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Omg I loved it. I have another prompt. "So we hooked up last night and now it turns out you're my kids teacher"

And this just made me LOL so here!

Aubrey Posen herded her six year old daughter out of the car and toward the administration building. They were new in town and this was, by reputation, the very best school in the area. But being a private school, it was one of those places that required an interview before admission.

Luckily both she and her daughter Macy were well spoken, and in just a short twenty minutes the head of the junior school was offering her daughter a position. As she read and signed the necessary paperwork, the principal was looking out the door.

“If you’ll excuse me, I believe I’ve just seen Macy’s teacher walk in, she may be available to come and say hello,” he said. He got up and disappeared for a moment, so Aubrey kept filling in details as required.

“Okay, Ms Posen, Macy, this Ms Beca Mitchell,” he said. Aubrey’s face snapped up. Both women immediately recognised the other, but they chose to act - for the moment - like they hadn’t.

“Nice to meet you,” Beca said politely, shaking Aubrey’s hand, repeating the process with Macy.

“Macy, your new classmates are about to have break, would you like to come and play for a bit and meet some of them?” she asked. The child nodded.

“Yes please.” They followed the teacher toward a classroom, Aubrey trying not to do something crazy like blush or alert the principal to the fact that she and her daughters teacher might be familiar with each other in a much more… intimate manner than one would assume.

Macy had spent the night before having a sleepover with her cousin. One of the benefits of moving so close to her brother. He’d remarked that Aubrey looked like all the moving and whatnot had worn her out so she deserved a night to herself. Aubrey had jumped at the chance.

But instead of a bath, wine and an early night, she’d gone out. She hadn’t been out on her own in months. So she had slipped into a dress that she knew tended to draw stares and headed for what Google told her was a gay bar in town.

She’d settled at the bar and quickly downed a vodka tonic, deciding to nurse the second, when a petite brunette in tight jeans and well-filled-out tank top sat down next to her.

“Are you visiting or new in town?” the woman asked.

“Who says I’m either?” Aubrey challenged. The woman had smirked.

“I do,” she said. “Because there’s no way you’ve been here before, because I definitely would have introduced myself to a woman who looks like you do.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“You should,” she replied. “My name is Beca. Can I buy you another round?”

It had been maybe an hour later that Beca had her pressed up against a wall outside, kissing her hard. Aubrey was not objecting in the least, it had been way too long and this woman might be small but she wasn’t lacking in any other department.

“Do you live near here?” she found herself asking, and the brunette had simply raised an eyebrow before stepping toward the street to hail a cab.

It had been an extremely satisfying night. Unfortunately being a single mom meant Aubrey occasionally had to go longer than she liked without sex, but this night had made up for it and then some. But she wasn’t really one for staying the night, so once Beca had succumbed to fatigue, she requested an uber and dressed quickly, leaving her name and number on a note on her kitchen counter.

And now they were watching nineteen first graders run around. It was - not awkward. But not exactly natural feeling.

Macy was joining in with some kids who were playing soccer. Uncle Adam liked soccer a lot and she adored Uncle Adam, so she’d taken an interest. She was pretty good too. When Beca spoke, she did it softly so nobody could hear.

“Um… I’m gonna be honest and admit I don’t have any idea what the protocol is for a situation like this,” the teacher said. “I mean, on one hand I don’t regret what we did at all. But had I known that you were a parent of a student…”

“Well, technically I wasn’t yet,” Aubrey said. “So I think you’re safe on that count. But as to what happens now - I’m assuming there’s a policy.”

“There is,” Beca said. “Which sucks a bit because I totally still have the note with your number in my bag, I was going to text you this afternoon.”

“What’s the policy, specifically?”

“I can’t date the parent of my students,” Beca said.

“So over the next four months, we just be friends?” Aubrey said. “It’s almost the end of the academic year anyway.”

“That’s a good point,” Beca agreed. “There’s just one problem.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m gonna find it really hard to just be friends with you,” Beca said. Their eyes met and held, and it was like Aubrey had grown five degrees warmer.

“Yeah,” she said softly. “It’ll be an interesting four months.”


Zach: You’re pretty amazing, you know that?

Aubrey: Thank you.  You’re amazing, yourself.

Zach: Seriously, I mean it.  I don’t know how things in my life might’ve turned out if I hadn’t stopped to talk to you that first day.  I could’ve minded my own business and just kept walking, but I didn’t, and I’ve been thankful for that choice ever since.

