Kdrama Women’s Week || Day One: Favorite Second Lead Character

Seo Do-yeon from I Hear Your Voice

One of the many things writer Park Hye-ryun got right in I Hear Your Voice was the character of Seo Do-yeon, particularly in relation to the heroine, Jang Hye-sung. These two ladies were rivals, yes—but they weren’t rivals in a love triangle. Their problems with each other had to do with the lies they told when they were young and the things they did or didn’t do. These two women changed the course of each other’s lives, both for worse and for the better.

It was heartbreaking to hear Do-yeon talk about the day she chickened out at the courtroom door and how that disappointment in turn drove her to give up her art so she could atone for that cowardice. She became a prosecutor, one driven by the cold pursuit of justice.

But her character didn’t stop there. Do-yeon could have been set up to be the designated courtroom villain, but instead Writer Park gave her a lovely character arc where she was able to learn that justice could be compassionate, not just cold. (In fact, her side plot with her birth father was the only one to make me cry.) Once you threw in her hilarious and petty rivalry with Hye-sung and her ability to go in for the courtroom kill, I was totally sold.

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Runners-up: Yoon Baek-hee from Dream High, Princess Kyung-hye from The Princess’ Man, Oh Doo-ri from What’s Up!

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You’ve hit an all new low! :P

Please forgive me; I feel so weak! I succumbed to temptation and I can never atone for what I’ve done! Golden llama gods, take me now! XP *sags in defeat* X____X

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How to have many friends who never leave your side? Just buy a Playstation, plasma TV, pizza and some beer to wash it off…

Exactly. Especially if you’re the one paying for everything! XD

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Boys PMS’ing is the worst! They’re like the biggest drama queens in heat!

IKR!? >_< People say men don’t get hormonal, but I’ve seen them; I know in my bones that’s a daggone lie. 

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Wow! I had no idea that vampires could do this! All the good things you get for actually playing the game 0___o xD

You sound just like me, only when it comes to discovering normal things, like sims being able to slow dance or something. All I’ve ever really done is messed around with the different lifestates and the Ambitions/Showtime professions. *hides face in shame* Besides that I don’t play the game nearly enough, either. The last few months have been a real eye-opener for me. Crazy.

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I remember the times when there was no Master Controller or other proper mods and every time the ugly or annoying sim would come around…. xD Good thing that now we have ‘total annihilation’ option xD

Are you spying on my gameplay? Because that’s EXACTLY what I did to the random townie in this post. He just showed up, so I had Boyd converse with him for a while, but then I jest wanted his butt gone. But the Shoo Away/Ask to Go Home option wasn’t on the sim for some strange reason, so I went into Debug Enabler and clicked the Force Sim To Go Home option. He parked his butt down on the bench by the basketball court and wouldn’t effing LEAVE my lot! >_< He stayed ALL FREAKING DAY!


I couldn’t take it; he was interfering with me taking pictures, so I paused my game, typed in Moveobjects On, selected the sim, and click-dragged his butt RIGHT into the trash. Just purged his butt off the edge of the earth. I’m not even lying.

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Yummy raw meat! ;)

Full of vitamins and nutrients and worms and salmonella! ^_^

What if Ishida was feeling so haunted by guilt over all the horrible things he put his characters and fans through during Tokyo Ghoul that he wrote :Re to atone for it and make it all better?  Maybe that’s why Haise is alive and Juuzou has a chance to get revenge and maybe Tsukiyama isn’t depressed he’s just been stoned for a really long time and Kanae has been driven to insanity trying to find the ultimate cure for his munchies?  

Kanae: Maybe the smell of Kaneki will bring him out of his haze.
Tsukiyama: What is this?  It smells nostalgic.  Like the colour blue.  
Kanae: I don’t know what that means, Shuu-sama, please snap out of it. 
Tsukiyama: Mellow. 

This. This is why I’ll never be able to jump on the ‘Benedict Cumberbatch is the sex’ band wagon. His turn as Paul Marshall in Atonement was absolutely brilliant and way too effective - the creepiest and most mundane of sexual predators. 

bluesalamandra asked:

What movies do you recommend? Besides pride and prejudice obviously :)

Similar to pride & prejudice? all Jane Austen, obvi (I really like Northanger Abbey), or Anna Karenina, Atonement, Becoming Jane, Austenland, The Duchess, Bridget Jones’ Diary, etc :)

Hôm qua mơ mất xe đạp thế là đi mua một chiếc xe giá 500k, xong thế quái nào lại mất dép mà dép là bị cô bạn trong Sài Gòn làm mất. Tự nhiên lơ ngơ lạc vào nhà anh người yêu cũ, cả nhà gọi là là “Chí” lúc sau thấy gọi là “Hướng”. Kể anh ta vừa chia tay người yêu xong chắc đang buồn nên không ăn cơm.
Trong giấc mơ mình vẫn yêu anh rất nhiều, nhưng lại muốn bẽ gãy cổ anh ta.
Cắc do hôm qua xem Atonement.

They’ve now taken a lease on virtue entirely for themselves, these weak and hopeless invalids—there’s no doubt about that. ‘We alone are the good men, the just men’—that’s how they speak: ‘We alone
are the homines bonae voluntatis [men of good will].’ They wander around among us like personifications of reproach, like warnings to us, as if health, success, strength, pride, and a feeling of power were inherently depraved things, for which people must atone some day, atone bitterly. How they thirst to be hangmen! Among them there are
plenty of people disguised as judges seeking revenge. They always have the word ‘justice’ in their mouths, like poisonous saliva, with their mouths always pursed, constantly ready to spit at anything which does not look discontented and goes on its way in good spirits.
—  Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morality