I finally watched Hope Arc.

So I actually liked that WAY better than ANY of despair arc. And I ONLY like it if I ignore the fact that despair arc even existed.

I really did want to see them all alive, and to hear them all talk about atonement and carrying the burden of what they’ve done. MAN THAT’S WHAT I WANTED.

 I hate that Despair arc made Hope Arc feel so cheap, but like I said if I completely ignore despair arc than Hope arc is the actual ending I wanted. 

I want them to struggle and feel like they’re carrying that weight and support each other. I really liked the bit about them taking the blame for the Future foundation incident and genuinely caring about atonement. 

 I liked that Kamukura didn’t fully disappear, because something that actually broke my heart in the game was how during the last trial one of Kamukura’s lines were “I don’t want to disappear” and that always got me for some reason. I really like that some of their relationships seem to be slowly mending and goSH KOMAEDA’S ROBOHAND OR WHEN THEY PICKED HIM UP AND CARRIED HIM AWAY FROM NAEGI …. ……. AND THE MINI MECHANIDAI’S……

So final verdict: 

with despair arc included, Hope arc feels cheap and like they don’t actually have anything to atone for. It makes it feel really… just worthless.


SO PERSONALLY- I’m going to ignore despair arc, but I really did enjoy Hope Arc.

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Do you think Sue will ever release more pictures Dylan, write more about him, or put more of his life out there to show the world his other side?

I don’t think so. Not in the foreseeable future anyway. It took several years and a lot of courage for Sue to work up to writing this one book and she knew in her heart she had to do it as her atonement to the victims families and society for what her son had done and also her massive contribution to mental health research and aid. But she’s said what she’d needed to say and even still got flack from the public for simply writing and publishing a book. Any book beyond that which focuses more on Dylan would probably be viewed as gratuitous and unnecessary. What more can one already say about Dylan other than that fact that he seemed normal, gentle and kind for 99% of his life until the last 49 min of his life? Sure, you can show the masses what he was like as a multidimensional person but unfortunately, many are not ready to take a closer look at the young man that turned his back on the world, his family and friends and gave in to becoming a monster and more importantly why and how that happened. The average mainstream viewpoint would likely say he forfeit that sort of “follow-up Book Pt 2” limelight after the atrocities he preplanned calculatedly in secret and committed with utter abandon. It’s possible some time in the future that she may have more to say as a follow up to her first book and that she might write something again, specifically in the vested interest of mental health. As for now though, if she were to continue writing all about Dylan it likely would be skewed as selfishly, overtly dwelling on her son, the killer. The only possibility might be a magazine article in which she’d be interviewed and perhaps might offer something from memory that we hadn’t yet heard before about Dylan. That’s probably the extent of things for now. Though her book release circuit is completed so I think she’s pretty much done being in the public’s eye for 2016. It was a huge year for Sue and there must be a sense of relief and accomplishment that she’s given voice to her story and changed some viewpoints for the better.

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I kinda disagree with you on possible ending for Kylo and Rey. The whole Rey's storyline of finding a new family just can't end with her watching that the person she cares about is leaving her again. I think time will prove that they work better as a team and if to me the best way for Kylo to atone is to teach new generation of Force users how to protect themselves from the dark side.

I would love that, I just think that Kylo really has to be shown to be repent and really pay for his crimes. I also think that they would want to maintain some kind of mystery around him, and that would be achieved by having him disappear into the mist, so to speak. However, I don’t think it would be presented as a permanent separation. 

I could see Rey parting from him with something like: “I’ll find you again. I just know it.” Ending on that kind of bittersweet note presents more storytelling opportunities going forward than the end of Return of the Jedi did, and that’s going to be important - they can’t end every trilogy with perfect happiness and resolution, since the films that come after are otherwise always going to have the problem of shattering that happiness again.

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Hi! Ok, this may be stupid but I want to ask do people in usa (an you) consider all white people as someone who is privileged? All of them from all the world? For example, if a person is idk slavic and they're not qualified enough to immigrate and live far from top-rated countries - would average person of color from usa still want that person to atone for anglosax colonies+slavery? If we talk about ancestry - polish–lithuanian commonwealth didn't have colonies so i doesn't make sense for me.

No stupid questions, don’t worry. And I’m Asian American – specifically, the Chinese-American kind – and Asian Americans can act plenty privileged. Obviously we also face certain kinds of racism and the “model minority” issue, but it’s different from what blacks or Latinos face, imo. We don’t have to worry about getting stopped, frisked, or shot in the streets. Maybe we don’t get stopped by the police all the time because we’re considered harmless (aside from taking up spots at prestigious universities), but at least we don’t die from systematic brutality. And for some of us, hard work does pay off more readily than the same amount of hard work would for a Black American. Which is why so many people in the generation above mine are far more likely to blame blacks for racial tensions and say, “They should just work harder to get to a better place in life!” I have little respect for that attitude.

It’s more like, if you’re of a certain group that has benefited from the system favoring them (being the ones in power/at least not oppressed) for years and years, then you’re privileged. In a lot of places, that happens to coincide with being a certain kind of white. In places like Europe and the Americas, not all white is equal, no. I’m definitely aware of the situation in Europe. But in Asia, being any kind of white can be more preferable to being Asian. I’ve been let go from teaching jobs for not being white enough to teach English, even when the white person who got my job was ESL. So yeah, it definitely depends.

As for the last part, I don’t think it’s a matter of wanting atonement or apologies, really, or where your family’s roots are, or what role your ethnic group/home country had in the founding of America. Asians were brutally oppressed when they first came to the U.S., after all. But if someone benefits because the system doesn’t disadvantage them and gives them a free pass where it’d give others a really hard time (or a bullet), then it would just be nice if they could be aware of it and acknowledge it. Maybe that could help with what we really want - change. Everyone suffers and everyone works hard; the way they get assisted, treated, or rewarded for it is definitely not equal. But of course, this differs from continent to country to city. …My answer meandered slightly, but I hope this addressed what you were asking.


 “I kind of found him difficult to recognize as a member of society and therefore play him truthfully because he was so good. It wasn’t until I really kind of accepted the potential that someone like that could exist and I started kind of identifying with the character and falling in love with the character, you know’’ James McAvoy on Robbie. 

Atonement || Closed @ pmdsableyequeen

Several weeks had passed since Hopkins, Ken, Tucker, and Kelly had gotten sick, and two major things had changed. The older Sableye had left, and Dusknoir had started constructing a rudimentary shelter using a ground-down stone axe he’d made and several tree branches lashed together. Now it was just Dusknoir, the youngest four Sableye, and Jack…

Even so, Dusknoir seemed almost more withdrawn than ever. Once Hopkins, Ken, Tucker, and Kelly had recovered from their colds, he returned to being aloof. He worked hard, though still ate little, keeping to the shadows whenever he slept or took a break to relax.

To be perfectly honest… it wasn’t the most pleasant situation. And he wasn’t sure, but he was starting to suspect he was driving himself into the ground… but that was hardly important, next to what he still needed to do to make this place livable through winter and the years to come. He quite literally had nothing else to do, so he’d be wasting his time if he stopped. And that wasn’t acceptable. Time was too precious…