Aubrey:  So am I.  Every time I think about you stopping to help me that day, I wonder how much different both our lives would’ve been if you hadn’t.  I wonder if I’d still be here.  When you found me, I was crying over more than that poor little injured bird, although I know you didn’t realize that at the time.  You may not have been able to help me save the bird’s life, but I believe you saved mine.

Zach: I’m glad you’re still here.

Aubrey: You gave me courage to keep going.

Zach:  All your courage is your own, sweetheart.  That is what’s so amazing about you.  Even when you’re scared and you don’t know what’s coming next, you keep going, and when I see that, I want to keep going too.

Aubrey: Even when you’re scared?

Zach: Not that tough guys get scared, but–

Aubrey: *smiling*  Oh, of course.  How could I have forgotten?

‘At least some good has come out of this: at least nobody will ever be able to say, 'Poor old Plaice is down to his last shilling.' 
'How do you make that out, sir?’ asked Plaice, closing one eye and smiling in anticipation.
'Why, because there are three of 'em screwed to your head, ha, ha, ha!’ said his Captain.
—  Patrick O’Brian, The Far Side of the World
Pitch Perfect Headcanons Round 2! Because I watched the movies again.

Haha woops.

-The Bella’s took until after Aubrey graduated to actually realize Jessica and Ashley were dating and they only realized because Flo walked in on the two kissing. To this day, the Bella’s still claim they knew the two were dating as soon as they joined the group.

-Lily and Donald totally started dating and began going to underground rap battles and such together.

-Lily is the resident go-to for anything remotely illegal or when the Bella’s need something. The password to a trendy underground club? She’s known it for as long as the club has existed. Any and all notes they missed in classes? It doesn’t matter what, she’s got your back. The top locations to hide bodies? You don’t even have to ask.

-Chloe is completely infatuated with Beca rapping. The more lewd and profanity filled, the better it is for Chloe.

-Even after breaking up with Jessie, Beca still gets together with him to watch the Breakfast Club. It’s still one of the only movies they actually watch together.

-After Aubrey graduates, Beca implements a group voting system into all the music they sing and for who gets to solo. Everyone has an equal opportunity and everyone gets heard.

-Aubrey visited the Bella House frequently af terrible it’s construction because for her it was a place to relax and it allowed for the Bella’s to still see their strict captain as she was moving forward in her life.

-Lily and Flo both watch a ridiculous amount of cartoons and they have a weekly Saturday morning ritual of watching all of their recorded cartoons together even if it’s one they aren’t especially interested in.

-Chloe brought the singing telegrams back without Beca’s knowledge so that she could use the first one as a confession of how she felt to Beca.

-The Treblemaker’s removed the hot-tub from the middle of their livingroom (because that was stupid) and moved it outside while they were making their house a better place for living and making their backyard a better party place.

-The amount of inside jokes the Bella’s have is ridiculous. Some things aren’t even funny it’s just continously remembering things that have happened in the past that they want to mention again. Showers between Beca and Chloe, Beca going to Jail, barf puddles, Beca being a BAMF ready to throe a punch anytime, the sexual tension between Beca and Chloe (which is only talked about because ‘how did you two not realize you were into eachother and meant to be!?’).

-Emily gets Beca and Amy’s room when they leave and she gets really emotional when they tell her it’s hers. She doesn’t stop hugging Beca for 10 minutes.

-The fight with the Tonehangers is not the only fight the Bella’s have been in, but most of the others involve alcohol and douches at bars with Beca throwing the most punches in defense of her friends.

-Jesse told Chloe that he would handle Beca going to jail so she wouldn’t worry or doing anything crazy because she looked ready to fight the officer. Jesse panicked and called Beca’s dad so none of the Bella’s had to deal with it.

-Luke helped Beca get her internship at Residual Heat because even after he left, they stayed in contact with her sending him some of her new mixes every so often.

-Stacie frequently wanders around the house wearing very little. Everyone has gotten used to it, but the first time Aubrey came by the house, her face was flushed red for an hour.

-Aubrey got an apartment very close to Barden while she was off pursuing her future and offered it out as a place for the Bella’s to go when the house got to be too much. Denise visited Aubrey twice a week before finally deciding to leave the Bella’s. Amy came often because her and Aubrey actually really clicked. And Stacie came by to flirt relentlessly away from the nosy group of women.

