how could I right? But so many people saw you go upstairs with him last night so I thought, hey maybe she scored for once, so I just had to call you and find out!” She rambled. “So tell me, how big was it? There are rumors saying it’s a nine incher.” You could practically hear her grinning through the speaker.

“Oh my god Lola I am not telling you that.” You chastised her, but she only laughed.

“Alright alright. I just can’t believe you actually fucked Luke Hemmings. I mean, you’ve been telling me what a dick he’s been to you then entire semester and now this! Who would’ve thought, right?”
“Yeah who would’ve thought.” You echoed, unable to really believe it yourself. The whole situation really had come from left field.

“Well you go girl, I’m proud of you. I’ll let you go now, see you when you get home. Be prepared to spill everything!” She hummed before hanging up.

You sighed, tossing your phone aside and sinking back into the bed, pushing last night’s events to the back of your mind.


It had been three weeks since your night with Luke and to say that things had been moving fast ever since would be an understatement. The two of you couldn’t get enough of each other and you had been hooking up almost every day since the first night at his frat party. However, as much as you had been together the two of you made hadn’t actually made it clear that you were actually together. It would be too complicated, you both silently agreed, and neither of you really wanted to commit to anything at this point-or so you had convinced yourselves. You had your studies and he had his fraternity, which meant this situation was purely temporary, a nice fix from real life for a few hours a day where you would be able to focus only on the pleasure you gave each other.

But anyone on the outside looking in could tell you were changing. Gone was the introverted wallflower whose idea of a good time was finishing up an essay while feasting on burnt popcorn and in her place blossomed a much more impulsive, and all around carefree woman when you were with him. Just last night the two of you had gone out clubbing with friends, getting so wasted that you had opted to call a taxi instead of daring to drive home. You could just barely remember climbing on top of him as he pulled your dress up and over your hips right there in the backseat for anyone to see. There could have been a milion eyes on you that night and you still wouldn’t have had a care in the world as his lips attached to your neck and left crude marks that lingered still.

All of Luke’s friends noticed changes in him too. They had never known him to be so casual in public with any one girl before. Usually he was quiet about his hookups, bragging only the morning after he had conquered. Hardly ever would he spend more than two or three nights with the same girl, let alone three weeks. Also, he was becoming defensive over you, a habit unheard of throughout the frat who were usually so keen on sharing. A few nights ago, one of the newer members dared to blatantly check you out right in front of him and Luke probably would have punched the kid out had you not pulled him in for a kiss before he had the chance. It was no secret though, that the rest of the older fraternity brothers harbored a kind of disdain for Luke’s newfound flame. They didn’t want Luke grounded, they wanted him available. Available to plan parties, focus on the brotherhood, and most importantly help decided which girl were worth a good fuck and which to avoid. It was vile, but it was the brotherhood and that’s how they wanted it to stay. Jesse, the president of the fraternity had taken a particular interest in Luke’s situation and he was not at all happy at where it seemed to be going.

Nonetheless, Luke had kept his promise that night, calling you right when he said he would and he had been keeping promises ever since. The entire three weeks he had been surprising you, exceeding your standards, and acting more and more like an actual boyfriend than any of your other previous boyfriends ever had. Luke was simply enamoured with you and he was making those feelings more and more evident with each passing day. In fact, if you didn’t know who he was and you weren’t all too familiar with his proceeding reputation, you would be waiting on an invitation to be his girlfriend. But you couldn’t help but hold on to some sort of hope that it was different this time, that you were different. And as much as you tried to stop it, the lines between temporary passion and permanent feelings were beginning to blur.

And so currently, you were walking over to his place, bundled up tightly to protect you from the harsh wind as you crossed the campus. He had called you a few minutes ago saying he couldn’t sleep and  so you, knowing what that meant, put on your nicest set of lingerie, spritzed on your favorite perfume, and headed right over to join him as you had so many times before. You just couldn’t help it. You were fixed on him and there was nothing you could do to change that.


Luke had just barely ended the phone call with you when a familiar voice caught his attention.

“So, the new chick coming over again tonight?” Jesse stood in the doorway, his muscular arms crossed.

“Yeah.” Luke responded tentatively. There had always been tension between Luke and Jesse ever since Luke had been voted Vice President of the frat. Had he been older, the guys wouldn’t have hesitated to make him president, which made Jesse feel undeniably threatened. It was clear that people liked Luke more, but they were more afraid of Jesse, whose uncle was the Dean of the university and known for suspending students per Jesse’s request.

“How long are you planning on keeping her around?”

“For a while actually.” Luke responded defiantly. “I might just ask her to be my girlfriend tonight.” He smiled, thinking about the cute little smile he knew would grace your face when he asked you to go steady. He wanted to make you a permanent thing, not just his temporary fix and he was planning on doing it tonight. Something about you was drew him in, and the thought of anyone else being with you made his blood boil. You were his and tonight he would make it official.

Jesse sucked air through his teeth, shaking his head as he stepped up to Luke. “I think that’s going to be a problem man. See that’s not how it works in this house. We stay single, that’s house rules.”

“C’mon you know that’s bullshit.” Luke spat.

“All the guys agree mate, she has to go. As VP, we need you to be all about this brotherhood, not all about some girl no one’s even heard of. I don’t want to see you with her after tonight, got it?”

“Oh yeah? And what if I don’t, you gonna kick me out?” He challenged, glaring at Jesse.

“Yeah actually I will. If you can’t follow house rules then you can’t be in the house.” Jesse shrugged, a cocky smirk plastered on his face.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Luke shouted, his eyebrows knit in anger and chest heaving.

“You made it my problem when you decided to keep her around for too long. It’s her or you mate. You get one last night with her and then you’re cut off, got it? And don’t think I won’t use whatever power I have to make that happen. If she’s so important then you can kiss any chances of presidency once I’m gone and perhaps even your scholarship goodbye.”

Luke was silent for a moment, trying to weigh his options but the answer was simple: this fraternity was all he had and he couldn’t jeopardise his place at this university. Not after everything he had been through to get in.

“Alright you win. This is the last time.” He sighed in defeat, broad shoulders slumping as the reality of being with you slipped away.

“Glad to hear it.” Jesse smirked before leaving the room, bumping Luke’s shoulder in the process.

Luke sat down on the bed, his head in his hands. How was he going to tell you he couldn’t see you anymore? He was really enjoying spending time with you, so much so that he wanted to make you his girlfriend. Between the way you had memorized each other’s bodies, the cute way you rolled your eyes at him when he was being an ass, your beautiful smile and laugh that made his heart stop, he might’ve even fallen in…

The crisp knock at the door tore him away from his thoughts and he struggled to put on a brave face as he made his way downstairs to where you waited for him for the last time.

He answered the door clad in his usual plaid pajama pants, his shirt missing, and a familiar snapback covering his blonde hair. He greeted you quickly, before ushering you quickly inside and leading you back up to his room where you deposited your scarf and jacket, leaving you in a tight tee shirt and leggings.

“Your room’s messy.”

“Well I figured it was only you coming over so I didn’t need to pick up.” He chuckled, shoving his hands in his pajama pant pockets.

“Seems to me you’re becoming a bit too comfortable around me. Maybe I need to raise my standards.” You chirped before brushing by him and sitting down on the bed.

“Maybe you do.” He spoke and you chose to ignore his cryptic words.

“So can’t sleep huh?”

“Nope, not a wink.” His voice dripped in honey as he slid across the mattress, placing his hand on your thigh and slowly moving it upwards. “It’s hard for me to sleep these days when all I can think about is this.” His hand now cupped you between your thighs, and he gave it a little squeeze. “I swear you’re the only one that does it for me anymore.” He purred in your ear, his hand inching torturously across the hem of your leggings, dipping down so he could access the spot you needed him most. Clearly he wasn’t messing around tonight.

“M-maybe your standards are too high.” You groaned, teasing him with his previous sentiments. His face was a centimeter from yours and you could feel his hot breath on your skin as he rubbed his thumb over your clit, making you gasp out loud.

“No, I think they’re right where they need to be princess.” He rasped just before smashing his lips to yours. At the same time, his fingers entered you and you audibly moaned which allowed his tongue access to your mouth. He pushed you softly back onto the bed, his warm lips still connected to yours. You tugged at the end of his shirt, pulling it upwards and tearing it off of him and running your hands down his chest.

He loved the way your hands felt on his skin, loved the way your felt wriggling underneath him, and he loved the way your body melted so perfectly with his own.

But this wasn’t fair. He shouldn’t be building you up like this when he knew he had to leave you in the morning. You were going to be hurt, he knew, and that thought had him in despair. He had spent too long trying to prove to you that he wasn’t the boy you thought you was and now he was going to be exactly that. But he still had one night with you, and the allure of your skin against his was too tempting to resist.

He curled his finger inside of you, your body twitching at the sensation. His lips moved down to your neck, sucking and biting the soft skin. He could feel his dick hardening and trying to break free of its denim confinements as you continued to let out little whimpers at his touch. He had built up a steady rhythm with his fingers, moving in and out of you at a quickening pace. Your hands moved down to fumble with his belt, unbuckling it and slipping his jeans down effortlessly. As you brushed up against his achingly hard member, Luke shuddered, realizing how desperately he wanted to be inside you. He removed his fingers from your hole, earning a loud whine from you.

“Shhh, princess. I just wanna be inside you, that’s all.” He cooed, giving you a soft peck on the lips and you nodded in affirmation. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of your leggings before gently pulling them down your legs. His face was parallel to your glistening heat and he licked a teasing stripe up your slit before coming back up, humming in content. He always did adore the way you tasted.

