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5 headcanons for the crack student!au thing.

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  • The twins are known for having crazy parties, although Ragnar is always bored at the big parties, and Razza tends to be the party man, from time to time.
  • Both brother roll their eyes frequently at Torstein and Helga’s affection, but both think it works well. They just are not about to admit that it’s cute.
  • At least one person winds up thinking its a good idea to go run down the street naked while drunk, during their get together’s.
  • Neither twin has settled down with anyone, but they do tend to go back and forth between Lagertha and Athelstan. When Torstein says that they just pick a day on who gets who, that earns him the double eye roll glare. 
  • Helga makes better special brownies than anyone, and everyone knows it. 
  • It is always Athelstan’s responsibility to bring the cheese. They all know Ragnar is weird about cheese and make fun of him for it.
  • Lagertha is always the first one that wants to get drunk, in some ways and she doesn’t mind the attention of both brothers, at once even. 
  • Everyone involved is determined to get Athelstan drunk at least once, because they are all onto that one sip of beer nonsense he does, and are sure that drunk Athelstan would be something to remember.
  • Torstein, Razza and Ragnar always think it’s a good idea to stack up all the empty bottles of drinks they have. It’s never a good idea.
  • Lagertha and Helga always have the better plans when it comes to what to while they are drunk.
  • The twins alternate between throwing things at Torstein and Helga, if they get too sappy.  They are both determined to not be like that with anyone, both pay just as much attention to Athelstan when he speaks as Torstein does when Helga speaks.
  • Lagertha knows that both twins pay attention to her, and she enjoys every minute of it, although she too likes to make Athelstan blush.
  • Whoever wakes up with clothes on has to clean up. It’s typically Athelstan, as the rest tend to get a little too drunk and wind up deciding clothes can be overrated.

I adore their special bond it was clear that they loved each other very much.

Vikings Preference "How they react when they get jealous"

(WOOOOO first Vikings preference :3 Yay for our faves being jelly XD hope it is as requested and you all like it :D PS. I meant Porunn not Torvi XD my bad Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Ragnar-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d put on an act, pretending to be fine to see you around other men but from his sarcastic tone and smile as well as his exaggerated actions, you could always tell who is bothering him, making you just want to walk over to him to reassure him.

Rollo-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d clench his jaw and fists as he keeps his eyes on you and whoever is flirting with you. He’d just try his best to maintain his composure until he can’t anymore and finally goes over to whoever it is to back the hell up.

Floki-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d be his usual giddy and excited self but he’d stop once in a while just to glare at whoever is flirting with you and bring them down with a rather mean remark. He’d just want them to leave you alone, making him have his fun with the insults.

Athelstan-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d try to deny he ever felt that way and pretend that everything is alright. He’d avoid your knowing gaze and give you a curt nod or a smile to reassure you that he is indeed alright, only to sigh rather loudly, making you walk over to him.

Bjorn-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d glare at whoever is flirting with you and just stare back at you to hint at you that he isn’t happy about this. He’d find his way to get closer to you and make it clear by holding your hand that you’re his, before walking away with you.

Ubbe-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d want to deny he felt that way and do his best to keep his serious and be “mad” at whoever is flirting with you but as you could always tell with the way you would look at him, he’d end up just calming himself before walking over to take you away with a playful smile.

Hvitserk-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d get cocky and be overconfident about anything. He’d want to prove himself to you as well as to whoever is flirting with you, that apart from himself no one is better suited for you, resulting in him just making you laugh.

Sigurd-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d pout and act as if you weren’t around to avoid your gaze, only to steal glances at you and whoever is flirting with you, making him get closer and closer. He’d want them to know your his, so he’d just end up intruding in the conversation.

Ivar-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d have a hard time hiding it as it would show in his eyes and his actions a little too much. He’d do anything he can to bother you to get your attention, before smirking at you and giving you a warning look about what is about to come for you and whoever is flirting with you.

Halfdan-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d try to ignore you and whoever is around flirting with you, only to end up not being able to and get up to pull you away to keep you for himself. He’d put his trust in you but with his brother’s constant teasing, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from walking over to you.

Harald-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d talk shit about whoever is flirting with you to his brother and try to compose himself before occasionally losing it. As he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore, he’d walk over to you to pull you to keep you behind him before starting a fight with the other person, sometimes resulting in their death.

Aethelwulf-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d usually sulk on his own and wait for your to return to him before saying anything. He’d just want to hear it from you that whoever was flirting with you didn’t mean a thing and want you to prove yourself to him, making you kiss him in the moment.

King Ecbert-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d just laugh it off and act indifferent about whoever was flirting with you, only to tease you about making him feel that way once you are both alone. He’d tell you about how he felt and all before getting closer to whisper that he’ll “punish” you for that.

Lagertha-Whenever she gets jealous, she’d act like she was confident about herself and just laugh and smile at you whenever you would lock eyes. She’d find herself someone who would flirt with her as well before leading them closer to you and whoever was with you, just to get “back” at you.

Aslaug-Whenever she gets jealous, she’d deny and tell herself and you that she has no reason to feel that way. However, from her gaze and the way she would handle herself it would all be the opposite, but still she wouldn’t ever recognize it.

