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im sorry to bug u but do u know/use any super safe and free antivirus programs?

tbh? never settle with the ones that your computer gives you. it’s probably never enough. i used avast and AVG most of the time, and i don’t know if they’re free or not, but it kept me safe for a while

but if you’re really skeptical about viruses, just don’t download anything on your computer and never click on anything sus and you’ll be fine. :)

hot weather psa

if u live in a small space and u don’t have a/c i highly recommend getting a window unit! i have one that’s super energy efficient and works rly well. (I think it was only like $170?)

make sure it’s Energy Star certified and look at the wattage. mine takes abt 494 watts and we calculated that based on the avg energy rate cost where i live and how often we run it; so it costs us about .60¢ - $2.64 a month depending on how long it’s on! that’s p cheap considering how much central aire costs and how well it works. just a small psa for those who need a cheap way to cool off!!


7/17/16 13.1 miles
With a 30 some odd mile warmup on the bike
YTD: 709.06 miles
AVG: 3.5631/day
198 days in a row

Interesting day. Some of you may already know, but inclement weather delayed the start of Racine 70.3 by three and a half hours. The storm brought lightning, and the regulations are that when there’s lightning, there’s no swimming. And also get away from transition because the bike racks can attract lightning. So we had to wait for it to blow over sufficiently. They ended up canceling the swim and shortening the bike to 30 some odd miles (likely due to the amount of time they could keep the roads closed after the delay). It was officially 31.4 miles but I only clocked 30.22, and I was pretty accurate when I pressed the lap button on my Garmin.

Even though swimming is probably my best discipline of the three, I’m not upset they canceled it. The water dropped down to 57°f overnight and the waves were pretty stirred up by the wind and storm.

Also thanks to the storm and/or winds, the bike was TOUGH.

It was a rolling start to the bike. They emptied out the racks in order and just had everyone come out and mount up. I saw an official give a Tour De France style push to one of the riders - grabbed his seat and PUSHED. The athlete was wobbling (and later (i.e. halfway up the hill) had trouble). I totally didn’t want that so I walked my bike a bit further past the mount point out of reach of the official.

The roads were in terrible shape. Not so much by way of potholes, but bumpy seams in the asphalt for what felt like a majority of the ride. Then in a lot of places the crosswinds were FIERCE. Totally should have checked the weather/wind forecast and left the deep rims and AeroJacket* at home. There were some other athletes that passed me fairly closely - had they been any closer as a gust caught my wheel I would’ve careened right into them.

I had to hold onto my “hoods” (not really applicable on a tri bike cockpit, but you know what I mean) in order to keep more control of the front wheel, so had trouble drinking my nutrition as much as I probably should have. Then again, it was also tough to gauge because I didn’t really have a nutrition (or any other) plan for a 30ish mile ride. Riding on the hoods also kept me from shifting as optimally as I could. I ended up with a decent average speed, but I probably pushed a little too hard and passed more people than I should have.

And I saw my first penalty! Some guy wasn’t passing me properly, or perhaps someone else, but an official just happened to be riding by on a motorcycle and held up a blue card and explained the penalty to the rider.

Didn’t bother getting my feet out of my shoes before the end of the ride; it kind of snuck up on me (since I had barely gotten over 30 on my Garmin and they had said it was 31) - and the final section is a big downhill where I didn’t want to have any hands off my brakes.

Had some good chats with people on the run. I get so chatty when I’m suffering apparently. I saw @rooster519 three times on the run course, it looked like he was kicking some rear.

I feel bad for the people who left after the delay and bike change was announced, it was still a good time. And I also feel bad for the first timers. I was chatting with one woman from Greater Chicago and this was going to be her first, and now she feels like she needs to sign up for another one to get the “real” experience of a 70.3.

Even with some trials and tribulations, it was still a good time. I’m a tiny bit disappointed not only with the race shortening, but also my performance as I really hoped I would do a little better. I’m just going to chalk it up as yet another learning experience and get on with my 140.6 plan :)

* If I haven’t recommended this before I’ll do so now. It’s a cheap alternative to buying a carbon disc rear wheel. They make many sizes to fit varying wheels. I can (and should) pop it off if there’s going to be too much crosswind, but I otherwise get the aerodynamic benefit it affords.

Today I:
- Was daydreaming again, for the first time in a really long time, and it was vivid as ever. This is a good sign, I’m more like my old self. Also, having a constant stream of thoughts/fantasies running through my head is comforting, familiar, and way more pleasant than numb tired blanknesss.
- Was more clear-minded than usual, even a little hopeful.
- Feel like reading a lot: fics, finishing this book, smth french. I even downloaded a bunch of good old french classics for about $2 in total. I’m so hype rn.
- Got tons of new cute clothes my mom sent earlier. They’re so pretty and summery. Feels good feels organic thank you.


Muncie IM70.3 happened yesterday. Will do a full recap later when I have more pics and energy, but the short:

6:02:19, better than last year by about 14 mins

Swim- about the same, though this year was harder because it wasn’t wetsuit legal.

Bike- about the same, though this year had to work harder for the same result due to headwinds (avg power was 15w higher)

Run- better- was actually doing quite great until about mile 8.5 where quad cramps got me and significantly hurt my finish. For the record I’ve only had quad cramps twice- both times at this race.

Got to say hello to @lindsayisfindingflow before the swim and in passing on the run- looks like she had an awesome 1st 70.3, but that’s her story to tell. Pretty sure I also saw @mytrilife on the run, but by the time my brain recognized the EIU kit we had long past each other in opposite directions.