“Oh god, Luke please!” You whimpered, the wetness between your legs had built with his teasing as you begged. “Just do something!”

“Mmm, but I want to savor this princess. Savor this beautiful body.” He praised you, interlocking his fingers with yours and moving them above your head, pinning you to the mattress and rendering you helpless under him as he continued kissing you. Finally, he positioned the head of his cock at your entrance and slowly pushed inside. He moved almost lethargically, allowing you to feel every single inch as he buried himself to the hilt in your tight, warm, pussy. Your moans were harmonious as he started to move, thrusting gently, keeping your lips captured in his and your hands intwined. This time felt different than you were used to. He usually went fast and hard, sometimes each of you climaxing multiple times in one session. But this was different, this was soft and tender as if he was taking his time to explore and feel every piece of you. Of course, you enjoyed the slow and almost romantic pace but you were too used to his wild side.

“Faster Luke.” You commanded, but he only buried his face in your hair and mumbled.

“No baby, I want this to last.”  

Your heart inadvertently lept at the nickname, so you complied to his wishes, allowing him to take his time with you. He felt so good moving inside you, his hips gyrating in a perfect rhythm that allowed your orgasm to build as his cock sunk in and then pulled out, his shaft glistening with your arousal.

“Luke…” You moaned his name as his teeth nipped at your earlobe.

“Are you getting close babygirl? I want you to enjoy this.” He purred, clearly enjoying the mess you had become underneath him.

“Y-Yeah, oh god, yes! I love it.” You breathed, squeezing his hand tightly as you felt the pressure between your legs begin to increase with each agonizing thrust that filled you up as deep as he could go.

The bedside lamp illuminated the sheen of sweat on his forehead as you studied his face. Hs brows and jaw were set in a hard line, his eyes were squeezed shut like he was focusing on how good you made him feel as he thrusted into you over and over, letting out the occasional moan as you tightened your muscles around his thick cock. He looked so beautiful like this, so raw and vulnerable and you felt so good, stimulated to your core, and you knew you were about to have your release. You could tell he was there as well as he took his lip ring between his teeth, a tell you had become so familiar with whenever he was close to his orgasm.

You came at the same time, a melody of moans and grunts filling the small room as he spilled his load into the condom.

Your next words you wished you could take back, but the intensity and passion of the moment overtook you and they spilled out as you both hit your highs. “I love you!” You cried out, your breath hitching in your throat as you realized what you had just said.

You felt his whole body stiffen at your words, but otherwise he gave no verbal sign that he had heard your outburst. Instead he flopped down next to you, throwing a lazy arm around your naked torso and pulling you into his chest.

“That was amazing princess.” His voice was raw in your ear, but you couldn’t help but feel like he really had heard you and was simply ignoring it. Either way, you decided it was no use fretting about it now, choosing instead to focus on his strong arms around you and his scruff tickling your neck as you drifted away.

Luke, on the other hand, felt nauseous. You loved him. You loved him. And in the morning he had to break your heart to save his own skin. The scent of your shampoo flowed in his nostrils, the all to familiar scent breaking his heart further as he fought to memorize it.

For the first time in a long time, Luke Hemmings allowed himself to cry. He cried for you and the pain he was going to put you through when he up and left, but mostly he cried for himself and his lack of courage. He wasn’t strong enough to stay with you. And that was worse than anything.


Part 3



Bigbang AU 10/?
Fallen Angel Seungri

“But you said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God, And I will sit on the mount of assembly In the recesses of the north. ‘I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’”

Keep Me Sane-Part 2

Insanity!Michael Clifford AU

A/N: This contains brief scenes of violence and frequent switches between Michael and his inner demons, but I hope it’s not too confusing! This will be the final part of this series. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy! :)

Part One

You were hurt to say the least. You thought you and Michael had had some sort of connection in the hallway earlier, but when you had come to his defense you were met with bitterness and scorn. What possibly could have happened in the twenty minutes that you had left him for? It was like he was a completely different person than the sweet yet guarded boy you had met. There was a venom in his voice when he spoke to you that was almost inhuman and you just couldn’t understand why. Should you not have tried to come to his rescue? Should you have never even talked to him in the first place? You liked Michael and you liked him a lot that’s for sure, but what had caused him to act so vicious towards you? He said he wanted you to leave him alone, but the way he had looked at you earlier in the hall suggested otherwise. You had always been warned to stay away from people who gave you an off feeling, but it was unlikely you would be staying away. Michael made you curious and you wouldn’t rest until you learned what made him tick.

Meanwhile, in apartment 4B Michael had cracked. He finally had a taste of peace inside his head when you touched him and without you, it made going back to his everyday life even worse. He needed you. He craved you like a recovering alcoholic craves his whiskey but he could never have you. Not when his very existence put your life in danger. But little did he know, you were just as desperate for him as he was for you.

He was frantically trying to stay away from you, but the voices made it so hard. They were nagging him, slowly wearing him down so that he would go to you and carry out their desires. A few times that night he had found himself in front of your apartment door about to let himself in, but then he remembered the way your eyes looked. The way they sparkled with fascination instead of disgust at his antics. He remembered your eyebrows and how they knit together in a desire to know more about him instead of confusion as to why he was acting so strange. He needed someone in his life that wouldn’t desert him at the first sign of odd behavior and you seemed to be perfect. But like all good things in his life, you were taken from him by the evil lurking in his mind. The voices were hissing inside him, taunting him with words like daggers.
“She never would have loved you anyways.” “How could someone like her ever want someone like you? You’re damaged. Broken. You’re insane Michael and no one will ever want you.”
Michael sat in the corner of his dark apartment, repeatedly taking the abuse. The digital clock across from him illuminated the room, reading a horrifying 3:44am. His eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep and his mind was terrorized. He had to have you. But he couldn’t. But he had to. But he must keep you safe. He was playing a dangerous game and if he wasn’t careful he was going to lose everything. The voices whispered his name menacingly, demanding that he he seek you out. Michael let out a whimper as tears began to fall down his cheeks.
“Please. Please I don’t want to hurt her, don’t make me, please.” He begged. The tears flowed freely now as the voices taunted him still.“No! Michael screamed. He stood up and paced around his apartment. “I won’t do it.” He whispered, resting his head against the door. But the voice boomed with more intensity than he had ever heard before.


Michael covered his ears with his hands, cowering against the door before once again, his body was no longer his own. As if under a spell, his feet carried him out the door and into the hallway. He took the few steps across the hall to get to your door. Internally, Michael was screaming and fighting against the forces that had him under their control like a helpless marionette doll, but it was no use. It was all Michael could do to watch as his own hand reached up to knock on your door.
Rap rap rap.
Three sharp knocks in the dead of night. He was met with silence so he knocked again. And again. And again.
Finally, he heard a rustling inside your apartment followed by light footsteps padding towards him. The voices were having a frenzy as Michael was dying inside. “Please don’t.” Michael asked in a last ditch effort to protect you.
“Too late Michael.” Inside his mind, they flashed a vision of Michael standing above your lifeless body with your blood on his hands. The vision was truly horrifying, but it did not have the intended effect. It was almost as if seeing you hurt fueled something in Michael that made him able to push back against the voices.
“It’s not too late for her.” He growled to no one, but his conversation was interrupted as you swung the door to your apartment open, rubbing your eyes at the sight in front of you.
“Michael?” You were dressed in plaid pajama bottoms and an old Metallica tee shirt. Michael didn’t think he had ever seen anything so beautiful in his life.
“Y/N.” He was still fighting for control, but seeing you standing in front of him allowed him to just barely stay in the lead, but he the voices were fighting back with malice.
“What are you doing here?” Your voice was soft, seeing as though you had just been shaken awake from what had been a peaceful slumber.
“I came for you.” Those were not Michael’s words.
“What are you talking about?” Michael could feel himself slipping away, but he fought still.
“Can I come in?” He spoke. his voice a little too sweet.
“Uh, yeah sure of course.” You opened the door wider for him, and he pushed inside. With his back facing you, he spoke in a low tone.
“What do you feel about me?” This was the real Michael talking now, having been able to take back control for a fleeting moment again
“Michael, it’s almost four in the morning I…”
“What do you feel about me.” He spoke again, trying to get you to answer before he lost control again.
Thinking about your answer for a few moments, you replied slowly. “I think you push people away because you’re afraid they might see what you really are.” Michael whipped around to face you, taking a step forward.
“And what might that be?”
“You’re afraid. You’re afraid of the real world because you’ve been living in your own for too long. You’re afraid to let people in. But I want you to let me in Michael. And I think you want to let me in too. Something’s stopping you, I just don’t know what it could possibly be.”
Intense green eyes bore into yours for what felt like hours. He was intense, every part of him. But you liked that about him. He was crazy, but you were crazy about him.  
“I want to I-” He stopped himself, though not in time to deter you from what he was about to say.
“You want to let me in?”
“No, I just…”
“No? So you don’t want to get to know me then?” You put your hand on your hips, in a slightly irritated mood because he was being difficult and it was also four in the morning.
“I do,  just lis…”
“Then what is it Michael?! Because you’ve been being pretty shitty to me the last 24 hours and I really don’t appreciate…”
“You just can’t be around me okay! I’m not good for you and I don’t deserve you. You need to stay away from me.”
“So you came all the way over here to tell me to stay away from you? Are you even hearing yourself? That doesn’t make any sense!”
“I don’t have to tell you everything.”
“You also don’t have to barge into my house at four in the goddamn morning and tell me to stay away from you but here you are!”
Michael was stunned to say the least. He had never experienced such a two sided argument before. He was used to arguing with himself, but banter with another person was quite the breath of fresh air.
“You just don’t understand.” He came closer to you.
“Then help me to.” You were an inch away from his face and you could feel the hotness of his breath on your face. He was intense, but you were fierce and you were not backing down. His voice came out in a whisper and what he said surprised you.
“They won’t let me. And I have to protect you.”
“Michael who won’t let you? Protect me from what?
“From me.”
“Michael…” But you still didn’t stand down and didn’t take a step back and that is the only thing that mattered to him. His hand reached up slowly, hovering just over your cheek. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, eyelids fluttering and you could see the gears in his mind turning as he debated what to do next. Like it was instinct, you moved your head so that his hand just barely caressed your cheek. Instantly, he softened like a patient under therapy. You took his arm and pulled him closer to you and he interlocked his fingers with yours.
“I can’t lose someone else Y/N. It’ll put me over the edge and I’m already hanging by a thread.” He whispered, his thoughts jumbled as the night was long.
“You won’t have to Michael. I’m not scared of you. You’re not going to push me away.” It sounded like you were pleading with him.
“NO!” He growled. There it was again the switch. His hand left your face, and it looked like something had punched him in the gut. “Won’t hurt her. In lo-” but he couldn’t finish, because as quickly as he had come, he was out of your apartment and running back to his own.

