Okay this is a long shot but I thought I’d join in with trying to guess the theme in sheer desperation. I don’t know if I’m the first to spot this but here goes…

The new logo/advert that AHS put on their Facebook looks like a ‘96’ as shown above. All I could think about was the Fox Hollow Farm Killer. Ending in 1996 these were a series of killings of gay men in which 11 were killed and buried at the farm.

As well as this, the new series has only 10 episodes, maybe a killing an episode and two on the Halloween special? I don’t know and obviously I may be wrong but I saw a connection, especially with the new teaser videos which feature a farm house!

I see it as a personal attack on my person on behalf of “Stranger Things” to present to me even the slightest whiff of a relationship build up between the town’s local shady sheriff and nervous mother with two sons. I fell for that once and I WILL NOT DO SO AGAIN! So take that narrative away from me. I will not have it. I see what you are doing here.