- Dumb surfer dude
- Male model with no personality
- Straight up homophobic guy
- Old man who’s either loved or out first
- Socially awkward nerd
- Overly flamboyant gay guy
- An edgy guy with a unique beard, voice or something
- One black man to prove they aren’t racist

- Cute blonde bartender who has never seen the show before  
- Country girl who will get into a showmance
- Superfan
- An “old” woman (BUT NOT TOO OLD CAUSE EW!) who just talks about being a mom all the time
- Model
- Socially awkward nerd 
- A girl with colored hair to prove that there casting process is edgy!
- One black girl to prove they aren’t racist, but NOT TOO BLACK! She’s like mixed and everyone hates her for no reason.

10/16 of them are recruits
There’s a 9 person alliance formed week 1 against the blacks, the gays, and the old people.


Finally! the last part is here! 

Man this took me so long, but I am was really busy to finish the sketchs. Whatever, there you have it. I really like to make this part ‘cause is important for they future relationship. (yep, they’ll be more of them all together, but you’ll have to wait some time for it). 

Neither to say, Thank you so much guys <3 I really enjoy doing this silly things and I’m glad you like them!…Now, the end under the cut.

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Dropping Evan off at the airport
  • Evan: Delirious is dropping me off at the airport today.
  • Delirious: yeah...
  • Evan: awe are you crying?
  • Delirious: No!
  • Delirious: yeah...
  • -Five minutes later-
  • Delirious: good riddance mother fucker!
  • Evan: you were just crying five minutes ago!
  • Delirious: yeah! Tears of joy! (Flips Evan off)