“You can’t keep running away Michael!” You yelled after him, hustling down the hall behind him. He ducked into his own apartment, slamming the door behind him. Putting your ear to the door, you could hear some confused muttering followed by the sound of various objects hitting the floor. In fact, it sounded like he was trashing the place.“MICHAEL!” You banged on his door but he didn’t open and the crashing noises only continued. Sighing, you decided to try and search for a spare key. Looking under the mat, there was a dull brass key with spare written on the front. Typical. Sticking it into the lock, you mentally prepared yourself from what you were going to see behind this door. Swinging it open, you were met with Michael throwing things around his apartment, hair a complete mess and shirt ripped almost to shreds.
“Michael!” You yelled at him, trying to get him to look at you. “Michael you need to stop!” But he was too far gone right now to allow you to interfere. He hurled another picture frame across the room and pushed a lamp of the nightstand. He let out a scream and you could tell he was fighting. He was fighting to stay in control of himself. You didn’t know what was taking over, but he wasn’t himself that’s for sure. His hands threaded in his hair and he pulled at the roots, trying anything to get back. You ran over to him in a rush to help and grabbed his arm. “Michael!.” It took him a moment to realize there was someone else in the room with him until he felt your touch. He swung around and reached out to you. You thought he was going to embrace you, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. He grabbed both your arms in his hands and gripped you firmly.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay away from me?” His voice was hard, something you had never heard from him before.
“Michael, I just want to help you.” You squeaked out, afraid of what he might do. But this was Michael, and as crazy as it was you think you loved him.
“I told you to stay away!” He slammed you into the wall of his apartment, not hard enough to hurt you, but it was a shock nonetheless. His eyes now bored into yours, the fiercest green that looked like they held a million struggles. He was tired of fighting. But you weren’t going to let him give up.
“You can’t get rid of me that easy Michael.”
“I don’t need you. I-I don’t want you.” His confident aura melted for just a moment as he choked out those words, but it was enough for you to see that this was a facade and he was just a regular boy plagued by a crippling darkness, you could see that now.
“Yes you do Michael. You need me. You love me. I know you do, don’t say that you don’t. You’ve been trying to convince yourself that you don’t but I know you do. I see the way you look at me and I know how I make you feel. You love me Michael.”
“No, I…” His grip on you was loosening as he contemplated what you were saying.
“Let go Michael. This isn’t you. You’re stronger than they are. You are strong. Do you hear me? You are stronger than this!” Your eyes became glassy as you spoke to him. There was a storm brewing in his eyes and lightning was going to strike any moment.
“I’m not, I’m….” His words were jumbled and he began to calm down as he listened to your words.  You grabbed his chin in your hand and made him look you right in the eyes.
“Tell me you love me Michael.”
“Y/N, you know I can’t.” He whispered, his breath on your face.
“Don’t you say that. You love me.”
“I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Then don’t.” You whispered, standing on your tiptoes you ghosted your lips over his, daring him to make the first move.
A split second went by before he slammed his lips onto yours in a heat and passion that had never been felt. He let go of you for a moment only to wrap his arms around your body and pull you in closer. You fit perfectly in his arms like you were crafted for him. And the thing was, is that you were. He knew you were. Because he had never loved someone more, and that’s something he hadn’t felt in a long time. Love.
Suddenly, Michael detached his lips from yours, coming up for air with a gasp. The voices had stopped. He was alone inside his head for the first time. He could feel the empty space there, now occupied only by his own mind and the purest thoughts of you. He smiled and pulled you back to him.
“I love you.” He murmured onto your lips. “I love you.” He trailed his lips down your jawline. “I love you.” He whispered on your skin again and again making his way up and down your neck and back again to your lips. “Baby I love you so much.” He was lost in you. Lost in the peace that you gave him.

“You keep me sane.” He smiled for the first time in a long time.
“And you make me crazy.” You whispered onto his lips.

Michael Clifford was finally free. He was back in control of his own life and of his own mind all because one reckless girl dared to try and love him.




Bigbang AU 6/?
Phoenix G-Dragon

A phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. The phoenix was considered “the royal bird”. The phoenix symbolizes renewal, creativity, transformation, longevity, among other things. Continually morphing and remorphing, the phoenix represents the idea that the end is only the beginning.

Big Brother US/Canada Asks!
  1. How did you come across Big Brother?
  2. First BB/BBCAN episode/season you’ve watched?
  3. First impression of it?
  4. Favourite male US player?
  5. Favourite female US player?
  6. Favourte alliance?
  7. Favourite male CAN player?
  8. Favourite female CAN player?
  9. Favourite Diary Room moment?
  10. Favourite problematic player?
  11. Do you prefer BB North America or BBUK and BBAU?
  12. Favourite two person alliance?
  13. Favourite showmance?
  14. Do you watch any BB Podcasts?
  15. Favourite BB Podcast?
  16. Favourite moment in a HOH/POV comp?
  17. Favourite moment in a HOH/POV ceremony?
  18. Favourite random moment?
  19. Favourite fight?
  20. Favourite feeds moment that didn’t get shown on TV?
  21. Favourite feeds moment in BBCAN?
  22. Favourite feed moment in BBUS?
  23. If you could pick an all-star final four who would be in it?
  24. Would you ever audition to be on Big Brother?
  25. Would you rather leave pre jury or get to jury but your vote doesn’t count?
  26. Do you stan Peter Brown?
  27. Favourite BB host (Julie Chen or Arisa Cox)?
  28. If you were in the house who would you want to couch you?
  29. What 3 BB players piss you off the most?
  30. Favourite quote or tweet from a BB player?
  31. Favourite tweet from a BB feed watcher?
  32. Who did you initially liked in BBUS?
  33. Who did you initially liked in BBCAN?
  34. Have you ever made any correct game predictions in BB season?
  35. Who would you have wished to seen in the house longer?
  36. Who is your favourite BB player to follow on twitter or instagram?
  37. Have you been to a BB related event?
  38. Have you met a past BB player?
  39. Do you watch the feeds?
  40. Is there a BB season you’ve wanted to watch, but haven’t gotten around to?

Yes this is a different show, but it’s still about the game. This isn’t bbuk/bbau where you have to be entertaining or a straight up douche to win. There’s still strategy involved. We’re involved me probably cause the last few seasons have been so bad.

That being said Alex is playing the game and it’s mind boggling that she is being hated for just that. She is targeting likable people therefore that makes her hated. How is she going to win when half the house is more likable than her? Is she just suppose to help pick off all the disliked people and ulimatelt yet evicted because we like everyone else more?

Some really great players wouldn’t have survived this season. They would have been taken out early because America hated them.

I don’t know why no one seems to be able to respect Alex’s game move, instead y'all are all just petty.

64 Floors-Part 7


Summary: So maybe he’s a little more than your boss now and maybe things are finally on the right side of complicated. But can it still be true if it’s too good? 

A/N: I mean c’mon I was gonna have to use a Hey Everybody pic eventually right? ;) Thanks to my tru love Sierra, @ivegotashothough for holding my hand through this whole thing haha. I hope you guys enjoy this part! Happy reading:)

~Approx. 3.8k words~
~Warnings: Smut, language~

|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6|


You sent a quick text to Calum, explaining that yes your boss had decided to fuck you over his desk and no you wouldn’t be coming home tonight. You ordered a pizza for him though, making sure to load it with all his favorite toppings before sending it to him to make up for your absence.

“Ready to go baby?” Luke asked, tying his tie back around his neck as you watched him from your place atop his desk.

“Well besides the fact I don’t have any underwear on under this skirt, yeah I’m ready.” You teased and he looked up at you from under his lashes. With a cheeky grin, he bent down to pick up your ripped panites.

“I think I’ll hold onto these.” He chuckled, tucking the lace into the back pocket of his slacks. You hopped off the desktop and sashayed past him and as you passed, you felt his hand slap your ass.

“Luke!” You squeaked, turning around with your mouth wide open. He smirked at you.

“Just claiming what’s mine baby.”

“Who says I’m yours?”

