Here’s the thing: I still don’t like bitter juries. But there’s a difference between a bitter jury and a jury who has dealt with constant bullying and who was never told the truth.
In bb14, Dan never bullied anyone and he always told the truth in his goodbye messages, and his finale speech was nothing but the truth as well. THAT jury was bitter - they were mad that Dan was so good, that they were fooled, so they voted for Ian out of spite. That right there is what I hate - and I don’t believe it was in true Big Brother spirit.
But for bb19, this jury had to choose between an okay, honest player and someone who had an advantage from the start, treated them terribly, and lied about it all the way up until finale night.
So if people are saying “Ugh, what a bitter jury, Paul deserved that win,” then they don’t fully understand the definition of a bitter jury. They need to rewatch bb14 and get back to me; that was the REAL robbed winner due to a bitter jury.

Imagine an All Stars season where they have to work in pairs with someone they don’t like

potential pairs:

1. Jessica Graff (bb19) and Josh Martinez (bb19)

2. Michelle Meyer (bb18) and Will Kirby (bb2 and bb7) 

3. Dan Gheesling (bb10 and bb14) and Jerry MacDonald (bb10)

4. Shelby Stockton (bbott) and Jason Roy (bb17 and bbott)

5. Amanda Zuckerman (bb15) and Elissa Slatter (bb15)

6. Ragen Fox (bb12)  and Rachel Reilly (bb12 and bb13)

7. Cody Calafiore (bb16) and Christine Brecht’s husband (bb16)

8. The entire bb6 cast and Aprils dog

9. Chima (bb12) and production

Last night has shown once again how important Jury management is.

One can play the most flawless game of Big Brother, never get nominated, get blood on your hands, win the majority of competitions in the game. Hell, they may even be a master manipulator / puppet master.

Unfortunately, none of that matters if one makes the Jury feel disrespected and cheated in this game. At the end of the day, they decide who wins first and second place, and if you make them “bitter,” they will neglect that one played a better game solely because of the way one makes them feel, whether the jurors were bullied, lied to, back stabbed, etc.

THIS is why Dan got second place in BB14, and Paul got second place back to back in BB18 and BB19. Despite Dan playing in my opinion one of the BEST games in Big Brother history, he made the jurors feel like shit, and his 8-1 vote reflected that. As for Paul, same shit, different season. He played much better games than Nicole and Josh, but was met with a bitter jury twice and did not learn from his first mistakes of poor jury management.

So my point is, in order to successfully win this game, you not only have to play your own game and make it great, but play with the jury in mind as well. They do decide your fate and whether you win $500k or $50k.

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Best and Worst BB Players for Each Placement:

Not Including BB9 (which would fill the list), BB7 (good players all around), and BB1 (different format)

(Winner) Best: Dan Gheesling/Dr. Will | Worst: Jordan Lloyd

(Runner-Up) Best: Danielle Reyes | Worst: Natalie Martinez/Ginamarie Zimmerman

(3rd) Best: Janelle Pierzina/Vanessa Rousso | Worst: Adam Poch

(4th) Best: Nakomis Dedmon | Worst: Caleb Reynolds/Corey Brooks

(5th) Best: Shelbey Stockton/Eric Stein | Worst: Howie Gordon/Ragan Fox

(6th) Best: Danielle Lickey/Elissa Slater | Worst: Christine Brecht/Chef Joe Arvin/Roddy Mancuso

(7th) Best: Amanda Zuckerman/James Rhine | Worst: Matt Hoffman/Lydia Tavera

(8th) Best: Daniele Donato/Britney Haynes | Worst: Paulie Califiore

(9th) Best: Helen Kim/Becky Burgess/Bridgette Dunning | Worst: Scott Dennis

(10th) Best: Kaysar Ridha/Jackie Ibarra | Worst: Jase Wirey

(11th) Best: Da’Vonne Rogers/Shelli Poole | Worst: Casey Turner/Dominic Briones

(12th) Best: Amber Borzotra/Steven Diagle | Worst: Mike Dutz

(13th) Best: Jason Roy/Brian Hart/Brittany Martinez | Worst: Cornbread Ligon/Joe Barber/Lori Valenti

(14th) Best: Audrey Middleton/Dominique Cooper | Worst: Jeremy McQuire

(15th) Best: Nick Uhas/Paola Shea | Worst: Jozea Flores/Jillian Parker 

(16th) Best: Da’Vonne Rogers | Worst: Joey Van Pelt

(17th) Best: Cameron Heard | Worst: Jace Agolli

Do you agree of disagree with any of my choices? Please let me know

ok and ALSO the reason dan was robbed in bb14 but paul was not robbed in bb18 or bb19 was because in bb18 his ego did it to himself and in bb19 the jury didn’t vote for him because he orchestrated the bullying and seclusion of houseguests week after week. dan, on the other hand, also lost due to a bitter jury BUT they were bitter because he outplayed them, because they were better friends with ian, and because he gave literally everything he had to the game to a further extent than they would have. while yes, his jury management was not good, he should have won while paul shouldn’t have because unlike paul, he didn’t participate and encourage bullying to get to the end.

tl;dr: dan’s gameplay did not cross the personal lines, that paul’s did (such as bullying)

~~Fave Moment from Every Season~~

BB1: Nothing.. That season was so fucking boring
BB2: Shannon cleaning the toilet with Hardy’s toothbrush
BB3: Marcellas not using the veto and getting evicted
BB4: Allison Irwin
BB5: Drew cutting Diane
BB6: Janelle winning DE after Kaysar eviction
BB7: Janelle cutting Will
BB8: Dick fight with Jen
BB9: Amanda and Allison in medical…that’s it
BB10: Keesha’s Birthday
BB11: Chima’s Expulsion…. But I <3 chima
BB12: Kathy stuck in caramel or Ragan vs Rachel
BB13: Rachel following Dani after Brendon eviction
BB14: Dan evicting Shane in F4
BB15: Andy getting Mccrae to evict Elissa
BB16: Frankie’s face when he lost AFP
BB17: Austin’s Blindside
BB18: James’s face when he lost AFP to Natalie