This little angel earned her wings this past Saturday. My little sister Audrey was diagnosed with neuroblastoma (a type of cancer). She fought for a little over two years. My baby girl doesn’t have to fight anymore. She can finally rest easy. Just wanted to dedicate my blackout post to her.

My latest evolution is of one of my favorite actors, Liam Neeson. I first saw him waaaaay back when he appeared in Krull, but it wasn’t until Darkman that I thought he leaped into the spotlight of great leading men. His reputation as a brilliant actor was cemented with his role in Schindler’s List, and he has delivered terrific performances ever since. I’ve included some of my favorites in this illustration. What’s your favorite Liam Neeson movie?


The A-Team theme song!

What We Know About Radley
  • Jessica was on the board of trustees there.
  • There was a car out front of the old house that Aria has a bad feeling about in “The First Secret” Halloween special. Aria says that she feels like something really bad must have happened there.
  • Wren Kingston volunteered at Radley during his time as a med student.
  • Toby’s mother, Marion Cavanaugh, was pushed off a ledge during her stay at Radley. Officer Wilden covered the police report for her killer.
  • Bethany Young, the young blonde that was mistaken for Alison DiLaurentis in her backyard, was also a patient at Radley.
  • Mona Vanderwaal was placed in Radley after it was revealed that she was the original A tormenting the girls. According to Mona, she was visited by a Red Coat resembling Alison after she was admitted and Red Coat gave her a way in and out of Radley in exchange for Mona working for her new “A team.”
  • Mona kept a hiding place of momentos in the old children’s ward of Radley. This includes a map of Radley and the places of interest there as well as her materials for sneaking in and out of the facility.
  • Cece Drake was allowed to visit Mona during her time there. Per Wren, she believed that she could be of assistance to Mona since she also had lots of anger towards Alison for Alison getting her kicked out of UPENN.
  • Spencer Hastings was admitted to Radley after her mental breakdown in the woods after she saw what she believed was Toby Cavanaugh’s remains in the woods on the outskirts of Rosewood.
  • Eddie Lamb, the alias that Toby used to get in and out of Radley during Mona’s stay, is an actual employee at Radley who clashed with Wren while helping Spencer in Radley.
  • When Hanna is visiting Mona during her first stay there, Alison appears to her in a red coat, with her signature blonde locks, reading a copy of “Lolita.”
  • It is confirmed during a conversation between Mona and Wren during Mona’s second stay there that Mona and Wren had been working together at some point before Mona “realized where your loyalties were.”
  • Wren is seen in Radley coloring in the jacket on the brunette from the farm picture red.
  • When volunteering for the art program at Radley, Eddie meets Aria. He feels as though he has met her before.