“Oh princess.” He mused, walking towards you and wrapping his arms around you from behind, pressing his lips to your ear. “You knew who you belonged to when I had you bent over my desk, didn’t you?”

“Y-Yeah..” You cleared your throat. “Yes sir.”

“Good girl.” He smirked, giving your ass a firm squeeze. “Now go get in the car.”

The ride back to his office was quiet. You were dying to touch him again, but you didn’t want to seem too desperate. His fingers laced with yours, the pad of his thumb running over the back of your hand. It was a small gesture, but it sent chills through your whole body.

“Almost there sweetheart.” He whispered in your ear as the car slowed to a stop in front of his building. He placed a small kiss to your neck, the scruff of his beard tickling your skin as he pressed his lips down your jawline. You let out a breathy moan as his hand reached down to cup your heat, rubbing you over your skirt.

“Luke, please.”

“We have to go sweetheart, c’mon.” His hands left you as he got out of the car. You huffed, rolling your eyes as you followed him. His hand found your lower back, guiding you to the elevator.

“Still have a thing for sex in elevators?” He mused as the doors dinged shut, his hand lowering down to your ass and giving it a firm squeeze. You nodded your head in affirmation, but he only laughed. “You’ll have to be a little more patient baby.”

You waited in agony as the elevator rose higher and higher until finally he was dragging you into his suite. His hands were around your waist and pressing you up against the wall, his lips attacking your neck. You reached down to palm him through his slacks, a gruff moan coming from his lips at your actions.

“You want to be naughty do you?” He growled before suddenly he gripped your thighs and pulled you into his arms, your feet lifting off the ground as he carried you to his room. “You know what happens to naughty girls don’t you?” He smirked as he pulled your skirt down your legs, whimpers leaving your mouth as he undressed you.

“They learn to be good girls.” You felt his hand come down on your backside and you let out a yelp at the sting laced with pleasure. “On the bed.“ He commanded and you scurried over to his king sized mattress. “Open your legs for me baby.” He purred, shedding his jacket and pants before unbuttoning his shirt agonizingly slow. You watched him from your place on the bed, feet flat against the mattress and your legs spread wide, giving him a full view. He undid his tie, taking it in between his fingers as he looked at you with a small smirk. With it still in his hands, he kneeled above you staring hungrily at your naked body. You could see the bulge in his pants growing as he caressed up and down your sides. He took your wrists in one of his hands, pinning them above your head as he pressed his lips to yours. You moaned into his mouth as his other hand kneaded at your breast. He continued to grind his hips into yours before suddenly you felt the silk of his tie wrap around your wrists as he tied it into a knot and secured them to the headboard.

“Luke, what-”

“Is this okay baby?” He cooed. You tugged at the new restraints, loving the feeling of being completely at his mercy. You nodded and his eyes darkened with lust as he moved down your body so his head was between your thighs. He slowly slid one finger up and down your slit, before spreading your legs apart further. “So beautiful.” He breathed, as he teased your clit with his thumb. You squirmed underneath his expert fingers, bucking your hips up, but he held you down. “Ah, princess keep still.” He demanded, his voice gruff. You pulled at the ties, wishing you could reach down and run your hands through his soft hair and make him do something to relieve the tension he was creating.

“Luke please.”

“Beg for it princess. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you!” You cried as his teasing continued.

“You have to be more specific than that baby. Tell me what you want, use your words.”

“I want your mouth, please, I want your mouth and your fingers!”

“Stay still baby, or I’ll stop.” He warned, before nuzzling his face between your legs. You tried your best to keep still as you felt his tongue lick up and down and his fingers slowly push into you. You were breathing heavily, concentrating on not moving but as his nose brushed against your sensitive nerves it sent chills through your whole body and you shuddered in pleasure. Immediately you felt his touch leave you and you whined out for him.

“No! Luke please!”

“Sorry baby, you knew the consequences. Naughty girls don’t get what they want.” He smirked as you wiggled your legs, trying to relieve some of the tension he had built inside you. His hand reached down and dipped inside his briefs, grabbing his length and pulling it out for you to see. He pumped it slowly, and you watched in amazement as it hardened in his hand. Your whole body was aching for him as you watched him throw his head back in pleasure.

“Luke, no, let me!” You begged him but he only smirked down at you.

“I need to teach you a lesson baby. You’ve been such a bad girl, teasing me in the office, wearing those tight little outfits, looking so fuckable while I can’t do anything about it. This is just payback sweetheart.” He chuckled and you let out a small moan.

“Let me suck you.” You begged and you saw his eyes light up like a wildfire as he nodded and positioned himself over your awaiting mouth.

“You wanna let me fuck this pretty little mouth baby?” He chuckled, caressing your cheek with his hand.

“Please.” You groaned as his thumb traced your bottom lip.

“Open up kitten.” He smirked as he tapped your lips with the tip of his hard cock. You gratefully took him in your mouth, swirling your tongue around him as he held onto your hair.

“Baby.” He breathed, watching carefully as you took him in your mouth as best you could. “Can I, fuck, can I move?”

You nodded your head, opening your mouth wider as he bucked his hips into your mouth. You could feel your eyes starting to water as his cock reached the back of your throat. “That’s it baby, take my cock.” He growled as he slowly began to thrust in and out. “Feels so good, your mouth is so warm, oh god baby.” He squeezed his eyes shut, his hands resting on the headboard above where your hands were tied.

“C’mon baby, I’m almost there. You want me to come don’t you? Want me to come in that pretty little mouth.” You moaned around his cock, sending vibrations down his shaft and making him thrust forward even further. You gagged, choking on his cock as tears spilled from your eyes but he kept thrusting, chasing his release. You looked up at him with tears in your eyes to see his eyes still closed, mouth hanging open as a silent moan passed over his lips. You hollowed your cheeks and as he pulled his dick out you pressed your tongue to the base of his shaft, licking from the base to the tip, teasing the slit slightly. “Oh, sweetheart.” He groaned as he gripped the base of his dick. “Open.” He commanded and you opened your mouth as wide as you could while he pumped himself before suddenly he spurted a load of hot, white cum into your open mouth. “Such a good girl, fuck, so beautiful.” He moaned before collapsing onto you. Lazily, he reached up and untied his tie from around your wrists, releasing you.

You panted for a while, catching your breath, chest rising and falling rapidly. Soon though, you started to get desperate. You needed your release. Wiggling your hand down your body you started rubbing your soaking heat. You moaned as moved to rub your clit before pushing a finger into yourself, the moan that fell from your mouth catching Luke’s attention. He looked up and you and saw you pleasuring yourself, his eyes turning dark with lust once again at the sight of your little fingers moving in and out of your wet hole. He slapped your hand away, replacing it with his own and shooting you a disapproving look. “Do I need to tie you up again sweetheart? Or are you going to be good?”  He rubbed you agonizingly slow, building you back up again.

“Luke, fuck, please yes I’ll be good!” You gasped, fingers curling into the sheets as you pushed your hips up towards him. He let out a deep growl and pushed your hips back onto the bed, preventing you from moving. You moaned as he took control of you again.

“What do you want? My fingers? My mouth?” He teased. "I’ll do anything my baby girl wants.” You moaned again.

“Fuck.” You cried.

“What was that angel?”

“Fuck! I want you to fuck me Luke! Please! With your cock! I want your cock to make me come!” You writhed on the the sheets, the friction delicious but not nearly enough to satisfy you.

“Whatever you wish princess.” He captured your lips in a heated kiss as his fingers rubbed on your clit, making sure you were as wet as possible before he slowly entered you, pushing in deep enough that his balls slapped up against your ass.

“Oh god, yes please, yes!” You yelled, fingernails raking down his back, as he pounded into you, harder and harder.

“So polite baby.” He said, taking your nipple in his mouth and flicking it with his tongue. You screamed out as his cock hit your sweet spot suddenly and he smiled as he realized he was driving you crazy.

“You like that? Yeah, you love my cock don’t you?”

“Y-Yes sir.” You replied breathlessly, feeling your high coming.

“Tell me you think about this all the time. Tell me you think about me fucking you every single day.” He growled as his hips moved faster and faster, bringing you closer and closer to your climax.

“Yes, yes, yes.” You moaned, hips moving up to grind against him. “Every single fucking day.” You tightened around him and he let out a string of raspy profanities.

“So tight baby.” He praised as you continued to meet his thrusts and grind against him, one hand reaching up to massage your breast. “You’re so fucking good to me, so good.” He whimpered. “Will you come baby? Will you come just for me? Come on my cock?” He cooed in your ear, nipping at your ear lobe as he spoke. You nodded, the pleasure too much for you to speak clearly. With one final, strong thrust to your sweet spot, you came, black dots lining your vision as you dragged your nails down his back again. He let out a groan and you felt him spill another load just as you felt yourself explode in a fit of pleasure. His thrusts became sloppy as he finished for the second time, the feeling of your nails on his skin sending him over the edge.

“Oh baby.” He whined, flopping down next to you and pulling you close, nuzzling his face into your hair.

He was quiet for a moment before suddenly, his cell phone rang, interrupting your cuddling session. He checked the caller ID before getting up and turning his bare back to you. “Give me a minute.” You admired the way the muscles in his back flexed when he moved and how tousled his hair was from the time you had spent running your fingers through it today. The scratches on his back would take a few days to disappear completely but you felt a smug sense of satisfaction at the raised red lines.

