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Hello, I don't know if someone has brought this up yet, but it just came to me watching Rebekah's videos again. Jennifer Wilson from ASIP was a John mirror, who miscarried a daughter named Rachel. So if Jennifer = John, does Rachel = ROSIE?

I think it has been mentioned?

But exactly my friend. FAKE

Gun Shots in TLD

1st- Right Before it pans to John in Bed

2nd- blink and you miss it. Sherlock is on the bridge after he says,ย โ€œIts not who will miss it.โ€

Then we get this shot of the London Aquarium (excuse the status bar please)ย 

3rd gunshot

4th- Euros

5th- right after Euros, right before the credits

Did you notice anything different about two of those guns?

#2 and #4 are the same. There is an extra piece of metal at the bottom under the barrel opening. #1,#3,#5 are all the same.ย 

Weโ€™ve also got Euros wearing this when she shoots John (#2 ):

But the person with the other gun in shots #1, #3, & #5 is wearing a dark long sleeve shirt.

Itโ€™s not Norbury because she has a white shirt under her jacket cuff and the trigger of the gun is different.

Its not Mary either, because she is left handed and wearing gloves when she shot Sherlock:

However, there is someone who was wearing a black jacket and made a shot that looked similar to this ( thanks @tango-juliett-lima-charlie for the image!)ย 

According to Mofftiss, weโ€™re about to get the story theyโ€™ve been telling us from the beginning. I think weโ€™re all in for quite a ride.

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We’re not actually supposed to believe that there was no signal on Sherlock’s phone, right?  Network irregularities aside, either most phones work in the lab or most don’t, and Sherlock would have switched networks ages ago if this were a persistent problem easily fixed.  Further, he surely knew Mike’s phone-keeping habits already.

Pretending no signal is his first little manipulation of John, a deliberate attempt to extract something more from him.  And that’s a quick decision being made in this gif.  Notice how his eyes linger when he looks back down?  So intrigued.

[I’m sure this is established already but it’s just occurred to me.]


Sherlock’s sexuality is a point of interest in this show. Not once is it explicitly stated that he is sexually interested in women, but it is pointed out that other characters believe he either never has sex or is in a romantic relationship with a man. They’ve brought it up in some way in almost every episode, and more importantly, they have constantly been bringing John into it as well.