so prosper bluff was noted to be especially dangerous but when you find zia she’s just chilling there and playing music and has a nice campsite set up. like this is a girl who’s had no special training in combat or weapon teachings but she’s surviving just fine, like not even in shambles or anything, she’s got this nice big area set up and she’s relaxing and you don’t even fight any enemies around her. so you “rescue” her but if she had known where the bastion was she could have just waltzed over there on her own.

and the second time you “rescue” her, she’s again not in need of any rescuing. she went with the ura and then left of her own accord and then was waiting in front of the skyway like it was no big deal. there’s danger everywhere and zia is just chilling and doing her own thing.

basically why isn’t zia the star of bastion she’s managed to fend for herself in multiple dangerous situations and been totally fine?? and the kid’s been on the wall for over five years and has serious combat experience and the wilds is kicking his ass??

supergiant games get your shit together you were focusing on the wrong character

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Kinda disgusted that universities, formerly bastions of learning, challenge, change, and innovation have become little more than expensive babysitters, terrified to tell tell the children that things may be another way for fear of them having a temper tantrum. Safe spaces are fine. But when you use them to stick your fingers in your ears and ignore differing opinions, you weaken yourself as a person by refusing to learn that everyone is different.

Fortunately it depends on the university. Many still have the “you’re paying to be here, we don’t give a fuck if your feelings are hurt” attitude. I can’t stress this enough: research the schools you want to go to. Spend time on campus around people. Ask plenty of questions!

-the Polish one

@divine rage, rp: Isa?

Hollow Bastion…no Radiant Gardens.  He hadn’t left for too long, but somehow he had gotten wind that Saix…now had a heart.  He was almost afraid to see the results, but he shouldn’t have been, right?  Except he was certain he was only a sex friend to Saix, a fling, nothing more.  Hearts didn’t need flings, right?  Alas, he still went to face this, to see how the other was, probably because he cared.  He slowly walked into Saix’s office, well it used to be called Saix’s office, now the name read ‘Isa.’  

World Building June - Day 1

Little bit of a preface here: World building june is something is something I’ve always wanted to do but never could because of what a lazy bastard I am. There are very little things that embolden me in my quest of writan and drawin.

Introductions are in order.

The name of our setting is Orden. 

A grim realm ravaged by powerful cataclysms, Orden is a world filled with magic, ancient ruins, and horrible mutants. The air and water of Orden are wracked with poison. The sun itself has been blotted out of the sky. Humanity has been forced to hide in the shadows of the world. Few bastions of hope exist, fighting for the scraps of this world. 

The rest of what’s left of Orden are roving bandits, mutants, and war. Although burnt into a wastland, Orden is still ravaged by conflict. The only true law is sword and sorcery. 

Archnecros is about humanity’s attempt at surviving the terrors of Orden. Though disease and war still ravage the land, perhaps there are some relics of the past that may save this world. We’ll go over the rest of that over the course of june though. I’m late enough with this prompt and need to get some sleep.

> Transistor Anniversary! --R.

▽ │May 20th will be the first anniversary for Transistor!│ ▽

> Hello, citizens of Cloudbank! It’s great to know that you still love Transistor after a whole year from its conception! This game is pretty incredible, from the art design and amazing characters to the gameplay and tragic plot. The fanworks that all of you have made for Transistor have been astoundingly wonderful, and it’s probably safe to say that this fandom is full of talented and brilliant people!

> That’s why we should all meet up to talk about Transistor.

How will we meet up?
> There’s a website called Tinychat that allows people to join custom chatrooms! Anyone can join, no account needed, and set up a nickname for themselves. There are also options to broadcast by voice and/or video if you like, though it’s completely optional for everyone. This is the Tinychat link where we’ll meet, but I’ll send it out on the actual day as well!

When will we meet up?
> May 20th! I know that’s a Wednesday and people have class/work on that day, so rather than specify a time for us to meet it’ll be an all-day event. You can go in and out of the chat whenever you like, and the people in the chat will vary as the day goes along.

Why should I come?
> We’ll be talking all about Transistor! Theories, characters, art style, music, anything! It’s a great way to meet the rest of the fandom and have fun talking about the game.

What if I’m shy?
> Lurking is fine as well! The beauty of using Tinychat is that you don’t have to have an account to join. You also don’t have to broadcast if you don’t want to, and can keep using text!

What if I want to draw fan art with others?
> We’ll be opening a real time session on FlockDraw for those of doodling, drawing, sketching, and coloring inclinations! Draw your favorite characters, the Process, Cloudbank, Bastion any Supergiant fan art you like (and feel free to cross over into other video games)!
Just keep it PG-13 and don’t forget to be awesome.

∇▽ Everyone has a voice in Cloudbank. Come as you are and have fun! ▽∇

Tabletop Inspiration: 5 Video Games You Should Be Playing, Right Now

Truth be told, I don’t play quite as many tabletop RPGs these days as I would like to, so I spend quite a lot of time playing video games. That said, video games are pretty great, and they are a great source of inspiration for tabletop RPGs. So, here’s my top 5 list of video games you should be playing right the fuck now!

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Portraits of homeless people using libraries

Libraries, “the last bastion of democracy,” are a haven for America’s 500,000 homeless people, where literature, Internet access, and nonfiction can come together to provide respite from the relentless brutality of life on the streets.

In a series of moving portraits of homeless people using San Francisco, Sacramento and San Jose’s public libraries, Fritz Hoffmann tells a visual story of forgotten people in quiet reflection and study, and makes us remember something we’d prefer to forget. The librarians in the story see their role as defending democratic access to information and ideas and public space – in San Francisco, the library system now has a full-time social worker.

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