• Us: bring back queen Jodi! Justice for Jodi! we love her we want to see her play the game her 6 hour stay wasn't enough!!!! We want more Jodi!!
  • CBS: aha! We know /exactly/ what you want and we're gonna give it to you!
  • Also CBS: *brings back images of Jodi instead of bringing actual jodi back*
~~Fave Moment from Every Season~~

BB1: Nothing.. That season was so fucking boring
BB2: Shannon cleaning the toilet with Hardy’s toothbrush
BB3: Marcellas not using the veto and getting evicted
BB4: Allison Irwin
BB5: Drew cutting Diane
BB6: Janelle winning DE after Kaysar eviction
BB7: Janelle cutting Will
BB8: Dick fight with Jen
BB9: Amanda and Allison in medical…that’s it
BB10: Keesha’s Birthday
BB11: Chima’s Expulsion…. But I <3 chima
BB12: Kathy stuck in caramel or Ragan vs Rachel
BB13: Rachel following Dani after Brendon eviction
BB14: Dan evicting Shane in F4
BB15: Andy getting Mccrae to evict Elissa
BB16: Frankie’s face when he lost AFP
BB17: Austin’s Blindside
BB18: James’s face when he lost AFP to Natalie


The Fourth Eviction + The Fall of a Strong Woman

My Favorite Queens of Big Brother

This is the list of my Favorite Houseguest in Big Brother US and Canada. There is no particular order, they are all loved the same.

Britney Haynes (BB12 and BB14)

Best Dr’s ever and what a social game

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Danielle Reyes (BB3 and BB7)

The Truly Robbed Queen

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Neda Kalantar (BBCAN2)

Another robbed Queen 

Soon to be winner of Big Brother Canada All-Stars

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Janelle Pierizina (BB6, BB7, BB14)

The true winner of BB6 and BB7

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Natalie Negrotti (BB18)

¼ of the winners of BB18

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Michelle Meyer (BB18)

2/4 of the winners of BB18


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Da’vonne Rogers (BB17 BB18)

¾ of the winners of BB18

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Bridgette Dunning (BB18)

4/4 of the winners of BB18

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Cassandra Shahinfar (BBCAN 4)

One word: ICONIC

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Nikki Grahame (BBCAN4 UK16 UBB UK7)

Another Iconic houseguest 

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If you see this please make a list of your favorites too!!!!