“To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say that everything is permitted, is to understand that we are the architects of our actions, and that we must live with their consequences, whether glorious or tragic.” - #AssassinsCreed

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Assassin’s Creed Preference: They find out your asexual

Altair: You walked around your room trying to figure out how to tell your boyfriend. You were telling yourself that it wasn’t a big deal and he wouldn’t care, but the other part of you was telling you that it was a big deal and he was going to leave you. As you were caught up in your thoughts you didn’t realize Altair had walked into the house and was looking at you from the doorway. “IS everything okay?” He asked walking up to you startling you. “Y-yeah im fine.” You stuttered, he raised a eyebrow at you, you sighed “I might as well say it, im asexual.” You said closing your eyes waiting for whatever he had to say. “Oh okay.” He said looking at you. “Y-you arn’t bothered by this?” You asked looking at him. “Nope.” He said kissing your forehead and going to change leaving you standing there smiling. 

Ezio: You were freaking out, how were you supposed to tell you sex-driven boyfriend that you were asexual? You sat on the edge of your bed and bit at your nails wondering if you should tell him or not. You didn’t hear the door open or the footsteps of your boyfriend walking beside you. You didn’t even know he was there until you felt him kiss you neck causing you to freeze up. “I missed you mi amore.” He whispered as he kissed down you neck. “E-ezio.” You said pushing against his chest backing him up a bit. He looked at you confused. “Some wrong?” He questioned. You sighed and closed your eyes “Ezio, im asexual.” You admitted afraid of what he was going to say. You felt his arms wrap around your waist and pull you up and against his chest. “Its alright amore.” He said kissing the side of your head. 

Connor; You were laying in bed late at night next to your husband (i dont think he’d sleep in the same bed with his s/o unless they were married) Connor. You knew you should have told him earlier, but you were afraid of what he was going to say. You felt his arm wrap around your waist and your back press against his chest causing you to stiffen.”Is everything okay?” He asked, you turned over to face him “There’s something i need to tell you.” You said quietly causing him to look at you confused. You took a deep breath “I’m asexual.” You admitted looking up at him. He smiled at you, “That’s fine.” he said and hugged you tightly causing you to smile.

Edward: You walked through the town of Havana with your boyfriend Edward, you were going to the tavern to meet with the other pirate captains, on the way there you noticed all the courtsians trying to seduce the men walking by. You realized that you never told Edward that you were asexual, causing you to freeze in your tracks wondering what he would say. He noticed you stopped and turned to look at you “Lass, are you okay?” He asked walking up to you. You snapped out of your trance and looked at him. “What? Oh yeah im fine.” You said with a fake smile. “Lass tell me whats wrong?” He asked seeing through your smile. You sighed “I need to tell you something.” You said looking at the sand under your feet. He nodded “What is it?” he asked. “Im asexual.” You said finally looking up at him. He smiled at you “Okay lass, now we better hurry or they’ll have my head for being late again.” He joked putting his arm around you.

Jacob: You were sitting in the train laying down on one of the couches,with your arm covering you eyes, lost in your thoughts. You heard the train door open and lifted your arm glaring at whoever disturbed your peace. You froze when you saw it was your boyfriend Jacob who had just returned from a mission. He saw you and walked over to you, he lifted your feet, sat down, and sat your feet in his lap. He smiled at you until he saw your troubled expression, “Something wrong?” He asked sounding serious for once. You shook your head “Nothings wrong.” You said trying to sound cheerful. He raised an eyebrow at you “You sure?” He asked causing you to cave and sigh “I need to tell you something.” You said looking at him. He nodded letting you know he was listening. “Im asexual.” You told him. He nodded “That fine.” he said making you smile. “There’s that smile.” He said and started tickling you. 

Evie: You were walking through the town of London on the way to meet with your girlfriend Evie. You decided that today was going to be the day you told her you were asexual, every step you took made you more and more nervous, you were afraid of what she was going to do. You were so caught up in your thoughts you didnt realize you were already at your meeting place. You saw her standing on the corner waiting for you, you took a deep breath and walked over to her. “Evie, i need to tell you something.” You said as you walked up to her. “Alright.” She said looking at you waiting. “Im asexual.” You said and looked at the ground waiting for what she had to say. “That’s fine.” She said smiling at you. You looked up at her smiling “Really?” She nodded and took your hand “Of course.”

Sorry if Jacob and/or Evie seem out of character. 

One of my favorite photos from SDCC 2013 and how it looked behind the camera. There’s a lot of stress I associate with making this costume, but even more fond memories wearing it. Thanks to @meeshellmabelle for taking the photo and @byrenelaughs for being the wind in otherwise stuffy 90 degree weather #assassinscreed #cosplay #sdcc

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Thomas Hickey Imagine

You slammed the cards down on the table with a sigh and a cruse hearing Thomas laugh and pick up the money in the middle of the table. 2 hours ago you decided it would be a good idea to play a small game of cards against the one and only Thomas Hickey, it was only meant to last a hour or so and cost only a few pounds. Though here you are 2 hours later with your head on the table in defeat and out a few hundred pounds. “Oi, what’s with you?” You heard the man ask and he punched your shoulder making you glare at him. “You took my money!’ You said, angry that you let him talk you into putting more and more money on the table during the game. He laughed, “Not my fault your awful at poker!” He joked chugging down his ale in one go. You rolled your eyes and went to get up and go to bed. “Where you goin?” He asked moving to stand with you. “Going to bed to decide how im going to earn my money back.” You snapped walking to your room. “Hold up lass, i got a way you can get your money back.” He said making you stop in your tracks and turn to look at him. “Im not sleeping with you Hickey.” You said crossing your arms making him laugh. “No, i wasnt going to say that.” He jested sitting down in his seat and putting his feet on the table. “Then what were you going to say?” You questioned raising a eyebrow. He gestured for you to sit in your seat across from which you did. He took his feet off the table and pulled out his deck of cards and started to shuffle them. “You can play me for the money.”

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