Escape to Europe

With the war in Syria now in its fifth bloody year, huge numbers of people are internally displaced or have already fled the country. Many are heading to the safety of Europe, but getting there is a long, life-threatening journey. VICE correspondent Ahmed Shihab-Eldin follows the refugee trail from the Syrian border to Europe, meeting Syrians determined to find a better life. 

Video: Negotiating with a Syrian Refugee Smuggler

A new episode on HBO airs February 12th at 11pm EST.

Early Friday morning in Brisbane, university and TAFE students occupied federal immigration minister Peter Dutton’s office.

Sitting in the cramped public space, we chanted: “Say it loud, say it clear! Refugees are welcome here!” We kept the beat with the service bell, and blue-tacked petitions with thousands of signatures to the walls.

Behind the locked doors, Dutton was nowhere to be seen.

Framed in the foyer are numerous awards and messages, including a mental health awareness poster. Lauren Saunders, NUS Women’s Officer for Queensland pointed out the irony:NUS Women’s Officer for Queensland pointed out the irony:

“Many of the asylum seekers are here in Australia to be treated for the psychological trauma they have suffered on Nauru – and now they are being sent back to an island camp which is not fit for human beings.”

She indicated to a number of framed children’s drawings on the walls of Dutton’s office. “We can see a giraffe and bicycles here. Meanwhile children locked in detention are drawing pictures of themselves committing suicide.”

After two hours, media arrived. When one of our representatives stepped outside to speak with them, 14 police clamped down on the occupation.

A follow up action is taking place in King George Square at 5pm to demand the government #letthemstay.


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