*bashes head in*

if you’re an Erik fan I just wanna let you know that’s okay and you can like and sympathize with him while also understanding he does bad things and you don’t have to feel bad for caring about the phantom of the opera.

and if you’re like me and unfortunately relate to him in a personal way due to whatever personal reasons that’s okay too and you don’t have to feel bad

Don’t feel bad for who you care about and why

Dragon’s Harmony Update


You might be wondering why I’ve tagged like forty thousand of you. You’re all people that either requested to be updated on my Draco/Hermione/Harry triad drabbles, reblogged the drabbles, or responded to them (or somehow indicated that you were invested in part 3).

So I have good news and bad news.

BAD NEWS FIRST. I won’t be writing part 3 of those drabbles for tumblr. Because (and hopefully this is the good news) I’m actually adapting it to a multi-chapter fic on FFnet/AO3. I’m currently writing the first chapter now, so it’s already in progress – I’m using elements from the drabble but it’s a complete re-write, so hopefully the first couple of chapters will still be fun to read.

I just wanted to give you all this heads up so you weren’t bashing your heads against the wall waiting for a part 3 that wasn’t technically coming.

And for those of you that like hearing REASONS for things: The reason I’m not writing part 3 is because it would be conclusion-y, and then I’d lose all drive to write it as a multi-chapter fic because I hate writing the same stuff twice.

SO YEAH. Thank you all for being interested in the drabbles and hopefully you’ll like the multi-chap version just as much! I’ll tag all of you again when it’s up with a link to it on FFNet/AO3 (unless you ask me not to).

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A sharp intake filled her lungs as the small woman woke up, breathing shallowly as her senses came back and her heart started once again. She was freezing, and upon moving her hands to grasp at her arms, found she was completely naked, save for a white cloth draped over her. 

Her eyes opened fully in panic then as she went to sit up, bashing her head into something, causing her to lay back down and groan in pain, clutching her head. “F-fuck… where am I?”


Out of the Deck

Whether you came with Master Red from the dining room or elsewhere in the house, you all saw Lady Black at the top of the stairs. Master Red stood in front of the students, clearly not impressed with his colleague’s actions.

“Look Lady Black–”

“I bet you’re all wondering the real reason you’re here.”

Wow she just completely ignored Master Red who obviously made small hissing sound toward her, but remained silent. He seemed to climb to stairs to join the Lady.

“Well, it’s about time you know. We’ve mentioned this game, and now it’s time to reveal the rules of the game!”

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A 77-year-old grandmother beat the crap out of a guy who tried to rob her. When Winifred Peel attempted to get cash from an ATM in Liverpool, 3 men tried to push her aside and take her money. ‘You’re not having my money, young man,’ she thought, then grabbed one of them by the collar, pulled as hard as she could, bashed his head into the wall 3 times, and scared them off. Source Source 2

Transgender woman attacked in New York
WOODSIDE, Queens — A transgender woman was hit in the head with a hammer during an early morning attack in Queens Wednesday, police said.

Last week in Queens, New York, a transgender woman was physically assaulted and attacked with anti-LGBT slurs early in the morning. 

The 28-year-old victim was on 67th Street around 6 a.m. when a heavyset man came up behind her and bashed her in the head with the hammer, police said.

“This is what you get for being gay,” the man shouted before fleeing, according to police sources.

The victim was treated at Elmhurst Hospital for a laceration to the head that was bleeding heavily, police said.

Terrifying. Hoping for her speedy recovery, support from the community, and an end to anti-trans violence once and for all.


Your Dad had been missing since that dreadful night. Your Uncle Dean had left to try and defeat Amara, but, somehow he and Chuck- aka God- managed otherwise. You’d come home with Cas and your Dad in nothing but silence. Cas disappeared when a lady threw her hand on a bloody symbol she’d written on the wall. A man then came up behind you and stabbed a needle in your neck. You were out cold in seconds. Cas woke you up days later when he found you half-dead. Your head bashed in from the fall.
The scar was still there.

