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BTTF Fandom Rant

Okay, so, I gotta get this out because I really love you all.

I’m a huge nerd for BTTF, obviously, and I was expecting when joining that fandom to find a lot of people who are very inactive and are on their soap box about how, “this new generation doesn’t appreciate old movies!”
Though, yes, some of (us) are like that, the majority of the fandom are people who are absolute sweethearts who are here for the movie(s), game(s), and comic(s). I was shocked to see that most of the fandom are on the younger side more than anything, which I also adore how accepting everyone is to begin with. 

I have one of the top search GTA: V blogs on Tumblr and it feels very … disconnected. We talk together, but most of the people are rude and too good to chat, speaking about how they are the raddest in the online gaming mood and stupid things nobody cares about.

When I want to meet some cool people and message one of you, almost every time we are exchanging memes and screaming in the chat about how much of a dork Marty is and how cute Doc is. It’s never awkward, really, and that’s something important. It’s as if from the get go everyone in the fandom already has a mutual respect for each other, which is becoming rare and disheartening.

One of my first interactions with somebody from the Fandom was my good f®iend, Marty ( @handsomejacks ). We talked about how we loved each others blogs, how I was SWOONING over his cool art style, and how we have silly headcannons that mean a lot to us. Anyway, Marty 100% represented the tone of the fandom and from then on everyone followed suit with the kind behavior. 


I love the Back to the Future fandom.



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The San Fernando Valley in film 

Back To The Future (1985) - 535 N. Victory Blvd, Burbank 

The Karate Kid (1984) - 19223 Saticoy St. Reseda 

American Beauty (1999) - 20105 Saticoy St. Winnetka “Mr. Smiley’s” 

The Bad News Bears (1976) - 10500 Mason Ave. Chatsworth

Boogie Nights (1997) - 12036 Ventura Blvd. Studio City

Pulp Fiction (1994) - 20933 Roscoe Blvd. Canoga Park

Superbad (2007) - 1700 Victory Blvd. Glendale

Clueless (1995) - 5600 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood