Republicans pretend bringing Trump into the election, just like Palin before him, were not dangerous steps in the wrong direction. The GOP needs to atone. Bigly.

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Despite being 38 years old, Hanzo has never met his soulmate. He’s learned to ignore the red string on his left hand for the last ten years, knowing he is destined to remain alone as he atones for his mistakes. It is for the best.

Jesse McCree, however, isn’t one to take that lying down.


There’s the last chapter of Threads for you. 

Clocking in at just over 49k words, this is definitely the biggest project I’ve done in a long time. I’m super humbled by the response this fic got and how wonderful everyone has been to me while I work on it. I’m sad Threads is finished, but I’ve already got lots of new ideas to work on. I’ll be writing McHanzo for a good while yet, so stay tuned. 

Thanks for sticking around!

Tashom isn’t sure what he was expecting from the support team sent to meet them on Makeb, but he wasn’t expecting Cytharat. Looking graver and harder around the edges than when Tashom saw him last, but undoubtedly the same man.

“Cytharat,” Ruqi says thoughtfully when he introduces himself. “Weren’t you–”

Cytharat bows his head, his aristocratic brow furrowing. “I was apprentice to the traitor Malgus, mighty Wrath. I am here to atone for his crimes.”

“I was going to say I think you were at the Academy with my sister Nivony and my brother Tashom,” Ruqi says gently. She gestures to Tash, who nods and smiles.

“You would probably remember our sister better,” he offers. “My first year there was her last, and yours, if I recall.”

Cytharat looks at him for a moment and smiles, his serious demeanor lightening for a moment. “Lord Tashom, of course. My apologies for not recognizing you sooner.”

Hey let’s write about people who fall in love and then try to kill each other ZERO times, that’s fun too, right?

Atonement for breaking oaths.

In his Tafseer of Surah al-Maaidah [5:89], Shaykh Ibn al Uthaymeen said:

As a Kaffaarah (atonement/expiation) for breaking the oath, a person has been given the option to do one of the three: Feed the poor, clothe them, manumit (set free) a slave. A person has the option to do either one of the above three, but if he is not able to afford it, then he should fast for three days.

❌ But what has become widespread among the common people is that the Kaffaarah for breaking the oath is to fast three days - and this is wrong.

✅ Therefore it is necessary upon the students of knowledge to make it clear for the people that fasting is not an option for a person who is capable of doing one of the three (either feeding the poor or clothing them or freeing a slave).“

- Tafseer Surah al-Maaidah of Shaykh Ibn al Uthaymeen (2/319)

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five foods: hummus, coconut bars, mint chocolate chip ice cream, lemon bars, grilled cheese sandwich 

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I don't think this headcannon has any weight whatsoever what with Deacon's supposed past/age and all, but I just had the thought. What if he was Desdemona's son? They both have red hair. Idk, just an idea.

Hey Nonny! If his age is tripping you up on this particular headcanon, and you’re looking to relate them to each other - you could always headcanon them as siblings. I personally put Desdemona in her mid-to-late 40s (because I can and because her VA sounds older) so she could be his older sister.

With the way the Wasteland is, and how often he changes his face, Dez might not even know it’s her brother in the first place. Maybe she thought her brother died years ago. Deacon might not want her to know, not until he’s fully atoned. It’d be one more secret he keeps.

I mean, there’s nothing to confirm this and it’s Deacon so run with your headcanon! Achieve your dreams! Make yourself happy!

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to atone in advance for a question for groovy themself: mx. spice, how do you feel about cogs in general?

Oh I think of them as I would towards any random toon. Not all cogs are as bad as a lot of toons make them out to be. Each one has their individuality and morals.
My Cafe seems to be popular with them. Probably because it’s one of the few toon-ran establishments that provide service to cogs.

