When you get a chance to visit me at my future home:

-warm light all the time
-sheer curtains for that warm light to shine through
-scented candles always
-literally all the time, everywhere
-sweet lookin’ rugs
-secondhand coffee mugs
-coffee all the time
-bon iver + quiet music
-natural breeze
-smells of pie + baking (when i learn how to bake properly)
-a cozy atmosphere
-love + smiles + legitimacy


I was tagged by bananashemmo to do this challenge - well thank you :)

First of all I have to say I’m very bad at take photos of myself by myself so I mostly take photos with my friends - I had to cut her out because I don’t know if she is okay with me posting her.

Another thing is that most of the blogs I follow on her already did this challenge so I will choose some random blogs from my notes and followers as well

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Feisty Maus

Beca doesn’t know what to expect going into the basement of a bald guy’s house that is wearing a robe and seems a little bit over his head. She secretly wishes she still had her rape whistle but that thought vanishes when she sees all the people, perfectly fine and healthy, having drinks and laughing. Then she spots the German leaders of DSM and she is wishing she hadn’t come again. But then again Beca would hate to miss a chance to see Kommissar.

“Ah tiny maus! We meet again.” Kommissar is now standing at a respectable distance, for once, and Beca is grateful she doesn’t have to look up to the blonde.

“Another Verbal beatdown.” Pieter sighs in content. “The highlight of my day.”

Kommissar looks over at him, giving him an amused smile before scanning over the group, her eyes coming to a stop and locking on Beca’s. “So… Have you abandoned your foolish plans to face us at the worlds?”

Beca scoffs. “You wish you gorgeous… specimen.” Realization dawns on the embarrassed Bellas face. She rakes her fingers through her hair, muttering, “Shes really in my head.”

Kommissar smirks, amused at the brunette’s failed attempts at insults. “Very well, I’ll be happy to send you there. Large envelop costs nothing”

“Well more than nothing.” Pieter butts in. “Still cheeper than shipping a horse… or an adult moose.”

Then Beca actually gets angry. “Did you ever think that maybe your too big? It would cost a fortune to mail you! Your enormous.” She adds as Chloe begins to drag her away.

Kommissar has a toothy grin plastered on her face. “I think we should change her name to fiesty maus.”

She doesn’t hear Pieter’s answer. Far too distracted by the Riff Off starting. All throughout it she enjoys endless teasing the leader of the Bellas until they are declared champions. Bursting out into another song in victory. Kommissar sings along until eventually slipping away from the group. Sometimes Pieter was just a bit too gloaty for her liking. She preferred competition and fair play. She didn’t so much like bragging unless there was some fun in it.

Speaking of fun…

“What do you want now your fine goddess?” Beca seemed to notice two seconds later exactly what she said and slapped her hand over her mouth. “Oh my God I hate you.”

Kommissar’s laugh was light. “Why so angry feisty maus, do you really find me that irresistible?”

Beca could tell she was being baiting but got angry anyway. “You know arrogance doesn’t look good.” Beca inwardly gave herself a pat on the back. For once she didn’t mess it up.

“Not arrogant. Just repeating all that you have been saying.”

Beca rolls her eyes. “I think I would have remembered admitted my over the top gay attraction to you-” Beca freezes.

And Kommissar is smug and as if her ego wasn’t already taller than the woman herself…

“I said that out loud didn’t…” Beca sighs in exasperation. “You know its really annoying how your all perfect and flawless and your skin is really smooth and your so confident and I hate you for doing this ugh!”

Kommissar watched Beca get worked up again, her voice continuously rising as she rambled.

“You couldn’t be an ugly singer, or a pretty background dancer. You had to be front and center and the most divine creature to walk the Earth!” Now Beca was up and waving her hands around, getting in Kommissar’s face.

The blonde’s eyes mapped out every inch of angry Beca and before she could help herself she had Beca shoved into a corner with her lips pressed against her.

Beca must’ve still been angry because her fingers worked quickly at the half updo on Kommissar’s head. When Beca finally freed Kommissar’s hair she ran her fingers through the locks, then yanked her head backwards.

With newly exposed pale flesh, Beca spared the German no mercy as she left markings in her wake, fingers still tangled in the silky strands of blonde hair.

Kommissar let out a hoarse laugh. “Eager?”

But Beca found that spot on Kommissar’s neck that made the blonde weak and decided to spend a lot of time there. Kommissar’s eyes fluttered before fully closing, her mouth parting slightly and letting out the smallest sigh.

Finally Beca’s grip loosened and she pulled Kommissar back in for a real kiss. This one was less fierce, giving both women the time to really relish in the feel of the other.

When they finally pulled back Kommissar was breathless and Beca was smirking. “Not at all. But I have a feeling you are.” She replied, wiggling suggestive eyebrows.

Kommissar smiled, “Do we need to go somewhere else?”

Beca’s eyes now roamed the blondes body freely, “Hell yeah.”

I see mothers everywhere. I am at a gathering I was not invited to. There’s this deep longing that I never knew I had. To give someone all your love, and to teach the difference between colors + sounds. I never knew something so powerful could take over me. But that is not the deepest longing of my soul. I just need to remember that God is the biggest thing that fulfills each + every need + desire I have because everything comes from Him. Because He knows my heart + desires, one day I will have this. Eveything in it’s time. I have to let Him have this.


             peter quill has learned that opening his mouth is a  bad idea  most
                 of the time.       he doesn’t intend to be an ASSHOLE most of the time,
                 it just happens. when he upsets someone he cares about,     he regrets
                 it. upsetting nat is no exception. of course, apologizing isn’t something
                 he’s great at either.

                 he sighs softly, looking at her and shifting uncomfortably. saying sorry
                 is something that takes a lot of effort for him,      he doesn’t like to admit
                 when he’s in the wrong. however, he’ll try and swallow his pride for now.

   ❝look, are you still PISSED at me?
                                             i’m sorry, alright? ❞ 

anonymous asked:

Ok enough with ash and his chicky. Lets talk about mikeys emo hair for a sec like hOT DAMN HE LOOKS EVEN MATURE LIKE THE LAST TIME HE DID DARK HAIR HE WAS FETUS AND LOOKED 25 AND NOW ASDFGHJKL

OMG RIGHT I’M SO FUCKED UP RIGHT NOW. I showed noah that picture he posted and legit the first thing noah said was “he looks emo now” and i was like “YEAH I KNOW ISN’T IT GREAT” LIKE THANK THE LORD FOR BRINGING BACK DARK MICHAEL THIS IS WHAT I’VE WANTED FOR YEARRRSSSSS