Reader goes into labor and there’s no Maester… pt. 2

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((I’m sorry if this sucks! I…I have MAJOR writers block when it comes to GOT/ASOIAF!))

Oberyn – Oberyn is well educated and well-traveled. He would probably know quite a few ways to birth a child without a Maester in order to ensure both mother and child were safe and healthy once was all said and done. That’s not to say he wouldn’t be freaking out the entire time. You mean the world to him; he would worry even in modern times about you leaving him by dying during childbirth.

Stannis – Stannis wouldn’t let anyone see how worried he was as he summoned a dozen female servants, all who had had children of their own, and ordered for them to do everything for you and your child. Even then, he would immediately have books brought from the library that had anything to do with labor and childbirth, trying to learn whatever he didn’t already know so he could be in the room and act as the Maester/Mid-wife on his own if needed.

Jaime – Jaime wouldn’t be any help. At all. If there wasn’t a single Maester or Mid-Wife there to help you along, Jaime would probably stand here absolutely frozen. He never expected to be in this position. Luckily, he was in the room when Cersei birthed all three of her children so Jaime would know the gist of what to do, but you would probably still have to talk him through every part of labor while remembering to breathe and survive the pain of it all.

Cersei – Cersei, like her father, would have more than one Maester “on call” toward the ending of your labor. There’s no way she would entrust your health on the gods and fate. If, somehow, there wasn’t a Maester around when you went into labor, Cersei would keep a cool head and take charge of the whole thing. She’s given birth three times and has seen it several times before in her youth (watching servants, her aunts, etc). She would make sure nothing came of you or your child.

Sansa – Sansa would be new to the labor thing, but she’s good at improvising and would understand enough from what her Septa and Mother shared with her when she was a girl – small things told to her in passing whenever Sansa was curious and especially while Catelyn was carrying and birthing Rickon. She would do her best to keep her wits and ensure that both you and the baby were well the entire time.

Margaery – Margaery would summon anyone who could help you, smiling the whole time and talking in a calming, cheerful tone as she moved about the room gathering things that could be useful. If servants were around, she would have them ready with clean cloth, a wet rag to wipe over your forehead and neck, and whatever else you might need. She would act as the Maester, not trusting anyone else to do so.

Daenerys – Daenerys would be on top of everything from the moment you and she realized you were in labor. She would be shouting in the common tongue, Dothraki, Valyrian, and any other language needed to get her point across. She wouldn’t accept anything but the perfect health of you and the baby. Having felt the loss of a child, she would not allow you to.

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Who is you favourite character in Game of thrones (book or/and tv show)?

Arya Stark

Jaime Lannister

Brienne of Tarth


Tyrion Lannister



Emo King™️ Jon Snow

Asha Greyjoy

RIP Kevan Lannister

Robb Stark

Catelyn Stark

Ned Stark

Basically all Starks



Arianne Martell my forgotten QWEEN

Doran Martell

Oberyn Martell

and so on

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“Using one-night stands to distract myself from my crush on my roommate counts, right?”

Or, the roommate AU nobody asked for. 

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How do you know which Houses are Lordly and which are Masterly. More to the point how do you know when a House is a vassal of a vassal? I thought Martin simplified the vassalage of Westeros as a three tier system: King > Great Houses > every other noble.

Anon, I’m not the most qualified to explain the structure of Westeros’ feudalism (or feudalism in general, lol). From what I can tell, there are more than 3 tiers of vassalage in Westeros. There’s the “great” or paramount houses (second in ranking only to the king, they’re the highest authority after the king in each region of the continent, some of them used to be kings themselves pre-Conquest, and most of them are really ancient— basically Stark, Arryn, Lannister, Greyjoy, Tully, Baratheon, Tyrell and Martell). Then there’s the other noble houses (Manderly, Hightower, Bolton, Umber, Blackwood, Dayne, Redwyne, Tarth, etc.—I’m listing them as one group but here’s where you should find a great variety in terms of political importance, wealth, prestige, history, and so on). And lower down the line, there is the small nobility, normally landed knights and their descendants, e.g. Clegane, Baelish (pre-Petyr), Seaworth. 

I think the “masterly” houses can be considered a Northern equivalent to landed knights, as, unlike “lordly” houses, they lack the right of pit and gallows: 

The title “lord” – when used formally, and not simply as an honorific—conveys not only prestige, but certain legal rights as well. The right of pit and gallows, as they were once called, for instance—i.e. authority to hang people and toss them into dungeons. A landed knight has rather less prestige—a lord outranks a knight at feasts and tourneys, for instance—and also somewhat lesser rights. (x)

So I think it boils down to having lesser rights and lesser authority/autonomy than lordly houses—though in the case of masterly houses it doesn’t necessarily imply a less “illustrious” background: the Glovers, a masterly house, used to be kings in their own right before the Starks subdued them. Anyway, I defer to @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly and @racefortheironthrone on this subject :)

“I have a son, you have a daughter. We’ll join our houses.”- Robert Baratheon.

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“A direwolf’s no pet. Get her a dog, she’ll be happier for it.”
-Robert Baratheon

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I was looking at my season 6 The Onion posts and I had way more Jaime ones then I thought enough for a separate post in fact, idk i’m trash. So I thought I’d do a Jaime Lannister Season 6 + The Onion, because I can’t sleep and I’m bored