So B is a demon whose goal in his immortal life is to bring back A from the human world. (A was expelled because he’s kind).
“Can’t you do just one bad action?!” B yells. “Just once! Just do- WHAT ARE YOU DOING HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING TO ME!”
“I heard you.” A says, blinking innocently. “But, c'mon, I can’t leave my dog’s poop there. It’s just nasty.”
B squints his eyes at him.


It hasn’t been too obvious here on tumblr, but those who follow me on ig will know that I’ve been obsessed with this AU for months. So! I love the movie When Marnie was there, and while I was watching it for the nth time I thought “Hey, a victuuri AU would be nice!”, so I have like a ton of sketches about this, and I finally drew something “serious” lol. (*Spoiler*: I’llchangethefactthatMarniewastheprotagonist’sgrandmaforthisAUtho, cough

Parks & Rec but Homestuck

• that one Andy/April/Ben Wyatt scene where Ben comes to live with them and sends them to the store for Basic Necessities, only Andy is Jake, April is Dirk, and Ben is Roxy. Jake and Dirk’s place is a mess. The only food they have is orange soda and leftovers, and they’re eating off frisbees. Roxy comes for a visit, sees the condition of the place, and strongly resists the urge to pound some common sense into these two idiots. She gives them a simple list of things to get, “I have complete faith in both of you!!” It pans away to her confessional. Yeah, she says, there’s a 30% chance they’ll both die.

• Dave and Karkat have not told anyone they’re dating yet and somehow think that means no one knows. One day, Dave goes to visit Rose only to get to her house and find that all the lights are off? Rose? Are you here? Suddenly, Rose is pulling down the string to a lamp dramatically lighting the room. Hello Dave. How long have you been sleeping with Karkat? Dave turns bright red. I don’t even get…why would I…And how- how do I know, frankly, that you aren’t sleeping with Karkat? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off. Rose stares at him like she’s Ron Swanson. Dave storms off Leslie Knope style.

•Jane walks into a restaurant with her father. It is a breakfast diner. She narrows her eyes at him, a challenge. He sighs in resignation. He knows what is coming. She flags down the nearest waiter. Give me all the bacon and eggs you have, she says. The waiter nods. She waves him back over. Wait, wait, she says. I’m worried that you just heard, ‘give me a lot of bacon and eggs’. What I said was, give me all the bacon and eggs you have. Do you understand. The waiter nods. His eyes are wide as he walks away. Jane’s table is full of bacon and eggs. This is her dream, this is what she’s been waiting for. She does not finish the bacon and eggs. She does not even come close. It was worth it.

•John has been helping Jade and Jane grow a garden. Jade is growing pumpkins, Jane is growing herbs and spices for cooking, and John helps with the manual labor because he loves spending time with them. Karkat comes by to see what’s going on and keeps asking questions because he’s never seen a garden before. It switches to John’s confessional. “Every time Karkat asks me for the names of the plants, I just give him the names of famous old Earth comedians.” The camera switches back to Karkat inspecting some plants with John floating nearby. Those Bill Murrays are coming in great, aren’t they Karkat? I’m so excited for the Betty Whites too!!

• Rose is the literal embodiment of April Ludgate and you cannot convince me otherwise. There is a field near her and Kanaya’s house some of the Earth C citizens would like to use for an event and they ask her and Kanaya if they would mind. Of Course Not, Feel Free To- Rose interrupts. We have a policy in which we unfortunately only reserve large fields for witch covens and slip 'n’ slide competitions. Which are you? Um, they look at each other extremely bewildered. Neither? We’re hosting a wine tasting competition. Would you like to be the judge of honor? Rose opens her mouth to say yes but Kanaya politely declines on her behalf for Obvious Reasons. Rose is extremely put out. I wanted to get drunk and make fun of stupid people, she sighs dramatically. My two true passions. Those Are Not Your Passions, Rose, I’ve Seen The Inordinately Large Amount Of Wizard Fan Fiction That You Write And Actually Some Of It Is Quite Good- Kanaya please don’t mention that in front of our subjects, goodness gracious. I have a reputation.

•The kids and trolls are having a meeting about some issue in the Carapace kingdom. Terezi keeps making sounds of discomfort. Is everything all right, Jane asks. Yes, Terezi responds, I’ve just been having some pain in my mouth nubs, it’s fine. Do you need to go to a dentist, Roxy wants to know. Terezi shakes her head, I don’t like denterrorists. She reaches into her own mouth, sorry, let me just- NO. NOO. NO. EVERYONE IS SCREAMING. FUCK. STOP THAT NO. Karkat has fainted. Jake ran out of the room. Dirk looks like he’s going to be sick. Terezi grins and holds her tooth in her hand. Right, what were we talking about? It switches to confessional. “Vriska pulled the tooth out for me yesterday, but it’s always a good idea to demonstrate to your peers that you can withstand tremendous amounts of pain.”

