July 3, 2015

I guess today is the day my story starts.

Today, I got a letter in the mail from my high school that let me know which advisory, or homeroom, I’ll be spending freshman year in.

I don’t know the teacher, and I can’t find any information about her apart from the fact that she teaches Modern and Classical Languages. To be honest, I’m not sure what that means. My best guess is that she teaches world languages like Spanish and French. My high school has a ton of options. I’ll be taking Year 3 Level 4 Spanish, which is the highest a freshman can take.

We’ll call her Ms. B.

My mom is not supportive of me as a nonbinary trans kid. She takes every opportunity to misgender me, calling me by birth name, she, her daughter. She just throws a whole hissy fit every time I talk to her about it. Luckily, I’ll be away from her for a good five weeks starting soon as I’ll be away at camp.

Anyway, I sent Ms. B an email as soon as I could introducing myself and explaining that I was genderfluid, and what that meant, and what she could do to support me (ex. Learn my pronouns, I’ll be Xe/Xyr/Xyrs instead of my preferred Sie/Hir/Hirs for the sake of ease for other people), and just some other random things about me that I thought my advisory teacher should know. The whole email was kinda (very) long-winded, but I won’t have access to the Internet starting very soon and decided to get everything relevant in in one burst instead of telling her everything and expecting her to learn a whole new set of pronouns in the two days between when I get back and when school starts up.

Once I get the letter that tells me my schedule, I’ll send essentially the same email with much less detail and much less about me to all of my teachers. Maybe I won’t get the opportunity to od that before I get disconnected from the internet. In that case, I’ll give my friend Sam the username and password to my email and type up a draft of what I want to say for her to send to the correct addresses. I trust her to do that.

I haven’t gotten a response to my original letter yet, mostly because I only sent it about an hour ago, but if I can I’ll post how my advisor feels about my situation.

It should be known that my school has gender-segregated homerooms. None of them are coed. There are only girls and boys homerooms. I think that’s kind of outdated, but I’m not ready to launch some whole campaign. Mostly I just want to be able to be myself and not have to pretend I’m a girl.

TL, DR: I sent my new homeroom teacher an email saying I was genderfluid. Still waiting for response right now.

Signing off,


there-is-humor-in-sarcasm asked:

Can you do a scenario where Hanamiya, Himuro, Takao, Kasamatsu, and Hayama are interacting with their kids? Just something fluffy.


Hanamiya - He frowned when he saw his little one year old son tumble forward after attempting to walk. Hanamiya could already see tears form in the corner of the child’s eyes and quickly made his way towards him. His son quickly noticed his presence before reaching out towards his father, threatening to let his tears fall. Hanamiya pulled him up swiftly, letting him sit on his arm as he held the toddler close. “You shouldn’t cry so easily especially since you look exactly like me.” He told the child as he made his way back to his seat. “Though you’re a crybaby just like your mother.” Hanamiya said with a grin as his child merely blinked at him in confusion. 

Himuro - Babies were pretty amusing to watch at times. That was why Himuro never had any problems with watching over his six month old daughter. Currently, she was laying on her stomach on her parent’s bed, poking and touching a stuffed toy. Himuro glanced up from his book from time to time to check up on the little girl to make sure she was fine. Suddenly, his daughter paused from playing with the toy and began to rock side to side, making quiet baby noises as she did so. He raised a brow in interest and watched as she summoned all her energy to roll over to her back. The expression that was on her face was so proud Himuro could only chuckle and poke her chubby cheek fondly.

Takao - “You ended up looking exactly like me, didn’t you?” Takao grinned as he hugged the little two year old and hoisted him up. His son gurgled happily and patted his father’s face which caused said male to chuckle. Takao bounced the child in his arms and noticed the boy was looking around the living room for his mother. “Mama won’t be back until later so just wait a bit, okay?” The raven haired man told him, kissing him on the forehead lovingly as he moved to sit on the sofa. After one more look at the boy’s face he grinned. “Ah, [Name]-chan totally lost the bet since you grew into a mini copy of me~”

Kasamatsu - There were only a few women Kasamatsu was able to talk with in a comfortable level. They were his mother, his wife and his cute little daughter. He adored his daughter a lot and would always be amazed at how she was the spitting image of her mother only tiny. Kise often visited much to Kasamatsu’s irritation to drop off cute dresses and outfits for her. He gave so many gifts that Kasamatsu was actually getting worried that his little girl would end up spoilt rotten. Though his worries were eased when he was at the mall and when she asked if she could get a very expensive toy and was denied she didn’t throw a tantrum or cry like those her age often did. She simply nodded and continued to hold his hand as they walked through the shop. From what he heard, he threw plenty of tantrums as a child but she was the exact opposite of him. He was glad she took after her mother when it came to temper.

Hayama - Hayama was laying on the floor when he placed his son on his stomach. His son giggled happily as he climbed up his father’s torso to reach Hayama’s smiling face. “Come on, over here!” Hayama called out to the little boy. The child wiggled his legs a bit before successfully pulling himself a bit closer to Hayama’s face and continued to pull in all his strength to reach him. “You can do it!” Hayama encouraged him and as if the child understood him, his son climbed up further. When he finally reached his father’s smiling face, Hayama chuckled proudly before moving his head to kiss the boy on the head fondly. 

[ omake (kasamatsu side): 

“Eh? So she didn’t cry?” 

“Not at all. I was wondering why she never throws tantrums and stuff.” 

“I guess it’s because of Kise-kun.”

“Huuh?! Why would it be because of that idiot?!”

“Honey, do you ever look at your daughter’s face when she has to deal with Kise? She looks absolutely, 100% done with him.” 

“O-Oh…” ] kise has turned kasamatsu’s little girl into a being with the most understanding and patient heart.

~ admin da-sensei