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3 main types of the signs
  • aries 1: energetic, restless, easily excitable
  • aries 2: quiet, hardworking and really intelligent, honest and reliable
  • aries 3: emotional, very caring, a little socially awkward, optimistic
  • taurus 1: a little lazy, great taste in everything, loves the good things in life and wants to enjoy themselves
  • taurus 2: social media god/goddess, great (maybe goofy) sense of humour, kindest person ever
  • taurus 3: super hard working, family and friend oriented, tough exterior but soft on the inside
  • gemini 1: very intelligent, never ending curiosity, charming and friendly
  • gemini 2: introverted, maybe a little socially awkward, great sense of humour
  • gemini 3: a little unreliable/unpredictable, very sociable, kind and clever
  • cancer 1: emotional, very affectionate, caring, possibly clingy
  • cancer 2: independent, reliable, good sense of humour, optimistic
  • cancer 3: emotional/moody, very sociable, selfish tendencies
  • leo 1: a little narcissistic, charming, incredibly loyal
  • leo 2: quiet and introverted, shy, kindest and very down to earth
  • leo 3: incredibly creative, great sense of humour, possibly selfish, sociable
  • virgo 1: quiet and very intelligent, organised and analytical
  • virgo 2: social and friendly, joker, very creative
  • virgo 3: more introvert, very creative, kind and honest
  • libra 1: very social, a little fickle, possibly selfish
  • libra 2: introvert but outgoing with friends, very intelligent, great sense of humour
  • libra 3: very serious, introvert, quiet but kind and selfless
  • scorpio 1: very intense, short temper, loves their friends and family more than anything
  • scorpio 2: quiet and introverted, very intelligent, absolutely selfless
  • scorpio 3: very social, great sense of humour, easily excitable and hyperactive
  • sagittarius 1: loud, good sense of humour, very active
  • sagittarius 2: philosophical, introverted, very intelligent
  • sagittarius 3: friendly, intelligent, kind and humorous
  • capricorn 1: hard-working, practical, reliable
  • capricorn 2: good sense of humour, doesn't like schedules, independent and rebellious
  • capricorn 3: sociable, friendly, loyal and hard-working
  • aquarius 1: outgoing, good sense of humour, kind
  • aquarius 2: very intelligent, introverted, unemotional
  • aquarius 3: really into the arts, friendly, selfless
  • pisces 1: very creative, caring and compassionate
  • pisces 2: good (maybe silly) sense of humour, very talkative, friendly
  • pisces 3: very intelligent, introverted, quiet and selfless
GOT7 react to their s/o being childish when tired and wants to cuddle with them

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Mark - He’d enjoy it as much as you do and cuddle up to you, even more, whispering sweet words until you finally fall asleep. He’ll only let go when he’s sure that you’re really sleeping.

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Jaebum - Just look at him hugging that pillow! No doubt he’d be any different with you. Knowing that you’re tired and all you want is to cuddle until you go to sleep. He was willing to sing you a lullaby as well. 

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Jackson - You don’t need to ask him to stay for a cuddle because, on any given time of the day, he would always want to cuddle with you. He’ll cocoon you in his embrace and wrap you up like a burrito until you fall asleep. He’d probably take a picture of you sleeping before he leaves for work.

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Jinyoung - He’d probably give you a sideway look first before opening his arms for you to crash in. Jinyoung is the type of person to tease you until you’re on the verge of begging for a cuddle. He’s just evil that way.

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Youngjae - Otter happens to be the best cuddler in the world. And this sunshine is one of the best in that department. So get comfy and cuddle up because he won’t turn down the opportunity to snuggle with you.

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Bambam - He knows that tired look of yours when he sees one and it only means one thing. YOU WANT CUDDLE! He finds it totally cute, every time, and wouldn’t pass the chance.

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Yugyeom - Very charismatic on stage, but a cute cinnamon roll when he’s with you. You may be the one tired and wanting to cuddle, but he’s the one who falls asleep first, every time!

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How to heal from heartbreak

-feel the pain, don’t be ashamed of it or afraid to feel it.
-allow yourself to grieve, but do not allow yourself to become consumed by it. It is just a feeling, and not who you are, and definitely not how you will feel the rest of your life.
-we feel our heart can be broken because it’s the way we perceive our love while in human bodies, but when we realize we are love and our love is limitless because we are made of it, we realize we are unbroken. Our souls can never be broken.
-but, we are in human bodies right now, and sometimes we feel the pain so much that we can’t take it, so we have to remind ourselves that this feeling is not who we are and find ways to feel close to our soul again.
-we do this by doing things that make us feel happy and alive; if you don’t know what that is, have fun exploring and finding what that is
-one thing that we can all do to feel closer to our soul is simply to be present. It sounds so simple, but for a lot of us it can be a challenge because our thoughts won’t allow us to be.

-and remember, every time you go through something that makes you feel weak, it is actually making you stronger. You are healing, but at the same time, you are also growing.

pros and cons of the moon signs
  • aries pro: you're not a big sulker when you don't get your way, and you hate manipulating people. you're super passionate about the things you like!
  • aries con: you don't always look before you leap and you can tend to rush into things too fast
  • taurus pro: you appreciate beautiful things and you're so strong willed! you're a true romantic at heart
  • taurus con: you don't like to hear out the other side of the argument
  • gemini pro: you're so charming and open-minded, you're also a loyal and caring friend
  • gemini con: you can sometimes be quite moody and irritable
  • cancer pro: you love to love people, and you're always happy to help people in need!
  • cancer con: you might get so caught up in your own feelings that you become self absorbed
  • leo pro: you're sociable and charismatic, and a great natural entertainer!
  • leo con: you might have a little jealous streak, and when you're upset you may like to close yourself off from everyone
  • virgo pro: you always put in the extra mile in everything you do, no matter how big or small!
  • virgo con: you might be too critical of yourself
  • libra pro: you're very sociable and quite easy-going, you really love your family and your close friends and loved ones
  • libra con: your mood changes can be quite unpredictable, and you can get very upset when you don't get your way
  • scorpio pro: you can basically look into people's souls and see their true self, and you're a human lie detector
  • scorpio con: you may take criticism too personally, and you can get very jealous very easily
  • sagittarius pro: you love expanding your own horizons, and you love to learn and discover new things
  • sagittarius con: you speak your mind a lot, and sometimes this can hurt others
  • capricorn pro: you strive to be respected and you're always ready to help out and take responsibility for something
  • capricorn con: you might not take enough risks, and it can be very difficult to show people that you care about them
  • aquarius pro: you're kind and compassionate, also very optimistic and friendly
  • aquarius con: you can be so stubborn that you're unwilling to consider the other side of the argument, you don't take criticism too well
  • pisces pro: you genuinely care about everyone, and you have a great sense of humour
  • pisces con: you may sometimes let people walk all over you without realising it