So here’s a design for kamidere!Kizana I came with 

Since now she thinks about herself as a divine figure and not royalty, I changed her theme too. (Happily) got back to her albino color scheme. Instead of roses, she now wears a laurel wreath in her hair (that’s now stylized in greek way) and a small necklace in sun shape (for irony). At first I wanted to make a sun print on her socks, but it looked odd and unpleasant, so instead I just put a greek print on them. 

Yeah as you may see I changed her theme more to greek. I like to think she associates herself with some greek goddess. She also now mostly practices classicism, with Homer being her favorite author. 

Speaking of personality, it didn’t change drastically (at least in view of my headcanons i think?). She’s intelligent, cunning, and charismatic. Probably the only big difference between her and original is that kamidere!Kizana can be dangerous because of her charisma that let’s her manipulate other people easily and her lust for power. She’s like, idk, more vicious version of Kizana? :”D I think I could compare her to Gellert Grindelwald from Harry Potter series.

I think she won’t be the third rival (i mean, kamidere being that easy to beat? ://) so probably I’d have to change to order of rivals, which can then affect their designs (excluding Megami since her design will have to go back to black anyways) and personalities…maybe I can turn it into another big AU but I don’t know about it yet…Tell me what you think!

(also probably I should change her name too since it…doesn’t really fit her anymore…)


I had a dream where Ashi and her sisters were experiments in a lab instead of being raised in a cult. It’s kinda this weird mismashed combo between Stranger Things and Plague Dogs and idk.

Obviously, this is not Ja//shi in any form so do not tag anything about this au as that, thanks

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Oh No

Okay but like…AU where Keith is a writer on the side. Sci-fi books are his JAM and he has a ton of old classics in his shack…they were actually what inspired him to pursue a career as an astronaut. 

After Keith joins the Garrison, he doesn’t have a lot of time to read or write anymore. Then Shiro disappears on the Kerberos mission, and Keith gets kicked out of the Garrison–and suddenly books are his only friends again. Keith takes up a bullshit job to support himself, and he spends his off-hours reading. He escapes his grief through stories for a while–but Shiro is starting to leak into his fantasy worlds. He appears in the faces of the protagonists. His spirit is echoed in the characters’ determination; their valor; their loyalty. 

On his way home from work Keith passes the Garrison, and a long stretch of canyon. This one punk keeps coming out to the valley at night and tagging the rocks; one night Keith decides he’s seen one-too-many spray-painted blue lions and he kind of snaps. He rides home, rips open a notebook, and writes until his hand cramps up. 

Keith makes up a story about the shadow he sees on the roof of the Garrison late at night; a freshman, he decides, and a conspiracist. The graffiti lions on the canyon walls are actually runes, leading the way to an ancient underground weapon. His red bike becomes a robot lion. There are aliens in this world: Keith writes himself a reality wherein Shiro finds his way home in an alien escape pod. 

In this story, Keith can fight back. In this story, Keith isn’t alone. In this story, Shiro isn’t dead. It’s silly, and Keith would never show his notebook to anyone, but the fantasy makes life a little easier. 

This is for @sneezequeen whose birthday was last week! Sorry it’s so late, but I hope you like it! I’m writing it in lab as I wait for my shit to be ready, so I couldn’t resist the idea of a scientist AU… I hope that’s okay! The scientist AU no one asked for but the scientist AU we all deserve. Anyway, you wanted  Lance with flu/strep, and with restless leg syndrome to top it off. It’s only gonna hint at RLS though? Because I’m garbage. I love you tho!

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Designated Drivers - Oneshot

“our mutual friend dared the two of us to chug a whole pint of beer and I’m not going to let you beat me” AU

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Language? Underage drinking

Word Count: 1, 349

Summary: You and Peter Parker always seem to be the designated drivers in your friend groups and one day they decide to make you have a good time.

A/N: I’ve had the whole “two DDs bonding at a party while everyone else is drunk” idea for a while and finding this fun prompt by @iobeyfandoms finally motivated me to do something with it. Also I’m boosting them up to being high school seniors (18y/o) so that the underage drinking isn’t as bad (also 18 is legal drinking age where I live but high school kids will drink anyways). 

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As much as you enjoyed hanging out with your friends, parties were never really your thing, much less drinking. Thus you assumed the role of designated driver as the mom of the group and would always be the one to make sure your friends got home safely at the end of the night.

Peter Parker was the same. That’s how the two of you became such close friends. You weren’t a student at Midtown High, but you attended another nearby high school and you were childhood friends with Liz Allen who was always at the center of all these social events. Her as well as you and Peter’s other friends always dragged you to these parties whether you wanted to or not. It was usually the latter until you met Peter.

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Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Ten

Announcement at the bottom! I don’t want to crowd the top.

Word Count: 1818

Warnings: Cursing

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

The following three weeks in Sweden were spent rebuilding your relationship. You didn’t let Alex off the hook completely. Still being upset from what happened. You made him work for your forgiveness, as you should have. He took every second he could to make you feel loved and appreciated. Not disappointing you once. You guys finally had some time to go out on personal dates. Spend time alone together in the house, and sometimes out on their boat. Alex was passionate about his home town. Showing you all his favorite places that you’ve heard in his stories over the phone.

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