Fandom Fic Ad’s 8/?

Mandos shook his head. “Were it my decision, or even that of my brother Aulë who is the dwarves’ creator, Thorin Oakenshield would long since have passed into their halls of bliss. The punishment he suffers now is driven by nothing other than his own will, and try as they might none have been able to free him of his self-imposed torments. You have been long anticipated, though of course we would not want to have you here before your time. Aulë has begged that I seek your aid, so that he need no longer watched one of his beloved children suffer thus.”

“Let me see if I understand this correctly: you wish me, Bilbo Baggins, to enter the halls of the dwarves and convince Thorin, who I have no seen for over a lifetime, to stop punishing himself? All because we were…” he choked over the word, hobbit propriety did have its downsides as well, “… lovers, for a very brief while.”

Mandos beamed. “Exactly! So happy you agree, I shall tell my brother at once.“

When we have shuffled off by Avelera (tumblr)