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Can we see what Bailey and Hector would look like in the respective protag's clothes (can be USUM or SM) and how do they feel about them?

I like the protag outfits for both sets of games. They’re both good sets of designs, and I wouldn’t claim one set is better than the other. But there are some things that I like more and less for all four outfits.

Between Sun and Moon’s outfits, I like the female protag’s outfit a lot more than the guy’s. Something about the colors and how big and puffy the shirt is just looks really good to me. 

Fun Fact: I actually like it so much that I decided to make it  Bailey’s PJs. 

The guy’s outfit is fine, it just looks a little plainer I guess, at least to me. I feel like it was made more with how Ash would look in the anime in mind, cuz the red cap compliments the outfit there much more than the black cap from the actual game.

For USUM, I actually ended up liking the male protag’s outfit a little more than the girl’s. the choice of leggings under the shorts is an odd decision, but it looks much better suited for Alola’s tropical weather and has a more “ready for summer” feel to it. And removing the brown and replacing it with a cyan blue made the color scheme a lot better to me.

The girl’s is still good, and I love the shirt, hat and shoes, but the puffy shorts just kinda threw me through a loop and I thing makes it look a little more awkward. And since the main colors are orange and red, with just barely a hint of green, the balance of colors doesn’t work as well in my opinion. It works fine when choosing either one of the lighter  skinned models, or the much darker model at the end of the line-up because the orange can pop more easily with them. But when choosing the middle tanned tone, like I did for Bailey, the orange and red don’t look as good when they make up so much of the outfit with the only other big color being white. 

That’s why I went with the outfit that I did for Bailey in the comic; the light blue jeans contrasted the orange well and helped balance the colors.

Though I will probably be changing her shirt later cuz the design of the legendary tank from the  game was much harder to draw and color than I anticipated.