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- Harry Potter (ships i like: romione, hinny, remadora, wolfstar, jily, scorbus)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra (ships: zutara, sukka, tokka, bopal, kainora, zhurrick, wuko, korrasami)

- Teen Titans (2003) (ships: bbrae, robstar, flinx, robrae, cybee)
- Big Hero 6
- Miraculous Ladybug (ships: ladynoir, adrienette, ladrien, marichat, djwifi)
- Star vs The Forces Of Evil (ships: starco, tomco, tomstar lmao)
- Voltron: Legendary Defender (ships: klance, shallura)
- Shadowhunters (ships: malec, saphael)
- Fanarts of those fandoms above
- aesthetic stuff (like pastel, space, …)
- cats. i love cats.
- science stuff

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-Creepypasta/Horror (basically creepy things)

Would you kindly?
- Frank Fontaine / Atlas

- - - - - Bioshock Headcanon PART 1

Guys, I’m a huge fan of the Bioshock video game series and I lately finished the extra content ‘Burial At Sea’ of Bioshock: Infinite! Well, and guess what happened? As I’m one of the - as it seems - rare ppl who ship JatLas and of course as you know I ship FassAvoy I couldn’t resist and made this here. This is part one of my Headcanon where James McAvoy is (plays) Frank Fontaine aka Atlas.

- - - - -

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Manufacturing Nature: “Trees by Man” by Michael Amery


Michael Amery is an artist based in Cape Town, South Africa with a graphic design background. His series of drawings in charcoal and India ink called “Trees by man” explores the boundary between the natural world and man-shaping of the landscape. Pines and gum trees populate huge…

Read more on: http://socks-studio.com/2016/08/25/manufacturing-nature-trees-by-man-by-michael-amery/

charcoal, industry, Landscape, Trees, Art, Technology, Territories, Visual Atlas