Full offense on people goading over the fact that the la la land cast had to leave the stage and hand over the Oscars, because while I am delighted with happiness that moonlight won I can’t believe how you all nasty bitter people can enjoy other people’s humiliation and sadness. Just because we don’t think it was Oscar worthy people did dedicated themselves to it, okay? So stop basking in what happened.

The verdict:

Terumob is two lovely, soft boys that support each other, like to make hot chocolate and snuggle under the blankets while a movie drones on in the background. They never really pay attention to what they watch because they’re too busy basking in each other’s company.

Ritshou is two lovely, polar opposite boys that support each other in between teasing, and have a tendency to run around town half past midnight, sometimes ‘unintentionally’ causing a ruckus while hand in hand.

@chomra I couldn’t help but write it :>

The Port Mafia, mention that name in the Underworld and it would send shivers to the spine of the people listening. There was an unsaid rule in the Underworld; “never mess with the Port Mafia if you want to live another day.”  

Their connections were as tangled as webs; reaching out the last person on Earth. Their influence and power was widely heard. Rumors of the destruction brought by the Port Mafia were awed, feared and no one in the Underworld didn’t know the name: Port Mafia.

A smirk grazed his lips. He wonders if how high his power would be if he brought the Port Mafia to their knees. He sees his target; walking and basking in the sunlight of Yokohama, like he wasn’t a murderer on the streets. Once he had fooled him, he could rule the Underworld.

“Nakahara Chuuya is a power tool who is easy to manipulate.” The voice whispers inside his head; like a lulling lullaby. “Your power would rise up once you fooled him. You would be able to kill those who oppose you. No one would be able to defy you.”

How he could taste the power right at the tip of his tongue.

His ability; Demons in Thee was an ability that got him out of tight situations, it was an ability he would always be proud.


His target; Nakahara Chuuya stops. His eyes narrows, brows rising inquiringly. “What do you want, Dazai?”


“Can’t I just greet you, Chuuya?” He asks; in a cheerful tone he knows Dazai Osamu would use when talking to the Port Mafia Executive. “Where are you going, Chuu-ya?”

Chuuya’s brow raised in confusion. “Oi, are you sick or something?” He asks; placing a hand on Dazai’s forehead. “You must’ve bumped your head and what I do is none of your business, you bastard.”

Hmm. Nakahara seems to be in a bad mood today. A smirk grazes his face. Perfect. It’s easier to manipulate someone who’s moods are either angry or happy; the most sensitive emotions of all.

“What do you mean, Chuuya~” He says, smirking. “It’s not every day I get to bump with you in the streets~”

Chuuya gives him a deadpan look. “Yeah, whatever. Let me pass.”

“Where are you going, Chuuya?”

“That’s none of your business, bastard.”

“But Chuuya’s safety is my business.”

“Fuck off.” Chuuya rolls his eyes. “I can take care of myself. I wouldn’t be a Port Mafia Executive otherwise.”

Perfect. It seems that Nakahara Chuuya trusted his deception. Ha. How low is the security in the Port Mafia anyway? How could Nakahara Chuuya trust someone who has betrayed the Mafia so easily? How could he make an Executive when his sense of danger is as low as the ground he is walking on?

Oh well. This makes everything easier.

Chuuya enters a bar making him scrunch his nose in disgust. He’s not very fond of loud music vibrating in his eardrums. Groaning silently, he follows Chuuya; who sits in the stool, nodding at the bartender who placed a drink in front of him.

“How is the Mafia these days, Chuuya?”

Chuuya rolls his eyes; raising the glass to meet his lips. “Why would you care? You left, didn’t you?”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t care about you, Chuuya.”

“Keep lying to yourself.”

He was losing him. No, he was going to extract the information even if it’s the last thing he does. “How is Akutagawa?”

Chuuya snorts. “The usual. He goes off on missions alone and he prefers to work alone. I don’t even know why Mori had let him handle a squad.” Chuuya shakes his head. “Ever since Higuchi rescued him, he opened up and softened to them a little. There’s still the barrier between them that cannot be broken.”

He hums; a small smirk on his lips. Perfect.

“How you even predicted to have him and the man tiger to work together is beyond me.”

“It’s how great minds think, Chuuya~”

Chuuya rolls his eyes. There’s silence between them; filled in with the loud barrage of music in his ears. Irritated, he clicks his tongue. Chuuya places his glass on the counter, grabbing his hat.

“Put it in my tab.”

“I’ll pay for it.” It may be your last drink, after all.

Chuuya shrugs. “Do what you want.” Chuuya drapes his coat around his shoulders before turning his heel. He slaps the money on the counter before following the red head out.

“Are you going home, Chuuya?”

“I have reports to do unlike you.” Chuuya snorts.

