Patrick MacNee (February 6, 1922 – June 25, 2015) Actor best known for portraying John Steed in the various incarnations of “The Avengers” on television. 

His other television appearances were in “Alias Smith and Jones“, ‘Hart to Hart“, “Murder, She Wrote“, and “The Love Boat“, “The Twilight Zone“, the original “Battlestar Galactica“, “Columbo“, “Magnum, P.I.“ and had a recurring role in “Gavilan“. 

tagged by jimohnny-is-my-otp-forever to answer some questions so here goes! 1. frick um idk! I really wanna meet the dudes from avenged but also I really wanna meet Laura Jane grace cus she’s amazing 2. black polar shirt with arrows design! I wear it all the time it fits so perfectly 3. that question has no meaning I love both 4. tbh I would just like to play bass better. or drums but at the same time it would probably kill my wrists :( 5. a normal amount??? (I don’t really get this question? maybe I am misunderstanding lol) 6. lol probably not as their actual name but would call them it as a joke 7. yea, one younger sister 8. fuck idk I’m just trying to be as happy as I can be so 9. I think most sound strange when ur not used to them? idk. welsh has some unbelievably long words though (also an abundance of L’s, my nans last name has a looot) 10. idk I just think eyes are cool as heck always (I do like my own tho, they have a good mix if colours I think) 11. I try to believe that I am :) thank u I can’t be arsed to come up with more questions for ppl so I won’t tag anyone sorry

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Can you do a fluffy scenario with Akashi asnd his s/o in the rain? Like they got caught in the middle of it in school

The rain poured down suddenly; it was warm rain yet it still sent shivers through you. You wished to make it home before it started to rain, but your wish wasn’t granted. Akashi starts laughing, a true and pure laugh. The memory burned in your head, and a burst of love forms from a single moment. Maybe your wish was granted after all. You both begin running through the heavy rain laughing, happy because you both know this memory marks something new. 

He quickly grabs your hand and now you’re running hand-in-hand. Slyly, he intertwines your fingers together. You share a heat together, making your heart thump loudly in your chest. The backstreets of his hometown are deserted for once, another unsaid wish granted. Life is so easy when you take it in moments like these- when you’re smiling and loving every second you have. You’re soaking cold, but all that matters in Akashi’s warm hand in yours. The time goes by slowly, yet the rain never stops it speed. It relentlessly pours down on the two of you, an d your body desperately wants to react. You want to shiver and stop running, you want to go home and get in dry clothes. But most of all, you want this moment to continue. The Prince holding your hand turns back with a smile that matches your own. A simple, first love reverberates through you, sending happiness to every part of your body. You feel lucky knowing that his feelings match your own too.