how could we forget

  • Chrissie:I haven't offered my congratulations, yet, have I, for you and Aaron? Of course, for you, walking someone down the aisle is more of a fun day out rather than a lifetime commitment.
  • Robert:Chrissie, I don't need this after what I've been though.
  • Chrissie:My life hasn't exactly been a bed of roses either, thanks to you. But do you know what really gets me?
  • Robert:Not especially, no.
  • Chrissie:About you and Rebecca... all that effort you went to to keep your sordid affair a secret, and now she's bragging about it to everyone she knows, the twisted, manipulative little tramp. In fact, you two are so alike I'm surprised you didn't marry her instead of me.
  • Robert:The subject did come up.
  • Chrissie:What?
  • Robert:But in the end, well, she didn't have access to your dad's money, so I had to make do with second best.
  • Chrissie:Don't insult my intelligence. She never loved you. She doesn't know how.
  • Robert:Why do you think she stayed away so long? She couldn't bear to see her big sister married to the man of her dreams. You don't really think she's come to bond with you, do you?
  • Jermaine:There you are.
  • Robert:Cheers, mate.


Maybe it’s time to add a little horror to your adventures. It doesn’t always have to be about spilling blood and ghoulish monsters. The simple idea of dread, that lingering feeling of the unknown, may be enough to put your players on edge or add something new to your art. The most horrifying mom…