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letterboxd is asking its community for their lists of most remarkable feature debuts. so what is your top 10 most remarkable debuts from women directors?


Also I feel like I could give like 10 answers from last year alone but I’ll try to contain myself. (J/K I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF, GET READY FOR THE NOVEL!)

Clip dir. Maja Milos (2012)
Imagine a more brutal version of Thirteen set in the social media era in Serbia and you have Clip, a brutal movie about a 14 year old girl who engages in a highly sexualized and often violent relationship with one of her classmates. It’s a shocking watch especially because Milos doesn’t try to protect her lead character (played by an actual 14 year old) at all and doesn’t shield her (or the audience) from the sado-masochistic behaviour she engages in in order to get attention and feel love.

My Brilliant Career dir. Gillian Armstrong (1979)
So this is like the stereotypical period piece about a plucky young woman discovering herself only it’s SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT. A really beautiful and quietly subversive period piece that is so visually stunning and self-assured that it doesn’t feel like a first film at all. A must see.

Titus dir. Julie Taymor (1999)
When people say that a movie is like a theatre piece they usually mean it as an insult but Titus applies the “anything goes” spirit of theatre in the most fun and flamboyant way. This is a really bombastic, unforgettable visual adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s lesser known plays. Taymor mixes genres, time periods and references in a way that is intensely fresh and unique.  

Fill the Void dir. Rama Burshstein (2012)
This is a romantic drama about a young Israeli woman who is part of an Orthodox Jewish community who, after her sister dies, is prompted to consider marrying her sister’s widower so that he can remain in the family. Despite the icky sounding premise Burshtein (herself an Orthodox Jew) is intensely sympathetic to her characters and shows a total command of her camera and the tone of the movie which is just beautiful, passionate and romantic.

The Connection dir. Shirley Clarke (1961)
This is a bit of a cheat because Shirley Clarke had directed documentaries before but whatever. The Connection takes place in real time and is about a very square documentarian who is filming a movie about a bunch of jazz musicians waiting around for their drug connection so they can get high. It definitely feels very tame for the current day but considering the film takes place in a single room Clarke packs the movie full of electric energy that makes it incredibly pleasurable to watch.

The Fits dir. Anna Rose Holmer (2015)
This is just an incredible majestic film. Very spare, very artistic, very beautiful. Holmer is a genius and the movie is a gift. She does more on a budget of 150, 000 euros or whatever it was, than most directors do with millions.

Songs My Brothers Taught Me dir. Chloé Zhao (2015)
There is a whole cottage industry of low budget filmmakers who think they can be the next Malick, but I think Zhao is the only one who really gets it right. This film is set in on the Pine Ridge reservation and Zhao shoots everything at the golden hour making it look incredibly lush while never shying away from the roughness and occasional boredom of small town life.

The Governess dir. Sandra Goldbacher (1998)
I have literally no idea why this film isn’t bigger than it is and it’s really due for a critical revival. It’s a neo-victorian original tale about a young Sephardic Jewish woman who hides her identity and goes to work as a governess on the Isle of Skye. Unfortunately the only copies I’ve been able to view are of very poor quality but you can still see how beautiful it must have originally been. Also the story is incredibly rich and textured and deals with power dynamics between men and women, Jews and gentiles, science vs. art etc.  

The Babadook dir. Jennifer Kent (2014)
This is a horror movie for people who aren’t really into horror and as such it’s PERFECT. What it really is more than anything is a dark modern day fairy tale about a recently widowed woman who is having a tough time adjusting to life as a single mother to her child who is genuinely the most annoying child to ever grace the screen (really, kudos to casting, you completely understand why this woman would struggle to raise this kid).

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night dir. Ana Lily Amirpour (2014)
So good. A surprisingly wistful and romantic vampire film in which “the girl” (the vampire) skateboards in a chador, dances alone in her room, befriends a cat, and drinks the blood of a LOT of people. It’s great.

Honourable mentions: La Pointe Courte, Children of a Lesser God, The Edge of Seventeen, Sugar Cane Alley, Smithereens, Eve’s Bayou, I Like It Like That, Hester Street, A New Leaf, Chocolat.

Cherry Bomb (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Request! 🙌🏽

A/N: This is dedicated to the marvelous @ballerinafairyprincess for requesting this super awesome idea a couple days ago! ❤ I had so much fun writing this!! I’m super jealous I didn’t come up with this! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤ 

Request: Hi darling! Can I make a request please? Can you do a Bucky x Reader where they go for milkshakes and she shows him how she can tie the cherry stem into a knot in her mouth (something he has never seen before). And it goes from fluff to smut just like that? 😊 

Warnings: Swearing. Graphic sex. Semi-public sex. Fluffiness. Bucky’s just having a good time.

