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Still Burning || A Tomione BatB AU Oneshot || Dark Themes

She shivered and tried to push herself deeper into the corner, but the stone walls offered no comfort from the storm. With the windows broken and snow steadily building on the far side of the room, the least of her problems was getting sleep, but she was exhausted. Her muscles ached in protest from having sat huddled for so long, but she hardly cared. It was so cold that she could hardly feel the pain anyhow.

Freezing was such a slow way to die, she realized. She’d stopped counting how many times the sun came and went, assuming she would soon be dead, and that it wouldn’t matter how long she’d been locked away. She initially believed she would starve first, since the almost unending blizzard outside kept her supplied with plenty of frozen water to drink. At that thought, her stomach cramped painfully, but she couldn’t curl her body any tighter than it already was. She could offer no pressure to help ease the pain.

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Beauty and the Beast AU || semi-open

Open to Marinette/Ladybug blogs only.

Heads up the set up is long; it continues beneath the read more.

It was supposed to be the eve of his coronation. It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way.

Despite his father’s wishes he had been wandering the castle, talking with staff, excitedly chattering with guests. He had wandered back to the kitchens to try and sneak some sweets when he had heard tapping at the back door.

When he opened it an old man stood there in ragged robes, with long untrimmed nails and yellow eyes. Adrien gasped; the man stunk of urine and stale body odor, he covered his nose instinctively.

“Young master; have you any cheese for an old man?” The man asked his head bowed. Adrien took a step away the smell growing to be too much for him.

“I have not cheese sir; I have bread and butter, even cakes and tarts, but I have no cheese.” Adrien protested. “I can try and find you some if you’d li-”

“Adrien!” Gabriel arrived in the kitchens his expression stern. He regarded the man at the door with a sneer. “Go away old beggar, we have nothing for you here.” his expression softened as he turned to his son. “Come along now Adrien.” he gestured for him to follow.

“He’s just hungry father, we have plenty of food.” Adrien protested.

“Please sir; I ask only for a wedge of cheese.” the old man bowed his head. Gabriel turned on the man.

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Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer.