Overwatch Timeline

2015 Reinhardt is Born

2016 Ana is Born

2019 Torbjorn is Born

2028 Roadhog is Born

2038 Hanzo is Born

2039 Mercy and Mcree are Born

2041 Genji  is Born

2043 Widowmaker is Born

2044 Pharah is Born

2046 Bastion is ‘Born’/Omnic Crisis/Overwatch is Founded

2047 Winston is Born*

2048 Zarya and Symmetra are Born

2050 Lucio is Born

2051 Junkrat is Born/End of Omnic Crisis

2056 Zenyatta is Born

2057 D.Va is Born

2065 Reyes and Jack ‘Die’/Swiss Headquarters Explodes

2066 Fall of Overwatch

??? Mei wakes from Cryostasis

2071 Jack is busy being Soldier 76

2076 Recall

Things My Dad Says While Playing Overwatch

My dad is the one who first got me into FPS games, he’s amazing at CoD, Battlefield, and Rainbow Six. But Overwatch, he needs a little time to get used to, I think. He played for the first time tonight, and my sister and I were dying of laughter at the things he said, check it out!

While playing as/with a D.Va:
- (D.Va says something in Korean) Oh shut up…
- *mimicking D.Va* I’m back in the fight!
- (D.Va says Korean stuff) *mimicking accent* Ya!
- (D.Va speaks again) Oh shut up.
- (D.Va says to attack the point) Yeah, what do you think we’re doing? Whore…
- (D.Va says “Thanks for the love”) Oh piss off…

While playing as Reaper:
- (Reaper goes “What are we waiting for?”)Yes we must kill. It’s death time. It’s time for me to kick your ass. What are we waiting for. Come to me bitches. Oh shit. I take your dumb ass out too. What are we waiting for? Oh…oh…oh…
- (Reaper says “This time I’ll finish the job”) Yeah, you should have finished it last time, ya dummy.

While playing as/with a Torbjorn:
- (To enemy Torbjorn getting PoTG) Oh you little fat bastard…
- (Torbjorn banging on a turret) More like banging on a turd…
- *gets two likes in endgame lobby* Come on give me another one bitches. *no one else likes him* You ssuuck…

While playing as Reinhardt:
- *plays Reinhardt for the first time* They call me the pounder. The big pounder..
- (“I’ll never give up on the fight”) Well then ya better hurry your ass up, then…

General Things:
- (Trying to get past Roadhog) Come on, fatty!
- (To ally Hanzo) Come on wolf boy, get over there!
- (“60 seconds remaining”) Oh bullshit.
- (Bastion kills him in Tank Mode) Oh yeah I know I’m gonna die. Bastard… Bullshit…

anonymous asked:

how would the Overwatch characters react to being asked to teach someone their native languages? (minus Bastion, Zenyatta, and Winston since they don't really have their own languages unless you can think of something :P) Also, how would each character be at teaching?

I did not do all of the Overwatch characters because that will be a lot to get through. However, I did what I thought would be most interesting.

Reinhardt: He would be so happy! He would not stop boasting about his German heritage and talk excitedly and often rambling off in German without realizing it. Probably wouldn’t be the best teacher as he would get distracted.

Mercy: When it comes to the German language, Mercy might be the best bet to go too. While her German is slightly different than Reinhardt’s due to geography, she is a great teacher and everyday would regularly teach someone the language, testing them, speaking, and writing all in German.

Torbjorn: He would be surprised and interested that someone would want to learn Swedish. He wouldn’t know how to teach it tell but will from time to time explain things such as the Swedish alphabet and common phrases. He’d warn you that it would be a difficult language to learn but if they are really passionate to learn they can always try their Swedish on him.

Pharah: Would be pleased that someone is showing interest in her language. She will get together with them and practice often and teach in the simplest way she can. Though it will require a lot of patience. 

Widowmaker: Might show a slight bit of interest in someone if they want to learn French. but honestly she mostly wouldn’t care. She would be the harshest, constantly criticizing the person to pronouncing a word incorrectly, or not knowing the word in French. Essentially she hates it when people butcher her language. I wouldn’t go to her unless you are brave or your French is “real” French.

Genji and Hanzo: Would be very honored to have someone invested in their culture and language. The two would take turns teaching. Hanzo would focus on the technical parts of the language such as grammar rules and writing. Genji would focus more on making common Japanese sentences and verbal pronunciations 

Zarya: Would accept immediately. That Russian pride is strong in her. Would be a very difficult language to learn and Zarya would often be confused how someone doesn’t understand her language. She is pretty patient and often chuckle at the persons attempt to “sound” Russian.

Reaper: The best way to teach you his beautifu language would be by watching dramas with him. That is it. If they have a question Reaper will reply din a disinterested tone while glued to the TV screen, murmuring in his language.

~Mod Rose

Supergiant Games’ store is having a sale!

Personally I think the most worthwhile item in there is the Transistor vinyl, which also includes the digital versions of the songs, and it’s limited 2 per person.

It also includes the bonus track She Shines and a gorgeous disk jacket. The disk is also translucid milky white instead of black, which kind of adds to the feel.

I wonder how long this sale lasts.

Update: The iOS edition of Bastion is only $0.99 and iOS edition of Transistor is only $2.99 right now! Go get them!

anonymous asked:

Fun fact you might get a kick out of. That Milo guy? Not long ago he was breaking Twitter rules and lost his blue check, the mark of being a verified user. His response? START A WHITE HOUSE PETITION TO GET IT BACK.

You’re correct, that amuses me so much. His fans acting like her is the last bastion of free speech, that he is a martyr all amuse me and this fits with the theme.

First Date: Hanzo x Reader

Developing a crush on Hanzo was the last thing you had in mind. You anticipated his character from what you could gleam from Genji and what press releases said of the once proud Shimada clan – a stern, restrained, melancholic, and angry archer with no friendly inclinations towards his new teammates. On missions together, you respected him and kept chitchat to a bare minimum, focusing on the objective and backing him up when he requested. Or when he was being blatantly reckless. Genji was still a sore spot for him but if his brother’s life was in danger, Hanzo lost his composure completely.

Genji had been pinned down by a massive omnic, bigger than Bastion; Hanzo disengaged from the small squadron of enemy fighters he’d been picking off and turned his arrow on the omnic instead. You told McCree and Tracer to take them down as you surged ahead of Hanzo, drawing the omnic’s attention away from Genji. It had an exposed spot on its chest, something Hanzo would hopefully pick up on, and when the arrow struck true, you returned to the mission at hand. You didn’t think it was much, you’d done the same for Genji plenty of times in the past, hadn’t expected anything to happen because of it. But a week or so, a small box wrapped in elegant paper was left outside your door – a selection of some of your favourite snacks, some tea, and a few small trinkets. The sender was still a bit of a mystery until you noticed the small jade dragon, and thought the colour was strikingly green, something about it screamed Hanzo Shimada.

Missions from then on went a little more smoothly when the two of you were paired up, he consistently had your back and you regularly played distraction to open up enemies to his arrows. He was more open during briefings, improved upon your sword technique, and was generally a warmer person all together. And then he asked you out. Panic. Sheer and utter panic, what did you do? It was no secret that you certainly enjoyed his presence, you marveled at his skill and dedication. The others caught you staring at him, a lot. Maybe he had as well…?

Either way, you were stuck pacing in your room trying to find something adequate to wear. Something informal and casual, yet…what? Respectable? He was yakuza, raised in luxury where his playmates were handpicked and told to behave, or otherwise be killed for upsetting him. All the finery in the world, exotic and mysterious, he knew of, surely. How had you garnered his attention?

The knock on the door startles you more than you’d like, Athena informs you it is only Genji and when the door opens, you drag him inside.

“(Y/N) –“

“Tell me what to do, I’m losing my mind here.”

“Why ever for?” he asks, almost exasperated.

“Have you seen your brother? He’s gorgeous, and I’m…well, this.” You gesture vaguely at yourself. Genji groans and shakes his head.

“My brother is a fool.”


“He has barricaded himself in his room, refusing to come out.”

The cyborg ninja walked around you once, twice, and then nodded – taking your hand and pulling you out into the hall. He pulls you down towards his brother’s room, ruffles your hair a bit and announces your presence. There’s a clatter, a shout, and then the door opens a crack. Genji gives you an encouraging nod and then vanishes. Hanzo looks…good, really good, but you’re not stupid that the smell of sake goes over your head.

“Hey,” you manage.

“Hello.” You both stare at each other for a second, two seconds.

“Look, I think we’re both a little…out of our league here. Wanna just…hang out? As friends?”

“…would that be alright?”

“Yeah, come on. I know a good place, lots of fresh air.” You hold out a hand, surprised at your own boldness, and Hanzo takes it. He’s warm, responsive; you lead him into the garden, through a small winding path and then an open cavern overlooking the bay.

“I once took up archery but I was a crap shot, used this as my training arena.” You explain, sitting on the edge.

Hanzo sits down beside you, his hand near yours as he inhales deeply. “It’s nice.”

“Come here when you like, our secret.” You smile, bumping his shoulder.

Hanzo’s mouth curls strangely.

“I shall, provided you forgive my cowardice. I have not felt like this…”

“For a while?”



“Are you always this talkative?”

“Only when around you, sweetheart.”

i want to see human bastion transform into turret mode and his organs and limbs all get rearranged and he screams in great pain every time

catsandliquorice  asked:

Do you have any tips for playing Mercy well?

Uh oh ! Well, Mercy is for sure extremly vulnerable but her Shift can save her all the time, i would suggest to keep an eye where your teammates are located, so you can escape dangerous situations easier.

Also in my opinion healing up the other teammates before the tank is also good, since they are most likely to die - and the tank can hold himself/herself up for a while.

I think the biggest tip i can get is just to run when you hear Ultimates like Junkrat,Soldier 76 or D.VA. Just hide, stop healing and wait. ( Only if you have your Ultimate though. ) You can revive alot of people.

Hm.. well, the “Pea-pistol” of Mercy - i usually use it when no one’s on critical health, or we need to take down a turret or a bastion.