“Hemmings.” He spoke curtly into the speaker of his iPhone. You reached up to run your fingers across the freckles on his shoulders but he moved away from your touch. You were confused, dropping your hand as he stood up and paced across the bedroom. You sat up, wrapping the sheets around your bare body, listening to him mutter a few things into the phone. It sounded like a business matter and so you tuned it out, not wanting to think about office life while you were snuggled into your bosses sheets.

After a moment,  Luke ended the call and tossed the phone on his bedside table, his brow knit into a line as he stared at the floor.

“What’s wrong?” You asked. He looked distraught.

“Someone’s been selling information to John’s company.” He spoke slowly.

“What? Who?”

“I don’t know. But it started a few months ago. He had access to my passwords somehow. Information that only I know, save one person.” He looked up at you, his expression hard. “You.”

You chuckled, pulling the sheets closer to your body. You felt suddenly exposed and vulnerable under his gaze. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Tell me I’m wrong, because there’s no other way he would have been able to get those passwords.”

You stood up, grabbing his white button down and wrapping it around you. “I can’t believe you even have the nerve to ask me that.” You seethed, grabbing a pair of his underwear and pulling it over your legs. “You know how important this company is to me. How important you are to me.” The last part came out as a whisper as you looked at him, his jawline hardened and his broad shoulders heaving.

“It started right when you got here. How can you explain that?”

“I can’t. But I can tell you it’s not me. Luke, you have to believe me!” He was silent, shaking his head.

“You should go.”

“Don’t tell me that after everything you don’t trust me?” You pleaded with him, trying to make him understand. “I am here because I want to be here and I love this company and I love you and-” You gasped, stopping yourself mid sentence as you realized what you had just said as his eyes shot up, the blue orbs softening as you turned away from him. “I didn’t mean…I don’t…I”

“You love me.” His hands were around your waist and you felt his lips press against the top of your head before he turned you around, taking your chin in his hands and tilting it so you looked up at him.

“I’m sorry. I know it isn’t you. I was just upset and thinking irrationally. I’m sorry baby.” He apologized, pressing a small kiss to your lips. “I love you too, you know?”

“You do?”

“Of course. You’re perfect, love. And I love you so, so much, you have no idea.” A bright smile adorned your face as he caressed your cheek. “And you look beautiful in my clothes baby.” He took his bottom lip between his teeth as he looked you up and down, reaching around to squeeze your ass. You stared up at him cheekily, placing your hands on his chest.

“Baby you drive me crazy.”

“I know.”


You awoke the next morning before Luke, his soft breaths falling from his lips as the morning sun illuminated his sharp features. You took a moment to admire him before slowly tracing your fingers up his spine. He stirred slightly as your fingers moved up to tousle his hair.

“Mmm baby, five more minutes.” He groaned.

“No can do Mr. Hemmings. We have work to do.”

“Oh so I’m Mr. Hemmings again?” He chuckled, his eyes still closed.

“Once it hits 7am you’re my boss again.”

“How about I just fire you and we spend the day in bed.” He said, wrapping a strong arm around you and pulling you against his chest.

“Luke!” You laughed, wiggling out of his hold and getting up from the bed.

“Baby.” He mimicked as you sashayed over to the bathroom. You splashed some cool water on your face, taking a moment to rake your fingers through your hair. You would definitely needed to stop by your flat before going to work. You emerged from the bathroom to find Luke in a fresh pair of slacks and nothing else.

“Blue shirt would go best with those.” You remarked, and he beamed taking out a crisp, blue button down from his closet. You walked over to where he kept his ties and picked out a matching one for him, reaching up to wrap it around his collar as he finished buttoning his shirt.

“You take being a personal assistant to the next level my love.” He mused, watching you with adoration as your nimble fingers tied his tie perfectly, adjusting it so that it wasn’t too tight.

“There. All set.”

“You’re beautiful.” He blurted, a pink blush rising in his cheeks as he stared down at you with iridescent blue eyes.

“And you’re going to be late. Get a move on Mr. Hemmings.”

“You’re not coming with me?”

“I’m going to stop by mine and get ready before work. I’m missing a pair of panties you know.”

He grinned. “Perhaps you shouldn’t wear any at all.”

“You wish.” You laughed, as you gathered his things for him before pulling on last night’s skirt and following him down to the foyer.


You arrived approximately an hour later than usual to work, but you figured he wouldn’t mind. When you got to your desk you saw a large pink box wrapped in a beautiful bow waiting for you. You tried to contain your smile as you set your things down and moved to unwrap the box. You discarded the bow before lifting the lid on the box. Under the delicate tissue was a beautiful black and white laced lingerie set that was just in your size. You gasped, hiding the present so no one else would see what it was before picking up the note that went with it.

‘Don’t get too attached to these. I’ll be ripping them off of you before the night’s over.’

You blushed as you rushed to put the pink box under your desk, before gathering your papers and starting your work for the day.

By lunchtime, Luke had sent several more gifts, each more extravagant than the one before it. You could tell that the other employees in the office were starting to talk. You could feel their eyes on you as at long last you started to send the gifts away, claiming that they had the wrong address or any other excuse you could think of to make them stop. You sent Luke a quick text, begging him to stop the extravagance, but you knew he was in a meeting and he wouldn’t be finished for awhile.

With a sigh, you made you way down to the small cafe on the ground floor of the office building. You grabbed a cup of much needed coffee and a bagel, mentally going over all the other things you needed to get done today before suddenly, your ears tuned in to a conversation near you.

“She just has to be fucking him. I mean, did you see all those gifts she received today?”

“Oh, I know. I mean, we all knew that’s the reason he hired her, but you would think she would have some self respect. Clearly she doesn’t care about her career.”

“What I don’t understand is what he sees in her. Sure she’s cute, but she’s not good enough for him.”

You could feel the tears pricking the corners of your eyes at their harsh words. Was this what a relationship with Luke Hemmings would cost you? If you didn’t have your dignity you didn’t have anything and you couldn’t deal with that. You would sacrifice a lot to be with him, but not your dignity. With your head held high, you turned around and walked past the group of gossips. Immediately, they closed their mouths, their eyes widening as they realized you had heard them. You gave them a small smile, trying to maintain your kindness, even though they had hurt you.

It wasn’t until you made it to the restroom that you let the tears fall. You watched yourself in the mirror, mascara infused tears falling down your cheeks. You let yourself cry for a few minutes before dabbing your under eye area dry. Your eyes were still swollen and red, but you didn’t care. You had just made a decision, and the news would not be easy to deliver.

It was just before four and you knew Luke would be back from his meeting by now, and so you made your way up to his office, the once comforting doors now feeling like the gates to a prison. You gave a feeble knock and his deep voice granted you entrance.

“Darling!” His face lit up as you entered the room as he got up from his office chair and strode over to greet you. He took you into his arms, placing a kiss to your forehead. “What can I do for you.”

“There’s something I need to speak with you about.”

Sensing that this was a personal affair, a small smile adorned his face as he leaned back on his desk. “Well whatever it is, my answer is yes.”

You took a deep breath.

“I quit.”


Part 8


Ashton Great Gatsby AU

Summary: This is a part of my neighbor!5sos series, but I alluded to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. It modernized and I changed some of the original plot so it’s only based on the story, but I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!

It all felt like another lifetime ago, but he loved you still. There was a time when he was able to call you his. A time when neither status nor wealth could interfere with your love. But he needed to go away. His band was finally getting the chance both of you knew that it would and he had to leave the country to tour the world. Where his life was once sneaking away to the garden with you to get away from the noise of the city, now he was greeted every night by the noise of the crowds screaming his name. Yes, Ashton Irwin had loved you but a lot had happened while he was away.  When you were both saying your quick goodbyes, forced to stay secret because of what your family might do if they ever found out, he had promised he would come back for you and you had told him you would wait, but with a weight on your shoulders like the one you had to bear promises could not always be kept. Your family was wealthy and it was expected that you would marry a man who could keep you wealthy and uphold the family name. You were expected to marry a man of status. A man whose last name would guarantee him privileges in the city of New York. Ashton was none of those things. He was just a kid from Sydney who had moved to Brooklyn to make a name for himself in the music industry. He thought he had it all together, until he met you that is. He had met you while he was working as a mechanic in one of the local shops. You had been with your father when he brought his car in wondering about an oil change. The minute he saw you, Ashton was unable to look at anything else. You were only seventeen at the time  and had been very shy around him, but had felt the spark of passion nonetheless. In the beginning you would come in and watch him work on your father’s car, which was a very expensive car to say the least. You watched as he slaved for hours in the greasy shop, his body covered in sweat and his jumpsuit tied around his waist, flecks of motor oil covering it. You sat with him almost every day and the two of you would talk about everything and nothing all at once. The first time he kissed you, you had come into the shop to pick up the car for the last time. You were just thanking him for his work when he decided he just couldn’t resist any longer. He pulled you close and pressed a soft kiss to your lips that were just as smooth as he imagined them to be. You were surprised at first, but were glad he had finally made a move. It was that kiss that made him completely fall in love with you, and had made you feel the same.

Pretty soon, you were spending all your time together. Whenever you could, you would sneak out of your large house and run across town to meet him at one of the underground shows he was playing with his band. You always stood in the front, cheering him on as he drummed, and were always the last one to leave on nights when he would have his way with you. Somedays he would show up at your house that sat directly on the water, a beautiful estate that was ten acres of gorgeous gardens and orchards, complete with a large white mansion in the middle of the property. He would wait for you outside your window (or outside the gates if they were locked) for you to come out so that the two of you could run off and do what lovers do.