Porunn-Whenever she gets jealous, she’d try to distract herself from looking over at you, only to end up doing the exact opposite. It wouldn’t matter as to what she is doing, she’d keep her gaze and an ear to you and you conversation, making sure that the other person isn’t crossing any lines.

why Athelnar is canon

• ragnar sails all the way back to england to find athelstan

• he has dreams about athelstan like all the time

• because this:

• he asks athelstan to join him in bed TWICE  

• because praying 

• athelstan left england despite his position and importance with king ecbert to go live with ragnar again

• because holding and stoking hands 

• because he tried his best to give him a christian funeral 

• ragnar gave up his religion and his chance of being reunited with his friends and family in valhalla and demanded that he be baptised so that he could be reunited with athelstan in heaven 


Vikings Preference "How they take your virginity" (NSFW)

(Sorry I took the girls out for this one but it was only requested for the men…Anyway hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Ragnar-He’d take your virginity after having convinced you to join him in his room. He’d be blunt and approach to hold you, waiting for you to accept. As you’d agree to him, he’d kiss you roughly and everything would happen so fast, your clothes would end up ripped. Although, the foreplay would be intense, when he’d thrust into you, he’d be oddly gentle that is until you’d beg him to go fast.

Rollo-He’d take your virginity during your wedding night. When the festivities are done, you’d both finally be in bed and there he’d show you his gentle side by softly kissing you and touching your body with purpose. He wouldn’t however resist to nip and bite at your skin, only making moan even more. When he’d thrust into you, he’d hold you with the most utmost care that is until he can’t handle it and begs you if he can go faster.

Floki-He’d take your virginity after he’d take you away from a feast. He’d just insinuate to you his intentions and the next thing he knows, you’re in house making out on his bed. He’d have a hard time keeping his hands to himself that is until he’d just have the urge to guide you into pleasuring him. When he’d thrust into you, he’d apologize for hurting you and surprise you by how gentle he’d suddenly become.

Athelstan-He’d take your virginity after you would both confess your love to one another. He’d simply say the right words, to make you kiss him and with no hesitation, he’d respond back and push you back into your bed. He’d be amazed to find out what pleases you the most and take his time to make you comfortable. When he’d thrust, he’d be more than careful and think about you more than himself.

Bjorn-He’d take your virginity after you’d both stray away from the camp and into the woods. After flirting with each other on countless of occasions, you’d both make your move and just go for it once alone in the woods. There you’d both be in a rush and everything would be quick but right enough to feel pleasure and even to smile at each other. When he’d thrust himself into you, he’d forget himself for a while until you’d express discomfort.

Ubbe-He’d take your virginity after you’d both agree to meet up in his room after dinner. He’d simply give you a look and touch your waist and next thing he finally has you in his bed. There, he’d pleasure you to the point where you’re just begging him to fuck you, only to laugh and deny you of your orgasms. That is until, he decides to thrust into you and suddenly his gentle would come out.

Hvitserk-He’d take your virginity after he’d pay a friendly visit to your house. It would be simple and playful at first as you’d both talk and talk but slowly he’d end up saying something about loving you. You’d press your lips to his and next thing he knows, he’s in your room making out with you roughly and touching you as much as he likes. When he’d thrust into you, he’d forget himself and enjoy it until he realizes you’re in pain.

Sigurd-He’d take your virginity after you’d both spend the day training outside. Although, you’d both be exhausted from working out, neither of you couldn’t resist to kiss each other, leading to some heavy groping. You’d both make each other speechless passing around dominance until he’d start to thrust into you. Then he’d be surprisingly gentle, only to pick up his pace when you’re comfortable.

Ivar-He’d take your virginity after his brothers would arrange it for you both. After you’d express your feelings for him, his brothers would’ve arranged the room for you both. There, he’d take his time to pleasure, asking you as to what you’d want from it and giving you exactly what you want to your surprise. Although it would be difficult for him to thrust into you, he’d manage to make you ride him and let you take your time.

Halfdan-He’d take your virginity in a fit of confusion as he professes his love for you. He’d simply blurt out to you that he loved you and as you’d accept him, he’d instantly take the opportunity to kiss you on the spot. As it would go on, he’d end up being lead into your tent and have you to himself. He’d show his possessiveness of you by pleasuring you to his liking, only to give in to your demands when you’d beg for him to thrust into you.

Harald-He’d take your virginity the night before your actual wedding. He’d just love you so much that as you’d stay in your room, he’d visit you to kiss you goodnight, only for it to end up into making out. He wouldn’t be able to resist touching and feeling your body as much as he liked, only for it to make you moan. When he’d thrust into, he’d have a hard time controlling himself and only the sound of your soft voice would be able to calm him down.

Aethelwulf-He’d take your virginity on your wedding night. He’d start everything soft, planting kisses all over you to make you comfortable and just reassure you that it’ll be alright. He’d take his time to pleasure you and actually end up making you beg for him. As he’d give into you, he’d still be careful and would just want to hold you tightly to him as he thrusts.

King Ecbert-He’d take your virginity after he’d convince you to join him in his room. He had seduced you for so long that when he’d ask if you’d join him in his chambers, you wouldn’t hesitate even surprising him by kissing him first. Once there, he’d push you against the bed and take pleasure into pleasing you to the point where you are begging him to fuck you. When he’d finally give into you, he’d show tenderness for a few moments until he couldn’t handle it.