I thought of this when I was watering my plants. 

Pastel/Genderfluid!Eren and Punk!Levi go to the mall together to buy some sweets and stuff and some old woman walks over and asks Eren if he’s being abused because Levi looks all mean and brooding and Eren looks all innocent and Eren gets all offended and says “My pumpkin would never lay a finger on me!” and clings onto Levi and Levi looks at the old woman and goes all “My prince/ss is my everything.” and the woman get all all sorry and says they’re an adorable couple.

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omggggg cuties


From love-struck and stargazing to worst enemies in a couple of hours.. Tawariell couldn’t help it really - Milo decided to spoon her in bed when she was already sound asleep. x) Oh the drama.


I just decided to start Asylum Challenge :)

There are 8 insane sims on my lot, and I may control only my main sim, Deimos.

So, there are my insane patients, they are so adorable! :D

Drake (by serenasims), Eona (by simulacia), Deimos (by me, main sim), Tina (by simulacia), Liza (by firstladyofcasterlyrock), Napoleon (by napoleonfrost), Katy (by Johnevnik) and Morgan (by me).