You’d met someone you hadn’t expected to, though. Your Grandmother.
Her name was Mary and she was badass as all hell. A true warrior of a hunter.
She wasn’t graceful when she killed like most would expect. She was rough and ruthless like she should be. An expert.
You remembered your first hunt with her. It was a salt and burn. She insisted on getting back into the swing of things by starting off simple but she didn’t need it.
Her moves were as experienced as your Dad and Uncles. She had fantastic knowledge and took everything in her stride. No pinches of salt needed.

What amazed you most is when she complimented you on how well you hunted. You stood in awe, your jaw felt as low as the ground. “You stuck like that, honey?” She laughed.
Her laugh. It was so comforting. Not to mention confident.
“Thanks.” You mustered, looking to your Uncle Dean for guidance.
“Your Dad’d be proud, Y/N.” He smirked before getting in the Impala.
You took the front- Mary’s call.

Back at the bunker Cas appeared. Your Dad slumped at his side, bloody and bruised to pulp. Immediately you were at his side, quickly followed by Dean.
You noticed Mary- Gran sounded too strange for now -hesitated. She wasn’t afraid. Nor was she panicked.
She was respectful. You Dad had been overwhelmed enough.
“Dad?” You whispered, feeling tears threaten to fall.
“Cas can you heal him?” Uncle Dean pleaded more than asked.
“I couldn’t where I found him but I can here- it’s safe and there are no angel warnings.” He bent down and put his front two fingers on your Dad’s forehead. His wounds healed and his colouring returned. He was left breathing heavily, his hand clasped round yours.

His eyes then fell on her. Mary Winchester.
The woman who’d created this family. The woman who didn’t live long enough to watch it grow and save lives.
His mouth opened and closed- lost for words. “M-Mom?” He managed, getting up from the floor.

Mary smiled, her eyes misty as she took confident started towards her son. She enveloped him and he hugged back- too stunned to say anything.
You have your Uncle Dean a smirk and he winked back, bringing you into a side hug.

You watched in silent fright as your Dad limped down the stairs of the bunker. Your Uncle Dean followed closely behind, his arms slightly outstretched but he was too hesitant to physically help. Cas might have healed him but recovery time wasn’t something he could just hand out.

He reached the last step and hobbled to the table you were sat at, researching on your laptop. “Hey, sweeheart. Found anything?” He asked, tilting the screen back a little to adjust the light.

“I can’t tell. Might be a shifter. Might not be. I’m working on it though.” You answer, your eyes still scanning the pages you had up.

“That’s my girl.” He smiled and gave you a side hug, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“Where’s Mom?” Uncle Dean wondered, leaning over you to look at what was up on the screen.

“She went to get some food. You know, like, proper food. Said you two needed to know how to cook.” You explain, putting your head back to look up at him.

“What and you don’t need to?”

“Am I an adult? No.”

“Yes but are you helpful?” Your Dad raised an eyebrow.

“Also no.” You answered.

“Actually, you usually are. Which means you’re cooking too.”

You tried to frown but you couldn’t. Instead you smiled. “Ugh, fine.”

Your Uncle Dean pulled up a chair next to you. “Our family’s gone from two to four eh Sammy?” He let out a small chuckle.

Your Dad looked over to his brother and they shared a smile to last “Sure has…I wonder what we’ll be cooking…?” He thought aloud.

“If it isn’t pie I’m gonna flip a table.”

You laughed “This one’s nailed down but sure I’d love to watch you try.”

“Shut up.”

This wasn’t requested but I started writing it one night when I couldn’t sleep and whoops. Thanks for reading!
And note this is just random and obviously not canon as I have no idea what Season 12 will involve.

I do not own these gifs

Being a Harry Dresden fan on tumblr can be so annoying, like one small portion will vehlmety deny  his casual sexism and chanvositic tendancies that  Even the character himself admits he has these faults, that they are faults and frequently gets his ass handed over himself for them.

But these fans won’t admit that there was anything wrong even in the face of the freaking narrative bashing them over the head with “THIS IS A BAD THING”.

While another small portion bashes the entire fandom because how dare this character have problematic issues and faults and how dare people actually like this character at all because they are so ~problematic~.

