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Dating Obi Wan headcanons? If you're still accepting.

-Cuddling together

-Going on walks together

-Lots of hand holding

-Forehead kisses

-Passionate, slightly rough sex

-You both trying hard to keep your relationship from the Jedi Council

-However, Anakin and Padme both ship you SO HARD

-Laying in bed and reading

-Him making sure everyone respects you

-Him making you laugh as much as he can

-You both teasing each other

-Hand kisses

-Training each other

-Him wiping and kissing your tears away

-Him loving to run his hands through your hair

-Him loving how kind you are

-Him kissing the top of your head when he hugs you

One of my son’s favorite things in all of Star Wars is during the meadow scene in Attack of the Clones. He thinks Anakin pranking Padme into thinking he’s hurt and then laughing when she comes to check on him is THE FUNNIEST THING A+ GAME SKYWALKER; ANAKIN IS AMAZING WOW HE’S SO FUNNY. Every single time he watches it he’s like “HE GOT HER! Hahahahahaha”

So, Anakin basically has the same sense of humor as a small child. Sounds…pretty much exactly correct. LOL