kmk1138 asked:

Why are you focusing on 'meems' that aren't funny? Firstly I've never heard of the fizzy bullshit, secondly it's not funny. The queer one isn't funny either. Half assed jokes by half witted people shouldn't be 'documented' (aka posted on tumblr)

You’re right! Thank you for informing us of your extremely relevant opinion. We originally thought that we were running this blog in order to have a record of memes popular on Tumblr, but we now realise that this blog should actually be for pleasing your highly refined sense of humour. Since we have failed so terrifically at meeting your standards, we will stop documenting memes and shut down this blog immediately. We apologise, and we hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us humble meme bloggers,

Public service announcement

I’m a bitch. Deal with it.

I love sarcastic special snowflakes and Jon fucking Moxley covered in blood.

I’m available without a prescription but come with many warnings.

If I offended you, here is a used tissue.

That is all.

anonymous asked:

please make a theory for stydia in season 5 pleaseee

I really do have no idea what’s going to happen in season five… a few episodes in and I totally could lay out my predictions. But I’m gonna bullet this: 

  • Stiles and Malia start off fine. Then her wiliness and the desert wolf story line send them spiraling. He starts to get even shorter with her. This is punctuated by the fact that Malia isn’t going to be graduating (I can’t accept that she could graduate) or maybe wants to stay in Beacon Hills to get to know her family and Stiles wants to go somewhere. She can’t/won’t follow him. They start having fights about it. 
  • In the beginning of the season, Lydia has a thing with Parrish. I don’t think they’ll actually sleep together– maybe some kissing and a lot of hardcore flirting. She and Stiles are on neutral ground. They’re not quite back to normal but they’re just sort of pretending to be. 
  • Lydia gets taken/committed to Eichen House and Stiles goes mad without her. It’s worse because he doesn’t have Scott either. Without Lydia, Malia, and Scott, Stiles finally understands what it means to be as isolated as Lydia was last season and he wants her back. He tries to break her out. 
  • After having been emotionally affected by what happened at Eichen, Lydia is a lil out of it and shocked to see Stiles. He’s just determined to save her and gets her through the entire escape. 
  • LYDIA GETS PROPER TIME TO EMOTIONALLY RECOVER (fight me) at which time Stiles and Malia breakup. 
  • Also during this time, they have a talk about Allison. Lydia forgives him and Stiles finally feels like he can be okay with himself again. 
  • Somehow, Stiles figures out that Lydia is in love with him. Maybe she tells him. Maybe Scott tells him. Maybe it’s even Malia. 
  • Stiles starts gearing himself up with a shorter plan to get Lydia Martin.
  • It gets shot to hell.
  • They’re in danger, and this is it. It’s the final showdown and there isn’t another scenario. He has to get her now. Fuck the plan. He’s just going to tell her how he feels. Fast as possible, because they’re on a time crunch, but Stiles has finally realized that Lydia might have to lean on him to feel okay again. 
  • They’re going into this, whatever it is, but they’re doing it as a united front.
    • That’s when they’re strongest.