10 Movies I Can Watch Anytime

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• The Force Awakens
• Atonement
• Juno
• Lilo & Stitch
• Mulan
• The Prince of Egypt
• Spirit
• What We Do in the Shadows
• Everything is Illuminated
• Lady & the Tramp

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Orphx & JK Flesh @ Berlin Atonal, August 26th

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I've been asking around lately, I hope I am not a bother. What do you think the future for Royai holds? Will they ever be genuinely happy and at peace? Maybe even start a family together and act on their feelings? Or never to atone their sins?

Ooooohhh I saw this ask going around tumblr and I thought it was a tricky question indeed…

Okay. I guess the answer of this depends on whether you think they have been worthy of happiness or not, because the moral content in this series is not at all simple, there’s no gratuitious happy endings.

We have the angsty option: They can live all their lives together, working back to back, but never enjoy completely. Roy will be Fuhrer, and Riza will protect him like the incredibly competent soldier she is. They’ll see their shared dream come true and finally, the ability to change their country for the better will take a bit of the weight off their hearts. Seeing each other at the top and knowing they’ve achieved their dream, together, may be enough happiness for them.
They will love each other forever Royai-ly: with an incredibly powerful love that lives in the most subtle way. 

But. They once were children who not only dreamed big, but had the real intention of changing their country for the better. Ed had his sins too, but got the chance to have a family, to build a future. Why can’t Roy and Riza too? They learned their lesson too. They struggled for years trying to reach the top, not being together because of fraternization laws and sinking under the weight of their guilt.
Yes, they took the wrong path once, but they really have proved not only that they take full responsibility for their actions in Ishval and they regret them, but that they won’t rest until they’ve done all they can to pay for their wrongs and achieve an even better future. We know they have regrets. We know they won’t live at total peace because the blood on their hands. Maybe that’s enough and they deserve to think of a happy life, and live it, though not totally guilt free. Maybe that’s their equivalent exchange.                                                                  I’d love to see Roy and Riza finally living a good life: peaceful, with no need to hide their feelings for each other, sharing their time, their whole life, as a couple. My happiest dream for them is that they marry after Roy becomes Fuhrer (because they won’t jeopardize their chance to rise to the top by acting on their feelings before the right time), and have a child, little Maes (I don’t know who came up with this name but definitely it’s the perfect one ugh.), and little Hayate. And I think, after all, they deserve to see it come true. 

Ugh did I even answer this at all? Maybe my choice is not the most realist one butttt the good thing of the open ending Arakawa left us with is this! We can dream, my dear anon, we can dream. Thanks for your question<3 

Yom Kippur False Alarm

So, a few years ago, Yom Kippur was coming up and I really needed to ask forgiveness of a Gentile friend who I had failed a couple times that year, and even though the friend hadn’t mentioned it, it had been eating at me.  This friend didn’t really know anything about Judaism.

So I contacted him, by email, (we were in different countries at this time) and I said “I know that I failed you with [thing], and I just want to say how sorry I am.  I will try to fix it in the future. If I have done anything else that may have harmed you at any time in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I am truly sorry.  I ask that you will forgive me.  I hope that you will accept my apology. Please let me know before 3 days from now.”

My friend promptly responded with the following: “Are you dying????”

The Moral of the Story: explain what Yom Kippur is to your gentile friends.

Atonement || Closed @ pmdsableyequeen

Several weeks had passed since Hopkins, Ken, Tucker, and Kelly had gotten sick, and two major things had changed. The older Sableye had left, and Dusknoir had started constructing a rudimentary shelter using a ground-down stone axe he’d made and several tree branches lashed together. Now it was just Dusknoir, the youngest four Sableye, and Jack…

Even so, Dusknoir seemed almost more withdrawn than ever. Once Hopkins, Ken, Tucker, and Kelly had recovered from their colds, he returned to being aloof. He worked hard, though still ate little, keeping to the shadows whenever he slept or took a break to relax.

To be perfectly honest… it wasn’t the most pleasant situation. And he wasn’t sure, but he was starting to suspect he was driving himself into the ground… but that was hardly important, next to what he still needed to do to make this place livable through winter and the years to come. He quite literally had nothing else to do, so he’d be wasting his time if he stopped. And that wasn’t acceptable. Time was too precious…