According to the BBS novel...

I found the translation here: khinsider
According to the forums, the person who translated this is: nenilein

  • Before Xehanort extracted the darkness from within him, Ventus was originally a pessimist, quite unlike the Ventus we see in BBS
  • Terra hates sweets and prefers nuts (nod to the “Rockin’ Crunch” ice cream, anyone?)
  • Aqua is a very talented baker and apparently makes a lot of sweets - much to Terra’s chagrin (hah!)
  • Ventus’ first treat upon arriving to the Land of Departure was a slice of cake Aqua made
  • Master Eraqus’ favorite fruit is strawberries
  • The whole banter about Aqua “being such a girl” (courtesy of Terra) was implied to have existed long before Ventus arrived
  • When Ventus first spoke to Terra and Aqua on a “casual” level, Terra laughed and Aqua burst into tears from an intense amount of joy/relief
  • The first time Ventus sparred with Terra, Terra commented on how Ventus wielded the Keyblade: “Um, I’m not sure you’re supposed to hold it like that…”
  • Ventus fainted only when Terra raised the Wooden Keyblade to attack (nod to the harsh training of Xehanort).
  • Terra felt guilty and blamed himself when Ventus fainted after his first “spar” with Ventus and Aqua was there to comfort him
  • Apparently, it was Aqua and Terra who came up with the nickname “Ven” because it “rolls right off the tongue”
  • Vanitas feels pain every time an Unversed is killed. He also felt extreme disgust towards Ventus, upon meeting his lighter half, and attacked him

So next time someone tells you the BBS/Wayfinder trio have “no background/character”, please send them a link to the BBS novel. Remember that the original plan for the novel was Tetsuya Nomura himself, and I’m pretty sure he would’ve looked over the content before giving a confirmation.

  • Gorillaz:they didn't know what kind of music they were good at so they tried everything
  • Demon Days:Gorillaz' goth phase
  • Plastic Beach:They got their shit together and made cool stuff
  • The Fall:2D probably got stoned and started making dumb noises and mixing them into songs
  • D Sides:All the leftover stuff that's actually decent
  • G Sides:they didn't even do anything

Many we love have passed away too soon… without reason.
We remember them often in a thousand different ways…
In the morning… In the night… When we look at the stars…
A date… A song… A place… A smell.
In memory of all those who left us too soon…

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