He licks his lips. Perfect. Now, he would also know where the Executive lives. “Did you move apartments, Chuuya?”

Chuuya stays silent. He walks towards a dark and abandoned alley. Furrowing his eyebrows, he follows the redhead. “This is where you live?”

“No.” Chuuya shakes his head and in a swift move, Chuuya had him pinned on the wall; both of his arms on his back. “This is where you die.”

“Wha…” There’s confusion all over his face. “How? I… I didn’t… I thought…”

Chuuya snorts. “You underestimate how much of an asshole Dazai is.”

“I’m hurt, Chuuya~”

Chuuya rolls his eyes. “Talk about the Devil and he shall appear.” He murmurs. He watches as a person emerges from the shadows. It was like standing in front of a mirror. The person, Dazai Osamu had a smirk on his face, walking towards them.

“How? When did you know?!” He shouts.

Chuuya raises a brow. “The first time you blocked me on the street. Nice try imitating his bandages but Dazai would never tie his bandages where they could be seen.” He snorts. “He likes to leave it as it is, parading it around.”


The real Dazai Osamu shakes his head, tapping him on the shoulder nullifying his ability. “Haru Yoshida. A thief and a slave in the Underworld who has the ability to change his face and form with any person he desires.”

“You made a fool of me! You bastards! I will get you for this!”

Dazai sighs. “Now, now. Try to be quiet or you’ll disturb the whole neighborhood.”

“As if you care about that, Shitty Dazai.”

“Chuuya, I am a kind person. What do you mean?”

Chuuya snorts and rolls his eyes. He grip the man’s arm tighter; until the bones cracked and the man’s shout echoed throughout the place. “I’m hungry. This bastard ruined my day.”

“How… how is this possible?! He assured me victory! He guaranteed I would be able to manipulate you!”

“He?” Dazai asks, brows raised. “Who?”

“A man…violet eyes, tall, dark bugs under his eyes.” He was saying it hysterically. “I… He told me! He promised me! How could anyone defy God’s orders?”

“Tall, dark bugs, violet eyes?” Dazai asks; he cocks his head, looking over Chuuya who nodded grimly. “Looks like it’s going to be a reunion in the making, Chuuya~”

“I’d rather not face him again.”

“But you still will, won’t you, Chuuya?”

“Both… you… who are you both?! I… You dare defy a God’s orders?!”

“Us?” Dazai smirks; the smirk oh-so-familiar; like a demon smiling in front of him. It’s a smile he flashes before he enters the torture chamber. He inches closer, making the man whimper and wish he was one with the wall. “Haven’t you heard? We’re Double Black.”

Double Black.

Ah. He remembers, like a fleeting memory as his eyelids close; his consciousness drifting away; the warnings on his head like a faded memory.

“If you heard Double Black, run; run until your legs give out, run and never look back if you want to see the light of another day.”

He picked the wrong people to deceive, didn’t he?

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oh my gosh i forgot about keith being the one that unchained lance holy crap i wonder how that entire sequence of interactions went i wonder what lance thought finally being inside red i wonder if they flirted the whole way back i wonder if red deliberately grazed the water to create a rainbow to bask her gay son and his boyfriend in wow

oh wow….if i have to be honest i never considered this lmao

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when I was a kid I went fishing with my dad and my uncle in Dublin Bay and a huge basking shark swam under our boat and my dad and my uncle were freaked out that I'd get frightened but it was honestly the most zen moment of my life. It was like a big friendly plankton eating presence that was just hovering under us enjoying his day in the sun. Then I caught a fish and decided to throw it back in and a seagull ate it. So moment ruined. But anyway, thanks for the basking sharks!

basking sharks are rad! they’re such big chill friends. thank you for sharing this experience, it sounds really nice!!

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Could I get some cuddling headcanons for Dwyer (and maybe for Shura too)? I-I really love your headcanons...


  • He’s very pro cuddling and enjoys laying with you all the time
  • Dwyer is pretty picky about who he cuddles with, though, and most people he really does not want to  
  • He is liable to turn “cuddling” into “laying beside each other” if it gets too hot though
  • Falls asleep easily when cuddling with you


  • He is only anti cuddling if you’re including him in it, honestly
  • Being touch starved he adores cuddling it’s just getting past all his thoughts, worries, and self worth
  • Can’t ever decide if he prefers to be the big spoon (he gets to hold you, gently, protect you, is able to bask in the trust of that thought) or the little spoon (he gets to be held, protected, surround himself with you)
  • It takes him a while to fall asleep but he never really feels as calm as he does when he’s cuddling with you

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honestly people are saying how awful it is that the people of wonderbread land went up and were so happy about winning and then got the award taken away from them like holy shit this happens to poc all the fucking time sit the fuck down shannon and let us bask in the excellence and enjoy having the tables turned for once


I’m so freaking happy that “Moonlight” won for Best Picture, but I’m sad that their win will be overshadowed by the major onstage fuck up, mixed with people feeling bad for the crew behind “La La Land”. I know it really sucks to get up there and accept an award, then to be told you lost, but I was really looking forward to “Moonlight” being able to bask in this enormously, wonderful, historic and important moment.