-Whenever any of the Bella’s have a date night (even Jessica and Ashley, or Beca and Chloe) they always let the Bella’s make comments towards their outfits and help pick out what to wear.

-Lily taught all of the Bella’s to twirl pens and shit between their fingers like she was doing on the bus to semi-finals in their first year.

-Sometimes when the Bella’s are wandering around campus they’ll just start making random arrangements and they aren’t always good but over the years they get better at instinctively knowing which parts to sing. Emily throws off their groove for a little until she quickly adapts to the group.

-I just have this strong feeling that Stacie is really good at baseball? So the Bellas, Trebles, Highnotes, and Harmonics totally have a sporting competition because why not. Beca acts disenterested and like she hates it, but she enjoys it and loves seeing Chloe looking sporty. Also the Bella’s totally kickass.

I might do a third if I watch the movies another 5 times. Which will probably happen.



Felicity’s travel plans were going perfectly until… they weren’t. To get to Massachusetts for one of the most important interviews of her life, she’ll need a little help from a stranger. This little detour might be exactly the thing she didn’t know she needed.

A big thanks to Nelly @smoakqueenz who created the adorable cover art for this story and Aubrey @aubvi  my awesome beta :)

Rating: T This Chapter’s Word Count: 4134

Hey guys! As always thank you for your kind words on last week’s chapter, I’m so happy to hear that so many of you are enjoying this story :) There won’t be an update next week as I have a lot of school work I need to get to and I’m not sure I’ll be able to have time to get the chapter ready but I promise we’ll be back to normal updates after that :) I tried not to make the ending of this chapter too much of a cliff hanger…

“I’m a trust fund, baby, you can trust me,” Oliver chimed in, tossing Felicity a wink.

She clapped enthusiastically, laughing, “You nailed it!”

Almost 3 hours of driving later they were on their second listen through the Hamilton soundtrack after Felicity had discovered he had never heard of it and was appalled.

“Have you been living under a rock?!”


“I’m sorry but you can’t use the small town excuse on this one. EVERYONE is listening to Hamilton right now.”


Grabbing the aux cord she plugged in her phone and he had found himself tapping his fingers on the steering wheel as the music filled the inside of the truck.

She turned the music down as the song continued, “Do you think we should figure out what we’re going to do for dinner? I’m starting to get hungry….”

“Me too,” he agreed. “Why don’t you check out what’s nearby again and pick something out?”

A few minutes later she spoke up, “Well, there’s a pizza place that looks good but it’s about an hour away still. I guess I can wait that long….”

“Don’t you still have cake to eat?”

“Oh that’s right!” She reached down for the box at her feet. “This will make the perfect appetizer.”

“So? What’s the verdict?” he asked after she had taken a few bites.

“You sir, have ruined me for chocolate cake forever.”


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I feel like Aubrey and Robyn had a nice long talk about everything cause honestly everything seems much different now. U can tell they're both actually trying to make everything work this is great Robyn deserve this after everything she done been through and Aubrey deserve this also after trying and being shut out.... What u think ?

I don’t like to give definitive answers but things seem different to me-

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OOOHHH OOOOHHHHH I want to hear more history class stories!!!! Please and Thankyou.

Okay so one time the teacher actually WAS there and he let me teach the lesson about the Titanic because I’m a complete nerd for that shit .

“ Okay class today we’re learning about the ship that sank in April of 1912 -”

“ The R.M. S. Titanic , of the White Star Line, built by Harland and Wolfe , largest ship in the world at its time , designed by Thomas Andrews and- oh I’m sorry I interrupted you …..”

“No go on , I really don’t know much anyway. Class , apparently Aubrey’s a history freak so she’s gonna school you punks today and I’m taking a nap. Don’t kill anyone . ”

So my teacher was lazy and I got to teach about my history fetish

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Omgg! I just read your little mini fic about beca being Aubrey's child's teacher and I loved it! Is there any way we can get a continuation?


That’s all I’ll commit to at the moment.

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When Aubrey and Beca gets in a fight, who usually calms down and apologies first? And do you think make-up sex is their thing?

Beca is better at calming down and apologising. But if Aubrey goes too far (it doesn’t happen often) Beca just completely shuts herself off and Aubrey knows she has to give her about an hour and then find her straight away.