~~Fave Moment from Every Season~~

BB1: Nothing.. That season was so fucking boring
BB2: Shannon cleaning the toilet with Hardy’s toothbrush
BB3: Marcellas not using the veto and getting evicted
BB4: Allison Irwin
BB5: Drew cutting Diane
BB6: Janelle winning DE after Kaysar eviction
BB7: Janelle cutting Will
BB8: Dick fight with Jen
BB9: Amanda and Allison in medical…that’s it
BB10: Keesha’s Birthday
BB11: Chima’s Expulsion…. But I <3 chima
BB12: Kathy stuck in caramel or Ragan vs Rachel
BB13: Rachel following Dani after Brendon eviction
BB14: Dan evicting Shane in F4
BB15: Andy getting Mccrae to evict Elissa
BB16: Frankie’s face when he lost AFP
BB17: Austin’s Blindside
BB18: James’s face when he lost AFP to Natalie


The Fourth Eviction + The Fall of a Strong Woman

In my opinion it’s actually better for Demika’s game to keep Bruno over Karen because that not only leaves another duo in the house but it leaves a huge target that people would go after before them. Their problem is they are not adaptable at all. They are too attatched to Dre and now Dillon to go against them and keep Bruno, when they will probably go after them first. It sucks because I really would rather Ika and Demetres win over the rest of the newbies left but if they keep Karen, she might hold a grudge and lead the charge to get them out, but they’re so stuck on past events that it’s ruining their future game.