**the people behind La La Land handled it with class.

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lol can u please stop celebrating the fact that la la land lost and basking in their humiliation and instead celebrate that moonlight won. Like imagine how bad the cast/crew must feel right now but they handled it well. I think that moonlight did deserve to win over la la land but I'm celebrating that achievement, not the fact that those people were humiliated

aight fam sorry but it was still funny lmao i really dont give two fucks abt white peoples feelings no offense

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Mini, what would happen if your taffy body got destroyed? Would you become a specter like Wonka?

That’s actually happened before when @beefjerkynon-official burned me alive.  And uh ,, yeh? ? Kinda??  Ghosts are really just lil’ willow-wisps usually in their true form but they can also usually chose forms that, while not always stable, can be used to help comfort themselves and the people around them.  Since no one I new that witnessed my taffy bod being destroyed at the time knew what my human bod looked like,,  I uh ,, I tried to make my specter form look sorta like my taffy bod so I could help calm Bask. 

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a day out with seb in like the Santa Barbara area just having fun and being cute and silly and ugh fluff 💞

oooooh i looooove santa barbara! i’ve been lucky enough to go a couple of times but i’ve never done touristy stuff lol :(

the cool breeze whipped across your face and blew your hair around. you huffed, smoothing it down and fixing your sun glasses. looking over at sebastian, he was already taking pictures of the scenery. he was most likely going to post them onto instagram later.

your first stop was going to be the mission of santa barbara. stepping into the old building took your breath away. you always loved a bit of history. you and sebastian walked around hand in hand, pointing out little things you two liked. you two were exactly religious, but you did grow up hearing about it so you knew about a couple of things here and there.

your favourite part of the mission was the rose garden. you basked in the smell of the flowers blooming and smiled to yourself. sebastian had his phone out, once again, and was snapping pictures.

after the mission, you went to stearns warf to walk along the pier. it was relaxing and a bit chilly since you were so close to the ocean. you looped your arm with sebastian’s and leaned into him to try and feel his warmth. he looked down at you and smiled. 

the sun was getting ready to set as you neared the end of the wooden pier. unhooking your arm from sebastian’s, you walked closer to the end while sebastian stayed behind. you took out your phone and snapped a picture of the sunset and then quickly posting it to instagram.

your phone dinged with a notification from the same app, it was sebastian, he had tagged you in a picture. you opened it and your heart skipped a beat. it was a picture of you looking out to the ocean and the sky, your figure basically a shadow from how dark you looked.

what took you away was the caption.

will you marry me?

you swiftly turned on your heel, stumbling a bit when you saw that Sebastian was down on one knee, holding the velvet box open. 

you ran to him and knocked him down on his bottom. you wrapped your arms around his neck and nodded furiously, tears running down your face. sebastian chuckled as he closed the box and wrapped his arms around your waist. a couple of bystanders looked at the both of you on the floor but just shook it off. 

when you pulled away, you sniffled and blinked away more tears that had formed.

“Are you serious?” you asked. “you really want to marry lil’ ‘ole me?” a southern accent emphasizing the last three words.

“i sure as hell do,” he grinned. 

“yes!” you exclaimed. “fucking yes!” 

his smile grew as he removed his hand from your waist and he opened the box again. a small but pretty extravagant ring sat in the middle. it was perfect. 

he slipped in on your fourth left finger and you stared at it. 

“we’re getting married?!” you shrieked.

“we’re getting married!”

Making Ward Hydra (and committed to evil) was such a bad idea like I’m sick and rewatching AoS so I can bask in Dasy/Skye’s brilliance and plot my next “WOC in Marvel Live Action” post and it keeps hitting me how he could’ve been a better character.

Like he literally had so much potential to be vaguely interesting and they decided to go with “gleefully turns to evil and is an actual ass to everyone”.


One of my nieces still adores him and I can’t figure out why because the “he’s been Hydra all along reveal” was so trite especially when like 90% of SHIELD turned out to be Hydra like right after/around that.

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Wonka, Bask, and Mini will be the death of me, I swear. My room is a pigsty. Homework? Never heard of it. It'snout fair that you keep making these bois and gender fluid friends suffer.

(( ;>c  Same tho.  But the muse tears give me life.  I am not solely responsible for Bask’s suffering.  I owe a lot to my co-chief Ossy for helping me harvest these delicious muse tears. ))