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English- Sebastian Aho

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Ok I wrote this one for @thatangrymardleschick so I hope you like it girlie! Anyway I love Sepe he’s so cute and shy it’s adorable! I really want to kidnap him just to take care of him! Anyway so I used some Finnish (google translate so if it’s wrong PLEASE feel free to correct me!!!) and translations are at the end! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Request: May I have a Sebastian Aho imagine where you are an English as a second language teacher, who previously thought Tuevo. The Canes ask you again to teach another player, Sepe! Thank you!!


              You sat in the coach’s office staring at Bill Peters. Yes, THE Bill Peters.

              “I’m sorry I don’t understand” you laughed.

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sidisney  asked:

You're making a haunted mansion holiday comic, eh? It reminds me of my HC in which, when boogie's boys come to the Mansion for the holidays, They run up to Hatbox Ghost and practically beg him for autographs, Since he's famous throughout the supernatural realms and kind of a role model for the young ghosts and ghouls.

Neat idea! I’m sure he’s flattered, but…ehhh, children.

11. JokerXReader!

Anon: Hi! Love your imagines. I was wondering if it’s not a bother, could you write a Jared Leto Joker X Reader where it starts out super fluffy and funny (y'know Joker with his sex humor) and then leads to sex. Not anything too rough, but hot I guess. And then it ends kinda fluffy too. (Sorry if this is too vague). Thank you and keep up the amazing work. Love you x

So, this is it, I hope you like it. :D Because you don’t wanted it too rough I decided to make the ending part a little more short, hope you enjoy it, honey! :)

„So, I would like to know, where my money is“, Joker said, walking around the table making Monster T a lot more uncomfortable.

„I got it, Joker, but …“

„But what?“, Joker asked pushing his walking cane against Monster T’s throat so that he could only hardly breath.

„There was a little accident with-“

„YOU! You Scumbag! If you don’t tell me, where my money is, I swear I will cut your throat off!“, you yelled, pushing the much taller man against the next wall and holding your scythe, -you alwasy got with you, when you were at work in Gothams Underworld-, under his chin.

„I don’t know what you are talking about-“

You didn’t let him come to an end with his sentence, instead you throw him onto the next table and run your scythe into his ribcage.

„P-Please …“, the man underneath you whispered, his eyes wide in fear.

„Where is it?“, you hissed.

„In my apartment, Gotham City Grand Hotel …“, he said.

„Fucker“, you said and took your scythe out of his ribcage.

He was bleeding like hell and also very soon a dead man.

„(Y/N)? Is that you, little doll?“, a very familiar voice behind you asked low and dangerous as ever.

You turned around and saw the man you had left two years ago.

He looked good as always, not to say, he looked incredibly hot as usual.

The green hair slicked back, wearing his everytime half unbottened shirt, (this time it was white), what gave you an even more perfect look at his muscular torso, with all those black tattoes.

To be honest, you hadn’t to imagine how perfect he looked under this shirt, you knew it, still after two years you couldn’t forget the breath taking nights you shared with this man.

How good it was, to feel his naked body on your own.

„Didn’t thought to see you here“, you said smiling and let him hug you.

It wasn’t a hug that a man gave you, who just wants to be your friend.

He wanted you back and you knew that, since the day you had to left him.

You don’t wanted to go, at that time, but you had to.

It wasn’t because of him, it was because of your family and half a million other big problems that hunted you back then.

You left the city to protect him.

He was a master mind, the most dangerous crime boss in here, but he would have to deal with things even a man like him couldn’t handle.

They would’ve killed him and you know that they would’ve managed that.

„Well, what should I say? I didn’t thought to see you here, after all this time“, he said.

He wasn’t mad at you, because he knew the reasons why you had been gone, but he also wasn’t good with it.

„I know …“, you said trying not to care too much.

That would made you weak and weakness was the thing J loved most about you, when it comes to him.

You couldn’t resist him and he knew that, so now that he had met you here, he wouldn’t let you go that fast, he would make you come back, whatever it costs.

