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Man, I feel you, this fandom is getting Tiring but I'm not ready to give up!!! Ok, obviously Hunk gives the best hugs, so imagine Lance feeling down and getting a hug from Hunk and they both have no idea when to stop the hug. Like Lance is thinking "ok, I should probably pull away now, this is awkward, right?" But Hunks body language is still so open and he's showing no signs of pulling away & there's no tension so Lance is like "ok,,, maybe a little bit longer......" Then the other paladins - 1

(Continued) the other Paladins start to show up, Keith hugs Hunk from behind like you’re not getting the big man all to yourself, Pidge walks in like awwww and tries to fit her arms around all of them and fails but stands there leaning against them, then Shiro comes up behind Lance and can SOMEHOW reach all the Paladins with his space dorito dad arms and it’s a Big Ol Lance Lovefest and Lance is on the verge of happy tears…. Ok bye have a better day!


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Do you have a favorite hair color for your bias?

  • black black black black ASDFGHJKL :DD he looks so hot in black. you wont believe how much i cried when he dyed his hair black first in overdose. i hyperventilated and wow. asjfbiewbfjenf. hahaha

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s/o making a lucky charm for genji,soldier and mrcee.what the reaction


- He’d find it so cute, would be a blushing mess behind the mask. Yeah, he’d just go asdfghjkl. Just in general loves little thoughtful and affectionate surprises

- His heart would definitely skip a beat, and there would be some steam coming out of him 

- Would make one for his s/o in return, considering everything down to the last little detail


- He’d tell you how much he loves it

- Would keep it with him at all times, always bringing it with him on missions and so on

- He’d try to do something for his s/o as well, as a way of saying thank you. Maybe cook dinner for them, take them some place nice or something like that


- He wouldn’t believe in the supernatural, but he’d absolutely love it anyway, just because it’s a gift from his s/o

- He’d thank you, placing a kiss on your cheek 

- He loves showing his affection in public, and is always pleased when you do the same for him 

01. until the end of time (m) | jungkook

exulansis: the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it.

group: bts

pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: angst & smut with a touch of fluff

warnings: mentions of death, depression and terminal illness

word count: 5.8k

A/N: first chapter for the emotions series and I felt like starting with Jungkook, I wanted to try this scenario another way but just this idea got stuck in my mind asdfghjkl, enjoy! and I would really appreciate if you gave me some feedback pls. It’s my first time writing smut so I’m sorry if it feels awkward ;-;

Tic toc. The sound of the clock echoed in the hallway, making him feel anxious, nervous and a tray of terrible emotions overflowed his body. He already knew it, the mere results were just a confirmation of the inevitable. He shook his brown hair with shaky fingers, staring at the floor and unable to see everyone else.

It hurts. The door opened after what felt like hours, he nodded to the nurse, standing up, firmly on his feet before walking through the doctor’s door. He sat, no word left his mouth. He just wanted to listen to it already and leave, be left alone. The doctor smiled, a sad smile like those you give out after paying your respects to a friend. He didn’t have to say anything else.

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Ibn Taymiyyah’s poem (found by Ibn al-Qayyim on the back of a book of tafseer given to him by the Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah):

“I am the poor to my Lord, the Lord of the Worlds,
I am the miskeen in all my conditions.
I am the transgressor of my nafs and my nafs has transgressed against me.
And when good comes, from Allah it comes.
I cannot bring to my nafs any benefit,
And neither can I push away from my nafs any harms.
And poverty is a permanent description of me.
Just as richness and sufficiency everlasting is a description of Him.
And this condition is a condition of all the creation together,
And all of them to Allaah, are servants that will go back to Him.”

[Mentioned in the lecture: How To Humble Your Heart For Allah by Sh. Muhammad Akoor al-Madkhalee]

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