He knew why he had to be kept a secret. If your father ever found out you were in love with a poor mechanic/musician wannabe then he would kill Ashton for sure, so instead you both kept your love private. The memories he had with you, those short eight months, were forever etched into his brain as his favorite memories.

But alas, now they were in fact only memories. His band had been discovered, and soon afterwards signed to a record that forced them to work extreme hours, writing, recording and performing their music. Of course he loved it; it was the only thing he had ever wanted to do with his life, but between distance and the hours he put into show business he had lost the most important thing in his life-you.
Now he was back in New York, five years later, having accumulated wealth beyond compare from life as a part of a famous band. He had been trying keeping up with you through old friends so he knew a little of what you had been up to in his absence. Word has it that you had become a party girl. Where the party was at, you were there too. He also heard that you had become engaged the previous year and that the date for the wedding was set for June of this year, which was only two months away. Before that happened. he was determined to get you back and prove to you that he was the only one for you and that you belonged together. He had made more money than he could have dreamed on the road, meaning he could finally be a man that your family would be proud of. And so, to begin his plan at getting you back he bought the house across the bay from you house. It was a large and luxurious home, something Ashton never thought he would be able to afford. He could see your house from the balcony that was outside his master bedroom, the green mooring light on the dock shining proudly, taunting him. He had to find a way to see you again. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to knock on your front door and barge right back into your life. No, he would have to do it subtly. He would have to make you come to him. So he decided to throw a party. Not just one party, but a grand bash every single weekend until one day you walked through his front door. He would have only the finest food, the best designers would decorate, he would only wear the most expensive attire, all to make you see that he was worth your love now. He left the invitation open, so that you would feel welcome to come whenever you pleased and Ashton made sure to spread the word so that the party would be large enough to attract your attention. Everything was in place, all he had to do now was wait for you to show up.


It was a Saturday night in May, almost 3 weeks until your wedding and Ashton had still not seen you at one of his extravaganzas. With each week, the events became larger and larger, the music seemed to get louder, the people came in greater masses, the event went even longer and still you had not come. Tonight he decided. If she doesn’t come tonight then I will find another way.

But little did he know, word had traveled that a rockstar was throwing huge parties every single weekend and that anybody who’s anybody just had to be there. You had heard that these events had been happening, but with all the wedding planning in the last few months you hadn’t been able to attend. All of your high society friends had already been to at least a handful of them and always came back gushing about how amazing it was and how you just had to go.

So tonight you decided it was finally time you saw for yourself what all of the fuss was about.

“Now who is it that’s throwing all these?” You spoke into your phone to your friend Anita who was accompanying you to the party.

“Nobody knows his name, but it’s some rockstar that’s returned from back to back world tours with his band. People say he never actually comes down into the party but stays up in his room all night.” She gossiped.

“The host doesn’t come down to his own party? That’s unusual.” You pondered.

“Yeah, but who cares? If he has the money to throw the party he throws every week he can do whatever the hell he wants.” You laughed at your friend’s excitement.

“I suppose so…”

You hung up the phone and began to try on dresses to wear tonight.


Ashton paced nervously across his bedroom. The smooth material of his suit feeling scratchy as he waited for the night to commence. He could already hear the chatter of the early arrivals down in the foyer. He decided to pour himself a drink while he waited to see whether or not you would show up.

Two hours passed, then three and he still had not seen you. He was beginning to become hopeless when, as he gazed out the window that looked down on the front courtyard, he saw an all too familiar car pulling up to his house. His eyes widened as his valet opened the door to your car and your leg draped out the side followed by the rest of your glorious body. You were clad in a white dress that draped down to your mid thighs matched with white high heels. Even from his perch, Ashton could see that you were still just as beautiful as you were when he had last seen you all that time ago.

“Y/N.” Your name left his lips like a song he hadn’t heard in years but still knew all the words to. While he was excited to finally see you again, Ashton was nervous. What if you didn’t recognize or even remember him? What if you didn’t want to see him? What if you didn’t like him anymore? All these thoughts passed through his mind as he continued to pace in his room, building up the courage to go downstairs and greet you.

Meanwhile, you were taking in your surroundings, inspecting the large house. You were curious about its owner, but not curious enough to stop you from having a good time. Entering in the house, the atmosphere was infectious. Soon, you had a drink in your hand and were mingling with the other wealthy elite of New York. You saw Anita across the dancefloor and made your way over to her.

“BABE!” She slurred when she saw you, clearly having already been here long enough to get pretty tipsy.

“Hey Anita, love your dress.” You complimented her, trying not to laugh as she practically tripped on her own feet.

“You too doll, as usual. You always look amazing you know that, haha.” She giggled, and then perked up like she had just remembered something. “Y/N I forgot to tell you! I know whose party this is?” You gasped, answering her excitedly.

“You do? Well who is it?”

“It’s the drummer from the band 5 seconds of summer. His name’s like, Ash or Asher or something, last time Irwin I think.” She struggled to remember, but you knew exactly who she was talking about.

“A-Ashton Irwin.” You choked out, face drained of all color.

“Yeah! That’s it! Do you know him?” She asked, oblivious to your pained state.

“I used to.” You whispered.

“That’s cool I…” But she was cut off by the gasps of the crowd. Everyone had suddenly averted their eyes to the grand staircase that led down into the crowded room. Spinning around to see what all the commotion was about, your world seemed to slow as you were met with a familiar pair of hazel eyes cast upon you and he made his way down the stairs. His hair was longer than you remembered and was pulled back into a bun. His jawline was much more defined and even through the fabric of his suit, you could see that his arms were even more toned and built now. Despite these physical changes, he was still the same Ashton, you were sure of it. As you stood breathless, your eyes unable to meet his, he opened his mouth to speak.

“My humble guests, welcome to my home. Thank you for coming tonight, I hope you all help yourselves to the festivities tonight. I guarantee they’re worth your while. Enjoy.” And with a signal of his hand the festivities did continue, but you were still rooted to the spot. After he left for his big tour you didn’t think you would ever see him again. That night you cried and cried and for the next few months you were in a state of depression. Nobody could figure out what was troubling you because you couldn’t tell them about Ashton and risk his safety if anyone ever found out. So instead you sealed your heart and tried your best to move on while Ashton went on and lived his dream, without you. Of course he had invited you to come with him, but you just couldn’t pack up and leave everything no matter how much you loved him. You had never been anywhere away from home without the protection of your mother and father and you weren’t about to just start then. So you both parted ways, and while you tried to keep in touch it just wasn’t the same and soon you lost contact altogether.

But now here he was, standing in front of you dressed in what looked like a designer suit, in a huge mansion, throwing the biggest party in the city. He wasn’t the same struggling musician you once knew that’s for sure. But then again you weren’t the same shy girl you used to be either. Then, it dawned on you that you still had a fiance. Ashton may be wealthy, but he his name held no weight around here. Unfortunately for the two of you, your fiance’s did. He was a wealthy CEO, who was nine years your senior but your father insisted you marry him. Your family’s fortune had begun to dwindle and your dad needed this “marital business agreement” as he called it, to work out so that he could continue to live an extravagant lifestyle he and your mother were so used to. You did not love the man you were betrothed to, but you father did. And to your family, that was all that mattered.

Ashton walked down the remaining distance until he was a step away from you, eyes never leaving yours for a second.

“Y/N.” He greeted you, reaching for your wrist and kissing the top of your palm. It took everything not to sigh in bliss as his lips touched your skin.

“A-Ash.” You shakily spoke back to him and your voice was like his favorite song. “It’s been awhile hasn’t it.” You smiled the smile that had won over countless bachelors in New York, but none of them had managed to charm you quite like Ashton had.

“That it has. I hope we can make up for the lost time. Would you care to join me upstairs? It’s much quieter there and I would love to show you around.” He was radiant. Absolutely dazzling. And you had a feeling he knew it. You were sure years in the spotlight had done that to him.

“I would love to.” At your response, he took your hand in his and lead you back up the staircase, all the eyes in the house on you, making you uncomfortable. What if word got back to your fiance about your reckless behavior with another man?

“Don’t worry about them. Tonight, it’s only us.” He whispered in your ear, sending chills down your spine.

He opened the grand double doors that led into his private bedroom and gestured for you to go inside. Looking around the room, it was just as marvelous as you thought it would be. The curtains were made of fine silk and a black bed with a beautiful mahogany frame sat in the middle of the room. There were guitars and platinum records hung on the black walls. The furniture was tasteful and you relished in it.

“This is lovely Ash.” You smiled at him. He was entranced by you. He wanted to go slowly into his recovery of you but as always, he just  couldn’t resist diving right in. He had needed you too damn much for too damn long.

“It’s all for you, you know.” He spoke, making your eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“What do you mean Ash?” His heart fluttered as you used the old nickname you had designated for him.

“The parties, the house, the decorations, everything. It’s all so I could see you again. And I knew you’d come back to me. I knew I had to see you, I just didn’t know how. So I threw all these parties hoping you would come, and you did. And now you’re here and I don’t ever want to lose you again.” He stepped closer when he said this, reaching out to touch your arm and try and pull you close.

“Ash, I don’t know what to say.” You cast your eyes to the floor, stunned and unable to come up with an appropriate response. Your heart wanted him more than anything in the world, but your head told you that could never happen. Not while you were who you were and he was still who he was, no matter how famous he was now.

“Say you love me. Say you want me back. Look, I have all of this now. I can provide for you and we can get married, if that’s what you want and start a family together and I can do all of that for you now Y/N! Just say you’ll be mine again.” He was getting excited now, thinking that everything was finally about to be as it should. But your next words crushed all of his joy.