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is there any use for those 2 big lumps on the back of the toad's heads or are they purely for decoration?

They are called parotoids glands [not to be confused with parotid glands which make saliva; think -toid=toad. Learn from my mistakes] It secretes bufotoxins which can do anything from make a predator extremely sick, taste very bad, cause hallucinations, ect. It varies depending on species.

Here’s a [very toxic] cane toad secreting bufotoxins from its parotoid:

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Headcanon that the villagers are very superficial and vain. When Gaston falls, he sustains injuries to his face and legs, so now that he looks a little different and has to walk with a cane, the villagers don't idolize him anymore

I fully see this happening 

Most of the villagers are still assholes, save for like Mr. Potts, Pere Robert, or Tom/Dick/Stanley, so when Gaston’s wounds begin to heal, they heal differently, and his appearance has changed a little

He now has a large scar running across his face, another through one eyebrow, and the odd way his broken leg set back in place requires him to walk with a cane now

You think this makes a difference for the villagers, just think about Gaston himself 

He’s obsessed with his beauty and his looks, right? He can’t even bear to look in a mirror now, let alone hunt, because he’s far too proud to have anyone help him into a saddle 

Sometimes, late at night, he wishes he would’ve died in the fall… but he would never tell Lefou this

Lefou could not be more of a supportive boyfriend here- he literally helps Gaston fashion a good cane out of wood they find together, helps him do his do his hair so he can hide part of the scar, (even though Lefou says he looks amazing anyway) 

They start to take short walks around town again, to get Gaston accustomed to his cane and walking situation, and though Gaston gets called names and laughed at now, Lefou is there to sass the living fuck out of anyone doing so

Eventually, Gaston gains a little more confidence, because it becomes apparent that his worst fear will not come true- Lefou’s not about to leave him

He still gets insecure sometimes, but Lefou is there to make it right

“But I’m not… handsome anymore, Lefou,” Gaston tells him, shying away from his gaze, “You shouldn’t have to be with someone like me.” 

“That’s ridiculous! Personally, I love the scar. It gives you a certain… je ne sais quoi.” 

“Still don’t know what that means, but thank you.” 

Lefou kisses him in response- he traces every part that Gaston calls an imperfection, because they are perfections to Lefou. 

don’t look back in anger (otayuri, 2.5k, teen) :: 

 [life lesson: if some dumb-dumb actually tags you in a callout post on tumblr and says shitty, baseless things about you, don’t engage them.  write petty fic about otabek and yuri as grandpas who live on mars instead!!  you’re welcome.]

At age 54, Victor Nikiforov-Katsuki became one of the first successful test subjects for a series of anti-aging surgeries.  At 37, he had a knee surgery and received hair plugs, but the first in a series of operations at 54 gave him joints and muscle and organs of someone forever young.

Yuri had grimaced at the holoscreen when the news broke, having seen too much of Victor’s face to last several lifetimes.  “I bet he has a robodick too.”

“Yura,” Otabek had said, both fond and resigned from across the dining room table where he was dissecting a grapefruit half.  

At age 87, Victor Nikiforov-Katsuki went out in a blaze of glory deep-dicking his husband (“robodick,” confirmed BuzzfeedMars) on a solo flight to their summer home on Venus, when his elbow slipped and he managed to undo the ship’s airlock.  Neither he nor Yuuri had looked a day over 40.

Yuri’s let his body age. He’s still in good shape for 82; he does water aerobics with a group of old ladies every Tuesday and Thursday, and the atmosphere on Mars has naturally benefited his bones for the past three decades.  But he and Otabek have always been purists otherwise, letting nature take its course with their bodies and never giving into the temptation or philosophy of synthetic body maintenance.  There’s a small, petty part of him from his youth that remains, the purest part of himself that celebrates his body as the ultimate defeat of Victor Nikiforov.  He revels in his own skin, and in Otabek’s, and the thought that when death comes to them in old age they won’t have cheated it, but earned it somehow.  Victor and Yuuri’s parts were supposed to last them until 2089, and by then, who knows.  The idea of them fucking their ancient asses all over the goddamn galaxy still stirs something ugly in Yuri.  

Until Otabek gets sick.  Like, really, really sick.  And he keeps getting sick.  Bladder infections and kidney infections and pissing blood and choked up catheters and too many nights in the hospital instead of their estate, and suddenly there’s a question that goes unspoken between them.

“You’re killing yourself,” Yuri says finally after their third trip to the ER that month.  Otabek had a temperature of 40 degrees and collapsed in their greenhouse.  

“Or I’m just dying,” Otabek says.  “I’m old.”

