The Signs When They Have A Crush:
  • Aries: laughs too much
  • Taurus: looks anywhere but at them
  • Gemini: *starts a debate*
  • Cancer: plays "hard-to-get" and subtlety flirts
  • Leo: becomes their best friend
  • Virgo: asks them out
  • Libra: is flirty and gives nice compliments
  • Scorpio: takes pics when they're not looking
  • Sagittarius: *drops all the hints*
  • Capricorn: waits for them to initiate a convo
  • Aquarius: makes them stuff and shares their food
  • Pisces: stares at them longingly from afar
鈾昚our ascendant is a tool for your challenges鈾

(Also look at your Black moon Lilith and where your karmic challenges will show.)

Aries AS

+Deal with your challenges directly. Be to the point, and not passive. Be honest, and be fearless. Don’t focus or dwell on the past or things that cannot be changed.

-Don’t be rash, think before you act, don’t be childish with your problems, don’t destroy yourself. 

Taurus AS

+Deal with your problems steadily and artistically.  Be loyal to those who are in the right. The inner self needs to be sturdy and balanced before facing issues. Listen to other’s necessary criticism. Open your mind to opinions.

-Do not be possessive. Let go of things that need let go of. Do not rely on material things to fill your needs. Do not become self-righteous.

Gemini AS
+Deal with your issues intellectually. Remain calm. Utilize information you’ve gained in struggle. Study behind the situation. Keep a schedule. 

-Do not be impatient. Don’t become unnerved. Do not use your wit and trick to escape deserved situations. Don’t bicker or whine. Don’t indulge in drama.

Cancer AS

+Deal with your issues kindly. Nurture those who need it including yourself. Be proud of where you come from. Be an empath. Put yourself in other’s shoes. Ignore unnecessary criticism. Approach your issues with an open heart. 

 -Do not become moody. Don’t overreact. Do not criticize, don’t bully

Leo AS

+Shine light to your issues. Take blatant action to change your issues. Stand up for yourself. Be sure of yourself. Be proud of who you are. Take breaks and give energy only where needed.

-Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t over-dramatisize. Don’t be power hungry. Don’t over exert yourself.

Virgo AS

+Be reserved, be analytical. Become at ease with things you cannot perfect. Be mature. Use your intellectual abilities to figure out problems with little emotion. Choose your brain over heart.

-Don’t judge off the bat. Be more empathic. Don’t complain or seek absolute perfection. Don’t be picky or bicker.

Libra AS

+Be graceful with your problems and always be polite. Approach your problems with an open mind for both sides. Understand that you deserve challenge as much as anyone. Be sure of your decisions. Keep your friend circle open. Give everyone a chance. Give to gain.

-Don’t choose your self-image over granting or receiving justice. Don’t be vain, Don’t be indecisive and don’t follow the leader in social standards. Be your own person.

Scorpio AS

+Deal with your problems behind the scenes. Tell only who you trust deeply your issues. Keep your privacy. Read between the lines. Look for answers deeper then the answers on the surface. Show your venerability. Embrace breaking to succeed, embrace wisdom from beneath and from darkness. Rebirth yourself.

-Do not become paranoid. Do not act immortal. Do not become jealous. Do not seethe on hatred.

Sagittarius AS

+Laugh in the face of those who scorn you with no reason. Show your emotion. Be blunt. Escape the world you’ve escaped into. Be a philosopher. Teach others and yourself about the good in life. Use your problems and struggles to teach. Be carefree. Don’t dwell on issues that don’t need dwelled on. Let things go. 

-Don’t run from your issues or from your past. Do not chain yourself to ideas that cannot become, or things that you cannot change. Nobody will follow you, if all you do is run.

Capricorn AS

+Accept responsibility. Keep a schedule and be mature. Take matters into your own hands. Don’t hide your emotion. 

-Don’t seek power or control out of anger. Don’t leave things unfinished. Don’t work hard for people who don’t deserve it. Don’t rely on others. Don’t force yourself to fit in.

Aquarius AS

+Be tolerant of things that can be tolerated. Approach things differently. Rebel against basic standards. Rebel against what has harmed you. Embrace yourself in healthy debates and stand up for what you believe in. Accept boundaries to your freedom. Invent new ways to deal with what you’ve gone through. 

-Never forget wrongdoings, but forgive. Don’t let ego control you. Don’t become vain or act immortal. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened, Focus on the present, not the future.

Pisces AS

+Build confidence inside of yourself. Embrace your gifts. Be fluid and never let anyone define you, even if it means being a new person each day. Love with an open heart. What you imagine can become reality.

-Do not self pity. Don’t let people walk over you. Don’t over medicate.

Crazy vs Wise

(check rising sign too)

Acts like a crazy person but is actually very wise: AQUARIUS, Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Taurus

Acts like a wise person but is actually very crazy: Leo, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio



Andrew: *sees name on Post-It for autograph* Mackenzie, hi!

Me: Hi! Um… I’m the one who thanked you yesterday, and you asked me if life was good and I probably said yeah but I just wanted to say yes. It is. And I made you this- *pulls out the bookfold*

A: *takes it and stares in awe* WOW! That’s amazing! How did you do that?!

Me: It’s really easy, you just cut and fold.

A: So where are you from?

Me: Ohio.

A: What do you do?

Me: Uhm, I’m still in high school, but I work at a bookshop.

A: Oh, you like to read?

Me: Yeah!

A: Me too! *looks straight into my eyes* So life is good?

Me: Yeah.

A: *smiles* Well thank you very much! Have a good evening!

Me: You too!

I am still shaking. Oh my gosh.

UPDATE: I am no longer physically shaking but I’m still S H O O K