„Come on, let’s have a drink“, he said with a big grin, that showed his silver teeth.

„J“, you said with a little opposition in your voice.

„No, no, no you weren’t that shy in the past, well not anymore after the first three weeks you worked for me “, he said grinning and grabbed you by your waist to sit down with him at the table, he was running business earlier before you showed up.

You sighed.

„Okay, one drink, not more“, you said smiling, but you still knew that you have lost the game at the moment you sat down with him here.

Hours flow by and after your fourth glass of champagne the atmosphere between you and Mr J was more than just heaten up.

You were laughing at the most stupid things and enjoyed bossing around Jokers goons.

„Nice dress, besides. Always loved what you wore underneath it“, J smirked devilish and looked you deep in your (e/c) eyes.

„Of course you do, you bought all the frillies, not me“, you smiled.

„Admit it, I know you still wear them“, he said with his arousing deep voice.

Okay he was talking about sex with you, maybe that was the moment you should go …

But he looked so hot right now, and you always loved how passionate he was, when you two were doing it.

„J, I should …“

„You don’t want to go“, he growled and grabbed you by your neck.

Your whole body was pulsating as you looked into his blue eyes, they were full of desire.

Maybe you could excuse yourself and go to the toilet for a moment to become a clear mind.

„I know what you’re thinking about“, Joker said not willing to let you go again.

Fuck, caught.

But what did you expected he was the Joker, the man you shared your body and your mind with, for nearly five years.

„Remember the last time you were in there to keep a clear mind?“, he asked.

Oh yes, you did.

That was the first time you had met him.

You were looking around for a job at Gotham City that time and some of Mr J’s henchman brought you in the club, you were even sitting on the same table now.

Joker wanted you from the very first second, but back then you were more shy, so he decided to change that and make you his property.

You just wanted to keep a clear mind, but instead of that, Joker followed you and fucked your brains out at the ladies‘ room.

Good was that hot, your body shivered only from the memory.

„It was so intense“, he whispered and finally his lips collided with yours.

He was rough, while kissing you, like always.

„Let’s have a little journey into the past“, he said and pulled you up onto his lap, without breaking the hard kisses, he gave you.

„Remember that one time?“, he asked, tugging your dress from your upper body, leaving you completely topless on his lap and kissing your neck now, leaving little bites there, to make sure the next day everyone will see that you belong to him.

It was after your first week working for him, he was sitting here again, talking about a really big heist with some business partners as you showed up to tell him, that the last work you were running for him was done, like he wanted it to be.

He was smiling at you, requesting you to sit down besides him.

At that time you were more shy towards him, what he knew, but always wanted to change it.

So he grabbed you like a few minutes before and pulled you onto his lap there too, he was laughing all the way, because you were such a surprised little girl and thought of getting slapped in the next second, for doing something wrong, but than he kissed you.

He kissed you and said: „I want you to be right at this place next time.“

You were totaly confused, bot nodded your head and said: „Yes, Mr J.“

„Answer me“, J said now to you in the present.

„Yes …“, you sighed.

His hands all over your body making you go crazy.

Just like then.

„Yes, what?“, he growled, as he pulled the zipper of his black pants down.

„Yes, Mr J“, you moaned as he lifted up the skirt from your dress a little bit and made you sit down on him and his big cock.

You already forgot how good that felt.

How good he was …

„Good girl“, he kissed you once again.

„Now, move“, he said.

„Say you missed me“, he said gravelly.

„I missed you“, you uttered.

„Say you will stay this time.“

„J, I-“

„Say it or I won’t let you come“, he hissed and thrusts his hips against yours.

„Please …“, you whispered, you were so close.

„Say it, doll.“

„I will stay!“, you sighed in pleasure as he pushed you to the limit.

Your hands under his half unbuttoned shirt, touching the hot skin with all those tattoes on, you came like never before.

„And don’t ever leave me again, I’m serious“, he said kissing your cheek, after you rested down on his torso.

„I won’t, I promise“, you whispered and kissed his neck.