Hello there I am trying to do a thing for a potential girlfriend and i was wondering if you could draw it?

So basically I was wondering if you could draw something like this but with me and actualsarcasm

she looks like this 

and i look like this

I don’t have very much money but I would pay about 10 dollars if you need me to for motivation because i want this to be rad af cause its how I’m gonna ask her out (shhhh) thank you and goodnight

That neurotypical feel when

youre neurotypicalling around on tumblr and you see a post on your dash that’s titled “THAT [NEURODIVERSITY] FEELING WHEN” but you just HAVE to reblog it because you just relate to it so much!! i love being neurotypical!!

sh it???? okay??? i’ve been here for li ke….a lil over a month and??? i hit 200?? thats….rad. just gotta say thx 2 the people who r stickin w/ me even tho i’m literal trash, just like kai :)) and never do anything. u guys are the real mvps. so here are all the ppl whom i love dearly nd will cherish u forever….


ok…first off…gotta say a word 2 cali aka my wife cause re ally i’ve known u for like…a lil over a year nd ur the best person??? like?? ever??? u always help me w/ graphics n stuff when im struggling nd we talk on skype just abt everyday and just ily u angry nerdlord !!! you’re one of my best friends and just heart eyes @ u forever.

and now ppl’s blogs who make me cry blood bcus holy shit?? how u do that

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