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Great Comet Discourse

1. Baloika, Balagua, or Baloigua?

2. Broadway, Off-broadway, or both?

3. Danatole or Sonyakhov?

4. Dave Malloy, Josh Groban, Scott Stangland, or David Abeles?

5. Marynat or Natalene?

6. Opinion on “Grob@n moms” of twitter

7. Who’s your fave ensemble member?

8. What’s Sonya’s sexuality?


Hey everyone! It’s Ashley C. here! We are currently coming up on our annual welcome back sleepover! And Ashley G. and I have decided, it’s time to have a little fun. So here’s the dish. Ashley and I are going to give you each a little game of Daredevil. Here’s how it works:

  1. When you reblog this post, you are accepting the game and it’s rules
  2. Everyone who reblogs, ashley and I will send you a dare
  3. The dare has to be done at the sleepover
  4. If our dare is not done at the sleepover, then there will be consequences if you have accepted.
  5. You are allowed to send your own dares to your own recourt, but others are not obligated to do so
  6. If you are sent a dare by someone else, you are not obligated to do so either, though it would be funny.
  7. Do not post the ask until the dare is done, its supposed to be a surprise.

That’s how you play the game, and those are the rules. Are you courageous enough to accept the daredevil?


ashwagner2010: High kicking our way through Day One! (x)