“Bullshit,” Yuri says.  Otabek still skates sometimes on weekdays when the rink is empty, because he was blessed with superhuman cartilage in his knees and the back of a titan.  He just does simple laps to relieve stress while Yuri watches from the stands, long since given up the ice out of self preservation.  But Otabek has never had to, because Otabek has always been healthy and strong.  There’s nothing else to be said or done, because, “bullshit, you’re not allowed to die.”

 “I don’t think that’s how dying works,” Otabek replies.  He’s smiling and there’s acceptance in the smile that feels damning.   

“Fuck you,” Yuri says.  “The doctors have given you dozens of options.  There’s– technology, there’s–there’s–”

 “I thought you didn’t believe in that,” Otabek says.

 “Don’t let my pride kill you, Christ, Beka,” Yuri says, feeling impossibly young even with his knobbed knuckles and crooked fingers wrapped around Otabek’s own, mindful of the saline drip and hiding the biggest of his liver spots.  “If you don’t live through this, I’ll kill you.”

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How do you use a cane properly? I use mine just for balance becuase of my neurological disorder that makes me "drunk walk" and get really dizzy so I'm not sure if there's a different technique. I also feel weird just carrying it around when I don't need it at that moment, so I feel the need to use it even when I don't. What's your suggestion?

Foldable cane is my suggestion. 

About how to use a cane properly, that’s a question which answer i’d like to read. I’m not sure I use it properly. I kind of self taught myself to use it. 

 I just make it longer when I use platforms and shorten it on regular days. The only thing I know is that the handle must be at the height of your hip. But I’m not certain about that either.

Cane gods, could you enlighten us?

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I recently found your blog and I absolutely love it!! I have a prompt idea for Zenyatta, Junkrat, Roadhog, and Mercy- how would they react to a s/o who was blind? Thank you and love your blog! ✌️

I’ve done a few with blind reader, Prompt with Genji, Zenyatta and McCree here. NSFW prompt with Mercy and Pharah here.


You heard the hum of his body before he announced himself, making his orbs chime as he grew near. You tilted your head towards him and smiled, Zenyatta humming a greeting.

“How is the day so far?” he asked, resting his hand on your shoulder.

“It has been a quiet day,” you said, before an amused smile spreading across your face, “Not sure about the weather.”

“It’s threatening to rain,” he said and you just nodded.

“I would like it to,” you said and he hummed in response, “I like the sound.”

“I would like that as well,” he said, imagining the two of you staring out in silence to the sound of rain.


You always knew where he was, his body radiated noise. If you couldn’t hear that telltale thump of his pegleg he was usually murmuring something under his breath. He also seemed unaware of this, making him give a shock whenever you turned around before he greeted you.

“Darl,” he said, you hearing him leap into the air, “Scared the absolute piss out of me.”

“Well, clean it up.” you deadpanned and he sat down next to you.

“’Hog asked how you are,” he said, “He’s surprisingly fond of you.”

You just hummed in response and he leant against your shoulder, the smell of ash tickling your nose.

“We don’t do this enough,” he said and you tilted your head, “Just sit here.”

“That’s because you can’t,” you said, already sensing that he was aching to get up.

“Yer right,” he got up, “C’mon let’s go bug Roady.”


You prepared yourself mentally as you heard Roadhog’s breathing come towards you, knowing that he was probably going to lift you up to his shoulders. It always surprised you,  even though you knew it was coming. 

You gave a short screech as you went up, resting on his shoulders. His chest rumbled with a chuckle at your surprise.

“You’re always surprised,” he said, “I don’t even think you ave a problem.”

“It’s just,” you said, “I’m suddenly up high.”

He just laughed in response and you felt him starting to walk, not knowing why he did this. Maybe he just enjoyed your closeness and the way he can slide a hand a little too high on your thighs.

You just leant back a slight breeze ruffling through your hair, your chest growing warm at how safe you felt with him. His hand went a little too high and you instinctively slapped it, Roadhog just grunting in response.


Your cane tapped against the ground, making sure the path in front of you was clear. You followed the scent of antiseptic and entered the medbay after locating the door. 

You knocked on the wall and you hear Mercy turn around, you raising a hand in greeting. She stood up and walked towards you, her heels clicking against the ground.

“It a good time?” you asked leaning on your cane and she rested a hand on your shoulder.

“Yes,” she said, “there’s a lull, want to grab coffee?”

“That’s why I’m here,” you smiled and she wrapped her arm around yours, making you revel in the closeness.

The two of you meandered off, going to get coffee.

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You're making a haunted mansion holiday comic, eh? It reminds me of my HC in which, when boogie's boys come to the Mansion for the holidays, They run up to Hatbox Ghost and practically beg him for autographs, Since he's famous throughout the supernatural realms and kind of a role model for the young ghosts and ghouls.

Neat idea! I’m sure he’s flattered, but…ehhh, children.