“Ashton I can’t.” You were still looking at the carpet, your eyes threatening to spill the tears hiding behind them. But Ashton grabbed your face in his hands, forcing your eyes to meet his.

“What do you mean you can’t? Is it the money? I have that now baby. The house? If you don’t like it we can move. Anywhere you want we can go.” He was getting desperate now, saying anything to make you stay whereas you were making up any excuse so you wouldn’t have to tell him the real reason you couldn’t be with him.

“No Ash, it’s not that.” You were going to start sobbing soon you could feel it.

“Then what is it baby? You can tell me.” He cooed.

“You…you’re just not the same person anymore.” You lied. “I want my old Ashton back. The mechanic back. But it looks like that’s not you anymore.” You continued lying, willing to say almost anything so that he would let you go. It killed you to do this, but you had to do it to save your family’s name. They were all counting on you and you couldn’t let them down. Letting them down would mean you losing everything.

“Okay, then I’ll give it all up. I’ll donate all my money and go back to working again and things can be how they were.” He reasoned with you, but you were shocked that he would do that. That he would even consider going back to a life of hard labor now that he had millions. But Ashton was determined, if not borderline crazy to get you back. He would not live a life without you. He couldn’t do it anymore.

“No, Ash I don’t want that I…”Ashton searched your expression for any sign that showed you still loved him.

“Tell me you love me. Tell me you still love me.” He demanded.

“I can’t no Ash.” The first tear fell down your cheek like a secret that you were keeping, but when Ashton saw the tear he knew what you were truly feeling. You loved him, he was sure of it. He could see it in your eyes and your body and your soul and in the tear and he just knew! He knew you better than anyone and he knew you still loved him just as much as if it were five years ago.

“Then tell me that you don’t love me. Tell me you never want to see me again and you won’t. Command me to stay away and I will. I’m yours and I’ll do anything you ask of me. Tell me you don’t love me.” He whispered, his lips a breath away from your own. You may know what needed to be done, but your body was under his control.  

Against all your better judgement, you leaned in just enough to close the gap between his lips and yours. They felt just as you remembered. As soon as you had given in to him, a frenzy occurred inside Ashton. Maybe it was the build up from all those years without you, but something within him was set free. Hungrily, he returned your kiss, one hand grabbing your cheek and the other reaching behind you to grab your waist and pull you forward. He mumbled small ‘I love you’s’ onto your lips as he kissed you. His mouth wandered from your lips to kiss you face and then travel down to your neck and you moaned at the sensation. His arms wound around you, lifting you off the ground with ease and setting you back down onto his large bed. He climbed on top of you as his hands started to roam your body, his touch igniting you wherever it went. You were lost in him and for the first time since he left you felt at peace. But peace can only last for so long. As his hand began to travel up your thigh, you remembered your fiance and how you had kissed him goodbye before you came here. Opening your eyes, you pressed both palms against Ashton’s chest and pushed with all your might.

“No!” You cried and tears began to fall once more.

“Baby what is it? Was I moving too fast?” His voice was gentle, but his eyes were still like those of an animal.

“No Ashton, we can’t do this. I can’t do this. I have a fiance now and we’re to be married in a few weeks.” You had gotten up from the bed and turned your back to him so he wouldn’t see the agony on your face. “I’m sorry Ashton I have to go. I should never have come.” And with that, you turned and ran out the door, leaving a brokenhearted, disheveled Ashton sitting on the bed.

Collecting his thoughts, he decided that he couldn’t just let you get away again. He bolted after you calling your name, but you had already made it down the stairs and almost lost in the crowd. But Ashton could pick you out of any crowd. Moving through the throng of people, he shoved towards you. But you had a head start and your car was still parked out front. Before he could get to you, you ducked inside the car and told the driver to step on it, leaving the magnificant house, and Ashton, behind. Once you were away from him you were free to let the tears fall. You sat in the back of the car, sobbing as you wished and wished above anything that you could go back to the past.


After the party died down and all the people had gone home, Ashton went out onto the balcony that looked right over at your house. The green light illuminated the lake, showing him how close yet how far away he was from you. You had run away from him. Back to your fiance, back to another life he couldn’t give you. His heart was broken once more and for the first time, he was unsure of what he should do. But Ashton held onto something as he thought of you in another’s arms tonight. Because while you might have said you couldn’t be with him, you never told him you didn’t love him.

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”



Always A Competition

Boyfriend Calum AU

Summary: Calum loved a competition and he rarely ever lost. But this time, he’s facing an opponent that knows exactly how to make him crack. 

A/N: This is just a fun little, fluffy one shot:) Approximately 2.8k words. Thanks to everyone who voted for this one. The others that were on the panel will be posted soon. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Smut


It wasn’t just the rain outside that made you want to stay in bed all day. The strong arms of your boyfriend were wrapped around your torso, your back pulled in tight to him and the heat from his bare chest comforting you as the wind outside howled. You stirred in his grip, letting out a tiny exhale as you came out of your slumber. 

“Shh, baby I still have fifteen more minutes before I have to get up.” Calum’s voice whispered in your ear, his lips tickling your sensitive skin. “Let me enjoy it.” He snuggled back into you, pulling you even closer.

“Or…” You turned around in his arms so that you were facing him. “You could ditch the interview and stay here with me.” You bit your lip and peered up at him from under your lashes, coyly reaching down to toy with the edge of his briefs. Calum sucked in a breath, reaching down and grabbing your wrist, stopping you from reaching further.

“Baby.” He groaned. “Today’s important I can’t miss it.” He placed a small kiss on your lips, laughing as you pouted. “But I’ll be all yours tonight babe.”

“Calum, you’re always gone! Can you please just stay with me this one time?” You stuck out your bottom lip, rubbing your hand over his abdomen like you knew he loved. You wanted him now, and you knew all the tricks to make him stay.

“Y/N I can’t right now.” He took both your hands in his, rendering you immobile, and kissed you again before getting up from the bed and heading to the bathroom. You rolled your eyes before suddenly, an idea popped into your head. If he was going to leave you hanging, then you were going to do the same to him. Calum loved it when you challenged him so you were going to do just that. You got up from the bed, following him into the bathroom. He was hunched over the sink, brushing his teeth. You sauntered in, flipping on the faucet to the glass shower before turning to face him and whipping off your tee shirt. You stood completely bare in front of him, save the black lace panties that complemented your ass perfectly.

You smirked as his eyes traveled down your body, the movement of the toothbrush in his mouth slowing. You dismissed his stare, turning around and slowly stripping yourself of the black underwear. You could practically hear his jaw drop as you stepped into the shower and you smirked as you began to slowly scrub your body, closing your eyes and embracing the sensuality of hot water cascading down your back.

The door of the shower opened and shut and suddenly you felt the familiar hands of your boyfriend on your hips.

“How could such a pretty girl be so devious?” He smiled, kissing down your neck. You could feel the familiar heated sensation creeping through your body; a reaction you only ever felt when Calum had his hands on you. “You think you’re so clever don’t you baby?” He laughed, his fingers reaching down and ghosting over the area that craved his touch most. “Getting naked right in front of me. Tempting me with that beautiful body, that sexy little body that I love so much.” He continued to stroke his nimble fingers across your skin, down the insides of your thighs. Your head lulled back into his chest and you couldn’t help but let out a moan, though as soon as the sound escaped your mouth, he removed his touch from you.

“Cal!” You whined, but he only laughed, reaching for the shampoo and beginning to wash his hair.

“I told you baby girl, I’m gonna be late.”

“You’re kidding”

“Don’t start something you can’t finish babe.” He winked, lathering his hair with the shampoo. You raised your eyebrows at him. “Is that a challenge?”

“It might be.”

Of course. Calum lived for competition. But he wasn’t the only one who was always up for a challenge. You took a few steps closer to him, the water running down his face giving him a sleek, sexy look. You wanted him so bad, and he knew it. But you wouldn’t be the one to crack first.

“Okay Cal. Two can play this game.” You glanced down at his member, staring for longer than necessary and watching it twitch as you ran your own hands through your hair, giving him a little grin.

He swallowed, clearly tempted, but ignored you nonetheless.

The two of you spent the next five minutes in the shower trying everything you could to get the other to cave. He would bite his lip and glance down your body, and in retaliation you lathered yourself in soap and flaunted your breasts. It was clear that you were winning, but still Calum did not give in.

He stepped out of the shower and you couldn’t help but stare at his bum.

“Stop looking at my ass.”

“How did you-”

“Because I know how much you love my ass.”

You grunted in response. “This isn’t over Calum. This is going to end with you on top of me, desperately pounding me into our mattress while you scream out my name, isn’t it baby?” You hummed in his ear.

Suddenly, Calum spun towards you, capturing your chin in his hands as he pressed you against the bathroom counter, a prominent bulge stretching the towel that he had wrapped around his waist. “You little temptress.” He growled, staring deep into your eyes. His brown ones were filled with lust, but had a playful undertone that you had always loved about him. “God I want you so bad.” He groaned. While the look in his eyes showed lust, as much as Calum loved sex he loved to win just as much. “But you’re wrong princess. This night is going to end with you on your knees begging me to fuck you over and over and over again until you can’t fucking move.” He growled, and with that he moved away from you and into his closet, getting dressed and leaving you panting in the bathroom, just as horny but even more determined to beat him as his favorite game.