Even those again,  Even the character himself admits he has these faults, that they are faults and frequently gets his ass handed over himself for them.

Over the course of his books Harry unlearns all that crap while gaining new faults and positives to himself because  The writer has written him as an actual fucking human being. And actual fucking human beings are constantly changing and the process of unlearning is slow because of the various systems in our hold that hold up these  problematic traits as ideal.

Meanwhile the rest of the fandom is just trying to enjoy their stories about  Actual human Disaster ™ Harry Dresden and  his attempts at being a decent person and maybe the save world while at it.

Aaron having nightmares after the drake situation (@wymack I don’t think this is what you meant when you wanted to talk more about Aaron)

  • Aaron doesn’t regret killing drake actually if given the opportunity he would do it over again 
  • But every once in a while he will have flashbacks to that horrible day
  • The first time it happens he is sharing a bed with katelyn
  • And he’s having a nightmare and sees drake on top of Andrew
  • And he feels himself grabs the racquet before bashing in drake’s head
  • He wakes up with a loud gasp and can feel the sweat dripping from his forehead
  • It takes him a couple seconds to realize where he is and he falls back on his pillow but his breathing is still raggedly
  • Katelyn wakes up and quietly says “Aaron” and he turns to face her and she looks at him in concern 
  • But Aaron doesn’t want to worry her so he just tells her to go back to bed 
  • The next time it happens is during practice Kevin accidentally swings his racquet too close to Aaron’s head and he has another flashback 
  • He starts panting and with the help of Nicky he rips of his helmet and puts his hands on his knees before trying to control his breathing
  • all the foxes are extremely worried and even wymack looks concerned but Aaron shakes off all their concern 
  • After that happens katelyn is so worried that she actually goes to Andrew for help 
  • And Andrew decides to drag Aaron to Bee’s and after months of therapy he is able to finally get rid of the nightmares

my day has been 100% discomfort at every turn and i just can’t handle it so i’m just gonna go take a nap until i can handle life again 

every single time i watch the angelos scene i drag my hands down my face in anguish

“you’ve got a girlfriend?”
“girlfriends, no, not really my area.”
“oh. right. do you have a boyfriend? which is fine, by the way.”
“i know it’s fine.”
“right. okay. so you’ve got a boyfriend then.”


Feels kind of weird. For the first time in my 20 years on this earth I’m mostly on my own.

I have room mates and a full time job, but I think I can do it so long as I don’t do anything stupid and keep my head on straight.

For the first time in 20 fucking years my life is mine. Everything I want and need doesnt take a literal and metaphorical backseat to what some alcoholic or meth addict wants. For the first time I’m not genuinely terrified of tomorrow.

I mean I’m afraid and shit, but it’s reasonable fears like not having enough for groceries or making a rent payment, not some drug dealer shooting the place up or police kicking in the door and arresting everyone. Not having to worry about some stupid alcoholic kicking down my door and slapping me around, throwing me over a counter, bashing my head against a wall, threatening to kill me because I “dishonored” their stupid delusions of grandeur.

I mean, it feels great. I honestly can’t describe it. Closest thing I can say is its like the mental and spiritual equivalent of almost drowning and then surfacing above the water and drawing a long deep breath and your feet touch a solid surface and the panic immediately subsides.

I just feel like I had to say this. Honestly it just feels so good. Ive had little bits of happiness and times that were nice before, but this is the first stable and sustainable one, where I’m the only major variable. One thats worth fighting for and defending. It’s sure as shit not perfect, but I’m not in some Houston ghetto, not living with meth addicts in Kansas City, or an abusive alcoholic father in Vermont.

I may be scared, but I get to be scared of my own future and worry over my own choices. That fear and worry I know to be the greatest freedom, as its only the fear that someone who is free can feel.

There have been precious precious few times in which I had the privilege of going to bed not having to be scared of someone else’s retarded moronic choices possibly fucking my life, or someone deciding I’m responsible for life not kissing their ass for them, so I’m going to go to bed now before I get to wake up and go to work tomorrow, and godwilling will be the first of many many more :^)