shit i learned working for mcdonalds

-everyone over the age of fifty is definitely out for meticulously-ordered-do-not-get-this-even-slightly-wrong-or-i-will-sue-blood

-the security cameras are not aimed at the fry holder so as long as the assistant manager isn’t a complete ass, go wild

-you can sneak any drink you want as long as you put it in a coffee cup

-sweet tea is probably just as bad for you as a coca cola. for real. we put a literal entire bag of sugar in that shit. 

-a mcflurry is literally just ice cream plus some toppings mixed up with a spoon. just order a sundae and ask for oreo crumbs on it

-unless its dinner rush and we are shit out of fries and there are seven orders waiting, no fries have been basting in the fry holder for longer than ten minutes. they’re all fresh, i swear.

-you’re not slick if you order fries with no salt just to ensure ‘freshness’. just straight up say you want fresh fries. its okay.

-you can add big mac sauce to anything if you ask for it.

-if youre getting a drink and you don’t want to have 25% drink and 75% ice, make sure you ask for no/light ice.

-if youre gonna order off the mcpick two menu, tell your cashier you want a mcpick two. if you don’t there’s a 50% chance they will not do it and you’ll pay an extra few dollars.

-also mcpick two is probably the best deal you’re going to get tbh. you can get the same shit as a meal for less. (ex: if you get a mcpick 2 big mac and large fry + a drink, it’ll ring you up for less than if you got a large big mac meal which includes the same stuff)

-also while we’re on the topic of saving cash: always order to-go. always. there’s an eat-in tax if you say your food’s “for here” that can range from a few cents to a few dollars depending on what you’re ordering. 

-all day breakfast is fresher than if you order breakfast at the right time because it’s not a ‘default’ menu option so we have to refry eggs and sausage.

-if you order hash browns after breakfast you’re going to have to wait up to three minutes.

-employees who have been at mcdonalds for a long time have black hats. anyone with a brightly colored blue hat is a newer employee who probably doesn’t have their shit together quite yet. please refrain from yelling at them.

-if it’s not busy and you realllllyyyy want to, you can order whatever specific toy you want and make someone go into the back for it. doesn’t guarantee that it’s there, but it might be. 

-if you order hot coffee, it’s been brewed within the last two hours. don’t worry. it’s not going to go cold. 


I like how there’s all these obviously Disc gods here with silly things to be god of, like Libertina and Urika and Nuggan, and then there’s just…Bast, just literally the Earth Egyptian god Bast. Cats just get into everywhere don’t they?

(Text by Terry Pratchett, Illustration by Paul Kidby)


BASTET is the Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, women’s secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth. She protected the home from evil spirits and disease, especially diseases associated with women and children. 

As with many Egyptian deities, she also played a role in the afterlife as a guide and helper to the dead although this was not one of her primary duties. She was the daughter of the sun god Ra and is associated with the concept of the Eye of Ra (the all-seeing eye) and the Distant Goddess (a female deity who leaves Ra and returns to bring transformation).  

Her name was originally B'sst which became Ubaste, then Bast, then Bastet; the meaning of this name is not known or, at least, not universally agreed upon.

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Article by Joshua J. Mark || Photos by Osama S.M. Amin and The Trustees of the British Museum on AHE

I’m still convinced that the only reason Maya drew a purple cat was because she was drawing that bench. The bench on she and Riley sat.She drew something that inspired her. And who is that person?


Her best friend.

She didn’t turn in to Riley.Not clothes, not hair nor a boy can change someone to the core. The purple cat was misinterpreted.

Case closed.

I’m going to the dentist now to pull out one of my molar teeth. 

Wish me luck.



Ladybug Work Log 2 - The Suit

1. I used Yaya Han’s Ultimate Body Suit pattern for the base. However, before getting started with the spots, I constructed a mock-up and made adjustments as necessary to make sure the suit fitted how I wanted it to.

2. I used Spray n Bond Temporary Basting Spray to attach tear-away interfacing to my spandex pieces. (Note: my suit has not yet been seen together, I am doing attaching the spots before sewing the suit together). From there I was able to draw out where I wanted each spot to rest.

3. I used the Basting Spray to attach pieces of black spandex on the right side of the fabric where each spot would go.

4. From the back I then satin stitched around each spot to secure the black spandex in place. I was then able to cut away the excess fabric from the front as well as the interfacing from the back.

5. Example of spots completed on both legs and an arm.

6. Torso and one arm assembled.

7. The full suit assembled.

8. The finished costume in action! (Photography by Chris Goss)

Also note that my mask is made from worbla molded to my face shape and painted! It stays in place with eyelash glue!

Bast really likes kisses. Like, I don’t know, my Mom teached him or something, but when he snuggles he always holds his head for headkisses, and won’t leave you alone until he gets it o.o

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anonymous asked:

What are the best Hamilton smuts on tumblr??

OOOH YES GIRL/BOI (sidenote: i just pressed play on spotify and my headphones weren’t in all the way so clipping starts playing FULL BAST at 8:30 in the morning I’m sorry family)

my fave @u-snavi just ventured into the world of smut and I am a proud sin mother (it’s really good too!) I LUH HER SO MUCH

@mon-petit-lion has some super good smuts! I especially like her poly Hamilquad x reader one called Date Night that was SPICY They do a lot of poly fics that are just amazing and make me super excited to get to my poly requests like damn

@sparkintoflame takes smut requests and gave everyone an oil kink sooooo speaking of kink…THEY WRITE KINKY SMUT and I know how much you guys love h a i r p u l l i n g and ~angry sex~ (they wrote my fav Jefferson smut ever Endless Devotion. I’ve read it like 4 times. No shame ✌) Masterlist

@idiggdaveed has some gr9 Laf smut like YUS PLEASE

everyone already knows who @general-squashington is but they gotta be included because they write ALL KINDS OF SMUT :D

@hamil-garbage babe knows what they’re doing like *heavy breathing*

I’m probably forgetting SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE but yeah that’s a small list of some people from my dirty dirty likes