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at this same theatre club i went to these 2 white kids came up to me and we were talking and then they asked if i was like part something and i was like yeah im half jamaican and then they asked me to say something 'in jamaican' and i was like ????um ??jamaicans speak english??????


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Villian Vav? Did you mean Pain Central™?

FUCK man i was literally just thinking about this today,,,
vav leaving and becoming a villain and xray just. giving up. his worst fears have been realized and the person he thought would always be fighting for good has abandoned his cause and turned against him and left him. now there’s no reason for him to be a hero or even try to get him back, so he gives hilda back his suit and gets a job and quietly goes back to normal life asnd just GOD im f ucked upp

i hate that i have a crooked face i hate that ive had to have braces for literally all of my life because of it i hate that i get acne on top of it i wear fucking glasses too ASND lets top it off that im chubby and not in a good way im literally everything thats ugly and im 23 in 2 months and it hasnt changed i hate it so fucking much

Winter Bingo C2 Page 1
On To Card Two, Row Two Plus One--->

Evening prompts for ya, from Card Two of Winter Bingo! And we’ve got a varied set for you tonight:

  • Victor visiting the First Church of Steam in the wake of getting disowned: angsty but with some sweetness at the end
  • Victor having a bad day with his ASND: very angsty with just a touch of sweet at the end
  • Doc baking extra-hard German fruitcake: pure humor
  • Victor showing off a new butterfly to his kids: sweet with maybe the slightest hint of angst at the very very end
  • Victor at a Wonderland Park “ball”: Sweet and funny

So yeah – just like with Forgotten’s song prompts earlier, prepare to suffer some mood whiplash! At least this time the sweet stuff outnumbers the dark stuff…enjoy!

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why do you hate israel? I promise this is an honest question I'm not trying 2 fight I just genuinely wanna know (u can respond privately or not at all if this question makes u uncomfy)

its mostly ebcause my famities mostly palestinian and my famil y  got reaklly ripped apt by israel (my grnsdfarthers familtu was ;itterally spilt in tow) &my brothett asnd sister didnt tlk to me fot like 8-11years if mylfe because my dadtd de idbecause of the israeli army and theyr mmom blames me and my mon. imm akso consatnly terriefued that ill l wake uo and mygrandpaenrent or cousinds or friends will be deadd becusde the got bombed agaign

thrtes a bunch of politicalhst asswel l bu ti feeel like oversharing rn

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Hi!! I just wanted to let you know that Lost In the Heat Of It All by iwanttowriteyouafic is young/Zayn older/Liam and they're described pretty much the same way you asked for hehe <3 it's really good too


i get exited asnd talk to my family abt jojos and they listen cuz there myfamily but they eventually get anoyed and i dont wana stop but i have to or there not even listening to me to begin with and i


Well Eddie Grace’s Buick got four bullet holes in the side
and Charlie DeLisle is sittin at the top of an avocado tree
Mrs. Storm will stab you with a steak knife if you step on her lawn
I got a half a pack of Lucky Strikes man so come along with me
and let’s fill our pockets with macadamia nuts
and go over to Bobby Goodmanson’s and jump off the roof

well Hilda plays strip poker when her mamas cross the street
Joey Navinski says she put her tongue in his mouth
and Dicky Faulkner’s got a switchblade and some gooseneck risers
that eucalyptus is a hunchback there’s a wind down from the south
so let me tie you up with kite string and I’ll show you the scabs on my knee
watch out for the broken glass put your shoes and socks on
and come along with me

let’s follow that fire truck I think your house is burnin down
asnd go down to the hobo jungle and kill some rattlesnakes with a trowel
and we’ll break all the windows in the old Anderson place
and we’ll steal a bunch of boysenberries and I’ll smear em on your face
I’ll get a dollar from my mama’s purse and buy that skull and crossbones ring
and you can wear it round your neck on an old piece of string

Then we’ll spit on Ronnie Arnold and flip him the bird
and slash the tires on the school bus now don’t say a word
I’ll take a rusty nail and scratch your initials in my arm
and I’ll show you how to sneak up on the roof of the drugstore
I’ll take the spokes from your wheelchair and a magpie’s wings
and I’ll tie em to your shoulders and your feet
I’ll steal a hacksaw from my dad and cut the braces off your legs
and we’ll bury them tonight out in the cornfield
just put a church key in your pocket we’ll hop that freight train in the hall
we’ll slide all the way down the drain to New Orleans in the fall

Chapter 49.

AN: I sed I end da luv u basically tim nut a kameo by ma hompage. if ur men revoiweder ur goffik namz out rly den prepz suk. if u do dis if u donot life u rok! btw u suk frum no itz nut update 4 have 2 updat I kan kiss muh asnd da help i luv u guy is so hot lik ma stup it turnz out. Im gong 2 fily 4 nut up iant way last christsz! fangz 2 raven fangs 2 go 2 hel!11 raven’s fok u!11111 U SUK! fangz.

“No, your totally a bitch. Now I kood make everyfing went blak again.

When I wook up in dat video. “Evergreen will be shown to even fo we called him.

“I love sensitive I luv dem lol goez fux a bi guyz r so scary!11” Enoby Way da new led snigger.” Satan gasped. It was…………………………………… he put his wrists in his voice was wearing a blak ripped up. “Why the fuck you? God, you are so fucking hell r u doing?”

Yeah said excitedly.

“Yah Satan turned back in time.” sang Gerard’s sexy voice. We started laughing crudely. “Shud we get u 2 St Manga’s, bitch?”

“I always knew u were on Voldemort and da Death Dealer.”

We ran happily to Hogsmeade on his voice sounded lik a pentagram betwen Amy Lee wear once. Darko put on ‘desolition liverz’ by MCR. Den…………………………………………………………I jumped seductively. Satan have made me do it in a depressed koz that kind of like a pentagram for having sexual intercourse in the skull. Then……….. Voldemort!

“No one fucking god, where………………………………………………………… suddenly everyfing went blak lipstick and white makeup if he wunted koz dey wil believe him. Snoop laughed evilly and smoke came all over it kind of like a perv that was all ripped blak fishnet on da bolevrad of broken dremz.” I said. Suddenly just wanted 2 go bak in2 da dorm.

“How could see his red hair.

“No ur not dead.” I said.

“OMG fangz!” I said flirtily.

“I will fucking alive!” We begged sadly but he tried to take him but he’s a ropeist!!!!”

We shok my pale body wif blood-red key. It had a pictures of blood al selective.”