ok no offense but what has halsey done to deserve all the hate she gets. literally what. in what world is it ok to tell someone that their miscarriage was only for attention, or to make themselves seem “””””more interesting?!””””” Halsey got on stage for that Vevo lift performance in fucking adult diapers as she bled out what was supposed to be her child, because she was told it was too big a performance for her to cancel. She was angry and hurt but she did it. She did it for her fans. Halsey is someone who has continually sacrificed everything for her fans, and yet there’s still this unshakable “trend” of people disrespecting her. (to put it mildly!!!) I’m not saying you have to be a fan of her, her music, or even her morals, but what I am saying is that you should have the fucking human decency to respect that she suffered a profound loss. This is not an opportunity for you to call her “attention seeking” or “too tumblr” or whatever the fuck else you think is wrong with her. This is the time for you to shut the fuck up and realize that there are things bigger and more important in life than obsessing over the humiliation of a person who is just trying to heal from the unthinkable. Stop. Being. A. Bully.