Calum had been gone just over an hour and you were already plotting his demise. You had picked out his favorite laced set that you owned and had taken a few pictures which you happily sent to him.

Just a little taste of what you’ll get when I win ;)

You smirked at the thought of what the picture would do to him. Surely you were going to win. because there was no way he could resist you in the pretty lace set.

All of a sudden your phone started ringing, and the cute picture of Calum that you had set as his contact picture lit up on your phone. Smirking, you accepted the call.

“You better be wearing that when I get home.” His voice rasped on the other end of the line.

“Admitting defeat already Cal?”


“I’m sorry to hear that baby. I guess I’ll just have to take this off then.” You sighed, giggling at as you heard him groan.

“Baby…” Calum thought he might faint. He didn’t think denying you would be quite this hard.

“It’s such a shame Cal. I had tonight all planned and everything you know.” Your voice was laced in the lust he was so familiar with. “I was going to let you do anything you wanted with me.”

Calum swallowed. “A-Anything?”

“Mmhhhm.” You sighed. “But I guess now I’ll just have to take care of myself won’t I?”

“No. No fuck that I’m coming home. Don’t you dare touch yourself babygirl, I’m on my way.”

“See you soon Cal. I’ll be waiting.” You laughed, hanging up the phone. He had finally snapped. You had won.

You lit some candles around the bed in order to set the sensual mood you knew turned Calum on, although he would never admit it. Looking in the mirror, you fluffed your hair and spritzed on some perfume before adjusting your breasts in the white lace bra you were wearing and laying down on the bed to await Calum’s return.


As soon as he heard the dial tone on your end of the line, Calum raced out of the dressing room to meet up with the boys.

“You look a little flushed Calum, is everything ok?” Michael asked as he shoved some doritos in his mouth.

“Yeah uh, no, I’m not feeling so great.”

“You getting sick mate?”

“Yeah I think so. I think I need to skip out on this interview guys, Y/N’s worried about me and I really just think I should go.” He stuttered. It was possibly the lamest excuse ever, but it was hard to think straight with the picture of you spread and ready for him in the white lace that was currently whirring through his brain.

“Yes I’m sure she’s very worried about your well being Cal.” Michael snickered. Not much about Calum got past Michael. Calum narrowed his eyes and Michael shut his mouth. If there was one thing Michael understood it was a man’s need for sex. “You should go if you’re feeling shitty Cal. I’m sure that’s what Y/N would want.” Michael spoke, trying his hardest to keep a straight face as the other two nodded in agreement, giving him the permission he needed to leave.

“Thanks guys!” Calum called over his shoulder as he raced out of the studio, making his way back to his insanely hot girlfriend. He drove faster than he should have, running a few stop signs on the way. The thought of you in his favorite white lace set, lying in wait for him on his bed made his dick twitch in his pants and to say he was excited would be a huge understatement. He didn’t know how he thought he was going to win this. You were just too sexy to resist. He had no chance right from the start. Though either way, post challenge sex was always the best for you two no matter who was victorious.

Finally, he pulled back into your shared home and slipped the key in lock, depositing his jacket on a chair and racing up the stairs towards the bedroom. The door to your shared room was closed, so Calum took a moment to take a deep breath, flexing a little to pump himself up before slowly opening the door.

“Hey baby.” Your voice sounded like it was dripping with honey. The room was illuminated in the soft glow of candlelight, highlighting your figure perfectly, the curvature of your ass, thighs and breasts kryptonite to him. He tried his best to stand up straight, but the very sight of you made him weak at the knees. How he got so lucky he’s never know. You rose from the bed, crossing the room and moving towards him. You hooked your arms around his neck, tickling the soft baby hairs at the base, causing him to let out a breathy sigh. “You missed me didn’t you Cal?” You knew that you had him wrapped around your finger. You had won and now it was time to play.

“Yes baby, I missed you so much.” His hands found your hips, pulling you in towards him.

“So much that you had to cut time out of your busy schedule and come home to your loving, devoted, girlfriend?”

Calum nodded enthusiastically, practically whimpering as his eyes wandered down your body and rested on your lace clad breasts.

“Do you like it? I dressed up all pretty just for you Cal.” You sighed, turning away from him. “But you didn’t even want me this morning. Why should I let you have me now?”

A look of pure lust overcame Calum as you taunted him. Coming up behind you, he wrapped his hands around your waist, hooking his fingers in between your thighs and rubbing his thumbs over your sensitive skin. “Because only I can make you feel how you do right now. Only my touch satisfies your craving and you want it more than anything, don’t you baby?” Maybe Calum could have you and win the challenge at the same time if he played his cards right. But you were smarter than that.

“Oh no Cal, I know what you’re trying to do and it’s not going to work on me. Not this time.” You wriggled out of his grip, turning back around to face him.

“Baby, c’mon!” Calum pleaded, but you were not going to budge. He always won you over when it came to stuff like this, but this time was going to be different. “What do you want me to do?!”



“If you want me so bad, then beg for me.”


“Nope. If you want me, then you have to tell me just how much or I’ll take matters into my own hands.” You sighed, sitting down on the bed slowly tracing your fingers down your torso and towards the hem of your panties. Immediately Calum stopped you. He was on his knees in front of you in a flash, his hand gripping yours and hindering any more movement. He cleared his throat.

“Y/N. You’re the most beautiful, sexy, smart…smarter than me even…and amazing woman that I have ever met and I love you so, so much. Will you please, please, allow me to make sweet sweet love to you for the rest of the day?” His brown eyes stared up at you in complete adoration as you smiled and reached down to kiss him on the lips.

“Of course Cal.”

“Of course what?” He winked.

“Of course I want you to make sweet love to me.“ You paused. “Or maybe just to fuck me into oblivion.”

“Now that’s what I like to hear.”

Calum pushed you down onto the bed before climbing on top of you and pinning you to the mattress. His lips were on yours, moving rhythmically as his hands trailed down your body, exploring every inch of you like you were made of pure gold. His fingers found the clasp of your bra.

“As much as I love you in this, it has to go.” He slipped the lace off your shoulders, leaving your chest bare in front of him. “And these.” He slipped your panties down your legs before returning his attention back to your lips. He could have done this forever. Kissing you was his favorite thing, but right now he needed more. His arm traveled down towards your glistening heat, his thumb brushing over your extremely sensitive clit, making you cry out.

“Yeah you like that don’t you baby? Look how desperate you are for me darling. All ready for me to fuck you.” He groaned, seeing your wetness so ready for him. “I want to taste you baby, can I taste you?”

“Y-Yes, p-please Cal!!” Your hands tightly grasped the sheets as his mouth attacked your pussy, licking a stripe up your slit as he gripped your legs, throwing them over his shoulders so he could bury his tongue further inside you.

“Oh my god, Calum!” Your hands moved to grip his dark locks as he slurped at your pussy.

“You always taste so…so good baby.” He groaned, hands moving up and down the inside of your thighs, devouring your juices like you were his favorite meal.

“C-Calum, I need you.” He lifted his eyes to meet yours, his tongue still slowly moving around your core.

“What was that baby?”
“I-I need your cock inside me Calum. N-Now.” You tried to sound commanding, but he had you too worked up.
“I know baby, I know.” He climbed back up so that his mouth was level with yours. “You love my cock don’t you?”

You nodded hastily, desperate for him to do something. “Well who am I to deny my beautiful babygirl when she’s been so good to me? Turn around baby, on all fours.” He instructed and you immediately complied, climbing onto your hands and knees and arching your ass out for him. He chuckled as he slid his hands over the smooth skin of your ass, spreading your cheeks a little before he gripped his dick and lined it up with you entrance, easing his way in, both of you gasping at the contact until he was completely inside of you. “That’s it baby, that’s it. Take my cock. There’s a good girl. Oh baby, you can always take my…my whole cock can’t you? My dirty little girl.” He panted and you clenched around him. He reached up and took hold of your hair, wrapping your locks around his fist as he pounded into you, building up a rhythm and speed that had your legs turning to jelly.

“Yes, yes, Calum! It feels so good!” You moaned, the feeling of his cock deep inside you was pure bliss and you could feel yourself reaching your climax as his tip hit your sweet spot over and over as his thrusts became faster. The sound of his balls slapping your skin filled the room and he filled you to the brim. The feeling was ecstasy, his hands that rested on your hips, pulling you into him, creating goosebumps all over your body.

“Let go babygirl, let go for me, that’s it. You’re so beautiful baby, so sexy.” He cooed, egging you on to your finish. Your orgasm hit you like a tidal wave, your walls clenching around Calum’s dick as he gave the final thrust.

“Oh god.” Calum squeezed his eyes shut, his grip on your hair tightening. “I-I’m cumming baby.” In a whirlwind, Calum pulled out of you before spurting his hot cum all over your back and the top of your ass, painting you in white. You knees gave out, weakened from your orgasm as you sank to the mattress. Calum got up, retreating to the bathroom to grab a towel before coming back into the bedroom.

“Here, let’s get you cleaned up.” He kissed the top of your head, wiping your back clean before settling down next to you and engulfing you in his arms.

The two of you lay quietly for awhile, cuddling and enjoying the sounds of each other’s breathing before Calum spoke.

“So… who won?”

“It’s always a competition with you isn’t it?” You laughed, rolling your eyes and snuggling further into him.

“You know I think I won.” He said matter of factly.


“Yeah. Because I just got to have sex with the most amazing girl in the entire world, so I can’t be a loser.” He kissed your temple and you could practically feel his smile.

“You’re still a loser Cal. But I’m alright with that.”