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If you are still looking for design suggestions/prompts/etc. if you did a design with “May the bridges I have burned light my way back home,” from Fall Out Boy’s 4th of July… I would buy the shit out of that. Guaranteed. Love your work and await your next designs/patch releases/everything you do with bated breath. You are amazing <3

happy fourth of july!

  • literally every implied homosexual relationship in homestuck:*is actually homosexual, real, and not queer-bating*
  • hs update:*dave and karkat are shown being very close, touchy-feely, and happy together*
  • fools who think they're not together in some way:*is fooled*
Misadventure: Chen [College!AU]

Another college!au that turned out really nice and cute ;u; I hope you guys enjoy!!

The hallways were silent and shrouded in darkness, and you waited with bated breath before hauling out your basket full of dirty clothes. It was heavy and creaked a little with the weight, but you managed to tug it through the hallway and silently down the stairs, then through a couple more corridors until you reached the laundry room.

You placed your ear cautiously upon the door, half out of nervousness and half out of fooling around. You felt like a secret agent on a mission, or an assassin on the hunt for their next kill.

When there was nothing to be heard, you slunk into the room and shut the door behind you.

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Deeks and Monty go undercover and Kensi misses her boys

The first night hadn’t been terrible, memories of the night before and his scent still lingering to the pillows on her bed keeping her strong. But the second night and every moment after was torture. 

It wasn’t the first time their relationship had been tested by an undercover assignment, but this time felt different, for so long he’d been there, with her nearly every night without any calls from Bates or Hetty coming in, but now she alone, had been for months. Desperately lonely without the companionship of her boyfriend and his mutt, who just had to go under with him. 

She was shocked and terrified by how much she missed everything, from the obnoxious babbling of his voice that she secretly found adorable, to the awestruck look in his eyes when he watched her devour whatever concoction he’d mixed up her. She’d never admit it, but she loved his cooking. 

Work became her distraction, the place she’d hide in to escape her disturbing quiet and empty apartment, so that one day when a scrap of paper landed on her desk, Kensi jumped, staring up at a smirking Granger. 

“Only use that once,” Granger said, nodding towards the paper which Kensi now noted had a phone number written carefully on it. 

“Or?” She lifted the paper, barely daring to believe that it actually was the thing she’d been wishing for.

“Or I won’t be able to protect either of you from Henrietta.” Granger grunted, tapping the surface of her desk, turning away. “Good luck, Blye. He should be back soon.” He left then, only nodding when she thanked him and dashed past him out the doors to the mission. 

Slumping against the wall outside, Kensi shakily removed her phone from her jeans pocket, pressing the buttons to dial the mysterious number with trepidation and longing. 

Her fingers were trembling when she lifted the phone to her ear, heart pounding out of her chest, but she immediately stilled, a delighted smile breaking over her face when a familiar drawl came from the phone.

“There you are, Kensalina. I was worried Granger hadn’t given you the number." 

Chapter Twenty-Five

A/N: This is a weird little chapter, but I hope you enjoy it. xxx

Emmy wiped her somewhat clammy hands on her thighs, a hint of nerves creeping up on her as she sat beside Harry, waiting for Edward to return. He’d just disappeared to fetch Claire, Emmy’s new private secretary, and now Emmy was waiting with bated breath and increasing fear.

“You feeling okay?” Harry asked.

“Hmm.” She forced a smile. “Just…slightly worried.”

“What about?”

“This…Claire lady,” Emmy explained, before turning her blue gaze to his. “What if I don’t like her?”

“Then you have to say,” he said. “To me, or Edward. There’s no rush. Claire has been chosen for the job, but she’s been told that this is the final part of her interview – meeting you. If she’s not the kind of person you want, just say and we’ll get someone else.”

She bit her bottom lip. “I don’t want to be mean-”

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As vezes eu sinto vontade de ter alguem com quem falar sobre minhas dores.. Mais ai já bate aquela vontade de fugir do mundo e sentar no canto mais escuro do quarto

Kevin Spacey and a host of other actors read from the Declaration of Independence in front of more than a million cheering people at the Philadelphia Museum of Art during Fourth of July festivities. July 4, 2001 in Philadelphia, PA.  On the way to the event, Kevin discovered his suit didn’t make it onto the plane. Not to worry, his peeps managed to get it to him anyway ;) 

This event was part of Norman Lear’s mission to bring “the people’s document” directly to the American people. See the entire video and more at normanlear.com