You know that post that’s like “plus size women can’t…..” and it shows women doing a bunch of stuff like wearing bikinis and crop tops and throwing away the signs?? I want to do that for autism!! Like as a project for April, it would be so cool if I could collaborate with some people on it! Like some of the ideas I had were “Autistic people can’t get married” and me kissing my fiancé or “Autistic people can’t have children” and someone waving to the camera with their child on their lap! Is that a good idea? Would anyone be willing to work with me on that? @autistic-parenting?

A Or B [Autism Edition]

[Please note these are things I’ve noticed in the community and obviously don’t apply to everyone.]

•Are you a shaved head autistic or long haired autistic

•Are you a high heel/boot autistic or a sandal/sneaker autistic

•Do you like tight clothes or loose clothes

•Jeans or NO

•Gloves or NO

•Do you like brushing your teeth or is it Hell Incarnate

•Are you STEM or Art/etc.

•Classical Music or Rock Music

•Raptor Hands or Toe Walking, which feels better

•Symmetry is Vital or Nah

•Organizing Things or Separating Things

•Jewelry or Nah

•Animals/Children or Nah

•Bland Food or Spicy Food

•The Best Grammar Ever or Shitpost Memespeak

•Good at Navigating or NOPE

•Memorizing License Plates or Combonations

•Sour Food or Sweet Food

•Are you “too loud” or “too quiet”

•Dinosaurs or Space

•Cooking or Baking

[Feel free to add on if I missed anything!!]

Doctors are 'failing to spot Asperger's in girls'
Expert says many more girls have autism than was thought, and failure to diagnose them can lead to misery
By Amelia Hill

(AUTO) Older article, but it is so true even today.  Girls with ASD are simply failing to be diagnosed which means they are failing to be supported

stop telling trans kids that everyone has a phase of thinking they’re the opposite gender

stop telling autistic ppl that everyone’s “a little autistic”

stop telling aromantics/asexuals to wait for the right person

stop telling bisexuals that they’re “half straight”

stop invalidating people’s identity and start accepting that people are different to yourself and that’s okay